Feb 22, 2012

The Blue Jasmine: "The Free Syrian Army"

Original Arab article by Kefah Nssr - Juhaina News

In 2001, Washington and Israel started building what is now called "The Free Syrian Army", which is compound of mercenary groups to work in Syria and Lebanon.. the members of this army were trained in many countries, and their nationalities are from many countries, though most of them were trained in Egypt and Iraq in those days, and the aim from creating this army is to completely occupy Homs, and besiege Damascus, and control the headquarters and the strategic missile brigades, and impede the approach of the Syrian special forces, that could approach to rescue the Syrian strategic missile brigades, and ofcourse, this plan was after eliminating Hizbullah and inflame Beirut in a sectarian war between the residents and the southern refugees, and shift this war to the south and the Syrian coast, and the start of the disintegration of the Syrian Arab army as an inevitable result of the sectarian war, so that the work of those gangs begin to pave the way for Turkey and Israel entrance to the Syrian territories, after paralyzing the Syrian missile capabilities which till this moment still terrify Israel..

About the Free Syrian Army..?

When it was trained, the target was not only the Syrian territories, but Lebanon as well, and it is a part of a well-trained military system, to go into street battles in Lebanon, and specially in Beirut, and in Syria as well.
But the Israeli failure in invading Lebanon at the end of 2006 dropped all the American dreams, and then Washington and Tel Aviv started to restructure the (Free Syrian Army), on the impact of the disposal of the exposed faces, who were disposed in May 5th, when "Seniora" decided attack the resistance communication network, also some of the exposed faces in Nahr Al Bared were disposed as well, and in May 7th 2008, Washington had disposed all the exposed faces from this gang, and is well under-way in the re-establishment of the armed gangs, and the aim was to repeat it in 2011 after inflaming Syria..
By the way, all the movements of these gangs were accompanied with visits of US officials to Qulea'at airport, as Washington was dreaming to establish a military base on the ruins of Nahr Al Bared, and wanted to run its operations from Qulea'at airport.

In 2011, in the light of events in Syria.

On 20/05/2011, the CIA sent a message to her senior officers in Syria, telling them "The mission is over" in order to withdraw them from the ground, but no response came from the agents, but instead from the Syrian general intelligence who sent the Americans a message saying: "The mission is over.. With regards of the Syrian general intelligence".
And on 31/05/2011 the Syrian intelligence had dragged the Americans into a new trap, depriving them from reprising from the Senior Syrian intelligence, and the death of what was called, the Blue Jasmine was announced, and the Free Syrian army became gangs without leaderships and all they do is sabotaging acts, and what they were sent to do, had fell with the fall of the ordeal and the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab army.

The strikes that paralyzed the "Free Syrian Army"..

In the south and the coast in particular, the strife had fell, and Washington did not succeed to cause any sectarian clashes, and the groups that their job was to paralyze the Syrian army in the cities, had fell, leaving nothing for the U.S. but the groups in Homs and the area around Damascus, and approximately 1000 fighters on the Turkish border. And the Syrian intelligence dismantling the communication networks in Homs and Banias and Harasta, made ​​this (Free Army) a scattered gang, and operating the third cellphone server in Lebanon, did not succeed in reuniting them. .


For several months, Washington had been trying to create an area like Darfur on the border of Turkey but she failed, and in the meantime, she was re-assembling scattered cells from the armed gangs, and recruit more, and sending human support for them, and of course Washington was well aware that if she had to move all of these gangs at once, she might strain the Syrian government, and may lose control over the reaction, which terrifies the Americans and Israelis, and they well know that the conflict in the region is on the edge of the abyss, which the Syrians very well master the art of playing it as proved in previous years. And it is clear that Washington had succeeded in assembling its criminal cells, but she can only invest them in pushing them to suicide missions to dispose them on one hand, and negotiate over them on the other hand.

Locations of the "Free Syrian Army" remnants

If Syria is to be sectarian inflamed, this army would move at once, in (Harasta, Douma, Al-Tal, Homs, Al-keswa, Al-Mitala area and Alnchabah), and in these areas, present a selection of trained groups, and areas of their supply, particularly Zabadani, Madaya, Al-Tal and may Al-Kadam, Talkalakh, Quser, and of course there are reinforcements on the border of Turkey and Jordan, but it is not disturbing, and most importantly that the risk of which, had fallen at the end of 2011, but its real presence is only in Homs and the area around Damascus, and after the final hit last year, what's left of them is only remnants that went out of the main areas of engagement, and here we ask how were they invested by Washington? .

