Nov 20, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" ... Full secrets... Part 8

With the failure of the 'Blue Jasmine" in 2006 and 2011, USA moved to a new phase of attacking Syria.. which is the axis of part 8.

The failure of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2006..

Until the last day of July war, Washington was ready to march with the new "Blue Jasmine" plan, but after halting the war, something happened, that the Americans and Israelis could never expect, which is the return of the people to the south, to stay on the ruins of their houses  and between the cluster bombs.. there was US last dream, deteriorating in the march for the Blue Jasmine in 2006, we can locate the reasons of the failure in these points:

1- Hizbulla took precautionary measures, and sent large numbers of refugees to Syria, when Beirut schools closed their doors in their faces.

2- Resistance allies realized the ordeal plot in Beirut and rushed to contain the refugees, the most prominent was General "Micheal awn" asking his allies to shelter the refugees in their houses, and all the resistance allies contributed int his, and blocked the road in front of all who wants to plant the ordeal.

3- Hassan Nasralla's speeches, which turned each move for the resistance to a public wedding in the Arab world, which removed the Sunni-Shiite congestion made by Washington during many years, therefore, completely devastated the ordeal project, on the scale of the Arab world.

4- The land entrance to southern Lebanon, turned into a Merkava massacre, and the project was killed with a stab in the heart, and a change of equation which broke the Zion army legend.

5- The return of the refugees, whom Hassan Nasralla said about them that they are the most noble and dearest people, amazed the enemy before it amazed the friend, as who would've thought that the father will bring his children back to field's of cluster bombs, and sits over the ruins of his house.

6- The political negotiator policy, in precise "Nabih Berri" , managed to withdrw the allegations from "Saniora" government, and placed him in offense post, specially when he resembled his government as similar to the resistance government, in order to prevent any sectarian congestion, which publicly imbarissed "Saniora", but later, "Saniora" invested it when the July war scandals began to manifest, when his only weapon was "Nabih Berri" word.

7- Hizbulla covering "Saniora" government's actions during the war, specially confiscating a missile truck and blocking the food and medicine aids from the refugees, therefore, preventing the sectarian congestion escalation.

8- A wide Arab and public sympathy which prevented Arab princes and official's speeches from taking a sectarian shift, even the clergy men who prevented donating to the resistance, did not receive any response from it. .. yet the response came from the Arab people, therefore, the instigation against the resistance turned into instigation against Washington's allies on the fall of the resistance missiles which inflamed the Arab street, and brought back the Palestinian case to the front of the struggle.

Avenging the fall of the "Blue Jasmine"..

Washington realized that her project had fell completely, so she decided to execute the final operation, hoping to free her top agents, and perhaps the Syrian intelligent foreseen this, and placed the bate for them.. the cat ate that bate and fell dead... so how did Washington try? and how did she take the slap?

This is the axis of the part 8..

The story began with a clip showing security men standing on a citizen, followed by an Iraqi person claiming that this movie happened in Iraq... Addounia TV said then: this movie happened in Iraq and not in Banias... it was only days until the citizen from the clip showed up in a filmed clip on the internet, saying: "I am Ahmad Bayasi, and the security men stood on my in Al Baydaa village of Banias.. and this movie was in Baydaa village".. and with a huge media campaign done by Al Jazeera, Al Arabyia, BBC and France 24.. the US intelligence planned to assassinate the young man after torturing him, in order to accuse the Syrian security officers with him and drag them to the ICC, hoping for a swap between NATO agents in Syria and the major Syrian security officers.. a monitoring team and another ones for torture and killing were created, and another one for withdraw the killers from Syria... then a media team.

Indeed, the mission began.. the Saudi "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" (the operation leader) entrusted the operations of the kidnapping, torturing and assassinating teams inside Syria to a group of professional killers, lead  by a Jordanian intelligence leader named "Hassan Bibros", who entered Syria as a tourist along with his wife and kids (who are hired people)... the observatory team informed that Ahmad Bayase is located in his village, where agents of the Saudi intelligence were monitoring him in order to send the kidnapping team there... all of them gathered in a safe place in the same village of Al Baydaa, then they informed "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" with their arrival and the beginning of the mission, who in turn, informed the media team leader "Okab Saker" who got ready for the biggest media propaganda ever happened in a fraud case.

A final phone call happened between "Hassan Bibros" and his team in Al Bayadaa village and "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" who was in Beirut, informing him that the mission is successful.. but, did the mission happen? or did Bibros talk while the Syrian intelligence surrounding him?

Zuhuri informed Okab Saker to start the media campaign.. and indeed, the news channels started spreading the news accompanied with a huge media campaign lead by Al Jazeera, Alarabiya, BBC and France 24.. and created hundreds of pages on Facebook under the name of "We are all Ahmad Bayase", Al Jazeera even said that she obtained info from within the military intelligence branch number 235, and who killed Bayasse are the Counterintelligence chief in Damascus and the Syrian intelligence chief.. not the regime... neither the investigators.

All that lasted for hours, which allowed the security forces through an ambush, to set the security rescue team up, which is a second  intelligence team subordinate to the "Zuhuri" people inside Syria, that insures the security and exit of the assassination team members.

After the bias media rejoiced for several hours, and the delay of the security rescue team in coming back.. all the sudden, the Syrian TV airing an interview with Ahmad Bayase, in a clear declaration of the failure of the avenging of the Blue Jasmine .

Phase 2 of the invasion on Syria... The alternative plan..
Israel moves the MBs to insure a cover for the Turkish army entrance.

After the failure of the July invasion, and the lack of alternatives, the 2011 invasion was set with an alternative in case it was doomed to failure, which is opening a gap on the Syrian-Turkish boarders which will become a pressure paper on Syria to blackmail it politically after the plan to burn and divide Syria was failed... the plan was to burn Hama and Jisr Al Shughur, with focus on Hama, then sending armed gangs to occupy Jisr Al Shughur... Syrian military units would enter to free the city, so the Turkish army would interfere to "allegedly" protect civilians, and therefore opening a gap for a buffer zone, and a transitional council would be formed which will be recognized by Europe, USA and the Arab countries.. and they will start blackmailing Damascus, either submission or the continuance of terrorism acts in the north.. the US aim of burning and destroying Syria, shifted to forcing her to sign a peace treaty with Israel on Palestine's account, and involving the MBs int he government as a guardianship for Washington on the work of the government, plus extending the presence of the US troops in Iraq and Libya and Yemen files... indeed, the work on the ground began.

The attack started with clashes with police and security men in Jisr Al Shughur, and the killing of more than 80 police men which Syria was not successful in saving them, as about 40 police men died along with support forces on the city entrance in an armed ambush... and a helicopter was hit, trying to save the security men, as 400 armed men completely occupied the city.. in the same day, Erdogan started building camps along the boarders, and sending military units.. Qatar sent Al Jazeera to monitor the civilians fleeing from the street wars between the army and armed gangs, but the army did not enter!!! ... as the armed men were exhausted, as everyday they thought the army would enter the city.. but they didn't... and everyday more communications were done... but all the sudden, a breaking news showed up on Syrian TV saying "the Syrian Arab army purging the national hospital in Jisr Al Shughur from armed men", the message aimed for Turkey and who's behind it, as all the terrorist group's leaders were arrested in a quality mission, and they will begin in defusing the explosive cans and the people will not flee... With Erdogan's failure and defeat, yet he ordered his troops to enter Syria in allegation of saving civilians, but his forces were surprised to see the Syrian army all over the boarders, as suddenly, the boarders are not empty, so the Turkish army asked for a war order, and the project failed, as they cannot enter in allegation to save civilians.

The armed groups fell, and the Syrian army started purging the city along with 25 media channels, instead of Al Jazeera accompanying the Turkish army.. so the armed action was moved to Hama, when the city witnessed a complete strike as the armed groups occupied it, backed by Turkey, killing security officers and dumping their bodies in Orontes river, so Davutoglu requested a meeting with the Syrian command, aiming for negotiations about Hama, but Syria responded in postponing the meeting three days, but when Davutoglu came, Hama was living a normal life, as the Syrian army entered it, arrested the armed men and went out... media sources said that Erdogan asked president Assad to involve the MBs in the government in exchange of halting the aggression against Syria, but is it possible for that who lost the war to present his terms??!!... this is the irony that did not happen: Syria do not negotiate its inner status.

