Dec 28, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".. Full secrets .. Appendix 7

"Fuhaida's wedding" war..

Fuhaida's wedding is a name for a war related to a Saudi girl from Al-Jawf area called "Fuhaida" that we talked about earlier, as the US dug it out from history to bring back the story to the minds... i had no info about Fuhaida's wedding before, but i did gather all the data about it, as i mentioned all the data i got in the 7th part of the Blue Jasmine series, but we cannot understand the dimensions of the operation unless we understand the historic story which was supposed to be part of the sectarian war in Syria, and promoting Erdogan as an Islamic conqueror over the Syrian blood, so i will publish it in this appendix with details of the operation that was planned for to be the gate to inflame Syria by killing thousands of Syrians.

 The Historical story of Fuhaida wedding...

Ahmad Al Joufi eloped with his lover Fuhaida of Al Jouf area in Saudi Arabia, and he was known as Al Joufi due to Al Jouf area, they married secretly in Horan flats "Daraa" and asked safety from Horan mountain people "Sweida", and as his marriage to Fuhaida was legitimate, he was granted security, and became to Sweida people as a visitor, and his protections is a duty... he and Fuhaida lived in one of the rebelled villages against the feudalism sheikhs in Al Arab mountain, you can check that in many books that talk about the vernacular revolution in Horan mountain "Al Arab mountain presently".

Note: During the Ottoman rule, there was a feudalism rule similar to most of the world's countries, and each village had her sheikh, and the peasant do not own in his farm and house but the house door, as he works in the field, while quarter the income goes to the sheikh who in turn pays tax to the Ottoman... this was present all over Syria, and the sheikhs were agents to the Turks while the peasants look for their freedom from the sheikh slavery, the sheikh who if told the peasant go, he must take his house door and look for another sheikh, and because a rebel took place in Al Arab mountain, the Turkish army had to be sent there to impose their dominion again and bring things back to what it was, as the Turkish army was sent to the army about five times until the vernacular leaders were killed in 1897, and the Turkish army entered then, but when they entered they helped the peasants and distributed the lands on them, so later was a revolution for the sheikhs, but the Turkish army's attempts to enter was being invested by the sectarian factor so that the rebel do not move to other places, and Fuhaida's wedding details indicate that it was not a sectarian war, but the Turks tried to make it as one.

Ahmad Al Joufi (Muslim Sunni) lived in Horan mountain between the Tawhidis and Druze, as he insured that no one from his clan will hunt him, so he worked day and night in Horan flats, then he went to work with his wife in one of Daraa sheikhs lands, but his wife Fuhaida who eloped with him, ran away with the sheikh who she used to work for, and instigated the sheikh on killing Ahmad Al Joufi in fear that he might send news to her clan about her place... this was about to create a revenge between Daraa people and Sweida people, so a "Messenger" was sent back then to Ahmad Al Joufi from his runaway wife, saying tat she ran to protect his life and he has to come at night so she can run with him,,, but Al Joufi's protector feared that Ahmad might be killed, so he sent two men with him to protect him as he is a "visitor", and indeed, shooting occurred and a man from Daraa was killed, and there was a revenge, blood for blood until there is a truce, so a man was killed in his return, and others as well... and the Turks came, and instead of making a truce, the blood was invested to justify the return of the army to the Horan mountain, hoping to eliminate the peasants rebellion...  so there was what is known in history as the war of Fuhaida wedding , and from the indicators that this war was not sectarian:

1- Horan mountain sheikhs and Horan flats sheikhs were in the Turkish leader's tent during the battle.

2- The feudalism sheikhs in Horan mountain hid the news about the battle from the rest of the mountain to not have the support, but who delivered the news?, among the six sheikhs, one mutinied and fought next to the peasants after captivating some women, and he is sheikh "Ibrahim Abu Fakher", while the rest of the sheikhs were with the Turks (same as Walid Junblat who today is singing away from the flock).

3- Who delivered the news to the rest of the mountain and provided the support for the Turkish army defeat, was a Muslim Sunni woman, a Bedouin who used to live in one of the sheikhs palaces.

4- One of Daraa's free women buried the hand of the rebel leader in front of the Turkish army, after a Turkish woman tried to burn her with the wood while she was making bread for the soldiers, so Horan girl took the hand and buried it... Al Arab mountains people pass this free woman's saying "this hand fed the hungry", which proves that the peasants were eager to rebel against the feudalism rule.

5- The peasants interests in Daraa and Sweida were one, similar to the sheikhs interests with the Turks.

6- It was not the final war in the mountain, yet it was followed by many wars, the latest was Shahba war, when the Turkish army was defeated and his leader flee, but the mountain sheikhs sent him the news about the killing of all the vernacular revolution leaders, so that he enter the mountain, after he though that he lost the battle.

7- When the Turks entered after Shahba war in 1897, there was a reform process in Turkey similar to Europe, and lands were distributed on the peasants through "land certificate" so there will be a tax over the land in fear of the peasants mutiny, and then started the sheikhs revolution that caused them to lose their feudalism thrones.

The wedding operation..

After we shed a light at Fuhaida's wedding war which was going to be invested to promote the Turks as an Islamic conqueror, and as an entrance for a sectarian war the will tare Syria, and tare the Syrian Arab army, to the Israelis will enter, as justification for the Turkish entrance as a Damascus conqueror... no we take a look at the US plan which did not study the geography and demography, but studied the history and looked for stories within it...

So how was the wedding operation, which its story happened yesterday and the Turks tried to invest it to keep occupying the land, and the US today tried to invest it to tare Syria in preparation to occupy it.

The operation order was supposed to be sent through Alarabiya news channel to Daraa, by insulting national symbols in Al Arab mountain, and most important, abusing the honor, then a gang would perform a kidnap and rape mission, here the Arab mountain will be like a volcano of anger, and later another gang would attack civilians in Busra Al Harir in Daraa and kill hundreds in savage ways along with a declaration on the internet that it is a revenge for honor, then will be followed by an armed group's attack on the villages of Duera and Qrasa then reaching Najran.. and after killing thousands of Syrians in Horan mountain and flats, the weapons will be taken from Horan and will be consumed in confrontations against the army and the sectarian killings, so the gang leaders will withdraw from Daraa ad leave the rest of the people under the mercy of revenge acts, while the bias media and specially Al Jazeera which was supposed to recover this operation through a constant media broadcast that accompany the Turks entry to the Syrian north .. Al Jazeera was support to recover Fuhaida wedding war as the way Washington wanted, in its sectarian color, and not the real story, which promote the Turks.