Disposal of the "Free Syrian Army"..

On the Turkish border, Washington burned the majority of these bands in the hope of creating a Syrian Darfur to conduct the Syrian leadership to negotiate with her under the impact of the International Criminal Court, similar to what happened in Sudan, but did not succeed, and still within the Turkish territory around 4000 fighter said to be relocated to Lebanon, yet some of them were transferred to serve as logistical support to cells will work on the Lebanese border, but it is clear that Washington is burning them in a very cheap way. For example, the last dream of converting the Turkish border to Darfur in Idleb and Jisr Al Shughur, she burned hundreds of them in the north and in Homs where she wanted to occupy the Syrian security.. and once all the dreams fell in Al-Zawiah mountain, she moved them in Zabadani and Damascus countryside, and the aim was to create an environment of instability and launch a psychological warfare on the Syrians, as well as the basic function of which I shall speak below about .

What does it mean to move those gangs?

Any security operations against the French troops in Afghanistan now will be recorded in the programs of the French election, and every targeting of the French troops will have an impact on the results of elections in France and, and later, same applies to the electoral programs of the next U.S. president, and Washington moving these gangs without the occur of any sectarian clashes, is pushing these gangs to quick death, for example, occupation of Zabadani using 1,400 fighters, is pushing them to death if the Syrian army decide to send the special forces battalion, and not just one or two fighting battalions .

Unforgettable for Washington..

In the latest speech of President Assad, he said: the conflict will not be over Syria, but will be with Syria, and if Washington believes she is sending messages on the Syrian territory, she does not only have to wait for the answer, but also wait for the Syrian response, but to remind them with the death they experienced after U.S. officials visits to the airport in Kleiat, and remind them that they have later sent Jumblatt and Hariri to apologize submissively in a humiliating position, and remind them that who do not learn from history, the history will teach him, and a week after this day, the general pardon ends which was issued by the President as well as the last chance for a political solution, and we wish they do not accept the political solution, so that they know how will be the security solution, as today, the conspiracy was exposed an Assad is able to impose a security solution without any fear or concern, as the battle became completely exposed, and we hope the security solution would be hard on them, similar to waht happened after the attack on Lebanon .

Arab foreign ministers, and the "Free Army"..

Nabil Al Arabi did not hesitate to consider (the Free Army) as a force on the ground although it is led by French and Qatari officers, and although his entourage consist of more than 13 different nationalities, but (this Army) failed the Arab ministers during the presence of observers, as it was unable create a Darfur in Idleb and Jisr Al Shughur until the arrival of observers as planned , and were unable control Duma and Zabadani during the ministers' meeting in order to say that there is a split in Syria, however, Al-Arab said that the (Free Syrian Army) is a force on the ground, meaning that Al-Arabi, the Arab ministers, Washington, Israel and France are still betting on the remains of their mercenaries, and worse, rather than retreat, they raise their speech, as yesterday Davutoglu came to Damascus to engage the Muslim Brotherhood in power but returned with the back of his clothes wet with cold water, and now when the name of the Muslim Brotherhood changed to (Brotherhood of demons) and on the impact of the depletion of more than half of the mercenary forces, the Arab ministers raised their demands as if they threaten that the next few days will be bloody, and the question remains: Will it be bloody only in Syria, and will Syria give these mobs another month, to try prove that there is a split in Syria, and that the gangs that supplied by the pigs of oil and their masters are only soldiers who flee from the service, or will the termination begin?? .

The final US cards..

we understand that the rest of the gangs are able create some confusion and instability, and we realize that these gangs are the final cards of USA, and realize that acting violently may lead to more civilian casualties, but it is time to leave the political solution and adopt the security military solution, and strike with an iron fist , it is time for those who protect their thrones with U.S. troops, to understand that in the Arab countries there is only one army, the Syrian Arab Army, and gather enough information from these bands, and the time had come to collect the bodies only.

The next month will be difficult in all cases, as everyone were granted the right to discover the aggression against Syria, and who do not see the plot now is considered a traitor and not opposition, and the political solution was given more time than it worth , and the (Moderation Arab) were given their chance, and the only solution is to flip the table completely, as it is an hour that will compensate all the pain. We trust our leadership after all that have been achieved on the ground, and now we will stand in front of it, not behind it, we want the security military solution as soon as possible, and we are all future martyrs .

The End..

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