The third phase of the invasion on Syria... Qatar hits on it's chest..

When the demands reduced, the dreams lowered, and instead of occupying Jisr Al Shughur, Qatar decided to recognize a National Council even if in a village or 100M inside the boarders, and insure an Arab recognition to it... they began pressuring on USA allies with their scandals, as they declared a new set of wikileaks documents, the set up began in mid Ramadan, as Al Jazeera and Alarabiya performed a public trial through spreading rumors about demonstrations filling the streets in Damascus, and the AL performing a trial and issuing a declaration that is not previously agreed upon... and in mid Ramadan, they started preparing what is called "the transitional council" similar to the Libyan one, and a military council which elected lieutenant "Hussein Harmoush" to lead it, the council was announced about, even before forming it... it was only days until they imposed the council which at the beginning most of it's members denounced it... and in Qatar, the prince will perform escalating statements as Nabil Al Arabi will visit Syria..
The so called military council would occupy a small area which the public opinion was already prepared for it, as some Gulf countries withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) followed by fiery statement bu Saudi king and Azhar Sheikh, and others from Tunis... most of the statements which was launched before the "Zero hour" ... and before the "Zero hour" the Syrian side leaked the details of the "Zero hour", yet even exaggerated hugely, as they mentioned that stooping the Syrian satellite channels will be in this period as a message to Qatar, advising him not to take the adventure.. yet he insisted on taking it, as the Qatari prince announced that the protests in Syria will not stop until Syria submit to the demands... a declaration on Syrian TV was aired with news of broadcasting "Hussein Harmoush" confessions which left many questions... here's when Washington and her tools, realized that play time is over, and started changing all their strategies accompanied by changing the US demands.

The new phase features..

We cannot assert that the invasion on Syria ended with the announcement of postponing the Nubuku gas line till 2017, but the features of a new phase had emerged:

1- Removing "Waddah Khanfar" from running Al Jazeera channel, and what that represent from the MBs extension.

2- Closing and stopping the broadcast of "Al Safa" extremest channel in this period, as they shut up "Arour" and brought up "Ghalyoun"

3- Naming one of the Fridays with "Our Damascus and Yemen" in an indication that brings to minds the Bahrain FM when his capitol was inflaming, as he said in Damascus: "I came to discuss the Yemeni and Libyan files", as apparently there were pressures on Damascus to yield some flaming Arab cases, which was synchronized with the return of "Ali Abdulla Saleh" and the return of negotiations about the Gulf initiative to solve the crisis in Yemen.

4- As of August 2011, the situation in Afghanistan escalated, in an indicator of Damascus and her allies shifting from defense to offense.

5- Turkey shifted to declaring aggression against Syria and waving military maneuvers over the Syrian boarders, When earlier they sent warships to the Mediterranean.

6- resolving the formed councils and creating a new council under the name of the SNC (Syrian National Council).

7- A western escalation against turkey, did not start with US siding with Cyprus in the gas struggle, and will not end with Sarkuzi's statements about the Massacres of Armenians.

8- Cyprus started excavating for gas.

9- Greece PM announced Qatari investments in Greece, and Qatar buying a Portuguese bank, which are the countries that form a weak point of the European economy, which if fell this time, Washington will have to cancel the Nubuku gas line, and a French company will have to sign the "South Stream" contract which is almost becoming real, while the "Nord Stream" project already started.

10- The beginning of assassination wave in Syria, as a type of change of tactics and keeping the tension presnet.

11- The return of sectarian escalation to the Egyptian street.

12- The return of targeting the US forces in Iraq.

13- Starting to target Iran through the media, with the attempt of assassinating the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

14- The appearance of what is called the Arab initiative, which only express a "stay in place" phase in order to continue with the political pressure when all the other options failed, and the Syrian street started to calm.

So we can say: the New Middle East project had been postponed to an unknown date, and the first target now is obtaining gas, and Qatar investing in Greece and buying the Portuguese bank is only an attempt to keep the EU stable and present until the gas problem is solved, as the EU breakdown in this phase, will give Russia and China a space to enter those countries solely, and start isolating the French influence, and since Washington was unable convince Bellarus, Germany remained uninfluenced with the gas extensions, and the execution of the "Nord Stream" gas line which connect it to Russia, which makes of Germany a new possible partner for Russia which might break up with Washington in case the EU broke down int his phase...

The End..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news.

Nov 15, 2011

Land Destroyer: IISS: Syria's Opposition Is Armed

Land Destroyer: IISS: Syria's Opposition Is Armed: Placard-Waving Protesters are actually Machine Gun-Wielding Terrorists.
by Tony Cartalucci

November 15, 2011 - The "Free Syria Army" is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria's military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders, funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey. The latest evidence confirming this comes in the form of a report out of the International Institute for Strategic Studies where Senior Fellow for Regional Security at IISS-Middle East Emile Hokayem openly admits Syria's opposition is armed and prepared to drag Syria's violence into even bloodier depths.

This report comes in sharp contrast to the propaganda fed via the corporate-media and the West's foreign ministers on a daily basis, where the violence is portrayed as one-sided, with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad "gunning down" throngs of peaceful, placard waving protesters. Just as in Libya where these so-called "peaceful protesters" turned out to be hordes of genocidal racist Al Qaeda mercenaries, led by big-oil representatives, fighting their cause upon a verified pack of lies, so too is Syria's "pro-democracy" movement which is slowly being revealed as yet another militant brand of extremists long cultivated by Anglo-American intelligence agencies, whose leadership is harbored in London and Washington and their foot soldiers supplied a steady stream of covert military support and overt rhetorical support throughout the compromised corporate media.

The unrest in Syria from the beginning was entirely backed by Western corporate-financier interests and part of a long-planned agenda for region-wide regime change. Syria has been slated for regime change since as early as 1991. In 2002, then US Under Secretary of State John Bolton added Syria to the growing "Axis of Evil." It would be later revealed that Bolton's threats against Syria manifested themselves as covert funding and support for opposition groups inside of Syria spanning both the Bush and Obama administrations.

In an April 2011 CNN article, acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated, "We're not working to undermine that [Syrian] government. What we are trying to do in Syria, through our civil society support, is to build the kind of democratic institutions, frankly, that we're trying to do in countries around the globe. What's different, I think, in this situation is that the Syrian government perceives this kind of assistance as a threat to its control over the Syrian people."

Toner's remarks came after the Washington Post released cables indicating the US has been funding Syrian opposition groups since at least 2005 and continued until today.

In an April AFP report, Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, stated that the "US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments." The report went on to explain that the US "organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there." Posner would add, "They went back and there's a ripple effect." That ripple effect of course is the "Arab Spring," and in Syria's case, the impetus for the current unrest threatening to unhinge the nation and invite in foreign intervention.

With planted "speculation" running through the corporate media that a recent explosion, amongst several other "incidents" in Iran, were the work of Western covert operations, and the Jerusalem Post all but admitting the entire Western-backed destabilization in Syria aims not at ushering in "democracy" or upholding "human rights," but to weaken Iran by proxy, it is clear that everything within Wall Street and London's power is being done to provoke Iran. Iran has downplayed the recent explosion at their military base as an accident and has thus far maintained a persistent patience in the face of criminal provocations and overt acts of war by an alarmingly and increasingly depraved West.

It is quite clear that the stratagems spelled out in the corporate-funded Brookings Institute report "Which Path to Persia?" have been read and understood by both sides and that Iran realizes that any act of retaliation not expertly played, only gives the West what it has stated it wants - an excuse to go to war with the Islamic Republic. Should the public in Syria, Iran, and throughout the West also read "Which Path to Persia?" and realize that the only threat Iran and its allies pose to the West is toward the extraterritorial ambitions of Wall Street and London, perhaps a bloody, entirely unnecessary war can be avoided, and the first steps taken toward dismantling the parasitic corporate-financier oligarchy that has misled the world for the past several decades.

Nov 10, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine"... Part 7..

Steps of planting the ordeal..