With the escalation of sectarian violence and the fall of the Syrian army, and the entry of the Israelis to southern Syria, the Turks will enter with cheers, and Erdogan will be the new "Salahuldeen" but he will stop before Hama, as he will not go further, which is his share of Syria, as in the end it is an oil and gas war and not a new Ottomanship... stupid who would think that the west who created Israel in fear of an Arab country instead of the Ottoman one, would fight today to bring back the Ottomanship, while the entire project aimed for sectarian division to prevent any outside influence, after ending the Palestinian case.

Information approach results with what happened in reality..

What was leaked to me was the operation and not the details, and all what happened in reality confirms the correctness of the received information, and i have given before information that i obtained from the mountain, as the insult to a national symbol in Al Arab mountain did happen, and the target was the great revolution leader "Sultan Basha Al Atrash", and two mini buses that carry female teachers were about to be hijacked indeed, as one of the teachers said that the attackers were not confirmed if Syrians, and she suspect they were Jordanians, and the weapon specialized for this mission was confiscated before it was used, and it was between Sweida and Daraa in an olive squeezing place... but the important thing remains that the main reasons for the US project failure are:

1-  The amnesty on any armed ma who would turn himself in to the authorities.

2- the speeding of the decisiveness by the Syrian army, and the failure of the invoking the army, as the units that entered has not residence for them in Daraa.

3-  The popular awareness, as it turned out that after the insult which was directed to Sultan Basha Al Atrash, many communications took place between Sweida and Daraa elders, and the people realized that what's happening aim for a civil war, specially after the attempt to kidnap the teachers.

Therefore, the people and the leadership and the army were the fortress that protected Syria from division, and the fall of hundreds of thousands of civilians ..

The tools on the ground..

The tools did not appear in Sweida, and not all the tools were disclosed in Daraa, but what i was unable obtain are the tools which was going to be used on the ground in Sweida, and i have mentioned earlier that Walis Junblat was part of the project and the other parts are tools trained in the USA, and a third part trained in Saudi Arabia, but due to the people in Daraa, and the army's abilities  and the leadership wisdom, the project was buried before it was born and the operations did not go beyond Daraa's boarders.

Today, what is asked of every citizen is to recover the message of Sultan Basha Al Atrash to Syrians elders in reaction to dividing Syria by the French as he said at the beginning of the message (the religion is for God, and the homeland is for all)... it is the duty of each Syrian to fight any divisional project, as the division do not hurt a portion of the people, yet later it will get all the Arabs, and they will become captives of history.

The End..

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina NEws..

Dec 23, 2011

The names of Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Al Qaida leaders who entered Syria..

Iraqi sources disclosed the passage of an Iraqi group that belong to Al Qaida organization to Syria since a short period of time, adding that the group is lead by "Abu Osama Al Halbousi" and include 150 fighters, distributed between Homs, Hama and Der Azzour.

The source insured that Al Qaida organization had been sneaking to Syria since months, wither through Turkey, or northern Lebanon where some of them are still there, they were lead by the so called "Abu Obada" who crossed to Syria, and it is still not known if he was killed or not yet... all of those are professionals in Al Qaida organization jobs in Iraq, and have an expert in explosions, according to the Iraqi source.

The source added that the Libyan group in Al Qaida organization which crossed to Syria is lead by "Mehdi Terhouni".

The Iraqi source said that, Al Qaida prince in Syria presently is "Abdulla Al Homsy", born in 1977, and the Syrian authorities are looking for him very intensively, and his residence is not known, even if some sources think he might be in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb.

It's worth mentioning that the new film of Al Qaqaa terrorist brigade in the eastern area (Der Azour) include an anthem which is known for Al Qaida, and it is a anthem used by Al Qaida in all their films about fighting activities, which insure -according to experts who follow Al Qaida activities- that this so called brigade is attached to Al Qaida, specially that Al Qaida infidel the Syrian Arab army, and considered it an infidel secular army, and it is known that all members of the Syrian Arab army, weather still in it or defected from it, do not have the Al Qaida thinking in them at all, therefore, the reason for the presence of Al Qaida anthems in the films of Al Qaqaa brigade, is that Al Qaida itself founded this brigade in Syria..

It is mentioned that several western media indicated in their previous reports the existence of Al Qaida organization in Syria, the latest was "The Guardian" who conducted an interview with a Syrian Jihadist who came from Iraq and fought in Idleb.

The End..

Original Arabic report by Jouhaina News

Other reports by journalists about the existence of Al Qaida organization in Syria:

Theirry Meyssan (Voltaire Net) : Free Syrian Army commanded by Military Governor of Tripoli

Wahhabis, Israel Fund Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria: Dr. Webster Tarpley Reports 1/2

Dec 22, 2011

Exposing the untold... 141 members of the "Istanbul Council"... 71 of them not declared.. What Are Israel's terms to meet with Ghaliun? .. Ghaliun to Israelis: "You have to restrain Arour"...

Despite all attempts to keep some of the Istanbul council's names in the shadow, yet the last meeting between Burhan Ghaliun and Barak exposed the truth about the hiding the names of Istanbul council which is consisted of 141 members, and only 70 are announced.

As a close source to one of the council's leaders in Turkey, mentioned to "Sama Syria" website, that the Istanbul council include in its ranks French Zion members of Syrian origins.

Arguments and objections occured between the liberals represented by Ghaliun, and the MBs.. as the MBs allegation was that the presence of Zion members will distort their image in front of the public opinion, and reduce their influence, and that Qatar interfered in he negotiations with a deal with Turkey and France, so that Ghaliun and his group got from it 12 Million Dollars, yet Ghaliun took the money for himself which infuriated some of his close friends ... specially Radwan Ziade.

The source added that the Qatari-Turkish-French agreement was to place the French Zion "Gabriel Mouche"  As a founding member of the Istanbul council.

The Zion "Mouche" is know to the French and Europeans that he owns the biggest chain of clubs, night clubs and gambling salons.

The source insured that the MBs who objected placing Mouche and others with him in the Istanbul council, that was after intensified phone calls with shiekh "Yousuf Qaradawi" who promised the MBs that he will find a suitable Fatwa (which is an advisory religious opinion) for that and will declare it in public, which he did in the Friday speech in Benghazi square in Libya by saying: "The countries that will witness revival and ruled by Islamists will be wise and Rational in dealing with the west and Israel"..

The source also added that there are disputes started threaten with divisions in the council's committee, and Turkey is loosing the grip and influence on it after the popular pressure Erdogan's party and his foreign minister are against.

