Jul 23, 2012

Filkka│Conflict rages between Bandar bin Sultan and Hafez Makhlouf..

Who's killing who first? Bandar Bin Sultan, who returned to the fold of the royal family in Saudi Arabia on a raft of the blood of Syrians, or the Syrian government who commissioned one of its senior officers to search for Bandar and Mossad men for the aim of liquidating them?

The intelligence services of the West, Israel and Arab countries participating in the global alliance against the Syrian people, entered the line of quality intelligence operations, and what happened in the National Security office in Damascus, is nothing but a result of a great alliance that gather more than 80 country's intelligence services among them the largest countries in the world by targeting security, military and political Syrian officials as a first, and second, the scientists and technical experts in the technology of missiles and the Syrian electronics and military manufacture..

Facing this war, the Syrian intelligence had established a high level security cell for the prosecution of those intelligence groups that have penetrations in the Syrian state services, and in areas which are now a target for a comprehensive cleaning operation led by senior Syrian intelligence men.

Intelligence world war against Syria..

The battle on the ground in Syria is militarily heated, and the US invasion started with Blackwaters mercenaries vaccinated with tens of thousands of Al-Qaeda warriors and the Arab Wahabism, as for the security battle, it was clear for the observers for a moment that the Americans and Mossad have the upper hand in it with the strike received by the Syrian government by assassinating the four leaders of the national security office.

It was a Saudi breach, that Bandar bin Sultan obtained, and endorsed to the Mossad who carried out the operation with a US logistic aid.

Much had been written about the end of the Syrian government, expected after the big hit, and hundreds of the opposition, diplomats, ministers and media men talked in the satellite channels and journals and radio stations and all of them agreed that this security hit means the end of the Syrian  government , and they also said that the power in Syria will not come out safe after such huge operation, and if they did, that will mean Syria have enough power to continue the battle and will cause her enemies big losses, as who cross the red line and hit underneath the belt in Syria, will receive underneath the belt hits as well.

In Saudi Arabia, Bandar Bin Sultan was immediately rewarded for his achievement.. and in Syria, a fast security achievement against breaches was required.. and sources in Moscow say that it is a mission taken up mainly by colonel Hafez Makhlouf, the officer who Bandar Bin Sultan seek to immune his agents from in Syria..

The Russian sources say that Bandar and his men in Syria and their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv know that this officer, if insisted to achieve a big goal to respond to the bloody salute to Bandar, Israel and USA with a better one, he will achieve what he seeks.

Opposition men and their "Free Army" and the Zion media in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, said that the Syrian government will fall after the opposition militia raided the heart of Damascus, and defected officers and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups that lead the fight talked about hours before announcing the victory from within the capital of Syria, and a foolish officers client to Turkey dared to state an attack against the presidential palace in Damascus, which is an allegation not taken seriously by anyone, not even the Wahhabi clients in the heart of Damascus, as they ran away, killed or arrested in the neighborhoods of Qaboon, Midan, Barza, Kafr Sousa and Harasta.

 The military response began against the breach of Damascus southern suburbs, as for the intelligence and security response to the operation in the national security office, the Syrian command rushed into a large-scale sweeping mission against the possible intelligence breaches, the response to the those who killed the leaders might be undertaken by Syria, and perhaps Iran and Hisbullah outside.. as inside Syria, Bandar's spies are being prosecuted by senior officers assigned with this urgent task, headed by one of the Syrian intelligence hawks, who is a colonel described by the Americans as an expert in chasing and hunting spies, this task places colonel Hafez Makhlouf and the extremist Zionist Bandar Bin Sultan face to face...

Bandar's success was not impossible, as the breaches in Syria have substantive grounds.. The Syrian military response seemed successful, as neither the army collapsed, nor the officials' spirits had fallen in the trap of seeking to save their lives or defect.. The Syrian army liquidated the  NATO fighters in Damascus and its countryside, and tricked them into a trap in Sayyda Zainab and it's surroundings.. The Wahhabis came in by hundreds from all around Syria to fight in Sayyda Zainab area, and the Russian security sources say that about 5000 armed men from the Whhabi terrorist groups executed Bandar's orders in attacking and destroying Sayyda Zainab shrine in Damascus countryside, and tried during the past few days to execute the mission, and failed.. And Bandar's point of this mission (if succeeded) is to ignite a religious war from the extreme of the Islamic world to its end.

Bandar directed his mercenaries to hit the shrine which the Arab world Shia visit as they believe that the daughter of their grand Imam is buried their.

The mosque with its green minarets was under a fierce attack waged by Bandar men since days, and they have failed in reaching it, and the Syrian army say that the Wahhabi fighters are keen to reach the shrine to destroy it and commit a massacre to thousands of Iraqis living in its surroundings..

Russian media sources participating in the coverage of the battles in Damascus, say through their e-pages, that the Syrian Arab army set a trap to Bandr fighters in Sayyda Zainab area, and directed a heavy blow to them, by opening the door for them to go to the countryside, then besiege them intending to eliminate as many Al-Qaeda highly trained armed men possible..

On the security side, the Syrian intelligence waged a purification campaign , and the senior officers replaced many of their procedures, and the spies lying in big positions sensed the danger, and the famous colonel Hafez Makhlouf undertook the mission of pursuing and arresting them and maybe executing them publicly, Makhlouf who was thought to be killed in the National Security explosion in Damascus, while he was not even there.