Perhaps choosing the places was clever on the geographical side, but who set the plans of planting the ordeal is a genius, and one must admit, our enemies are smart.. and since what is wanted in the south is an ordeal that would lead to creating a sectarian small country, the people of Daraa must be deported, and inflaming a sectarian ordeal on many axes, that's why "Farid Al Ghadiri" started from Washington and on Alarabiya to prepare and instigate, and he was the first to offend the great Syrian revolution leader indirectly, perhaps so he would announce the beginning of the mission, which is directing an insult to "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" in one of Daraa's places through an unknown man and deliver it to "Sweda", and raping a number of female teachers who work in Daraa... the same crime on "Jaramana's" road and in "Artooz" on the road of "Al Sheik" mountain, these are the boarders which were to be announced, beginning from "Sweda" to Jaramana and Kuswa, then up to "Sheik" mountain and the West Biqaa in Lebanon, and in Jordan toward Al Zarqaa to reach the triangle towns, so the Sunna must be evacuated from these places.

In "Jaramana" the Syrian authorities closed the road and blocked it in front of the ordeal entirely by converting the traffic, so in this way it didn't leave the NATO agents a space to start the ordeal... and in "Artooz" perhaps attacking a bus accelerated by taking security measures and the road was blocked in the face of the ordeal as well.,.. in the "Black Stone" area and " Al Qadam", these areas needed to be flamed with ordeal right after inflaming the south, but failing in Daraa stopped the developments in " the Black Stone", as the sectarian conflict should have moved to Damascus gates.
In Daraa, the armed groups stopped a buss carrying teachers, but the driver managed to escape despite the bus glass was smashed , and the bus was followed by motorbikes,.... the female teachers survived from being kidnapped and raped.. so the offense by a man anonymous to "Sultan Al Atrash" was a reason for communications between Daraa and Sweda's nobles, which turned into a national unity between the families, so the fail in raping the female teachers completely aborted the ordeal in the south, and instead of bloody war between the families, there was friendly familiar visits.

Here, the project completely failed, which was planning for real massacres that would cost the lives of no less than 10 thousand citizens, that armed groups (un-Syrian) were prepared for it, and suddenly, committing the massacre became hard, and with the amnesty which isolated the armed groups and accelerated the purging mission in the area, the entire project fell, but it didn't end..

Three days after the Syrian Arab army entered Daraa, Zion "Haaretz" newspaper wrote that Israel must reconsider the Syrian army's abilities, and the enemies were fascinated by the Syrian army's abilities and the people's strong bonds and the national awareness of the Syrian people, specially in the south..

Note: Through the info i have obtained, it was realized that the US tried refreshing battles from the memory that happened after the Ottoman invasion, and if not for the amnesty and the speed of termination in Daraa, and the people's cooperation with the army, there were terrorist groups of Arab nationalities willing to commit a real massacre, the name of the battles was similar to an old one happened after the Ottoman invasion, and its reason was a woman, Turkey took advantage of the event and exaggerated it for the goal of returning to the mountain, and there was a war, i was unaware of these events of Syria's history, so i discovered later that the enemy not only studied the geographical, military and humanitarian dimensions of Syria, yet even went through the history seeking for incidents that might help in planting the ordeal... i don't have info about "Fuhaida's" wedding in history after the Ottoman invasion, but i know that "Fuhaida's" wedding in NATO's naming, was a massacre within he "Blue Jasmine" project, which means committing a massacre in another village, then another one in another village... the source say: "the reason for the failure is due to centralizing of a security patrol in front of a weapon's warehouse which was going to be used in the massacre, as days after the amnesty, one of the arrested people confessed the whereabouts of the weapons places and they were confiscated"... here the source say: " the amnesty issued by president Assad was like a disaster for the mission, as well as the speed of the termination in Daraa... and recalling history was for the media to take advantage of, in order to market for the Ottoman-ship, as they wanted Erdogan to seem like he was going to cast off the west as they cast him off Damasucs, and rebuild the Islamic state, which Washington made for it many extremists who do not know that Erdogan will become their blood's merchant... They even prepared pre-reports for Al Jazeera about "Fuhaida's" wedding.

In the coast, the field was not much dangerous, with bringing in armed groups from Lebanon, and raising sectarian signs.. the street was moved on the hope of provoking the majority (Alawits), in order to leave the Sunna under thier mercy after inflaming the area and exploding the oil refinery in Banias and the oil pipe line and the strategic points which will originally cause a catastrophe, and according to leaked news by Zion strategic sites, the Syrian forces cast off a NATO ship in the Mediterranean, and hacked communications between the NATO and military operation base in Banias, and gave the gangs directions in which they sent them to ambushes and arrested them in a white operation, and according to the Zion site, among the prisoners, not mentioning the NATO commands and Mossad, there was a Jordanian and UAE high rank officers, that Syria didn't declare about, but the UAE foreign minister's 2 time visit to Syria, and later Al Mualem's visit to the UAE , and the UAE kicking off those who flee from the "Blue Jasmine" operation "Ayman Abdulnoor"  according to the Zion site, and kicking of another opposition member.

Not long time passed, when the Syrian intelligence forces disassembled the armed networks, specially those which are not Syrian and also communication networks.. until the "Blue Jasmine" operation started to falter and fall.

The falling of the "Blue Jasmine" operation..

Once Damascus succeeded in failing the operation, the NATO and US defeat aspect started to show, these aspects represented in these points:

  1. Clinton said that Al Assad presented what no other president did, and ofcourse the basic aim is addressing Turkey, Israel and Qatar that the NATO project had failed, and they have to negotiate with Damascus in case they hesitated in attacking it.
  2. Obama increased the stress over Israel and said: "Israel has to go back to the 1967 boarders".
  3. An Israeli intelligence site leaked information about the "Blue Jasmine" announcing its death, therefore, threatening Arabs that today Syrian uncovered a UAE officer on her soils, and tomorrow she might find every Arab who are involved in attacking Syria if not participate in the next announced invasion.
  4. Al Assad brought out his red lines: the Palestinian refugees protested on the occupied Golan boarders with a message of no return from the cause of solving the refugees case, and Syria recognizing the 1967 boarders as a minimum level of accepting the peace.
  5. Postponing "Nubuku" project till 2017, which already was postponed after the Lebanon invasion... ofcourse, Nubuku project is the center of struggle.
  6. Iran, Syria and Iraq signing an agreement for establishing a new gas pipe line that carries gas from "Turkmenistan" passing the Iranian and Iraqi gas, passing Syria to the Lebanese and Cyprus gas then reaching Greece gas, so this line would become the touchstone after the failure of the invasion on Syria, its costs in the least assumption is the boarders of 4th of June 1967.
  7. Al Assad issuing an amnesty on the MBs as a message of having them in the political life if they didn't sell themselves to the enemy, which indicate that Al Assad realized that the failure of the invasion on Syria  means moving to the MBs organization, and moving from Daraa and the Syrian coast to Hama and Jisr Al Shughur.
  8. Abdul Halim Khaddam sensing frustration and resort to the Israeli TV (Channel 2) and ask for a Turkish military intervention.
  9. Erdogan stops from being the adviser and starts escalations against Syria, yet later says: all choices are open for a military intervention.
  10. Lebanese "Al Akhbar" newspaper and New TV stop their direct attack on Syria, and reduce their tone, that some even thought they have shifted.
  11. bias sheikh "Qaradawi" keeps low from sight 
  12. Al Jazeera broadcast a movie about "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" and call one of the Fridays "Saleh Al Ali" and Washington intellects appear, and the phase of relaxing the minorities begin, in preparation for the next phase of invasion.
  13. The stop of "Wisal and Safa" bias channels from issuing "Takfiri" advisory opinions against all those who support Syria, when every day witnessed issuings to kill journalists, intellects or any religious men supporting Syria.
The failure of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011..

The remote reasons..