This had created a huge gap between the Turks and Qataris, as the Turks insisted on taking compensations from Qatar for the amount of damages that hit the Turkish economy, and these new developments and data pushed Ghaliun to seek a quick meeting with Israelis with a Qatari meddling, and the Israeli approval to meet with Ghaliun was conditioned with Ghaliun declaring openly and in public, and in case he reached the power in Syria to break Syria's relation with Hizbullah and set natural relations with Israel... indeed, Ghliun did as told, and he held a press meeting with the "Wall Street Journal" newspaper that was copying by the AFP, saying: that his council, if reached the leadership in Syria, will work on setting a natural relation with Israel and will break the strategic relation between Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah, and will change the power balance in the region which will leave great repercussions on it.

After this announcement, a meeting was held between Barak and Ghaliun in Vienna, and despite Ghaliun's begging to keep this meeting secret, but the Israeli intelligence services leaked it, as they did before when leaked the secret meeting between Hamad Ben Jasem and Israeli officials in Tel Eviv.

The sources said that Ghaliun asked Barak to press on the Turks to keep him in power after the dispute between him and the MBs who intended at their last meeting to overthrow Ghaliun from leading the Istanbul council, Ghaliun also requested to speed up the military intervention and present more weapons to the so called FSA and increase the number of Israeli trainers who train the armed terrorist groups that call themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in a Turkish area near "Ain Al Bayda" of Idleb province.

He also asked Barak to urge the Saudi kings to interfere and restrain sheikh Adnan Arour who intensified his campaigns against Ghaliun through the satellite channels .. and Arour's attitude toward Ghaliun is resembled in consequent and daily episodes, aired by "Wisal and Safa" bias religious channels, as Arour was mocking Ghaliun and his way of talking on satellite channels, specially when he get confused, by saying: "We do not allow Ghaliun to talk philosophy on us, hesitate, lag, and go in circles in his phrases".

Ghaliun also asked Barak to press on Qatar to give the order to "Yousuf Al Qaradawi" to intensify his calls to support Istanbul council with the leadership of Ghaliun.

The sources mentioned to our website that Barak asked Ghaliun to make a public statement that the coming Syrian government will include Jewish Zion ministers of Syrian origins, by saying to Ghaliun: "We have done all we can with our Qatari brothers and our Turkish allies to support your council, and supply the armed gangs with money, weapons and training, and the Israeli government is on constant coordination with Qatar, and the point of views are one, and Hamad Bin Jasim informed him that the MB current in the Istanbul council had agreed to keep Ghliun in the council's leadership"..

The End..

Original Arabic report by Sama Syria.

Syrian security authorities succeeded in deluding the armed men..!

One of the sources in the Syrian government, cited a security official in Damascus yesterday, who declared his resentment regarding the sum of money paid to some foreign journalists to use them to penetrate the rebels' places in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb province, as he said that more than half the money (about 42 thousand Dollars) went to the pocket of one of their sources in Europe, who coordinated with journalists from both (Spain and Ireland) to communicate with the FSA and the rebels inside Syria to insure their protection, and their entrance through the Turkish boarders to Syria, as he said that this person is Syrian and live in Belgium, who worked in Orient opposition TV ... and work with Syrian security authority as well.

The source mentioned that the coordinator who live in Belgium, pledged to arrange an agreement with journalists from Spain and Ireland, in exchange of 75 thousand Dollars to communicate with the rebels in Idleb, and to enter under the protection of the rebels into their places in Al Zawiah mountain.

The source said that the double agent did actually communicate with some European media figures, until he reached an agreement with the Irish journalist "Martha Malklajlin" of the Irish "Sunday World" newspaper, and the Spanish journalist "Daniel Iriarte", the Spanish ABC newspaper reporter, this newspaper which is considered one of the most important in Spain.

The reporter did arrive Syria last week, after coordinating with the FSA, but also coordinating with the Syrian security authority... the Spanish journalist roamed under the protection of the rebels, accompanied by others, in many places of al Zawiah mountain, including "Iblin" village.

The Spanish journalist presented the info that he obtained about the rebels and the FSA to the Syrian security authority, that included photographs and proved clues about the existence of Libyan Al Qaida fighters on the Syrian soil, specially in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb province... He also presented plenty info about the military abilities of the rebels, the kind of weapons they possessed, it's amounts and a description of many places of their gatherings and training with pictures and videos... As well as their hiding places, and their passages to and from the Turkish soils away from the sight of the Syrian boarder guards, plus info about their communications with Turkish forces and the means of providing them with weapons, money and communication methods, and the logistic support... He also provided the Syrian side with precise info about the Libyan fighters, their places on the Turkish side awaiting the perfect circumstances to cross the boarders and join the Syrian rebels.

Due to these valuable info, the Syrian forces in Al Zawiah mountain, and during the past three days, managed to direct a painful hit to the rebels in many places around "Ain Al Baida, Kherbet Al Joz, Bdama and Janoudieh" within two days, where about 200 rebels were killed , among them Libyans who tried to cross the boarders.
The Syrian forces today directed a painful hit to the rebels near the villages of "Kensefra and Kefer Oad" as 72 rebels were killed, and others arrested.

The Spanish journalist published a report in the Spanish ABC newspaper that included many details, chich internationally considered the first credible clue that supported the Syrian government's allegations about the existence of Al Qaida fighters in Syria.

The Spanish journalist mentioned in his report, that he met with three Libyan armed men who work with "Abdul Halim Belhaj" the Libyan military council leaders in Tripoli, and that there are dozens others who managed enter Syria to work with what is called the Free Syrian Army "FSA".

The journalist mentioned that one of those three fighters was "Mehdi Harati", the leader of the "Tripoli Brigade"  in Libya, which is formed of armed men of Al Qaida organization in North Africa.. As for the second Libyan fighter, his name is "Adam Kikly" who informed the Spanish journalist that he worked with "Abdul Halim Belhaj" since 20 years in UK... As for the third Libyan fighter, he is know as "Fouad", and he is the other two's body guard..

The Spanish journalist cited the three fighters, saying that they came to straighten the needs of the Syrian rebels.

The journalist drew the attention that the three fighters, specially "Mehdi" were at the top of a group trained by Qatari experts , and played a major role in freeing Tripoli (Libya's capitol) from Gaddafi's forces.

In this context, two important things must be mentioned:

1- al JAzera broadcasted yesterday a tape that showed Al Qaida fighters in Al Zawiah mountain, but the channel did not say who they truely are... instead, the channel said they are FSA fighters ..
According to different sources, Al Jazeera wanted in this phase to neglect the background of these fighters, even though a number of western newspapers indicated that the FSA is only a fake cover that hid behind it various forms of fundamental organizations .. including the Syrian MBs fighters... according to an official French source to "Le Figaro" magazine, two months ago.

