Nov 6, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".. Part 5...

By: Juhaina News
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Why "Douma, Harasta, Al-Tal, Black Stone, Qadam and Jdaidet Artooz"??

Since 2006 and until the "Blue Jasmine" operation commenced, the Zion enemy performed military maneuvers fearing what's to come, as Israel who clashed with Syria over decades, realize completely the strength of the Syrian Arab Army, and fear any failure in executing the operation that will force her to pay its price high... from another side, Israel realize, that inflaming Syria could inflame the northern front, as Hizbulla will not wait for the US and Israel entrance to Syria, and might probably fight its own war within the conflict, because Hizbulla will realize it is the end, and will try re-direct the conflict toward the Zion enemy... As for Qatar, was living in a great worry, realizing the Syria's fall will be a catastrophe that might bring Iran to flame the entire Gulf area through its influence in these countries, so there was war in Syria, and security measures in Qatar, as the security checkpoints spread in the Syrian governorates did not search all the cars, in contrary to the ones on Al Doha's gates, and around the Gas facilities.. Qatar witnessed security measures overcame the measures occurred after the US invasion to Iraq.

The plan to hit Syria...

The plan was not only in Syria, yet the sectarian violence would drown the entire region, as everyone noticed what happened in Egypt, and the return of explosions in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and many areas will inflame.. That's why in Syria there was special care in choosing places, and Washington didn't forget to place cells in Jordan who will enter northern Jordan with sectarian violence when Syria inflames.

Choosing the protest fields, and combat fields...

  1. The strategic dimension, through choosing areas capable to isolate the capital from the sectarian conflict places.
  2. Demographic dimension, through indicating the areas where sectarian conflicts will be raised, and massacres will be committed. 
  3. Military dimension, taking into consideration isolating the Syrian leadership from the strategic missiles, plus the areas to exhaust the army in street combats.
Let's check the area's map which were elected by USA, and compare them with the protest areas around Damascus the capitol. 

Five of the elected areas by NATO around Damascus witnessed demonstrations (Doums, Harasta, Tal, Qadam, Black Stone and Jdaidet Artooz... despite the pro-Assad majority living there), and the six place witnessed something else, which is Damascus countryside municipality, as they blocked the roads in the excuse of modifications, there were some who mocked the news of Damascus countryside municipality blocking the road of "Jaramana" for modifications, and said back then, is it possible that Syria is flaming, and Damascus countryside municipality is fixing a road? but one day, it might be uncovered that blocking this road during the crisis saved hundreds of innocent civilians lives.. and perhaps thousands of lives, and according to the source, blocking the road of Jaramana annoyed the Americans very much, and they began to doubt that the Syrian authorities started disassembling the operation, but they were not sure.

The most important, is "Ruken Al Din" area, as inflaming protests there was necessary to occupy the "presidential guards" from saving the missile forces, and block the road in front of them.

The game of "Domino" and NATO's targets..