We can say, the failure of the divisional project in 2006, gave both Syria and Iran more time to become immune, and uncovered the US project publicly, so we notice many remote reasons that participated in burning the project and toppling it... which is
  1. After the war on Lebanon, Washington received painful hits in Iraq with Syria-Iran support, which led to scheduling the withdrawal from Iraq, therefore, Washington placed itself in the time factor ordeal, in return, Syria started to realize that the year of the US withdrawal from Iraq is Washington's latest surprises, therefore, she was ready to face it, and not fearing any surprises.
  2. The effect of the resistance operations in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, gave Al Assad a nationalistic dimension, and popular compassion that no other Arab leader gained, therefore, he strengthen his interior front and became more prepared for the confrontation.
  3. The project's failure forced Washington to ease in Lebanon through "Al Doha's" agreement, therefore the Syrian waist side was relieved and ready for anything, and anticipate the events and remove Hariri the son from the government, and during the events, Lebanon formed a pro-Syrian government.
  4. Turkey and Qatar widely opened on Syria, in preparation for the coming phase, which prevented the US and European sanctions imposed on Syria after Harari's assassination for effecting the Syrian economy, yet it even granted Syria more time to proved confrontation reserves, that made the confrontation balance year as one of the greatest balances in Syria.
  5. Syria started moving east in high levels, which made any future sanctions have limited effects on the Syrian economy, and granted Syria more allies and partners.
  6. July invasion failure, and the strategic change, made Israel perform 5 grand maneuvers, plus reservations to protect "Dimona" reactor, which spread in allegation of preventing Gaza's missiles, therefore the enemy was economically exhausted, plus the reduction in the Israeli weapons which forced Washington to raise the Israeli aids to an unprecedented figure.
  7. The financial crisis toppled the global economy, and weakened the Gulf countries which payed the bill and the choice of going to war by Washington became suicidal.
  8. The North Africa struggle shifted from Alger and Nigeria to Libya and Egypt, and the confrontation circle expanded in front of Washington.
  9. The failure of toppling Bella Russia and blocking the gas from Germany and signing the agreements of the "Nord Stream" which weakened Germany's role in the crisis completely.
  10. The aggravation of the Euro zone crisis, and the American became in confrontation with time.
  11. The Chinese climbed up the economy ladder, and shifted from being the silent country to the confronting one and the rejected of the US dictations despite Washington's attempts shift the conflict to the Koreas and Taiwan and other fronts, Yet Washington faced confrontation with her allies, as the Japanese and North Korean PMs resigned due to the US presence in the area, therefore the confrontation papers in Asia flipped.
 The direct reasons:
  1. The Syrian leadership wisdom which imposed complete calmness in dealing with the events through not going toward the trap, yet by bringing the enemy to the trap, therefore, commencing unexpected moves like setting comprehensive political reforms, and no reactions actions, issuing a general amnesty for those surrendering their weapons, therefore, all done by the Syrian leadership was unprecedented actions by the US administration.
  2. The Syrian Arab army's power who won battles in record time with few casualties, which made the Zion press say that they must recalculate the Syrian army's abilities, who managed observe, plan and execute in high precision.
  3. Security measures prevented exaggeration of the sectarian stress, and blocked the way in front of many issues.
  4. Unprecedented popular awareness, which participated in ending the conflict and aiding the Syrian army and security forces.
  5. Clergy men anticipating the dangers and performing a national role  that helped strengthen the national unity, and blocked the road in front of bias sheikhs.
  6. Abolishment of the media war and confronting it through disassembling and refuting lie calls and deception.
  7. The entrance of the youths to the battle field and forming the "Syrian Electronic Army", and shifting the conflict from the Syrian fields to the other fields, therefore blocking the road in front of USA to form a general opinion against Syria.
  8. Investing the time factor in the conflict, as Syrian realized that the time factor is US weak point.
  9. Syria entered the confrontation alone, and exit it alone, therefore until the US project failure, Syria didn't need any political position from her allies, and didn't use her influence and preserved all her strength papers... therefore the enemies lost the ability on finding the Syrian reaction, which made them in a phase of worry and constant flinch... we can say: Syria closest allies showed their position of the crisis after the "Blue Jasmine" failure, and the Turkish entrance to the conflict field, which assures that Syria was holding still and forcing her enemies to act in a reaction.
  10.  Washington relying in the region on a group of corrupted people participated in leaking many information for Syrians, therefore Syria left many question marks that had a role in the field missions from one side, and distracted the enemies and planted the "untrust" in them from the other side.
  11. Washington relying on "Takfiri" cells that she completely lost control over them, leading to irrational steps that participated in exposing the project publicly.

End of part 7..

In part 8:  Preparations for the next phase of the invasion on Syria... and the failure of the revenge for the "Blue Jasmine" failure..?

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

US and EU's plan [C] to destroy Syria...

US and EU's plan [C] to destroy Syria: Threatening the Lebanese government, and frighting the Lebanese military and security commands with "Ocampo" International court.

Plan (C) to topple Syria began as Damascus didn't fall by plan (A) similar to the Tunisian scenario, and the Syrian command responded to the peaceful protests, and set a road map for reforms... Damascus didn't even fall by plan (B) which is a combination of arming the demonstrations, and setting penetrations in the diplomatic body, the delegations and the embassies outside Syria ... but all that failed.

Plan (C) delayed, which is creating the required excuses for the NATO's replacement of the popular demonstration in Syria... the delay is due to the double VETO by "Russia and China" in the UNSC on 05/10/2011, this VETO urged those who suffered from it to ask from the Arab League fabricating the perfect scenario to waste the Syrian people's blood and launch the NATO's hand and the International sanctions on Syria.

Plan (C), is now known, and we already talked about it, and it was discussed by research centers loyal to the Zion lobby and the new governors , it implies preparing what is called 3 "Save Zones" with the NATO's power on the Syrian boarders with Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, as they mobilize in those zones, armed men opponents to the Syrian government, then the NATO's activity would expand to reach inside Syria in case the opposition armed men succeeded in seizing a geographical area, relatively wide and suitable for an excuse to harass the Syrian Arab army.

The mentioned plan imply to provide a political and security environment suitable for the Syrian opposition movement in various areas in the Lebanese ad Jordanian soils, as this same environment already exist in Turkey.

Sources in "14th of March" movement started spreading since now that the latest changes in Jordan such as the "Aon Ghasawneh" reaching the authority as prime minister, and lieutenant "Faisal Shobky" reached the intelligence department, are only interpretations for the plan (C) on Syria, but what reduce the credibility of this rumor, is the real Jordanian fear of the intended obstacles placed by the US administration in front of the Palestinian independent country even with the Israeli terms, therefore, enhancing "Netenyahu's" theory about the replacement homeland.

In Turkey, the political leadership in Ankara is enthusiastic to establish an area, where armed men are spread within, in order to launch strikes inside Syria, but this enthusiasm still bounce with the military command reservations which take on a serious ground, the Syrian presidents threats with earthquakes in case the west would go further in messing with the Syrian stability.

Ten days ago, intensified communications noticed between foreign embassies and international organizations marketing the foreign propaganda, and also communications with people for the "Future movement" in Lebanon, and civil and familiar organizations and groups related to this movement for the purpose of instigating juristic and humanitarian cases in regards of the Syrian events... therefore, finding justifications for the foreign countries to press on the Lebanese government in order to force it setting refugees camps for the Syrian opposition on the northern boarders with Syria under the allegation of human rights , and protecting the refugees... these camps to be used in two directions, the first is militarily (arming, training and smuggling weapons to Syria), and the second is media, by turning the camps itself into media studios that brings the western media in to fabricate a humanitarian tragedy that condemns Syria and besiege its international allies (Russia, Chins and all the BRICS and Iran as well), and accusing them in covering this tragedy with VETO.

"Akkar's" meeting headed by congressman "Khaled Addaher" yesterday comes in the same context and under the request of international organizations, their aim is to open cases to accuse the Lebanese government in abusing human rights and media freedoms and narrowing political rights, all this to place Lebanon in the way of harsh economical sanctions used to strangle Syria economically and block the way in front of it from using the Lebanese market as a breather from the harsh western sanctions, which are escalating..

From this angle as well, we can read "Burhan Ghalyoon" message to the Lebanese government leader "Najib Miqati" holding him responsible for the disappearance of Syrian opposition members in Lebanon, and it is expected that "14th of March" movement's talks about the alleged restriction for the Syrian opposition in Lebanon, plus "Ghalyoon's" message, might be used as an official document in the hands of ambassadors and foreign counsels that allows them to exercise pressure on the Lebanese government, specially that the US financial minister's assistant will arrive Beirut in a clear mission, which is include Lebanon in the economic strangle of Syria.