2- The Irish police discovered last month, that "Mehdi Harati" who have the Irish nationality as well, is a CIA agent, and used to handle the money transfer from the CIA to Al Qaida fighters in Libya,.... this discovery came as a coincidence, when burglars broke into "Mehdi's" house in Dublin, during his presence in Libya, as they stole about a quarter a million Euros that he kept at home,... and upon investigations with him and his wife, they both confessed that Mehdi kept this money for himself out of the original sum, which is an enormous figure that the CIA assigned him to move to Libya to fund the fundamentalists  who fight against Gaddafi forces..! according to a report by "Sunday World" Irish newspaper.

It's worth mentioning here, that the "Daily Telegraph" reported in 27/11/2011 that "Abdul Halim Belhaj" secretly head to Turkey , under the command of the Libyan national council's president "Mustapha Abdul Jalil" to meet with the FSA leader "Ryad Al Asa'ad"  and discuss his needs of money, fighters and training in the light of the deal done by "Burhan Ghaliun" with the new Libyan government during his visit there, associate's with the MBs leader's deputy "Farooq Tayfoor" amd the SNC member" Radwan Ziade".

Finally, we must mention that the Syrian security authorities achieved a magnificent success  in penetrating the rebels' ranks in Al Zawiah mountain, by hiring international journalists to obtain info about the rebels, their weapons, numbers, training and their places.. without loosing one single agent.

The End..
Report by: Middle East Panorama .

The Spanish journalist "Daniel Iriarte" report:
Spanish: Islamistas libios se desplazan a Siria para «ayudar» a la revolución

English: Libyan Islamist move to Syria to "help" to the revolution

The Blue Jasmine .. Full secrets .. Appendix 6

Media deception, between fabrication and war media.

We start from the end, and the ink of the news leaked by the French media did not dry, the news about French officers training defected soldiers from the Syrian army, and some of the media which are close to Syria published this news, even though it is completely untrue, as the French officers were indeed partners behind Arab and Syrian masks in the invasion on Syria since the beginning of the events, even the French intelligence and since 2002 was working on the Syrian ground, and some of the French intelligence members worked even since 2000, the work was on the Syrian soil in preparation for the Blue Jasmine, and when the French officers started withdrawing from some points.. the news was leaked, and the aim was strengthen the armed men on the ground and inform them that the support is coming, and to dedicate the existence of "defected soldiers"... knowing that the Syrian army did not witness any defections at all, but some soldiers who escaped , which is very normal in the days of peace , and most of who flee did not fights, but escaped fearing to fight, and the average of the escape is normal.

The Club Bilderberg gang is very good in lies, and her lies depend on broadcasting false news, that makes the Syrian media in a state of constant self defense, so in the case of the French news, if the Syrians denied it, the French would be free from the Syrian blood, and if they assured it, they would assure the the news about defecting soldiers, which is a lie... and the media war on Syria witnessed two stages of media lies.. the first stage was the execution of the Blue Jasmine operation, and lasted since the beginning of March (three weeks before the events) and until end May, the title of this stage was "deception", and with the fall of the Blue Jasmine, the media shifted from deception, to performing war media that is based on open lies, with the aim of braking the spirit of the Syrian people to become a tool to pressure the Syrian leadership.

Media deception..

The media deception relied on the Troy horse policy, and the media was two parts: the first sends information commands, and the second runs the deception war... Alarabiya channel was not the preferred one to Syrians, but the criminal gangs and those who work on the ground were forced to watch it, because the operations command and those attached to intelligence services were using advanced deviced for communication, while those recruited in the streets and the Takfiris take their orders from the media, for one reason, which not the inability to communicate, but to prevent them from watching any other media, while Al Jazzera and New TV were execution tools of the media deception.

Horse of Troy..

Al Jazeera was not far from the invasion on Syria, and her delay in broadcasting the news was among the Horse of Troy policy, as she gained her credibility during Egypt events, and neither Bandar nor others threatened Qatar as was leaked from Qatar. yet the delay in broadcasting Syria news was only the Horse of Troy policy so she is with the Syrian regime, and hid what is going on in Syria, and when it start broadcasting , its news become real and do not need verification, and Al Jazeera depended on a very precise deception policy, which worked perfectly in forming a public opinion, but the Syrian media faced her in a professional way, and make her lose the initiation element, and she got flounder in her broadcast, as the Syrian media manged to discover the fabrication.

War media..

Once the Blue Jasmine fell, the bias media shifted to war media with one target, which is planting despair in the Syrian people so they feel desperate,  subsequently isolating the president from the people...
Example to that, the 17 year-old "Hamza Al Khateeb", as every Syrian know that this young man is 17 years old, and he is not a child, and that he fell during clashes between armed men and the Syrian army when they attacked officer's residences in "Saida" in Daraa, the multi injuries proves that he was shot from several sides, despite all that, Al Jazeera did not stop using his picture, even though it will not affect the Syrians, but using his picture was to deceive the Arab viewer (un Syrian), and make the Syrian viewer think that the battle will not end, and the war is going so that he feels desperate and morally defeated...
The war media did not stop at that point, yet in the Friday of Hama events, Al Jazeera broadcasted four demonstrations from four different province, all with the same image and same sound.
While Alarabiya was not far from war media, as she gives the terrorist groups information through the media, to shoot in a certain place, and it really happen... then she provides false news in the aim of dragging the army and security forces into an ambush, through broadcasting a command order through the media openly, so the security forces would think it will happen, and when they head to the place, they fall in a harsh ambush, but the war media did not succeed as well, and the world was surprised that the Syrian people who support the president, their numbers are increasing in the streets, and that the security forces are not falling into ambushes, yet they drag them to it.

It is worth mentioning that after the end of most of the worrying events, we could point to one of the war media sides, which have not been declared, and kept secret... which is the story of Aleppo, as most of the Syrians noticed the instigation against Aleppo, widely and in a certain period, and who watch Al Jazeera and Alarabiya news and the demonstrators slogans, would think that disasters will happen in Aleppo, but in paradox, and it is not a secret anymore... in those weeks of instigation, Aleppo was almost free from security  forces, and today, after most of the officers went back to their natural work places, we can say that the instigation in Aleppo aimed to reveal to the government that there are surprises about to happen in Aleppo, in order to drag the intelligence service to Aleppo to search for destructive cells to cover on what is going to happen in other places, but the US was surprised that the Syrians did not fall in the trap, yet further than that, and in the Friday of instigation against Aleppo, the Syrian intelligence service was disassembling advanced US communication networks in another part of Syria, and i was unable know this place, but from the total info i can say it was in Homs or Harasta or Douma, as in those places was the command and control centers.