 A senior security source in Moscow, described what happened in Syria on the security side now as a massacre prepared by Hafez Makhlouf to be done to Bandar and the Mossad and the CIA men in Syria.

And in details, Filkka will reveal some of what's happening in the secret world of the intelligence war between Hafez Makhlouf and Bandar Bin Sultan and the Mossad and CIA leaders.

The End..


Jul 11, 2012

Tlass and the NATO, who deceived who .. Secrets of the US escalation, and the Syrian-Iranian maneuvers..?

Many wondered why Clinton has threatened Russia and China, on what did she build her position? and according to Western intelligence sources, in the talks before Geneva meeting, the US negotiator offered the Russians that Washington would consider the Syrian opposition as "Terrorist organizations", and put pressure on its allies to stop arming the gangs in return of a Russian cooperation in Afghanistan, and a Russian pressure on Iran to help in the Afghan problem, then the Russians and Americans agree on launching the peace process in the Middle East and head for truce, but the Russians wanted to separate the files, as the Russian negotiator said: in Syria, your struggle is with Assad, and we do not support Assad, but we seek to prevent the expansion of the conflict into a bigger war that all will lose in it, specially since the "world economy" is unstable.. And according to the French source, the US resented the Russian response, yet even considered it as a threat that all will lose in this war, but the damaged ones are the countries that suffer economical crisis, pointing to the US and EU economy.

The legend of "Zero Hour"..

According to the source, the US side decided deliver a message to Russia, saying that the situation in Syria is  worrying and will not develop into war, but it might explode from within, and the US wanted to prove to Russia that president Assad does not have the lead on the ground, for this reason US planned for a security operation (Zero Hour) during the so-called "Friends of Syria" conference, so that quality operations will be done during the conference, so that Washington will preempted Tokyo talks about the Afghanistan file to put pressure on the Russian and Iranian positions and extort them in regard of the Syrian file. And in cooperation with the French intelligence, they have chosen Manaf Tlass as a "scapegoat" to escalate in Syria, as the US decided that the next hit for Syria will be among the ranks of the presidential guards, which are the strike forces for Syria..

Tlass, a French scapegoat for Washington..

Tlass informed that "Zero Hour" is near, so the US wanted a "Zero Hour" in case it manage put pressure on the Russian position during Tokyo talks, and if it will fail, it will be a new pressure factor, it had proved ability to move in Syria enough to make clashes between the presidential guards even for 5 minutes. US and France acted with Tlass on the principle of (if we throw the dough to the wall and did not stick.. it will make a mark), and after the attack on Syria news (Ikhbariah) building, they said to Tlass it is a training to check the alternatives of broadcast that Syria have, as in "Zero Hour" we will stop the broadcast of all the Syrian channels and destroy them, and we have succeeded in the test by hitting (Ikhbaria) building, ofcourse the yellow media (Aljazeera and her sisters) started accusing defectors from the presidential guards in hitting the channel's building, and the next phase will be waging attacks on the presidential guards units, and according to the source, none of the Syrian terrorists accepted participating in this attack, as according to the terrorists (a Sheep attacking a group of Lions), so they sent Arab mercenaries who are unaware of the dangers of fighting units of the presidential guards, and they have sacrificed some of the terrorists just so the media will say that rebellion began within the ranks of the presidential guards.. Tlass, according to the source, was informed to move during "Zero Hour" making him believe that there is more than one rebellion, and that there will be military operations that justify his moving of his military units, and there will be no Syrian media in "Zero Hour".. The source add: What happened so that Tlass escaped one day before "Zero hour" and had fled to France through Turkey, did Tlass realize that the French deceived him and presented him as a scapegoat for the US..?

"Zero Hour" begins..

The work of "Friends of Syria" conference began, or as it must be described "Friends of the terrorists in Syria", and Clinton threatened both Russia and China with a high tone, but instead of receiving news that Assad is unable control the ground, every body was surprised with the news of the Syrian Arab army purging Douma, and instead of defections within the ranks of the presidential guards, there were defections within the ranks of the terrorist groups, and it was clear for the US that some of those mistaken to be officers fleeing the Syrian forces, they were spies for the Syrian intelligence between the ranks of the terrorist groups, and the US realized that all its efforts went in vain, and the source wonder: Why Tlass had fled, and did the Syrian intelligence really raided his residence one day before "Zero Hour"?, the source add: Is it possible that Washington was unable bring about any tension within the ranks of the presidential guards or close to its units during the conference of "Friends of Syria"?

The Syrian "Zero hour"..

The source say: There might be a Russian-Syrian intelligence cooperation, as what happened is beyond the abilities of the Syrian intelligence service, and the message delivered to the conference of the so-called "Friends of Syria", came opposite to what the US wished and planned..

The source add: Tehran performed military exercises in anticipation of Tokyo conference regarding the Afghanistan file, and according to the source, it is the fist time that Iran perform offensive exercises rather than defensive ones, and the source say: for the first time in the history of Iran, missiles are launched from various locations toward one target, which is a model of a US base, as all the previous exercises were from one location to various targets, the source add: even Syria surprised the world when anticipated Annan's visit to Damascus and Tehran with unprecedented maneuvers in the history of Syria, as for the first time, Syria perform land-sea-air exercises at once, thus an army maneuvers and not a formation or varieties of weapons, and maneuvers considered to be offensive for destroying submarines, and large ships and dropping missiles and waging land attacks, and according to the source, if the political solution is to be shut, Damascus might commence a comprehensive settlement when the observers mission is over, and impose the game rules without negotiations.