Plan (C) is not just about turning Lebanon into a political embrace of Syrian groups that talk publicly about using the Lebanese field to plot on Syria, yet it requires demanding the Lebanese authorities to provide the required coverage for the security and military movements that these groups intend to do inside Syria.

Since the Lebanese army command as well as the general department of security are showing strictness in applying Lebanese laws, and respecting agreements set between the Lebanese and Syrian governments, which prohibit the use of Lebanese lands as a passage or residence for any harm that might fall on the Syrian stability.. so the western countries sought to frighten the commands of those two organizations, and a reliable political source copied a French diplomat, that the later informed him that foreign ambassadors demanded those organizations to overlook the security and military movement of the Syrian opposition in Lebanon (for both, purchasing and smuggling weapons, or recruiting and training terrorists), which will fall under the blackmail of moving these commands to the international criminal court due to accusations would be fabricated by the general accusatory "Ocampo".

After that, there is something that plan (C) didn't realize, which was in the beginning of the Libyan scenario, as everyone recalls journals headlines calling the international community for help, as calling "O' NATO.. O' West", but in the Syrian scenario, Syrians will see their Libyan brothers blood in NATO's hands, as the entire Arab oil with its reserves, will not be enough to brainwash these minds regarding these criminal hands of the NATO.
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Nov 7, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".... Part 6..

By: Juhaina News
Original article (Here)

The "Blue Jasmine" falters... Al Assad aim the final strike..

It's not possible tell all what happened on the ground, but in this part we are going to tell some of what happened, as Washington concentrated its influence in the south (Daraa), and i leave the reader to compare between NATO's targets and what happened on the ground so he could comprehend how the invasion failed... and later, we will explain the way of recruitment and stirring the street.

The beginning of the attack on Syria..

Despite the story of arresting children in Daraa is away from the events on the ground, yet it became the starting point of the bias media to exaggerate the Syrian events, and what's said about torturing in prison since late 90s, at least, the prisons didn't witness pulling nails and savage torture as described, and what's described was no done by detectives, as it is obvious that the young men's issue had happened, but exaggerated widely that it became unbelievable, as the source mentioned that there are some who pushed the young men to write anti-Assad slogans so that Daraa's events will be accelerated.

Between demonstrations against arresting young men, and protesters entered the line of the demonstrations, other demonstrations occurred against "Rami Makhlouf".. and ofcourse Makhlouf and Muhammad Hamsho are the first to be targeted, but the focus was on Makhlouf as he is president Assad relative.. as in the rest of the governorates, there are an army of agents spreading rumors and instigating people, here we mention a similar incident, as i was watching a demonstration went to the street on 18/03/2011 in Daraa against Rami Makhlouf, a Lebanese man asked me: "Are these business men rivaled by Rami Makhlouf? and why they do not protest against granting a foreign telecommunication company the third cellular operation modem?.. ofcourse, no sane man can justify the demonstrations against a business man like Rami Makhlouf , but RamiMakhlouf and Maher Al Assad were targeted by the "Blue Jasmine" operation, here we go back to the "Hariri" assassination events, as why Rami Makhlouf and Muhmmad Hamsho were sanctioned by then!?.. Yes it is the same sanctions , But in the first attempt, the "Ble Jasmine" failed due to Hizbulla's victory in the war, and when flaming Syria in 2011 was decided, those men were targeted, event he "Fourth Division" as Major Maher Al Assad was presented by the media as the division's leader, and every soldier was presented as a member of the Fourth Division, even though this division didn't move from its barracks.. and the instigation against Rami Makhlouf started in 2006 pon the July war on Lebanon in order to ease the sectarian instigation mission, as Al Assad has not Alawits ot relatives around him, so they chose his brother Maher Al Assad (an officer in the Syrian Arab Army), and his cousin the business man Rami Makhlouf.

Migrating Daraa's people and planting the ordeal..

The talks about migrating more than 1 Million citizen is hard theoretically, but with the "Blue Jasmine" it was different, it was just a matter of time, and the demographic division succeeded in Iraq and Yugoslavia and many other places, but did the Syrian authorities realized the plan???

Yes, and this is evident and the event's process will prove it.. so what happened that prevented the success of the project of burning Daraa and migrate its people? and why did USA got confused?   

Buthaina Shabaan lure the enemies, and Al Assad strike a hit..

Many security officers killed in Daraa, and the bias media fabricated imaginary numbers about civilians got killed by the security forces, yet, despite all that the army didn't enter Daraa, yet Buthaina Shaaban addressed the media to copy president Assad's declaration of a series of reforms, and deceive the US viewer that she addressed the media in an attitude that showed the weakness of the Syrian command, yet even shows the Syrian command's fear, this came four days after the events in Daraa exploded, and this encouraged Washington to expose its papers, and here, Washington started moving its papers and expose them one by another, thinking that Assad had freaked out, then came the meeting that gathered Assad with a delegation of Daraa's people.. here, with what USA carried through some in the delegation members, she dug her grave, when they asked president Assad to withdraw the security forces from Daraa, and with withdrawing the security forces, the armed men spread in the streets of Daraa, so from one side, Washington broke the fear barrier in the hearts of the armed men and they went publicly to the streets, and from another side, it became a necessity for the Syrian army to enter the city to liberate it... and on the day of withdrawing the security forces from Daraa.. Al Jazeera started waiting at the boarders with Jordan the arrival of thousands of refugees, and exposed all the papers, yet the army didn't enter the city, and Daraa remained under the control of armed men for many days, until the armed groups killed 5 members of the Syrian Arab army near "Nawa" city, and their death was not the reason for the army to enter, but the authorities had completed gathering DATA about the armed groups and their positions, and killing the soldiers was only to attract the army to Daraa... so the army didn't enter because the soldiers martyred only, yet because it possessed the needed DATA to clean Daraa without casualties, and when the army entered another area in the officer's residence in Saida, the armed groups attacked the residences aiming to terrorize the officers' families so the officers will have a reaction, as the needed reaction was that every gun shot met with a shell (bomb), but what happened? did the officers gone mad??

As we have mentioned earlier, the NAT's plan took into consideration the military groups distribution, and when the officer's residences were attacked in Saida, those officers were expected to be in Daraa's battle feild, and they will receive the news, and the massacres would begin in the city, but they didn't anticipate that the military divisions that would enter Daraa is the 16th division which isn't even settled in Daraa, and its officers residences are not even in Daraa, and they didn't even anticipate that the military divisions present near the residents would move fast and conclude the battle and save the women and children, and here, the source says: "USA was surprised as why the division No.16 interfered, and divisions of Daraa didn't?

The killing strike..

After cutting the telephone lines in Daraa for about two days, and purging the city in a very fast mission, president Assad issued an amnesty for all who will surrender their weapons and present what they obtain from information, and here was the killing strike, yes, Buthaina Shabaan lured the US to expose its papers, and when it exposed them, the killing strike came from Al Assad with the general amnesty for all who surrender their weapons in a limited period of time... so with the withdrawal of the security forces from Daraa, Washington exposed all papers, but in the same time, the armed groups lost the public cover completely, as the people realized that security forces are not the ones who killed the protesters, and that there are organized armed groups, and when the amnesty issued, they lost the teenagers' cover, specially after they watched the Syrian forces arriving the city within two hours and purge it in a clean and white mission,... and the beginning of pursuing the isolated armed groups, and Daraa came out of this crisis, and its people remained in their houses, and Al Jazeera didn't have the chance to achieve its dream in watching thousands of Daraa people fleeing to Jordan..

End of part 6..

In Part 7: The steps for planting the ordeal... and UAE kicking off "Ayman Abdulnoor"..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

Nov 6, 2011

The security mission "Breaking the Illusions"... The secrets of the first phase of cleaning Homs..

The security mission "Breaking the Illusions"... The secrets of the first phase of cleaning Homs..

With the beginning of the security mission in "Al Zawia" mountain, and as a result for the electronic wiretapping, A very developed wireless signals was showing from the south.. The electronic units continued their work, and was certain that the source is the middle area.. and there was the beginning..


With the end of the missions in "Al Zawia" mountain, some quick security missions accomplished in the following places... Al Rastan, Hawla, Tal Kalakh and Qser..