We can say: referring Syria's file to the UNSC was only a kind of media, as France realized that the BRICs group and Lebanon will stop any decision, and the Russian abolished the effect of this media, as Russia is the one that asked Syria's friends not to vote so that a double VETO can be used, and uninterpreted.

Erdogan wanted to interfere militarily after Jisr Al Shughur events when 120 security members were killed then, and he had failed.. and after Davutoglu's visit to Syria, he realized that intervening in Syria is not possible, and no he is back to threat, as he submitted to the US pressure, and to invest this issue in the media to prevent the armed men from surrendering, so the Syrians and Russian both replied in the "illusion dispersal" operation, when the Syrian army executed a closed military area on the boarders, and through visits of a Russian navy ships to Syria, as a message saying that who think that the NATO and Turkey are capable on intervening in Syria, must wake up from his dreams.

Now the AL and the GCC are doing the same media role, after the first change, another is granted and a third one might happen as well to what they called the "observers protocol", but will they dare to sanction Syria? they might be able endure the sanctions on Syria for a month or two, but what if Syria extended the sanctions on her for about six month for example?... will they endure the outcome of the sanction on the Gulf and Jordan??... we will leave it to the coming days, as there are talks about going through sanctions on Syria for about a month, but they are afraid of the Syrian side reaction.

The conclusion in the talk about war media is very wide, that we might mention later... but through data we obtained, and through what i saw , we can reach many conclusions:

1- Syrians managed through Addounia TV ans the Syrian Electronic Army to direct painful hits to the war media and expose most of the lies and fabrication... not all of it.

2- Syrian official TV regained large numbers of his viewers by only being a n official media, meaning they did not escalate their tone, even though he have the justifications for that.

3- The Syrian media did not perform any attacks, which is surprising, and all the security forces did, perhaps through the war media, was leaking news to the internet to force the NATO and who's with it to commence communications to verify the news, and once they call, the news become real.

4- We cannot say that the media had done all they can, but they also achieved surprises that are important and fascinating, even though it was not beyond the Levant countries, but all gaps can be overcome during the danger phase, what's important is that in the future we most move to ease things, specially that the national axioms were not axioms to the armed terrorist groups and those recruiting them.

The End..
Arabic report by Kifah Nassr,  Jouhaina News

Dec 20, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 5

War of energy... Erdogan fights for 5 Billion m3 of gas..?

We said before, that the US war targets the energy, as it is on the near extend, a gas war, and on the far extend, gas and oil war ... Five decades from now, most of the world's oil will be in the Caspian sea and the Arctic ocean, and the war on oil in the Caspian sea and the Arctic do not need clarification, as everybody knows that the Gulf oil in 50 years nothing will remain of it that would cover the demand on oil, but many also requested clarification on the gas war.. so here's a glimpse about this war.

War of energy..

This time, i will not go back to 1994 to illustrate the dimensions of the EU decision, depending on gas, which is Algologie clean fuel, but let's see today, when most of the world depend on gas as a basic choice and as an alternative to the clean energy.. so what happened? and did the gas became as a competent to oil, after large amounts of it was burned in the air?

- Europe used to depend on coal to generate electricity, and now it depend on gas, in the shadow of increased demands of electricity.

- Most of the group transportation methods (buses) in Europe depend on gas, also in Syria, soon there will buses run by gas.

- The biofuel (Green Bio-Diesel) and the Bio-Gasoline became a basic part of car fuel in Europe.

- Many countries started manufacturing cars that work on gas.

- Home heating shifted from Diesel and Coal to gas in Europe, and many countries, including Syria, started encouraging people to use heating through gas, and gas stoves became available and in good prices.

This map shows the countries that signed the Kyoto protocol, which are the countries that would witness an increase in consuming gas on the account of the oil, countries in green signed the Kyoto  protocol, countries in gray did not decide, while countries in Blue refused to sign.

As an illustration, The US is one of the rich countries in gas , yet even though it did not sign the Kyoto protocol, it is the world's largest consumer of gas, followed by the EU, and the percentage of the Russian gas in the European market is 25% more than the federation's inwards, and Russia is a country that depend on selling raw materials in its economy (gas and oil), therefore, if the Russians would lose the gas market, it would lose its economy, and will return to the financial problems vortex, and would be easier to reach the Caspian sea, Sheshnia, and the Arctic ocean's oils, therefore, when the US and France say that the Nabucco pipeline is to reduce the EU's reliability on gas, they say in the same time, hitting the Russian economy and prohibiting it from its important economic incomes, and the Nabucco pipeline is not just to reduce EU's reliability on  the Russian gas, yet a way to bring Russia back to chaos, this is why Russia considered the Nabucco pipeline as an aggressive act against her, therefore, to obtain the oil of the Arctic ocean and the Caspian sea , Russia must be inflamed from within, and to inflame it from within, they have to cut its financial resources, and re-inflame the Islamic areas in Russia (Sheshnia and Dagestan), after igniting the sectarian wars in the Arab countries, specially in Syria.

War of gas..

To not have it included in the conspiracy theory, i will mention some examples for the reader, and he will have to understand it as he wishes, but before that, let's remember the gas countries around Turkey, which is targeted by Nabucco pipeline to drag gas from them to Turkey to Europe (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, East Med between Lebanon, Palestine and Cyprus and finally the Egyptian gas), so let's note the following: Turkmenistan's gas must pass through the Caspian sea , and Azerbaijan gas cannot pass through Armenia, due to the conflict on Nagorno-Karabakh terretory between Azerbaijan and Armenia, so the only solution is the passage through Georgia.. so, indeed the Nabucco gas pipelines had been set in Georgia years ago.. but what happened?.. Abkhazia and south Ossetia declared their independence from Georgia , as the Georgian army entered Abkhazia , so the Russian supported the republics independent from Georgia, and the Russian army reached the Georgian capitol Tablisi, and before they have returned, and during the Caucasian war, not one single trace of the Nabucco pipeline was left un-destroyed in Georgia, as the Russian army destroyed it all, and after that, in a short while, Azerbaijan signed a strategic partnership contract with Russia, and "Broom Gas" comapny stopped extracting the Russian gas , and started buying the Azerbaijani gas, plus buying large parts of the Turkmenistan gas.

With the fall of the Blue Jasmine in Syria, and postponing the Nabucco pipeline from 2014 till 2017, the EU talked about supplying a gas pipeline from Turkmanistan through the Caspian sea, then the US president supported a gas pipeline through the Caspian sea, but the Russians wondered about the US declarations as the Caspian sea boarders were not legally affected, and here it forms a problem, as if the Caspian was a sea or a lake, and there was a dispute about sharing the sea between the Soviet Union and Iran, now it became part of five countries that overlook the sea, and these difficult legal issues will not be settled as long as there is an American dream to supply the gas through the Nabuku line, which Iran and Russia object.