Outcomes of "Zero hour"..

The source say: Washington wanted to raise the ceiling of its demands during Tokyo talks, but who raised the ceiling of their demands was the Iranian FM who announced in an un-interpretative way, that "stability in Afghanistan, achieved with the exit of foreign forces", therefor Iran refused any approach or link to the Syrian file with the Afghan one, and from another side, Iran committed indirectly to support the Afghan resistance.

The source add: The US during Tokyo talks, considered Afghanistan as the most important ally for the US outside the NATO countries !!!  where all these manners came from?? How could Kabul be an ally to Washington and the US is negotiating with Taliban movement from one side, Did the US realize that the Doha negotiations with Taliban will not stop the resistance in Afghanistan? and whether the words of the Americans are flirtation with Karzai government and a a hint for the Russians that US might include him in the negotiations about Afghanistan with Taliban movement? the source add: perhaps it is maneuvers, but the US started lose trust even from the Europeans, and there is fear that Moscow might have penetrated all NATO communications, as there are things and surprises happening that are unimaginable..

The source say: What does it mean to try to prove that Assad is unable control the ground, and the message comes in reverse, and more on the impact of Tokyo talks about the Afghanistan file, five US soldiers fall dead during the Iranian FM speech, and even Russia is confident that it doesn't even smile to any achievement, the source add: we should admit that Russia's policy surprised everybody, and the mentality of the intelligence that came with Putin is the one ruling Russia more than the politics mentality, and since 2006 we see Putin leading the US to the abyss and throw them without even smiling, from their previous defeat in Lebanon and Syria  and Iraq to the Caucasian war  and in the Afghan swamp and all the files.. The Russian policy is characterized with calmness of the intelligence men, as we cannot expect anything from Moscow's policy.. The source conclude: "Putin who doesn't smile,... Drove the West into madness"..

The End...

Jouhaina News - Kefah Nssr

Jul 9, 2012

US tricked Erdogan ... The fact behind downing the Turkish war jet.. !!

خاص جهينة نيوز: الأمريكي خدع أردوغان.. حقيقة إسقاط الطائرة التركية..!

Turkish sources, in a statement to Jouhaina News, confirmed that the Turkish war jet that violated the Syrian airspace and dropped by the Syrian anti-aircraft weapons, was performing a task requested by NATO, and according to the source, NATO told Erdogan that they are in the process of monitoring the Syrian radars, and need to provoke the Syrian air forces.. It is mentioned that Israeli war jets were in the international waters of the Mediterranean and willing to commit the same provocation to the Syrians, So Erdogan was reassured that the provocation process will be easy and will not take more than violating the Syrian airspace, for this reason the Turkish war jet violated the Syrian airspace twice, the first time was a minor breach, far from the Syrian artillery reach, and the second time was deeper, but led to the dropping of the war jet.

 The source confirmed that when Erdogan realized that the war jet was downed, he informed the US and they told him to wait and be calm, here Erdogan realized that he was tricked, as the Zion war jets did not participate in the provocation, and withdrew without Syria starting its fighting radar system, as it was found that when the Syrian dropped the Turkish war jet, the Israeli war jet withdrew from the international waters, which angered Erdogan and forced him to silence in the first day of the incident..

According to the source, Israel was about to fly in the Syrian airspace, then claim that this plain flew over the presidential palace, and the media would work on this incident, but the US asked Israel not to risk such a fly that might lead to a war in the region, so they implicated Erdogan with this provoking fly, as if the Syrians managed to drop the jet, Erdogan will be the only person who would lose face, and the incident will not develop into a regional war, and in case Syria was unsuccessful in downing the jet, it will be claimed as an Israeli war jet that breached the Syrian airspace and flew over the presidential palace, and the media would work on this incident, specially that the jet was flying on a low altitude, and cannot be identified, whether it is from the Turkish squadron or the Zion squadron, and with this breach, the Syrian president would lose face.

According to the source, a report for a Turkish general presented to Erdogan, the Turkish war jet violating the Syrian airspace will not lead to Syria's declaration of  "General Alarm", and activating the fighting radar systems, as the Syrians will not be dragged to an hour of war determined by Israel, and the Syrian response will be routinely activating the anti-aircraft defense system similar to previous incidents, and Erdogan realized that the US and Israel have tested the Russian "Pantysr" system on the Turkish war jet and on the account of Erdogan, as they wanted to risk this jet to know if the Syrian artillery is capable on dropping the jet or not, and he realized that the target was not monitoring the Syrian radars, but a media game within the context of psychological warfare against Syria.

The source mention that the Zion war jet have breached the Syrian airspace previously, but Syria confronted it back then, and when the breach occurred, Syria had not possessed the " Pantysr" system yet, and the Syrian air forces were unable drop the Zion war jet, as they used a traditional artillery machine gun, and when the war jet returned safe and sound from the Syrian regional waters, the Zion entity claimed that the jet flew over the presidential palace few days after the incident, and on its impact, the media tried invest this incident to discredit Syria's reputation..

The End..

Jouhaina News article..

Jul 8, 2012

When Syria and Russia threaten with war, and Clinton reply on the impact of McCain's visit..!

