Nov 7, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".... Part 6..

By: Juhaina News
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The "Blue Jasmine" falters... Al Assad aim the final strike..

It's not possible tell all what happened on the ground, but in this part we are going to tell some of what happened, as Washington concentrated its influence in the south (Daraa), and i leave the reader to compare between NATO's targets and what happened on the ground so he could comprehend how the invasion failed... and later, we will explain the way of recruitment and stirring the street.

The beginning of the attack on Syria..

Despite the story of arresting children in Daraa is away from the events on the ground, yet it became the starting point of the bias media to exaggerate the Syrian events, and what's said about torturing in prison since late 90s, at least, the prisons didn't witness pulling nails and savage torture as described, and what's described was no done by detectives, as it is obvious that the young men's issue had happened, but exaggerated widely that it became unbelievable, as the source mentioned that there are some who pushed the young men to write anti-Assad slogans so that Daraa's events will be accelerated.

Between demonstrations against arresting young men, and protesters entered the line of the demonstrations, other demonstrations occurred against "Rami Makhlouf".. and ofcourse Makhlouf and Muhammad Hamsho are the first to be targeted, but the focus was on Makhlouf as he is president Assad relative.. as in the rest of the governorates, there are an army of agents spreading rumors and instigating people, here we mention a similar incident, as i was watching a demonstration went to the street on 18/03/2011 in Daraa against Rami Makhlouf, a Lebanese man asked me: "Are these business men rivaled by Rami Makhlouf? and why they do not protest against granting a foreign telecommunication company the third cellular operation modem?.. ofcourse, no sane man can justify the demonstrations against a business man like Rami Makhlouf , but RamiMakhlouf and Maher Al Assad were targeted by the "Blue Jasmine" operation, here we go back to the "Hariri" assassination events, as why Rami Makhlouf and Muhmmad Hamsho were sanctioned by then!?.. Yes it is the same sanctions , But in the first attempt, the "Ble Jasmine" failed due to Hizbulla's victory in the war, and when flaming Syria in 2011 was decided, those men were targeted, event he "Fourth Division" as Major Maher Al Assad was presented by the media as the division's leader, and every soldier was presented as a member of the Fourth Division, even though this division didn't move from its barracks.. and the instigation against Rami Makhlouf started in 2006 pon the July war on Lebanon in order to ease the sectarian instigation mission, as Al Assad has not Alawits ot relatives around him, so they chose his brother Maher Al Assad (an officer in the Syrian Arab Army), and his cousin the business man Rami Makhlouf.

Migrating Daraa's people and planting the ordeal..

The talks about migrating more than 1 Million citizen is hard theoretically, but with the "Blue Jasmine" it was different, it was just a matter of time, and the demographic division succeeded in Iraq and Yugoslavia and many other places, but did the Syrian authorities realized the plan???

Yes, and this is evident and the event's process will prove it.. so what happened that prevented the success of the project of burning Daraa and migrate its people? and why did USA got confused?   

Buthaina Shabaan lure the enemies, and Al Assad strike a hit..

Many security officers killed in Daraa, and the bias media fabricated imaginary numbers about civilians got killed by the security forces, yet, despite all that the army didn't enter Daraa, yet Buthaina Shaaban addressed the media to copy president Assad's declaration of a series of reforms, and deceive the US viewer that she addressed the media in an attitude that showed the weakness of the Syrian command, yet even shows the Syrian command's fear, this came four days after the events in Daraa exploded, and this encouraged Washington to expose its papers, and here, Washington started moving its papers and expose them one by another, thinking that Assad had freaked out, then came the meeting that gathered Assad with a delegation of Daraa's people.. here, with what USA carried through some in the delegation members, she dug her grave, when they asked president Assad to withdraw the security forces from Daraa, and with withdrawing the security forces, the armed men spread in the streets of Daraa, so from one side, Washington broke the fear barrier in the hearts of the armed men and they went publicly to the streets, and from another side, it became a necessity for the Syrian army to enter the city to liberate it... and on the day of withdrawing the security forces from Daraa.. Al Jazeera started waiting at the boarders with Jordan the arrival of thousands of refugees, and exposed all the papers, yet the army didn't enter the city, and Daraa remained under the control of armed men for many days, until the armed groups killed 5 members of the Syrian Arab army near "Nawa" city, and their death was not the reason for the army to enter, but the authorities had completed gathering DATA about the armed groups and their positions, and killing the soldiers was only to attract the army to Daraa... so the army didn't enter because the soldiers martyred only, yet because it possessed the needed DATA to clean Daraa without casualties, and when the army entered another area in the officer's residence in Saida, the armed groups attacked the residences aiming to terrorize the officers' families so the officers will have a reaction, as the needed reaction was that every gun shot met with a shell (bomb), but what happened? did the officers gone mad??

As we have mentioned earlier, the NAT's plan took into consideration the military groups distribution, and when the officer's residences were attacked in Saida, those officers were expected to be in Daraa's battle feild, and they will receive the news, and the massacres would begin in the city, but they didn't anticipate that the military divisions that would enter Daraa is the 16th division which isn't even settled in Daraa, and its officers residences are not even in Daraa, and they didn't even anticipate that the military divisions present near the residents would move fast and conclude the battle and save the women and children, and here, the source says: "USA was surprised as why the division No.16 interfered, and divisions of Daraa didn't?

The killing strike..

After cutting the telephone lines in Daraa for about two days, and purging the city in a very fast mission, president Assad issued an amnesty for all who will surrender their weapons and present what they obtain from information, and here was the killing strike, yes, Buthaina Shabaan lured the US to expose its papers, and when it exposed them, the killing strike came from Al Assad with the general amnesty for all who surrender their weapons in a limited period of time... so with the withdrawal of the security forces from Daraa, Washington exposed all papers, but in the same time, the armed groups lost the public cover completely, as the people realized that security forces are not the ones who killed the protesters, and that there are organized armed groups, and when the amnesty issued, they lost the teenagers' cover, specially after they watched the Syrian forces arriving the city within two hours and purge it in a clean and white mission,... and the beginning of pursuing the isolated armed groups, and Daraa came out of this crisis, and its people remained in their houses, and Al Jazeera didn't have the chance to achieve its dream in watching thousands of Daraa people fleeing to Jordan..

End of part 6..

In Part 7: The steps for planting the ordeal... and UAE kicking off "Ayman Abdulnoor"..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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