More about the war of gas...

1- When Russia entered the investments in gas projects in Nigeria,  US newspapers attacked the Russian entrance, and considered it as over-passing the west's interests , and when an agreement was signed between "Broom Gas" and Nigeria, one of the Russian newspaper's title was (Moscow is progressing in achieving Brussels's nightmare), and only few days past on signing the agreement, until fierce sectarian acts began in Nigeria, perhaps it is a coincidence and not a US plot according to US intellects in the region, but Washington Post articles and Russian Gazettes are there... and it is a declared war of gas.

2- Putin's visits, and his friendships with Berlusconi which ended in buying half of the share of "ENI" Italian company in Libya, and then Putin's visit to Libya and signing many contracts, perhaps are not the reason of manifesting Berlusconi's sex scandals, and attacking Libya when Gaddafi announced his intention supply a coastal pipeline and support the grand Sahara's pipeline.

As for Egypt, i have talked about it in detail in appendix 1 ... Egypt, after extracting gas in the Zion entity, and the passage of the Iranian gas in Syria will lose the Syrian and Zion market, and all she have left is Jordan which Israeli might also compete in, so, when the Nabucco project failed, Egypt faced options, either dragging gas toward Libya, or join the Iranian gas pipeline, as the Egyptian gas reaches Syria, or liquidizing  the gas and moving it by carriers, then she will be under the mercy of those who are able build facilities to liquidize the gas, because it is not economically possible to supply an Egyptian gas pipeline to the EU, this is why Egypt faced challenges which might be dangerous to her future, which Hussney Mubarak realized... but it was too late.

3- Nabucco pipeline was decided to work in 2011, or 2012 at most... and after the failure of war on Lebanon, it was postponed to 2014, and after the failure of the Blue Jasmine in Syria, it was postponed again to 2017, ofcourse, it might be a coincidence, but it is not a coincidence the Israeli talk about extracting gas, when some were delusional to think that Syria is about to fall.


War of energy, is a declared war on the US and Russian media, and who ever say that all the above and previous info are part of the conspiracy theory, no need to reply to him, as the war of energy is facts and not leaks and not eye witnesses, and the gas company refusing to extract the Zion entity gas after warnings from Sir, Hassan Nasrullah against excavation acts for gas in the benefit of the Zion entity, which makes the equation the following:

- Middle Asia's gas (Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) cannot be reached, specially after the Caucasian war and destroying the Nabucco facilities in Georgia, and the hard-to-solve Caspian sea issue.

- The Mediterranean coast gas is hard to be reached  without occupying southern Lebanon, and destroying Syria, but the destruction failed and the occupation in 2006 and 2011 failed too.

- The US could not obtain Iran gas, and Iraq gas is still among the dispute between the Kurdistan government and the Iraqi government.. the question remains: is the passage of supplying the gas is safe? and is it hard to hit as the gas supply to the Zion entity was hit in Egypt amid Turkey's unrest and her war with the PKK, and amid the signed agreement between Syria, Iraq and Iran to supply the Iranian gas to Europe, all that leave two choices:

1- Turning Syria into a gas passage to Europe, therefore, Europe will not support any Israeli war in the future, and will become Internationally isolated, and the peace in the region will become a strategic option to Europe..

2- the US would commence a deal with Iran on the account of the Zion entity.

 And who would think that Russia is willing to give Syria up , or that US is about to wage war in Syria, is delusional... and who would think that Erdogan is fighting for Ottomanship and not for 5 Billion M3 of gas, which is the price of passing gas through Turkey, is also delusional... and who would think that there is hope in making Syria fall... is also delusional.

Turkey enters fate deciding phase.

At the end of 2011, which is weeks from now, the Russian contract of supplying gas to Turkey will expire, and Russia is refusing to extend it without guarantees of no selling, and the Turkish company refuse to grant those guarantees, so the Kurdistan Falcons organization can bomb and attack Turkish forces, with Turkey's knowledge, so Turkey would accuse PKK and wage campaigns and raids over northern Iraq, and the Turkish target remains the attempt to supply a secure pipeline to move gas from north Iraq to Turkey.. 

So the Turkish army's raids in northern Iraq were attempts to destroy the PKK so they can pass the gas, no more, no less... and it is unknown if Erdogan's call with Putin to solve the issue of extending the Russian gas contract had reached a conclusion,, but what is certain, is that Russia will not offer waivers with the Turkish raids northern Iraq, and will not offer waivers in the gas contracts for the US missile shield in Turkey, and Iran who obtained from Russia a security partnership which the Iranian newspapers described as "Strategic", are no more than the price of not increasing the Iranian gas supplies to Turkey which bonded herself with the American project... And Syria offered economical waivers to Turkey, same did Russia, so that Turkey would not enter the American project, but Turkey insisted on entering , and now she is facing either the choice of betting on the US and loose what she owns, or the choice of returning to the Russian-Syrian-Iranian lap... therefore, Turkey might have entered a fate deciding phase, as any step she may take after now, might not be able back from it.. as what was offered to her to abandon the US project, will not be repeated when the project fall.

The End...

Original Arabic article by Kifah Nassr , Juhaina News

Dec 18, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets ... Appendix 4

World government "Club Bilderberg" drew the Blue Jasmine plans..

Many still talk about the Freemasonry, although any Masonic in this decade, does not equal the price of a document leaked to Wikileaks to destroy his future, or a colored uprising to change his regime.. we can say, that the Club Bilderberg is the real leader of the world, specially after the collapse of the Soviet union, when Freemasonry became a secondary movement for the world's tyrants, and ofcourse, most of the readers heard of what is called "The World Government".. so what is the "World Government" that its name began to show to the world since two years now, which drew the Blue Jasmine plans starting from the assassination of "Rafiq Al Hariri" to the attempt to divide Syria which failed recently as we talked about, and what is the "Club Bilderberg" which Fidel Castro talked about and many other media people and journalists?

A glimpse on "Club Bilderberg "

Talking about the "Club Bilderberg " is important, to understand many points about the Blue Jasmine and the Arab Spring, as it is the actual leader of the world, not responsible to any people, cannot be judged, and protects its members, like "George W.Bush" who was not charged with the crimes in Iraq.. The "Back Stage" government is the one that dragged France and Germany to enter the US project, so they could have the same outcomes from the EU countries, without the existence of the EU and without the fear of uniting the poor and laborers... Yes, this is the policy of the Club Bilderberg which is not responsible against any people, and perhaps the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations are the first true demonstrations against the world's true tyrants... against the Bilderberg Club. 