خاص جهينة نيوز: عندما تهدد سورية وروسيا بالحرب وترد كلينتون على وقع زيارة ماكين..!

It was not a coincidence that the statement of the master of the Russian diplomacy "Sergey Lavrov" when he said: "The west keeping their position from Syria might lead to a big war in the region" coincided with the words of the political editor of Tishreen Syrian newspaper who said that the NATO is pushing the region toward the unknown, which made Hilary Clinton (whose country backed from presenting draft resolutions to the UNSC to presenting draft resolution to the Human Rights Council) responded to Lavrov, with a similar threat by saying "Russia and China will regret their position from the Syrian crisis", and the Russian MFA responded by describing her statement as "inappropriate" and described France meeting as "immoral"...
Clinton's statement coincided with McCain's visit to Lebanon and the talks about the need for arming the Takfiri gangs in Syria, ofcourse this collision is not the first between Moscow and Washington, as a U.S. warship clashed with the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean, and the U.S. warship pulled back humiliated on the impact of the Iranian ships provoking the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf. And since we remember that the Iranian ships directly provoked U.S. warships, the Americans must remember that the Russian borders have become on the Gulf waters now, which was predicted by a Kazakh writer many months ago.

Farce of the "Enemies of Syria" meeting..

The most beautiful statement that i have read for a western official saying that "Enemies of Syria" meeting was to gather support on the interpretation of Geneva meeting based on the interpretation of the West, as the U.S. wants to stay in place, from Kofi Annan's plan to Geneva meeting, the U.S. yield to the Russian terms, but escape the implementation, they provide pledges, then stall and procrastinate the implementation.. Paradoxically, the "enemies of Syria" meeting revealed many points that became almost the most important axioms:

1-  The participants understood that the Russian position did not and will not change, and their followers on the ground do not believe the term of changing the Russian stance, and this emerged when Qatar foreign minister called for a foreign intervention outside the framework of the UNSC, which is a recognition that the UNSC is no longer the hotbed to the U.S. horses, and Russia will not change its position from the Syrian crisis.

2- No matter how many pledges Washington will provide, it will not abide by its promises, and France's commitment to pay $15 Million which will all go to the armed groups, is the proof of the West's attempt to spin in an empty circle and stay in place just to exhaust Syria.

3- The U.S. which will lose in any settlement no matter what results it will bare, is not ready to grant the Syrian command a strategic victory before the elections, and most important is the attempt to invest the instability in any prospective settlement negotiations.

The peace process, and the development of the Syrian file..

The Russians fully realize the depth of the U.S. crisis, so they have decided to support Obama in the coming U.S. elections, as Moscow sees that Obama staying in power as the president of the United States of America, is much better from the arrival of candidate "Mitt Romney" to the white house, and according to the Russian thinking, the U.S. crisis in the region will only benefit from pushing the peace process for a new peace process, as Russia prefer stability in Syria rather than keeping Obama in power if she will have the choice. For this reason, the Russian proposal is to reduce the U.S. fears by re-launching the peace process in the Middle East as a way out for the U.S.

But the Russians, more than that, wants to demarcate the region, therefore they know that the peace process is not only a way out for the U.S., but a road to the new world. and after the defeat of Israel in 2006, and later after the destruction of Nabucco gas facilities in Georgia, Russia called for a peace conference in Moscow, but the U.S. rejected and foiled Russia's efforts as it was planning to hit Syria from within as an alternative to the defeat in Lebanon. and today, they have reached a conclusion that the fall of Syria (in case it  will fall) will lead to the close of the Strait of Hormuz, which is Russia's new borders, if necessary, and thus the utter failure of the struggle on Syria, and Moscow will have to try call for a new peace conference similar to what happened in 2009.

Washington is reluctant ...

The U.S. policy is predictable through the point view of Aljazeera channel which is run by the CIA and Mossad, and opening the file of assassinating the Palestinian president "Yasser Arafat" according to leaks, only a part of a new conspiracy that aims to pressure the Palestinian authority by converting the blood of the former president into a case similar to Rafiq Al-Hariri's case (with the difference of the two person's history ofcourse).. The last process to put pressure on the Palestinian authority was when Washington's Arab froze their obligations toward the authority and cut off the employees salaries to give up the presidency of the Arab League to Qatar, but today, the Arab pressures on the Palestinian authority returned once again to target the Palestinian authority with money committed by Washington's Arabs, and extortion with a crime already committed by the Zion entity, and the only aim is to prepare for the peace process, and the new escalation in Syria is for the same cause, and McCain's visit to Lebanon is another step to escalate the violence, and the French money which will be added to the Arab oil money is part of the coming negotiations.. For this reason only, Lavrov said: "The west keeping their position from Syria might lead to a big war in the region", For this reason there had to be a real settlement on the ground , and most important is Annan's plan 6th point, as this point must not be implemented until further notice, and to prevent demonstrations by any means possible as part of the coming escalation will be bringing back the protests to some areas, and the U.S. is well aware that the evolution of the situation is becoming out of control, and the settlement might happen on the impact of a Russian-Syrian-Iranian escalation that embarrasses the U.S.. But also, the exploits of Geneva meeting is that the conflict with Syria is back to normal, which is the Arab-Zion conflict, and the settlement is coming even if delayed for a couple of days due to international obligations..

