Jan 31, 2012

In the game of intelligence war .. Agent (001)

Jouhaina News (Kefah Nssr)

Hajj "Radwan" (Imad Fayez Mghanieh), is the person who terrorized the Zion entity after his martyrdom, and dismayed them when he was alive, not just because the resistance one day will avenge his assassination, and not just because the Zion entity spent Millions of Dollars to protect its officials who live in daily fear, but because his martyrdom, shook the Arab conscious, and there have been a "Imad Mghanieh" in each resisting soul, and his shadows became terror on the Hebrew entity.. But now, next to the shadows of this great leader, there are many shadows that terrify the Zion entity and those behind it.

The resistance response..

Each speech of Sir.Hassan Nassrullah's , was a response... Each horror that the Zion entity's generals and officials lived, was a response... But the Zion entity fully realize that year 2012 is the best year for the resistance to respond, as the US is defeated, the European west and Washington in their worst economic crisis, and any war in the region would destroy the US interests forever, and Israel realize well that  any security action by the resistance in 2012 against any Zion leader, will put them in an unenviable position, and will not even be able think about a security respond even if it could, after the fall of the agents in Lebanon like autumn leafs.. and the Zion entity fully aware of the Hizbulla's warnings and its cost on the entity.

Expanding the circle of conflict...

After the US escape from Iraq, and when Iran realized that the US is helpless now more than ever, finally Iran had openly decided to respond , as brigadier general "Masoud Gezairi", assistant chief of general staff of the armed forces of Iran, said that responding to the crime of assassinating the Iranian scientist "Mustapha Ahmadi Roshan" will be painful for USA and Israel, and "Gezairi" said that Iran consider this crime as a threat to her, and is now studying how to punish the members involved in the assassination, within the framework of strategic threat and "reciprocate".. on another side, the Iranian strategic researcher " Muhammad Sadeq Al Husseiny" said quoting people close to the decision making headquarters in Iran: "No one ever know how this open war would's repercussions would turn on the region level, but what i am certain of , is that all Zion officials and their US masters, specially the security and intelligence ones (according to Tehran declared position) are now hostages of a decision of working similarly, and we have to wait whose turn is going to be first, as said by Iranian sources close to the Iranian decision making headquarters"..

In Syria, the Syrian president openly stated that, there will not be battle over Syria, but the battle will be with Syria... the statement came after three explosions that rocked the capitol Damascus, and the US And Israelis understand the meaning of battle with Syria, and they tasted it before, yet they even tasted it weeks ago (a note for the reader "a wicked smile")..

In the balance of power..

Washington and Israel have many agents, and the CIA abilities cannot be underestimated, as Arab intelligence and "Muslimized" organizations are working for it.. But in the areas of the US presence, we cannot compare between the influence of the resistance axle and the US influence, specially in the Gulf area, also in occupied Palestine, where more than 1.5 Million Arabs live.. Some think that Iran and Syria are able establish the "Free Qatari army" and direct effective strikes at the US in their largest military bases in the Gulf, therefore, when talking about intelligence war in the region, we cannot underestimate any of the combating powers, as the Syrian,Iranian,Hisbullah and Palestinian factions have great capacity to direct painful hits for the Israeli-US interests in the region and around the world, and at the same time, we cannot underestimate the CIA abilities despite the hit they were under in Lebanon, Syria and Iran.. Nonetheless, we can understand the current escalation as part of moving the battle to the enemy's land, as Washington and Tel Aviv have done all they could do and the best they could do, while Syria, Iran and the resistance were not hit by the bullet, and the final bullet is in their hand.

Arenas of conflict...

From the implicit messages, specially those coming from Iran, the UK-US-Israelis are targets, in their scientists, officials and officers, but it is certain that the most important arena is the Zion one.. Yes, today the Zion entity is living its worst hours, and the Zion security services are living their worst days, along with them a number of Arab capitols that are living a state of security alert since the beginning of the events in Syria.

The time of conflict..

It is believed that the deadline left by president Assad for the amnesty, is the last chance, and after that will be an open conflict in the region, and those who underestimated the security solution will finally know what it means, and perhaps Iran also next month will not stand still, but it began preparing for a response,  even the resistance realize that the region is in its best condition after the US withdrawal from Iraq, and the Israeli's resorting to NATO in the "Shift 6" maneuvers.. here we ask: Is the US-Israeli Arab spring is over, and the counter Arab spring starting, which is anti-US and Israel??

The results of the intelligence war..

The US and Israel fully understand the meaning of the outburst of a war in the region, and realize that any war in the region will be a major catastrophe, and fully realize that the assassination of any Israeli senior officer in this period, is an establishment of a real Arab spring, and fully realize that their abilities are major, but not in a war of "biting fingers", and fully realize that the Syrian-Iranian influence is moral, not financial, therefore, the conflict will be between agents hired by the US and Israel against suicidals that defend a cause, and the US realize that on the world level, the policy of the unilateralism is over, and in the Middle East, the era of US and Israel waging wars is over as well, and all the US psychologist experts and psychological warfare experts could not wash the shame of dropping a US drone in Iran, and not the shame of Iranian barges approaching US barges and provoking it, and they realize that their pride will not only mean their defeat, but they will be humiliated, that even their psychological warfare experts cannot wash it, knowing that the psychological warfare waged by the US, have reversed outcome, and who are afraid now in the region are the Israelis and the oil princes only.

Passing through the Syrian file..

Washington should have stopped the attack on Syria since May 2011, but being hugely involved, made her even drown, in contrast, president Assad regained his popularity in the Arab world, and all the ideas that Washington spent Billions of Dollars to promote, had failed, and Washington gave the center of resistance the time they want to start the counter strike, and the prince they promised to visit the Arab capitols was expelled from those capitols, and the US who threatened and warned and waged the biggest psychological warfare against Syria, all its Billions fell with the president Assad speech, and his visit to Omayyad square.. and in mid March 2012 the events in Syria will complete its one year, and the real Arab spring will begin, and the title of the next stage either (electricity-gas-diesel) for Syrians, or many will be deprived of it.

Does the US learn from its previous defeats..?

When Israel lost July war in Lebanon, Washington should have admit the defeat in the region, but it didn't, until it had lost its most important cards in Lebanon, and set a timeline to escape from Iraq, and should have admit since May 2011 its defeat in Syria, but its pride might cost it its presence in the region, and the US realize well that the region is approaching an Arab victory spring, if it will continue its current policy, and despite the impossibility of solving its problems with Russia and China, but even these issue were solved, the US is unable pass the resistance axle.

Yes, Washington used the international code for the Soviet Union (007) in producing fiction films to promote the capabilities of the CIA, but the resistance axle will not need to produce films that use the international code for the US (001) to wage psychological warfare, but any security action that might happen, it will be considered as an Arabian wedding that will not need any exaggeration, and waiting for the surprises of the agents (001) and (00972), and on the other side, Hollywood must prepare to produce films to wash the coming disgrace, like the films of washing the disgrace in Somalia, Iraq, Vietnam and Lebanon... and soon they will prepare films to wash their disgrace in the Middle East, unless the US decided to learn from history and previous defeats..!!

The End..

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