Before going in details of the Club Bilderberg , we will discuss some information which many people might not have the chance to know of, which are questions about many explosions, such as: the attack on Oklahoma by a bomb explosion, in which the American Far-right were accused of .. the attack on Bali, in which the Islamic terrorists were accused of... The assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, in which Syria was accused of and later Hizbulla... the attack on the fourth station of the Barajas airport, in which the ETA terrorist organization was accused of... up to attacking the Yazidi Kurds in Iraq and killing 550 people of them.. Al Qaida organization admitted the crime, defending a Muslim girl who's identity is not know till now.

These bombings left many questions written by the writer "Daniel Estulin" and sent to the Cuban president  "Fidel Castro" who published part of it in three chapters in the Cuban journals... and according to what the Cuban president published, and in the last chapter of the "Club Bilderberg" book, about some of the questions left by some of the big explosions, and specially the Oklahoma explosion, Bali explosion and Hariri assassination, as the writer of the Club Bilderberg book see that there are considerable discrepancies in these incidents:

1- Car bombs do not open a volcanic hole in the ground, while this hole only form due to explosions that explode inside the ground (watch the picture below).

2- Using traditional explosions do not lead to burning cars around the explosion place.

3- Traditional explosions do not cause burns to the victims - which is a feature known for the nuclear explosions - as these burns are coming from Thermal Radiation, examples to that, the burns of "Basel Flehan" from the Hariri convoy.

4- Traditional explosions do not lead to Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) which are able to calcify the circulation printed cards of the computer devices present around the explosion place.

5- How could a steel-made watch melt on the hand of Hariri, while his shirt did not entirely burn? and while his body had sever burns!! ... here lies the secret which proves that the temperature of the explosion was very high during parts of a second, lead to melting the steel-made watch which absorbed the heat and the fabric which was not directly under heat.. did not burn?

6- The amount of damages had the advantage of the marks caused by at least 10 bombs like the ones used by the aviation recently, each of them weigh 10 tons, or which is caused by a "tiny nuclear bomb" programmed to explode in it own power, which means 0.1 kilo tons, therefore talking about 100 tons of TNT... so now.. is it possible that a small truck to carry 100 tons of explosives, while its payload is not more than 2 tons?

7- Why was there Uranium radiations on the bodies of the Hariri convoy victims? as the French journalist "Thierry Meyssan" reported the presence of radiation marks over "Basel Flehan" body, assuring that the explosions happened using a missile carrying Uranium, therefore, he reached the same results which Daniel Estulin talked about, that exposed the Bilderberg Club.

Ofcourse, the answer to these questions, that these bombs are only owned by countries like Russia, USA and some advanced countries, which are tiny nuclear bombs, that generate massive heat during parts of a second, and able perform an explosion that needs 100 tons of TNT, and could be present in a missile that is not more than 60CM long, and all the previous explosions that we mentioned, had been done by the Bilderberg Club... each explosion had a political aim, for example, the Oklahoma explosion was a reason to issue the law on fighting terrorism which turned into the "Homeland Security Act"  after the September 11 attacks, and stripped the US citizens from all their constitutional rights, in preparation for George W.Bush wars.. but is it possible that any government could execute such explosions and not fear the scandal..!?

Before talking about the Club Bilderberg , we leave you an image that illustrate what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book, when "March 14" movement hawks in Lebanon tried to talk about an inland explosion as they were told to, but filming the crime scene "LIVE" proved that the explosion was done from above the ground, which was proved by the fragments which was directed from above to down... it is enough for the reader to see the hole and ask himself, how could a car bomb make this hole.. !??

The Club Bilderberg story..?

After mentioning some of what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book about the crimes committed by them, which are a lot, and mentioning some of the explosions, also there are many drug mafias run by this club... so we have to get to know this club which is named the "World Government"... So what is the story of "Club Bilderberg "??

The Club Bilderberg: is a world government, but it is not responsible against any people, and can change their presidents any hour they want, and if necessary, each week they could have a president, but they are the true leaders of the world behind the scenes, and they do not get changed... they can place a man like "Obama" which a Muslim background for their own reasons, and they can remove him in any minute ... Washington could be in Kosovo defending Muslims, and in Afghanistan fighting the fascist Islam according to Bush.. the club could run the world's biggest drug dealing business, specially in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and no one will ask them why... yes, the Club Bilderberg almost conquered the world, only if not have fell in Lebanon and then in Syria, and it almost changed 80% of the world population into homeless belligerents living on crumbs, as mentioned by the globalization theorists of the Bilderberg Club philosophers.

It is enough to control the economy and the media in order to rule a country and change its presidents any hour you want, or impose a new culture and change habits, and be able to direct the people to any place you want, so if you feel the danger over Husney Mubarak's regime, and want in the same time to encourage the Takfiri gangs against Algeria, specially by the Egyptians.. all you need to do is create the problems of the football fans so that the sport dispute could become a political case between Egypt and Algeria!!.. as the football events between Algeria and Egypt are one of the models of the Club Bilderberg work, as Egypt was on the brink of a real revolution, and Husney Mubarak started neglecting his commitments with Washington fearing of what's coming next, so there was the decision of removing him, and the football problems between Alger and Egypt are only another model of operations done by the Club Bilderberg to direct the public opinion, and stirring the Egyptian street to perform a military coup is only another model of the Club Bilderberg to get rid of Husney Mubarak's regime... But, as for the Club Bilderberg operations, they are not new, and from history, we can read their work as mentioned in the Club Bilderberg's history book, as for example, when the US civil Rights movement was in its peak, the country was under a hard shock and starting to recover from the savage assassination of president JFK, and in the capitol's streets, was the civil rights movement, lead by Dr.Martin Luther King..

The "Beatles" reached the USA in February 1964, and with the help of all kinds of drugs, Marijuana first, and then Lyser acid (LSD) which is a very effective seductive that changes the state of recognition (used in Syria later) , there was in the USA a new culture, new outfits and new behavior, so they can change the mood of the people and direct them and change their way of thinking and culture, so through a music band which sang in the streets, and dragged the youths to concerts and distributed drugs, they managed to change the movement of the street, like what happened in Egypt and Alger on the background of the football game... these are samples of the operations of controlling the public opinion and changing its interest for a period of time.

Science, to destroy societies and control them.

Going back to the Club Bilderberg book, the writer say: Aldous Huxley, grandchild of Thomas H. Huxley, founder of the X-Club, the well know biologist  who helped Charles Darwin in developing the theory of evolution , he was the high priest for the British opium war, yes, he is the science to control the people of the world.