The fate of the world is determined in Syria..

What i have said earlier that Washington will burn all the cards, is no longer a secret to anyone, as the exploits of this aggression on Syria that Washington realized that Moscow now have more cards to defend its interests, yet even the aggression on Syria created the Russian-Iranian coalition, and the Russian influence in Iran was due to Washington's foolish policies toward Iran, therefore, the struggle on Syria's geopolitical position for Washington is meaningful before Iran's fall and ensure the security of the Gulf, So Washington realize that the main struggle with Syria became the security of Israel in the first place, and with the accumulation of files, Washington is about to burn all her cards in Syria, and the coming Wikileaks documents (which some are true and some are fabricated) its first aim is to burn all the Syrian opposition faces associated with Washington to be fully invested before throwing them, as in Syria, the fate of the world is determined, and in Syria, the fate of the entire region is determined..!!!

The End..

Arabic article by Kefah Nssr (Jouhaina News)

Jul 5, 2012

The fleeing of Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass

Damascus - Mazza - Residential buildings of the Ministry of Defense:

Nahed Moustafa Tlass and the French intelligence destroyed the family of 1st Lieutenant General Moustafa Tlass, former Minister of Defense..

The Syrian Arab Army is emptying the house of Brig. Gen. Manaf Moustafa Tlass which is located on Mazza highway, from its belongings, and taking back all the cars, weapons, supplies and gear that was his military possessions before he fled to Turkey.. And thus the children of Tlass (Manaf and Firas) had closed the file of 1st  Lieutenant General Moustafa Tlass (former Minister of Defense) in the Syrian government.

It is mentioned that Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass stopped practicing his leadership duties in the Republican Guards almost a year ago, based on his statement that president Assad ordered him not to interfere and to stay in his office.

Sources in the leadership told DNN that president Assad told Tlass "You are an officer in the army and armed forces, and i hope that you commit to your job and do not interfere in anything", this came after assigning him with many tasks, most importantly investigating the causes of protests in Rastan and Douma, which Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass failed to do, and blamed the failure on one of the state security officer, and one of the president's assistants, which was later proved untrue , and proved that Manaf was trying to brake the unity and coherence of the Syrian leadership, and tried many times to negatively influence president Assad  but he failed, so Manaf and Firas and their families decided to leave Syria.. Congratulations for the Tlass brothers in the life of refugees .. or displaced.

One final word..

Last week, Manaf tried to invite me to dinner to tell me the details of his sister "Nahed" problems with the French intelligence, and his brother "Firas" problems with the government, and he even tried shifting me out of the track that am working on in following the agents files in the Media, but i apologized and politely told the mediator: "I stopped publishing the scandals of Firas Tlass's relations with the MBs for four months based on the request of Manaf who promised to fix the fault in the family, but that didn't show on Firas for four months, yet Firas even met publicly in one of the hotels in Cairo with the MBs, Ghalyoun, Al-Bunny, Suleiman and Quteifan... If you are saying that your brother is a burden on Tlass family, then why don't you declare that publicly? and if you are loyal to your master and leader and your childhood friend "Bashar Al Assad", why don't you declare that in public??? Therefore Mr.Manaf knew that his cards are exposed since last year , and that the regime is firm, and that there is no future for him, and he also received an offer from Saud family with 20 Million Dollars if he flee and announce his defection, "He even showed the Saud family's offer to one of him relatives" .. So Manaf flee to Turkey and now he is harbored by the Turkish intelligence according to preliminary information from one of his friends in Turkey..

Ammar H Ismail

Long live Syria Al-Assad.
Arabic post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=376062425793629&set=a.144269402306267.31482.144220648977809&type=1&theater

Translated by JaNo Souria..

Jul 4, 2012

Full English text of Bashar al-Assad's interview with Turkish paper Cumhuriyet

Full English text of Bashar al-Assad's interview with Turkish paper Cumhuriyet:

Journalist: Mr. President, will the current tension in the relations between Syria and Turkey, caused by Syria’s downing of the Turkish aircraft, lead to a confrontation between the two sides, as the Turkish leadership believes?

President Assad: This period is full of events and developments, and it is a historical period during which the map of the whole region is being drawn. I think this is perhaps similar to what happened a hundred years ago when the Ottoman Empire declined and fell. Then, there was conflict between the Arabs and the Turks. As far as we are concerned, our vision during the past twelve years, i.e. since the first visit of President Sezer to Syria is to change this historical image, to delete it completely from the Arab mind. We have always said that the period of historical differences taught us plenty of lessons.

The Arabs lost and the Turks lost. So, it is unreasonable to go back suddenly to that stage so that we lose and you lose. During the past fifteen months, i.e. since the crisis began, we tried to work on more than one front. First, to solve the internal crisis in Syria and confront the terrorists. Second, to try and maintain what we have achieved in the Syrian-Turkish relations. We found that with every speech, with every step, with every decision taken by the current Turkish government there was an attempt to destroy these relations. I can say that they have been able to destroy most of what we have built. But what has remained is the foundation which consists of the relationship between the two peoples. So, in answer to your question, I would like to say that we will continue to work hard in Syria so that things do not reach the stage of confrontation. This confrontation is a losing one for Syria and for Turkey. Nevertheless, I think that this is happening only on the government level. On the popular level, the Turkish people are intelligent and fully aware of what is going on and will not allow – as we will not – things to lead to confrontation. The Turkish people know that this Turkish government wants to drag it to a confrontation for private interests, not for national interests.