Every mission gave new indications about the types of the communications and the transmission center, but they pointed to one Common denominator, which is that the order center is from three main sites, and each center runs a side o the battle..

Exploration groups was deployed in the areas to check the DATA, and noted the following:

- Media transmission center and supervision of coordination groups is "Al Hawla" area near "Marimeen".

- Financial ops and weapon providing center  is "Al Rastan and Talbiseh".

- Military command center and providing terrorists is "Baba Amro and Qser" areas.

In the first phases of fighting terrorists, exploration groups was monitoring the following phrases: "Hold on for a week" and some times "Hold on for a month or days"..

The explanatory ideas agreed that these messages is to boost the spirits or perhaps betting on the street actions... the idea of providing terrorists from outside the country was not possible, but with the continuation of the messages, and the demand of the necessary of proceeding in the activities no matter what the results are, made the Syrian leadership think that there is a plan that forces some to insist on following its military activity even if its way was blocked.

The Syrian command gave directions for an intensive search in the boarder areas, and it turned out that the military leadership was in Lebanon, next to Qser area, and there, all the preparation missions were set for much longer fight and clash.

An advanced wiretapping devices were brought, and the surprise was the plot..

USA and its followers are preparing harsh military missions, and placed 7000 well trained terrorists brought by "Saad Al Hariri" to fight Hizbullah, and when he failed, those terrorists were backed to be placed in a fight with Syria.

The situation started deteriorating, as those terrorists are a front for a foreign intervention that will become a pretext for a greater intervention.

The opinions in the Syrian leadership divided between those who saw a possibility of preventing them from entering Syria and bring them about through the media, and those who believed in the necessity of bringing them to Syria and exterminate their efforts, in this way we can end the possibility of repeating their missions... the opinion set on going through the battle and exterminate those terrorists from the roots, and teach the enemies an important lesson in combat..

The following plan was set..

Not placing any forces on the boarders, and Al Rastan and Al Hawla purging missions began in a very slow rhythm.

The Americans stated organizing the movement of their fighting units, and the Syrian army's eyes were watching..

About 2000 criminal mercenaries were brought from boarder villages, and their accommodation was provided in "Baba Amro" and "Tal Al Shor" farms.

After finishing cleaning missions in Al Rastan and Talbiseh , and the escape of part of the terrorists toward Baba Amro, the armed forces of the army started a purging mission in Al Hawla, Taldo, Kafr Laha, Tal Zahab and Tiba.. the road to Baba Amro was open and some terrorist flee to it.

The purging missions moved to Tal Kalakh once again, and also to Bayada, Der Baalba, Bab Sbaa, Nazihin and Mrayjeh areas in Homs.

The Syrian command picked up new orders for the armed men... commanding them to go to Baba Amro as the conclusive battle is near.

The Syrian leadership took many measures... such as:

Preventing the entrance of new terrorists from Lebanon, and the Lebanese army started pesuit missions inside Lebanon.

Cooperation with the popular committees in the boarder villages and arresting all the terrorists coming from Lebanon, this deal accomplished great results..

The forces started pushing the saboteurs and terrorists from the contact limits with Lebanon into inside Syria, and the army started deployment on the Lebanese boarders.

confirmations had been done that no armed men deployed outside the boarders of Baba Amro, specially that the terrorists command keeps stressing on mobilizing the armed men in Baba Amro..

On the political side...

USA decided to execute its plan along with mobilization from the Arab League, as the combat development becomes as condemnation for the Syrian command and that she wants the continuation of violence, so the AL assembled under a US order, and decided what is known..

In the same day, Qatar's FM announced that violence in Syria is unacceptable..

After observing all the details... the following plan was set:

Deploying units all over the area, starting from Qusur neighborhood .. Souk Al Hal ..the western farms, reaching the oil refinery and the Homs-Damascus highway..

The operations began in compliance with the political activity which she managed to steer professionally, knowing what is planned for her..

The Syrian leadership decided to conclude the battle within ten days..

The purging missions began, and in the first day, the army lost 20 martyrs and more than 100 wounded...and it turned out that there was more than 200 RPG launchers plus about 300 sniper men and more than 6000 armed criminals..

The leadership took a decisive decision, that the life of a soldier is more precious than all of those terrorists, and there is no way to risk, as every resistance is destroyed completely..

The military operations began to accomplish great success... no casualties among the soldiers ranks after the first day,  and the weakening of the terrorists began to manifest  in the face of the decisive decision of our soldiers.. The plan started to deteriorate, as Syria won politically and now it is winning militarily.

Hundreds of the Lebanese and mercenaries train to kill, are carrying a fake ID of Islam..

And hundreds of Syrian criminals who sold their conscience to the devil are falling between killed and wounded and arrested on a daily basis...and it is only hours until the Syrian leadership announces the end of the US terrorist group's existence in Homs... and Baba Amro area will become more clean than it was before.

And Homs will return to be the withstanding castle it is the first who killed the plot, and the first who sacrificed its innocent people's blood which stood still in the face of those who wanted to destroy our beloved Syria...

The "Blue Jasmine".. Part 5...

By: Juhaina News
The original article (Here)

Why "Douma, Harasta, Al-Tal, Black Stone, Qadam and Jdaidet Artooz"??

Since 2006 and until the "Blue Jasmine" operation commenced, the Zion enemy performed military maneuvers fearing what's to come, as Israel who clashed with Syria over decades, realize completely the strength of the Syrian Arab Army, and fear any failure in executing the operation that will force her to pay its price high... from another side, Israel realize, that inflaming Syria could inflame the northern front, as Hizbulla will not wait for the US and Israel entrance to Syria, and might probably fight its own war within the conflict, because Hizbulla will realize it is the end, and will try re-direct the conflict toward the Zion enemy... As for Qatar, was living in a great worry, realizing the Syria's fall will be a catastrophe that might bring Iran to flame the entire Gulf area through its influence in these countries, so there was war in Syria, and security measures in Qatar, as the security checkpoints spread in the Syrian governorates did not search all the cars, in contrary to the ones on Al Doha's gates, and around the Gas facilities.. Qatar witnessed security measures overcame the measures occurred after the US invasion to Iraq.

The plan to hit Syria...

The plan was not only in Syria, yet the sectarian violence would drown the entire region, as everyone noticed what happened in Egypt, and the return of explosions in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and many areas will inflame.. That's why in Syria there was special care in choosing places, and Washington didn't forget to place cells in Jordan who will enter northern Jordan with sectarian violence when Syria inflames.

Choosing the protest fields, and combat fields...

  1. The strategic dimension, through choosing areas capable to isolate the capital from the sectarian conflict places.
  2. Demographic dimension, through indicating the areas where sectarian conflicts will be raised, and massacres will be committed. 
  3. Military dimension, taking into consideration isolating the Syrian leadership from the strategic missiles, plus the areas to exhaust the army in street combats.
Let's check the area's map which were elected by USA, and compare them with the protest areas around Damascus the capitol. 

Five of the elected areas by NATO around Damascus witnessed demonstrations (Doums, Harasta, Tal, Qadam, Black Stone and Jdaidet Artooz... despite the pro-Assad majority living there), and the six place witnessed something else, which is Damascus countryside municipality, as they blocked the roads in the excuse of modifications, there were some who mocked the news of Damascus countryside municipality blocking the road of "Jaramana" for modifications, and said back then, is it possible that Syria is flaming, and Damascus countryside municipality is fixing a road? but one day, it might be uncovered that blocking this road during the crisis saved hundreds of innocent civilians lives.. and perhaps thousands of lives, and according to the source, blocking the road of Jaramana annoyed the Americans very much, and they began to doubt that the Syrian authorities started disassembling the operation, but they were not sure.

The most important, is "Ruken Al Din" area, as inflaming protests there was necessary to occupy the "presidential guards" from saving the missile forces, and block the road in front of them.

The game of "Domino" and NATO's targets..