  1. Inflaming protests in Daraa, Homs, the coast (Latakia and Banias in precise) - (as we note, no protests came out in Hama, Jisr Al Shughur or Der Azzour not even in Tartous during these events, and the events started in some of those areas after the Blue Jasmine operation had failed... and will talk about that later, which is the alternative plan.)
  2. Burning courts to attract those who are wanted for justice to the battle in order to form combating cells (This was executed on the reality grounds, and i thought that who was burning courts of justice were wanted people, but the truth was that burning the courts of justice was to attract wanted people to battle, and Washington had list of names of most of Syria's wanted people).
  3. Executing crimes that would cause sectarian congestion (which indeed happened with martyre "Nidal Jannoud's" crime, and "Al Tallawi" lieutenant, the images were filmed and sent through the internet for the purpose of causing a sectarian congestion, as is it possible for the criminal to film himself and send his picture through the net???)
  4.  Dragging the army to conflict, by implanting chaos through killing protesters and accusing the security forces with killing them, and the spread of small armed gangs.. the TV confessions proved that.
  5. Exhausting the army in street wars through using well trained armed groups, most of them not Syrians.
  6. Provoking the army so it will fight without any awareness (indeed, a lot of military officer's houses were targeted, and the aim was to provoke the officers to behave violently, and in a reaction that will cost the lives of many civilians possible, and migrate large numbers of families... this is why Al Jazeera's camera mobilized at the Syrian-Jordanian boarders days before the army entered Daraa, anticipating the emigrant of all Daraa's people, as planned, and no Sunni would remain in south Syria).
  7. Moving the conflict to the gates of the capitol, which are the points marked on the map above, to besiege the capitol.
  8. Committing massacres and grand sectarian violence acts, and provocation acts for sects... (During my visit to Syria, i observed news about an attempt to rape school teachers from "Sweda" province who worked in Daraa, i was unable meet the bus driver who was carrying them, but one of the girls announced that the attackers were mostly not Syrians, and it is recalled that this incident could've caused an earthquake and unprecedented sectarian war.. and i'm trying to find out what happened in Homs and the Syrian coast).
  9. The start of a terrorist cells attack from Lebanon on the strategic missile forces and occupy them.
  10. Moving the sectarian conflict to Damascus, as southern Damascus countryside would inflame fiercely.
  11. The final stage after tearing the army, Israel would interfere from the south to protect the Durzi people, and Turkey would interfere from the north to protect the Sunna, and the NATO from the sea to protect the Alawit, and supervise a sectarian and demographic re-distribution to deport who didn't leave during the events.. (Here, Erdogan was promised to become the Islamic nation's hero over the Arab's blood) and who will fight as many areas in Turkey would inflame.
  12. Al Jazeera would exaggerate Washington's agents speeches as they are sectarian leaders, and refraining from  mentioning names, they are all religious clerks, and she prepared sectarian religious speeches for them that would move the conflict to Syria's surroundings. 
  13. During the events.. the International court would have issued the accusatory decision and the protests would inflame in Lebanon, and a sectarian war would begin.
  14. Combat acts would inflame in  north Jordan and southern Turkey, and USA would start defining a conflicted small countries project, as the Sunna would have to accept the Turkish as their Godfather in order to arm them, and the minorities are forced to fall into the Zion's lap to protect themselves as we talked in previous parts.... The plan is to turn the Arab region into a Chess board played by Erdogan and Netenyaho.
  15. Getting rid of the plot's partner, and during the execution of the "Blue Jasmine" operation, some of the Qatari opposition symbols of the royal family were in Turkey, and before the events when the Turkish ambassador was coordinating with Qatar against Syria, the Turkish ambassador's son and a Turkish intelligence man were coordinating with the Qatari opposition.
  16. Washington would interfere to protect the Shiits in Bahrain from the Saudi invasion, and preparing to establish a Shiit small country that include Bahrain and part of Saudi Arabia.
  17. Raiding Jordan and burn it and shifting the "Hashimen" royalty to "Hijaz", so that Jordan would become an alternative country for the Palestinians (The inner Palestinians who are planned to leave), this info i have obtained from more than one source before 2005, and in a dialogue with a Gulf royal family Sheik about the great Middle East project, he said: "The Hijaz belong to the Hashimeen which was taken from them by Saood family... and USA is willing to return it to them).
  18. Before toppling Syria, Egypt would be in flames between the Coptics and Muslims, so that later, the Coptics would be deported to become a small country on the boarders with occupied Palestine, plus erupting Nubian protests in the south to form a small country that would later eat the north Sudan Nobians.
 In this way, the Arab nation's small countries will not be able to rise, as USA would blackmail this small country with Oil and the other with wheat... and so on.. and blackmail them all with the weapons they all going to fight with, so that the Iranian will face either subordinating and gaining influence in the Shiits small countries.. or the coming target, this way, Washington would have completed closure on the entire Middle East... and "Black Waters" crimes in Pakistan are only parts of the plan to entirely break it, and these events will not end until Greece announce its bankruptcy, and the EU falls, and the world would enter a crisis that would allow Washington divide it the way she wants..

End of part 5...
Part Six: The "Blue Jasmine" falters... and the Assad aim the final strike..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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