Journalist: Mr. President, you said that you will not allow things to move in this direction. What is Syria’s position concerning the downing of the Turkish aircraft, and concerning the statements made by the Turkish government and the Turkish state to the effect that Syria downed the aircraft intentionally and under instructions from President al-Assad directly?

President Assad: Maybe they were sitting with me in the same room. This is ridiculous. We should ask logical questions. There are two options: that we downed it deliberately, as they claim, or that we downed it by mistake outside our territorial waters. If there was a mistake, and we downed the aircraft outside our territorial waters, we have no problem to say so and to apologize officially. The Turkish people will understand this. But if we downed it deliberately, the logical question is: what is Syria’s interest in downing a Turkish aircraft deliberately? Do we hate the Turkish people?! Do we want to send them a certain message? This is untrue, because the Turkish people reciprocated our love and affection during the past years. And during the crisis, the largest part of the Turkish people did not believe the claims of the Erdogan government. Did we down the aircraft in order to harm the Turkish army?! The Turkish army committed no aggression against Syria, so why should we attack it? What happened in fact is that the aircraft was downed with the smallest caliber gun used against aircraft. Its range is between two and two and a half kilometers. Usually, it’s very difficult for anti-aircraft guns to down a fighter jet unless it is flying too low. This means that downing it with this type of gun means that it was less than 2.5 kilometers from Syrian land and that it was flying at a very low altitude. In normal situations, and in peacetime, when you see a friendly aircraft from any country of the world doing this, you don’t down it, let alone if it were from a neighboring country like Turkey. But we are in a state of war, and when you do not know the identity of such an aircraft, you assume that it is an enemy aircraft. Usually, this kind of thing is not dealt with at the central level. Because the aircraft was flying at a very low altitude, it was not visible on Syrian radar screens. What happened was the following: we knew that we downed an unidentified aircraft, and Turkey announced the disappearance of one of its aircraft. So we expected that this aircraft was Turkish. No Turkish party contacted us. We contacted the Turkish side. The direct relationship between the Turkish and Syrian armies is fully severed upon a decision by the Turkish side, so we called the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Hours later, we received an answer and rescue boats were sent to the site. Of course, there was Syrian-Turkish cooperation in order to rescue the pilots. But the point which was not talked about is that the place which was violated was the same place which Israel has always tried to violate our airspace through. So this violation on this border point gives an indication to any Syrian military officer that the aircraft might be an enemy aircraft, and consequently he has to respond accordingly based on the velocity of the aircraft, the low altitude it was flying at, and the fact that it violated our airspace. Once again I stress that the Syrian side had no knowledge of the identity of the aircraft before downing it.

Journalist: The question now, Mr. President, why wasn’t the aircraft warned?

President Assad: Had it appeared centrally on the radar screen, it would have been warned. But when a soldier is behind his gun, and has no mechanism for sending a warning, and the military rules applied as far as such guns are concerned, are that when you see an aircraft, and you don’t have any information or instructions that an aircraft will be passing from that particular place, you shoot it. These are the standing military rules: the soldier shoots without going back to command and control, because the whole issue happens in a matter of seconds.

Journalist: Didn’t the aircraft appear on Syrian radars at all?

President Assad: Maybe it appeared on the radar screens when it was flying at a high altitude and was outside territorial waters. Inside territorial waters, the issue is different, and we all know that, we are talking about 20 kilometers and an aircraft usually takes a minute or maybe less to cover that distance. When an aircraft is flying at a low altitude the radar screens cannot catch it. The evidence is that when the Israeli aircraft that violated the same area in order to bomb a Syrian military site in 2007, Syrian radars did not see them. More importantly, there are no anti-aircraft missiles in that area which can reach beyond the limits of the territorial waters. So, the things said about this point are mere lies made up by some Turkish officials.

Journalist: The Turkish army said that it is in possession of communications made by Syrian officials on Syrian radars related to downing the Turkish aircraft, and it called on all the countries which possess eavesdropping equipment, satellites, and military bases in the region, like Cyprus, to present what they have in this regard.

President Assad: Let them publish what they have. But they are lying. We downed the aircraft, and we didn’t know its identity until it was announced by Turkey. Once again, I ask those who are saying this to state what is Syria’s interest in downing a Turkish aircraft? They don’t have an answer, although up till this moment, we are not dealing with the issue in terms of an aircraft sent to violate Syrian airspace. Up till now, we want to assume goodwill, that there was a mistake made by the pilot maybe. We in Syria dealt with the subject as we deal with any other accident.

Journalist: Mr. President, what did you feel when you were informed that a Turkish aircraft was downed?

President Assad: Psychologically, it wasn’t pleasant, because the Turkish people are brotherly people, so it is natural that you shouldn’t be pleased if an aircraft was downed unless it is an enemy aircraft. As far as we are concerned, the enemy is Israel only. But on the other hand, we felt that Erdogan and his government want to exploit this accident in order to make political gains they were not able to make last year. They haven’t been able to mobilize the Turkish people behind them on the Syrian issue during the past 15 months. They tried to create a case of animosity between the two peoples instead of having differences between the two governments. And this is a dangerous thing.