  1. Inflaming protests in Daraa, Homs, the coast (Latakia and Banias in precise) - (as we note, no protests came out in Hama, Jisr Al Shughur or Der Azzour not even in Tartous during these events, and the events started in some of those areas after the Blue Jasmine operation had failed... and will talk about that later, which is the alternative plan.)
  2. Burning courts to attract those who are wanted for justice to the battle in order to form combating cells (This was executed on the reality grounds, and i thought that who was burning courts of justice were wanted people, but the truth was that burning the courts of justice was to attract wanted people to battle, and Washington had list of names of most of Syria's wanted people).
  3. Executing crimes that would cause sectarian congestion (which indeed happened with martyre "Nidal Jannoud's" crime, and "Al Tallawi" lieutenant, the images were filmed and sent through the internet for the purpose of causing a sectarian congestion, as is it possible for the criminal to film himself and send his picture through the net???)
  4.  Dragging the army to conflict, by implanting chaos through killing protesters and accusing the security forces with killing them, and the spread of small armed gangs.. the TV confessions proved that.
  5. Exhausting the army in street wars through using well trained armed groups, most of them not Syrians.
  6. Provoking the army so it will fight without any awareness (indeed, a lot of military officer's houses were targeted, and the aim was to provoke the officers to behave violently, and in a reaction that will cost the lives of many civilians possible, and migrate large numbers of families... this is why Al Jazeera's camera mobilized at the Syrian-Jordanian boarders days before the army entered Daraa, anticipating the emigrant of all Daraa's people, as planned, and no Sunni would remain in south Syria).
  7. Moving the conflict to the gates of the capitol, which are the points marked on the map above, to besiege the capitol.
  8. Committing massacres and grand sectarian violence acts, and provocation acts for sects... (During my visit to Syria, i observed news about an attempt to rape school teachers from "Sweda" province who worked in Daraa, i was unable meet the bus driver who was carrying them, but one of the girls announced that the attackers were mostly not Syrians, and it is recalled that this incident could've caused an earthquake and unprecedented sectarian war.. and i'm trying to find out what happened in Homs and the Syrian coast).
  9. The start of a terrorist cells attack from Lebanon on the strategic missile forces and occupy them.
  10. Moving the sectarian conflict to Damascus, as southern Damascus countryside would inflame fiercely.
  11. The final stage after tearing the army, Israel would interfere from the south to protect the Durzi people, and Turkey would interfere from the north to protect the Sunna, and the NATO from the sea to protect the Alawit, and supervise a sectarian and demographic re-distribution to deport who didn't leave during the events.. (Here, Erdogan was promised to become the Islamic nation's hero over the Arab's blood) and who will fight as many areas in Turkey would inflame.
  12. Al Jazeera would exaggerate Washington's agents speeches as they are sectarian leaders, and refraining from  mentioning names, they are all religious clerks, and she prepared sectarian religious speeches for them that would move the conflict to Syria's surroundings. 
  13. During the events.. the International court would have issued the accusatory decision and the protests would inflame in Lebanon, and a sectarian war would begin.
  14. Combat acts would inflame in  north Jordan and southern Turkey, and USA would start defining a conflicted small countries project, as the Sunna would have to accept the Turkish as their Godfather in order to arm them, and the minorities are forced to fall into the Zion's lap to protect themselves as we talked in previous parts.... The plan is to turn the Arab region into a Chess board played by Erdogan and Netenyaho.
  15. Getting rid of the plot's partner, and during the execution of the "Blue Jasmine" operation, some of the Qatari opposition symbols of the royal family were in Turkey, and before the events when the Turkish ambassador was coordinating with Qatar against Syria, the Turkish ambassador's son and a Turkish intelligence man were coordinating with the Qatari opposition.
  16. Washington would interfere to protect the Shiits in Bahrain from the Saudi invasion, and preparing to establish a Shiit small country that include Bahrain and part of Saudi Arabia.
  17. Raiding Jordan and burn it and shifting the "Hashimen" royalty to "Hijaz", so that Jordan would become an alternative country for the Palestinians (The inner Palestinians who are planned to leave), this info i have obtained from more than one source before 2005, and in a dialogue with a Gulf royal family Sheik about the great Middle East project, he said: "The Hijaz belong to the Hashimeen which was taken from them by Saood family... and USA is willing to return it to them).
  18. Before toppling Syria, Egypt would be in flames between the Coptics and Muslims, so that later, the Coptics would be deported to become a small country on the boarders with occupied Palestine, plus erupting Nubian protests in the south to form a small country that would later eat the north Sudan Nobians.
 In this way, the Arab nation's small countries will not be able to rise, as USA would blackmail this small country with Oil and the other with wheat... and so on.. and blackmail them all with the weapons they all going to fight with, so that the Iranian will face either subordinating and gaining influence in the Shiits small countries.. or the coming target, this way, Washington would have completed closure on the entire Middle East... and "Black Waters" crimes in Pakistan are only parts of the plan to entirely break it, and these events will not end until Greece announce its bankruptcy, and the EU falls, and the world would enter a crisis that would allow Washington divide it the way she wants..

End of part 5...
Part Six: The "Blue Jasmine" falters... and the Assad aim the final strike..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

Nov 1, 2011

Part 4: What are the details of the "Blue Jasmine"... How did Syria defeat it?.. will it be repeated?.. How did Syria become a non-influenced pole..?

By: Juhaina News
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The blue Jasmine.... Part 4

We talked in the last three parts about the reasons of eliminating the peace cord, and what pushed Washington to change its strategy in the region and reached a decision to divide the Middle East, and Lebanon war failure in 2006 which led to the drop of the "Blue Jasmine" project... Washington had the operation prepared , and many security missions took place in Damascus and its surroundings, and what's called "Damascus-Beirut declaration" appeared, and the civil society groups started their movement on the ground.

A glimpse on the "Blue Jasmine"..

The "Blue Jasmine" planning started since 1999, and the decision No.1559 was only a preliminary attack, as the attack started with assassinating "Rafiq Hariri" -the blue-flag man- through an operation to besiege the area, and since the area is on a brink of a sectarian volcano in Iraq, the congestion was moved to Lebanon, and after forming the International Court and the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon -which Washington didn't anticipate- Hizbulla had to be crushed completely, or at least displacing Shiit from the south, then followed inflaming protests in Syria, due to sectarian conflicts and wars with expatriates from southern Lebanon, and expanding the clashes along with issuing an accusatory decision accuses Syrian with "Hariri's" assassination, and exploding three sectarian wars in Damascus surroundings, in order to occupy the Syrian capitol with its surroundings as it will be besieged from all passages, and before the Syrian government sense the danger, the strategic missile places will be attacked, and with the erupt of a large scale sectarian war through several massacres, the army would collapse, and the Israeli would enter from the south and decide to liberate the Durzi people, and while the Israeli eliminate the elite of the Durzi people and complete emigrating the Sunna from southern Damascus and southern Syria and Northern Jordan, Turkey would have to entered Syria for the claim of fighting Israel and saving the Sunna, and since southern Turkey would be inflamed sectarian way, the NATO forces would interfere from  the sea for the claim of protecting the Alawit, in this way, three armies would draw the grand states before the rest of the Syrian soils start to part, so that Syrian would be divided later into three states.. Israeli would then accomplish its historical dream of building a protective shield for her as the extreme Islam will be fighting instead of her and for her sake, and Erdogan will become an Islamic hero that his pictures will be raised all over the Islamic world, and will take from Syria what he lost in Turkey for the account of an Alawit and Kurdish states... But the project failed completely and Washington decided to turn the equation and accuse Hizbulla with killing Hariri then burn Syria and topple it.  and attack Lebanon from within Syria based on the accusatory decision and the sectarian ordeal in Syria, but the plan didn't change, and we will go over what happened in 2011 only.

Important note: The source say, that perhaps one of the reasons of the "Blue Jasmine" failure, is that the Syrian leadership compared between who entered Syria in 2006 during July war, and those who entered it in 2011.. in this way, it had indicated a very narrow margin that she managed through it monitor the smallest numbers of arrived persons and disclosed the security codes and the field leaderships which would direct the battle within Syria, but the truth is, the failure of the project had many reasons, which we are going to explain through comparing information with what happened on reality grounds, and the reasons of the US failure later.

The beginning.... A sectarian war.

