Feb 6, 2012

A Russian source: Directing the chief of foreign intelligence to Syria means that there is a significant security event will occur

The Russian intelligence placed their hands on evidence and documents condemns the "Syrian National Council" for conspiring with the French to commit a "mail-order massacre" using Chemical weapons?!

Syria Truth: The Russian presidential decision to send the chief of foreign intelligence "Mikhail Fradkov", and foreign minister "Sergy Lavrov" to Syria on Tuesday, raised big questions in the Russian security and media departments... Although all Russian media sources that we contacted, in Moscow and Crimea, agreed that they did not obtain any information about that, but they agreed in the same time that "a significant security event will occur in Syria and/or the region soon.. at a minimum, there are measures being worked out between Syria and Russia to prevent such an event from happening and facing it".. The sources mentioned that "the traditions of diplomatic work in their Soviet and Russian eras taught them that intelligence men, specially the chief of foreign intelligence, do not accompany diplomats in special visits outside the country, unless there is a security case larger than being a local one, which is the only explanation for Fradkov accompanying Lavrov to Syria"..

A media source linked to the Middle East department at the Russian MFA , told "Syria Truth" website that Fradkov was not close to the Syrian crisis file since it erupted, only with respect to its dimensions, tails and international and regions extensions, and kept away from the internal political details.. Therefore, his travel to Syria with Lavrov means that a large security case linked to the regional and international dimensions of the Syrian crisis will witness it soon".. The sources linked between Fradkov heading to Syria and the information released few days ago, by the US defense minister "Leon Panetta" that Israel could attack Iran this spring without Washington's consent, .. and it is known that an attack of this kind means the expansion of confrontation to reach Lebanon and Syria.. In this context, the source said "Moscow have well documented security information indicate that the Israelis will attack Lebanon, Syria and probably Gaza strip, all together, right when confrontation erupt with Iran, and maybe before that.. and it is clear that they have the green light from Washington and its allies to do that, after Russia and China used the right to VETO against an Arab-Western draft resolution, considering it as the only means to overthrow the Syrian regime using armed force"..

Another source said that Fradkov "who is descending from a Jewish family" is enjoying a special position that allowed him to be in contact with decision making circles in Israel, even though he is a loyal Russian citizen and was a prominent opponent of the Jewish Russian citizens immigration to Israel, and enjoys the trust of the Russian political and military crew, specially prime minister "Vlademir Putin".

Meanwhile, regarding the visit of Fradkov to Syria, a source in the "Sebastopol" marine base in the Black Sea, said to "Syria Truth" website that the Russian foreign intelligence placed their hands, among other data, on information about a "massacre using chemical weapons" , similar to "Halabja" massacre in Iraq in 1988, but a miniaturize one, it was supposed to be executed within the last few days in Syria by the opposition, not by the Syrian government.. The source confirmed that the data obtained by Moscow in this regard confirms that the French intelligence services (maybe the CIA too) have discussed with colonel Ryad Asa'ad, the leader of the so called "FSA", and with the knowledge of leaders from the first raw in the SNC, the execution of a bombing mission with Mortars at the "Zawia" mountain in Syria, whether at the forests where the FSA armed men and the Libyan fighters are hiding, or at a populated area like Jisr Al Shughur.. the choice was also set on residential neighborhood controlled by the armed opposition in Homs.. and the source confirmed that some of the Mortars are loaded with "white phosphorus" or "Mustard gas" and possibly "Sarin gas", these are all available at the Syrian army's arsenal, and was about to deliver it to the FSA fighters, and perhaps they were indeed delivered after being printed by they the stamp of the Syrian military industries.. the source pointed out that the Russian foreign intelligence obtained these information from three sources, one of them an officer working with Ryad Al Asa'ad, the second is a member at the SNC and the third source, is one of the Russian intelligence agents in Turkey,, the source added that "the Russian intelligence information, and more likely this is what its chief will inform the Syrians if not already informed them about it, these info point to a chemical massacre that was supposed to take place last week in order to hold an emergency session at the UNSC that decide form an international commission of inquiry in the matter.. But the massacre had not  been committed for an unknown reason, and perhaps it was exposed by the Russian intelligence.. and perhaps this is what forced them to replace it with Homs massacre that the media, and upon happening , talked about more than 300 dead and 600 wounded, but it turned out that the victims are less than 40 and most of them are hostages.. The horrific figure which was mentioned in the media immediately after the massacre, reveals that it was staged only for the UNSC session... and everyone notices it was absent from the media right after the vote on the Arab-Western draft resolution, i.e. immediately after the completion of the need to employ it politically in the mentioned session!?

The "Syria Truth" website was surprised of the possibility of those sides on commit a chemical massacre to achieve a political purpose, even if it was in the size of criminalizing an important regime like the Syrian regime, or a "Mail-order massacre" according to the intelligence services terms.

The sources revealed that the CIA and the French intelligence handed the fundamental Islamic organizations in Afghanistan during the 80s, in collaboration with "Bernard-Henry Levy", Mortars and phosphorus rockets and gas masks, and asked them to use it against Afghan population gatherings.. The KGB seized the equipment before using them.. and the source wonder: Is it a coincidence that Bernard-Henry Levy who handed the fundamental Islamic organizations in Afghanistan phosphorus weapons, is the same person who is now regulating the relation between the French intelligence and the FSA? and is it a coincidence that upon his return from a his last meeting with Ryad Al Asa'ad in Turkey, he set up a media office for the FSA in Paris and handed its administration to his partner in the "Save Syria" organization Mrs.Lama Al Atasi? and is it a coincidence that this lady "Atasi" also working with the French intelligence and the Israeli circles since many years?

A week for the "Military Termination" .. Followed by an international decision for a cease-fire?

The same source, regarding the visit of the Russian FM and the chief of the foreign intelligence, favored that among the objectives of the visit, will be discussions with the Syrian authorities about the possibility of achieving a "military termination" within a week or ten days, then Russian would convene an emergency meeting at the UNSC, which is her right, to declare an immediate cease-fire.. and in case the other side did not comply , the Syrian authorities will have the right then to move forward with its military operations without any deterrent, given that this will be as facing an armed uprising..  In this context, the source revealed that large units of the "Russian NRF / Spetsnaz Спецназ have been mobilized during the past few days in the naval base of "Sebastopol" in the Black Sea (Crimea), pointing out that these forces have already trained the "republican guards" ad the "special forces" in Syria is earlier periods. 

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