Journalist: Mr. President, you are telling the Turkish people that the aircraft was not downed deliberately by the Syrians, and you gave a different interpretation of the incident. But on the other hand, there are two pilots, two young people, killed in this accident, and they are victims whether they were sent deliberately or unintentionally. So, what do you say to the families of these two pilots, knowing that one of them was going to be sent on a space mission?

President Assad: Despite Erdogan’s policies which cause the Syrian people only blood and destruction, and regardless of this Turkish government which wants death for our people, we wish the Turkish people well, for it is a brotherly people. As far as we are concerned, there is no discussion about this. When a Turkish citizen dies, this means the death of a brother of ours. So we offer their families our deepest condolences. We appreciate what we heard from the father of one of these two pilots when he addressed Erdogan by saying “the person killed is my son, and we do not want this incident to be manipulated in order to cause war.” This is an honorable position and is worthy of our respect. We certainly feel for them and sympathize with them. Since they are our brothers, we feel that the loss of any Turkish citizen is the same as the loss of a Syrian citizen, regardless, as I said, of Erdogan’s policies.

Journalist: Did you wish that the incident had never happened?

President Assad: We do not wish for such an incident to happen with any non-hostile aircraft, let alone with a Turkish aircraft. But on the other hand, any unidentified aircraft, an in the same circumstances, even if it the aircraft were Syrian, it would be considered an enemy aircraft. These are military rules of engagement, not political rules, and I believe that they exist in most countries of the world.

Journalist: Mr. President, what do you say to the fact that the two pilots who were killed do not belong to the Turkish government or state. With full appreciation for your sentiments towards them, what do you say to their families and to the Turkish people?

President Assad: This is natural, but these two pilots are part of the military establishment, and what you are proposing should be done through the direct relations between the two military establishments, and this has ceased to exist completely, i.e. there is no direct relationship between the two armies. There was supposed to be direct communication during the incident, but this did not happen.

Journalist: Communications are absent in relation to this incident alone?

President Assad: No, communications were stopped over six months ago by the Turkish government, specifically since the changes which took place in the Turkish army. You know that in neighboring countries, there is always the possibility for similar incident which needs direct coordination between the armed forces. Now the Syrian military establishment doesn’t have the phone numbers of the Turkish military if they wanted to communicate with them for any emergency. When we tried to contact them earlier through the military attaché, he said that contacts should be made through the foreign ministry. This is not practical, but all of that was upon a decision by the Turkish government and not by the Syrian side.

Journalist: Mr. President, the Turkish side claims that a point of strength for it case is the fact that this is a reconnaissance aircraft which doesn’t carry any weapons or any kind of protection. So why was it downed?

President Assad: Military rules are not related to the type, task or armament of an aircraft. The fighter or the solider sitting behind the gun doesn’t know whether this aircraft is a reconnaissance aircraft, a fighter aircraft, or whether it’s carrying missiles or not, whether it entered that area by mistake or whether it was carrying out a hostile act. He cannot make his own estimates. But there is a question in return to this question: why didn’t they notify us that there are aircraft approaching the Syrian airspace. Had there been coordination between the two armies, we would have been told about their exercises. Then it would have been easier to deal with such situations. The Turkish side should publically say what this aircraft was doing in Syrian airspace. Nevertheless, we are not demanding these things because we consider it an accident.

Journalist: The Turkish government now sees that in Syria there is an enemy government and regime, and they started to deploy military forces on the Syrian borders as a result of the last crisis. How do you see Turkey, and what is the Syrian response to what they are doing?

President Assad: The worst two stages in the Syrian-Turkish relations were in 1998 when Turkey deployed its army, and in the 1950s – I believe in 1955 – during the days of the Baghdad Alliance. Nevertheless, we have never looked at Turkey as an enemy. So it is self-evident that neither today nor in the future shall we look at Turkey as an enemy, even when we have differences with the governments. For animosity to exist between Syria and Turkey, that animosity should exist at the popular level, not at the government level. That’s why there’s no Syrian deployment against Turkey.

Journalist: Mr. President, there is talk in Turkey about new rules of engagement to the effect that any Syrian aircraft, tank, or piece of artillery coming close to the Turkish borders, will be shot at. What are your comments on that?

President Assad: No state has the right to fire unless its land has been encroached into.

Journalist: Let’s assume that a Syrian tank or aircraft was targeted?

President Assad: This is a hypothetical question, but we do not want things to move in that direction between Syria and Turkey. When they target anything inside Syrian borders, this is an aggression against Syria.

Journalist: What is you assessment of the Geneva Summit yesterday, particularly the points Kofi Annan talked about?

President Assad: There hasn’t been any direct contact between us and Kofi Annan or the Russians. But there were clear points in what Kofi Annan and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said. First, that the Syrian people decide, and this is our position in Syria. Violence should stop first, and this is our position in Syria. The armed groups should be disarmed, and this is our position. Hands stained with Syrian blood, as Kofi Annan said, do not exist only in Syria, but outside Syria as well. This shows the role of the other countries which have been involved. These points are essential for us, but the most important thing is that everything should be decided inside Syria, not outside it.

Journalist: Is there anything you didn’t like in what Kofi Annan said in his statement yesterday?

President Assad: As long as everything is subject to Syrian sovereignty, anything else can be discussed. We do not like anything that interferes with Syrian sovereignty. Yesterday, Annan said that everything should be decided by the Syrian people, and we are happy with that.