Let's recall Israel's defeat in 1996 in what was called "Grapes of Wrath" , the lose was massive , and here, hitting Syria became a strategic target, and the war have two choices: the first, is to be attacked by Israel, which was impossible since 1973 when the Syrian Arab Army was weak and fought for 82 days in a war of attrition and imposed its terms in the battle, then how after Israel defeat in front of the resistance in 1996, and the Syrian Army became a strong force built to fight without an ally .. and the second choice is a NATO-Israel hit on Syria, which will force Syria to behave madly and wipe out Israel, because she has two choices, either death... or death, and will not hesitate from using all kinds of weapons against Israel, and when NATO's turn comes to aid Israel, Syria will not hesitate from destroying it, not mentioning Syria's allies reaction around the world.. so that leave the choice of burning it from within, but even this choice worried Israel.

Preparing the mission..

War remains as political negotiations that parties resort to when agreement door is shot, that's why Washington started planning the "Blue Jasmine" operation as she was negotiating Damascus through the "Stick and Carrot" policy, and before Washington's demands reached Damascus upon the Iraqi war, Washington had started preparing for the worse, and recruited spies with the help of the French and British intelligence all together, as the "Blue Jasmine" which the US and Israel decided and planed, will be executed by the NATO, and later Israel and Turkey and Qatar... all gathered by gas and energy.

Pressuring Syrian, Egypt and Saudi Arabia..

Since 2000, Washington started pressing on Syria from one side, and Washington allies from another side, as she plan to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq and wants to hit Lebanon, but she had to drag her allies into the forbidden , and the Arabs watched the forbidden that Saudi Arabia and Egypt did after the invasion on Lebanon and later on Gaza, and from another side the pressure to force Syria to give some waivers, and here Al Jazeera had been used against Saudi Arabia and Egypt and specially against Syria, as it became a tribune for the Syrian opposition, and a tribune for the attack on Al Baath party allies in Syria, as she launched an aggressive attack on the Syrian communist for the benefit of strengthening Washington allies in the street, and Al Jazeera gained its popularity from attacking the Syrian government and its allies in a period that the leftist retreated, so it became the first tribune for the opposition, and a tribune to attack presidents, which was a mutation in the Arab journalism which had no presence of opposition characters, as when Al Jazeera was established, it was specialized to attack Syria, which some might forget, and might also forget its turn in inflaming ordeal in Iraq, and only remember its attitude during July war which originally she was building for the attack on Syria after invading southern Lebanon.
On the impact of supporting opposition movements in Egypt and Syria, and the impact of shifting explosions in Saudi Arabia, and the impact of Al Jazeera's attacks ... Washington was negotiating in secret from one side, and from the other side, the war was her final choice.

The move order of Washington's ambassadors..

Supporting opposition movements in Egypt had started, until "Ayman Abdulnoor" became a great unannounced leader, with unlimited support from the US embassy... And in Damascus, the start of establishing the cells of the civil society, and on the impact of US president's speech which called for democracy in these countries, like Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.. but not in Qatar or Morocco or Jordan... Egypt and Saudi Arabia submitted to the US pressures, and she began blackmailing them during Lebanon and Gaza's invasions, but when Syrian received "Colin Poel" demands, it refused them all.. not just that, Syria raised the challenge bar with the US to the prohibited limits, and began reforms, but not what Washington desired , but a real reform.. As Damascus realize that the enemy can be infuriated, but cannot and impossible to satisfy it, as the late "Khaled Bekdash" said, who is the first man Al Jazeera attacked of Syria's allies.

The US ambassador in this phase, started moving publicly in Damascus, and directed invites to all Syrian intellectuals and journalists, and few only who responded to him, and civil society groups started to emerge, and an opposition political activity started to define on the ground, and upon Al Jazeera's attack on Syria, and the pressure on the ground though creating opposition and threatening with war.. the negotiations with Damascus began, and it is recorded that the US ambassador's movement was not noticed by the media and kept silent, and only the Syrian journalist "Waleed Mumary" response who rejected the ambassador's visit and wrote his refusal in the media, had annoyed the ambassador.

 Damascus raising the confrontation bar..

When the pressure started decreasing from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and aggravating on Damascus, and instead of submitting to it, Al Baath party held its conference after a long time since the last one, and US man "Abd Al Haleem Khaddam" in Syria, left Al Baath leadership as a slap on Washington's face... Here, and since recruiting spies and agents was entitled to Washington who chooses dozens to travel to Washington and she elect agents from them, Washington decided to topple the regime who decided to defy her, and execute the "Blue Jasmine" operation, which Washington consider the easy and last choice... So Syrian workers have been received in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia very widely after it was partial in 2002, as the US intelligence were watching every thing and looking for people to elect for her plans, through a third party which is the strict Islam, but in precise, workers had be brought to Qatar and Saudi Arabia,then suddenly, the forbidden happened, and Abdulhaleem Khaddam left the authority in Syria, then followed by "Rafiq Hariri" leaving the Lebanese authority, and president Assad then decided to get rid of the corrupted people who represent the US administration in Syria and commence reforms in Syrian and Lebanon... and indeed, Syria didn't only dare Washington by removing "Abdul Haleem Khaddam", yet it paid all its debts, while Washington had prepared the war gear which she had no choice but to commit.. Then, "Omar Karami" started the asceticism plan to stop spending the public money when the Lebanese debt reached 40 Billion Dollars, but this reform will not continue, as the "Blue Jasmine" project was to start and stop the Lebanese reform project and bring Hariri "The Son" to the power, and the debt then raised to reached 60 Billion Dollars.

Recruiting agents...

Since the beginning of 2000 and on the Syrian's accounts, agents had been recruited, and Washington gain and not pay, and if paid, then it will be from the Gulf account... So, visas to US had been granted, and to apply, u need to pay 50$, and tens of thousand Syrian applications had been submitted of those who dream in the profit of rate exchange, as 100$ equals a month salary in Syria back then, and the US chose whom she needed  to be sieved in Washington, and there, in Washington and after those emigrant's visa expired, the CIA stated to work, and those who submitted to them and became an opponent, he was contacted, and who didn't become an opponent, was blackmailed in the emigration departments, and specially those who didn't marry a US citizen and didn't get a citizenship... the CIA had failed with many and succeeded with some, and in other episodes, we are going to talk about the details of recruiting agents and stirring the street.. in more details..

The French embassy started doing the same, as a group of French girls recruited many Syrians, yet creating intellectuals to be used later.. the British embassy as well, as in the year 2000 witnessed a great development in the relations with France upon "Khaddam's" leaving the power , and sieving the Syrian emigrants who came to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE had been done as well, as in the Gulf the small tools are elected through searching for extremists and those who get influenced with ordeal to be used as mercenaries and armed groups... many of the Gulf Sheikhs (members of the royal families) participated in this operation.. while Washington and Europe elected leaderships and security keys.

In Lebanon (ofcourse) the weight was heavier, as Damascus-Beirut declaration was the result of the US ambassador acts on the ground and the result of his meetings, and it had been noted, that the "Blue Jasmine" plan which failed in 2006 and postponed to 2011 is the same plan without any changes, placed on the hands of the senior US and Israeli strategy makers 9which we are going to talk about in the next episode)

Note: Here we mention the emergence of two news media in July war through covering the war.. Al JAzeera and New TV, as they sought to invest this coverage after eliminating Hizbulla in the attack on Syria, but the plot had failed, and words had been spoken about the role of "Al Akhbar" newspaper which some (after the death of Joseph Smaha and Ziad Al Rahbani departure) expected France to take over this foundation, but it is till prediction without any sources, noting, Al Akhbar newspaper participated in the campaign against Syria through the execution of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011.

Note: New TV editor-in-chief, refused the on going campaign against Syria after the deterioration of the channels viewers numbers, and the projects staggering.. so "Mariam Al Bassam Fadlulla" suggested on the Qataris, that NEW TV's attack to be indirect thقough broadcasting true news about Syria that satisfy the viewer, and graft it with a campaign on the Syrian mediaو and meetings with forces opponent to Syria, under the name of the "opinion and the other", and the attempt to clean Al Jazeera's face... indeed, she was allowed to change its method, when the US was certain of the "Blue Jasmine" staggering.

End of part 4..
In part 5: Why choosing "Douma, Harasta, Al Tal, Black stone, Al Qadam and Jdaidet Artouz" in Damascus??

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news