Journalist: I don’t know, Mr. President, if you followed Clinton’s statement in the press conference in which she said that she understood from what Kofi Annan said that President al-Assad should go. How did you understand what Clinton said?

President Assad: For us, what American officials say has no credibility in general. Second, the American position is already hostile to Syria in this crisis. They are part of the problem. They support the terrorists very clearly. That’s why we are not very interested in what this or that official says during this crisis.

Journalist: What’s important is how you understood what Kofi Annan said, not what Clinton or Lavrov said. How did you understand the result of the Geneva conference?

President Assad: The basic point which concerns us is that everything should be decided by the Syrian people. This is what we are interested in understanding. This is what concerns us: protecting our sovereignty and non-interference in our internal affairs.

Journalist: There was talk in the Geneva conference yesterday about a transition in Syria, with or without President al-Assad, and about internal, regional and international demands that should be implemented in order to complete the reform process. What is your position in that regard?

President Assad: Regionally and internationally they have nothing to do with us. We do not accept anything imposed on us from the outside. Everything will be decided internally. If I personally were interested in just holding this office, I would have implemented America’s dictates and the demands made through petrodollars, I would have accepted to sell my stances and principles in return for petrodollars, and what’s more important, I would have accepted the installation of a missile shield in Syria.

Journalist: If this process meant that you abandon your office in order to save your people and save Syria, would you do that?

President Assad: If the president’s departure is in the interest of Syria, the president should naturally go. This is self-evident. You should never stay in office one day if the people do not want you; and the elections are the means through which the people show whether they want you or not.

Journalist: This means that you are not thinking of staying in this office forever?

President Assad: I have just said that the office doesn’t mean anything to me. What is important is what I achieve. I am a person who likes to achieve...

Jul 2, 2012

Highlights of the transition plan discussed in Geneva Meeting

- Must form a transitional government with full executive powers.
- The Syrian government to designate an actual interlocutor when asked by UN envoy (Kofi Annan), to work on the implementation of the six-point plan and transition plan.
- The transitional government can includes members of the current government and the opposition, and will be formed on the basis of mutual understanding between the parties.
- For all groups and sectors of Syrian society to be able to participate in the process of national dialogue.
- Possibility of reviewing the constitution, in addition to legal reforms. As for the result of the constitutional review, it should be subject to the approval of the people. Once the completion of the constitutional review, there must preparations for free elections open to all parties.
- Women must have a full representation in all aspects of the transition process.
- Humanitarian aid must be delivered to most affected areas , and the release of detainees.
- Must ensure the continuity of public utility or its restoration. This includes the military and security services. All the governmental institutions must respect human rights.
- Victims of the ongoing conflict Must be able to get the compensation in court.
- Must put an end to the bloodshed. All parties must renew their support for the six-point plan presented by Annan, especially on the cease-fire. All rivals to respect United Nations Observer Mission and cooperation with them.
- The Contact Group is ready to provide active support to any agreement reached between the parties. This support can take the form of international assistance mandated by the United Nations.
- Material aids will be allocated for the reconstruction of the country.
- Members of a contact group oppose any additional militarization of the conflict.
- The opposition to strengthen their cohesion to nominate representatives to work on the actual six-point plan and transition plan.
- The Contact Group can meet again by a request of the Special Envoy.
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Jul 1, 2012

شكوك في قصة تركيا عن الطائرة الحربية

أفاد تقرير للاستخبارات الاميركية بأن الطائرة التركية التي اسقطتها القوات السورية، قد يكون تم ضربها عن طريق مدافع 
مضادة للطائرات متمركزة على الشاطئ بينما كانت داخل المجال الجوي السوري .. وهو اكتشاف يتناغم مع الرواية السورية ويتعارض مع تركيا.

مسؤولين أميركيين قالوا أن استخدام نيران مضادة للطائرات تشير الى أن الطائرة التركية كانت تحلق على ارتفاع منخفض عن الأرض - مع أن سوريا قالت أن الطائرة كانت تحلق بسرعة 480 ميل بالساعة.

وقال المسؤولون الاميركيون: لو أن الطائرة اصيبت بنيران مضاد للطائرات، فإن الطائرة كانت قد وقعت في منطقة أقرب الى الشواطئ السورية منها الى التركية.

بعض المسؤوليين الحالين والسابقين الأميركيين يعتقدون بأن انقرة كانت تختبر الدفاعات الجوية السورية. فنمط الطائرة الفانتوم F-4 التركية التي التي تم اسقاطها تحمل عادة معدات مراقبة... بحسب مسؤولي الدفاع الاميركيين.

وقال مسؤول امريكي كبير سابق كان يعمل بشكل وثيق مع تركيا انه يعتقد ان المقصود طبعا من الرحلة هو اختبار استجابة سوريا. "هل تعتقد أن الطائرة كانت هناك عن طريق الخطأ؟" يقول المسؤول.

ويقول مسؤول أميركي كبير بأن كل هذه الدول تقوم باختبار مدى سرعة امكانية التقاطهم ومدى سرعة استجابة البعض... فهو جزء من التدريب..

يمكن للتناقضات الناشئة أن تسبب احراجاً لأنقرة وتوتر المناقشات المستمرة بين الولايات المتحدة وتركيا العضو في حلف شمال الاطلسي والتي تشترك في حدود طويلة مع سوريا.

وول ستريت جورنال
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