In 1937, Huxley moved to California, and worked as a scenario writer for "Warner Bros.", "MGM" and "Walt Disney" all due to one of the relationships he had in Los Angeles with "Jacob Zeitlin" .

Yes, The largest part of Hollywood and the US media is a directive media, supervised by the world's senior psychologists to lead the world's people as sheep, and in Syria events, the Syrians monitored Al Jazeera model, and how it sneaks like the horse of Troy into people's minds and then start the destruction... Yes, between the media, the economy and the drugs, countries can be destroyed , and despite Yugoslavia's strength and power, yet it was divided into 8 small countries, and hundreds of thousands innocents of all sects had been killed, and Kosovo became one of the world's drug focal points, and the Club Bilderberg only lost his battle in southern Lebanon in 2006 and in Syria in 2011, and presently he is failing in Iraq and on the way of defeat in Afghanistan, and if not for it's fall in Syria and Lebanon, it would've conquered the world by now... and here i tell the reader: that Washington did not pay more than 3 Billion Dollars to steal the oil of Iraq which worth 500 Billion Dollars, but Iraq invasion was part of the domination over the energy supplies around the world to conquer it all.. so here is the US project and it's tyrant leaders fall in the Levant countries.

Other models of the Bilderberg Club works.

1- Creating a suicidal: A small resistance cell, is a true cell... this cell will send supplies to another resistance cell, and the leader of the cell carries many interesting information, and videos to target US forces, that the media did not publish, and a man from this cell will drive a car that carries explosives and he has to park it in a public place, and when he arrives, he will push a certain button, and a man will come to him and take the cargo, but in case he was surrounded by US forces, he has to push another button, as this person resist the occupation, and ready for a suicidal mission, he arrives a public market where he draw no suspicion about him and not fall under any force, he feels happy and push a button that is supposed to bring resistance, yet instead, the booby-trapped car will explode and kill dozens of civilians, and not US soldiers, so he become one of Al Qaida suicidal and die without a will and without his knowledge... and instead of killing the invaders, he kills his own people and walk with the US demographic change project to the sectarian part.

Yes, the Club Bilderberg is setting communist parties to hit the communist movement, and setting the Arab resistance in Lebanon to hit Hizbullah.. and as a paradox, the Arab resistance leader in Lebanon was arrested for working with Israel... they would set an Islamic movement in Gaza to hit Hamas and Jihad Islamic movements, and would set the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) to hit the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) which is against imperialism.

What unite the parties and currents founded by the Bilderberg Club, is that they might not exist in reality, but on the internet they are in huge numbers than any other party, even larger than gathered countries,...
For example, Burhan Ghalyoon, who do not represent in the Syrian street any opposition member, any loyalist, and neither his entire family... but on the internet he is stronger than the Syrian, Iranian, Russian and the Chinese media, as if he is a great country...and through my investigations, i found that Ghalyoon's loyalists and the former Arab resistance and the Liberation party and the US left-wing, are the same, and the locator could show them as in Gaza, while actually they are in Tel Aviv, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the USA.. but the majority are in Tel Aviv, as how many people could run 150 Israeli psychologists over the internet???

2- In Syria, Obama is pictured as a Muslim who is willing to get rid of the Zion Lobby in Washington, and promise them that he will get rid of Hussney Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi and Assad, and will bring the area to pre-Sykes Picot agreement, and that later, the Christian and Muslim will allied against the Chinese who is almost conquering the world, and will have trained scholars and sheikhs to make up stories about prophet Muhammad, and form cells who would think they are fighting for Islam, while the truth is they will fighting for a project that aim to get rid of Islam once and for all...

We mentioned earlier, the attempt of deporting and killing Daraa people, and the attempt to deport the Sunna from the Syrian coast , and most important is that reaching and commencing communications with these groups is impossible, as they are not affected by the media and do not even watch it, and they take their orders through the media so that they do not watch other media, yet even discussions with them could be impossible and fruitless as they have been under brainwash that is supervised by the world's senior psychologists ... so once the events start in Syria, these cells would become an Obama believer who was right and freed them from Hussney Mubarak and Ben Ali (With a military coup done by Washington allies), as their savior, and the Ottoman become their target, forgetting all the crimes the Ottoman had done to the area's people.

It is mentioned that the first to announce the Ottomanship, is Hussney Mubarak's regime, and from Egypt, came the alleged Ottoman calls, and when Hussney Mubarak turned against the USA, the first he did was changing the school method, and considered the Ottoman period as an invasion one... many of the destructive cells in Syria still fight for Ottomanship and do not realize that they are only very small numbers in the US project, that fight for Islam... But actually they are part of a project to END the Islam,.

The End..

Written by "Kifah Nassr" (Juhaina News)


The Bilderberg Club: a secret society, of the richest and most influential people.

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Dec 15, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 3

"Junblat" and the Blue Jasmine ... the Druze issue.

The unification doctrine, is called as the Druze community, and the word Druze , for elders and scholars of this community is considered to be an insult. and the unification doctrine is a closed one, and do not invite the rest of the religion followers to convert to it, and the unificators (Durzi people) live in the Blue mountain in Jordan and in Horan mountain (Arab mountain as named by Jamal Abdulnasser), and in Jabal Al Sheikh and Lebanon mountain, and the triangle villages of Palestine as well...

Attempts to separate the Druze from Islam and Arabism..

During the Turkish occupation.

Expiating Druze started in the Ottoman era, and for completely political reasons, and the instigation against Druze during the colloquial revolution in Horan mountain, and turned some of the revenge issues into sectarian ones through military campaigns on Horan mountain, when peasants rebelled against the scholars of  feudality, and the Ottoman sultanate wanted to re-spread it influence over Al Arab mountain.. Turkey back then, launched five military campaigns, started with "Fuhaida wedding" war and ended in "Shahbaa" war in 1897 when they re-occupied Horan mountain.

Note: US planned for massacres to inflame Syria, that depends on the media side on the tale of "Fuhaida wedding" war, as we mentioned earlier, and will talk about it in detail later... as thousands of Syrians were supposed to be killed by armed gangs aiming to start a sectarian conflict, but the operation failed before it even started, as the plan was to start with a massacre in Al Sheikh Maskin village, and then another massacre in Ta'araa village followed by sectarian violent acts... but the awareness of the people of Daraa and Sweida and the wisdom of our leadership prevented it from happening...

During the French occupation..

France dedicated the name "Druze" and named Horan mountain after them, but France did not have any bias scholars, so she participated in spreading many rumors about Druze and other religious minorities using the policy of "Divide and Conquer".. but the Druze received the largest parts of the rumors, since France already lost its campaign in Al Arab mountain, and then lost Gen. Misho's army... and most important, was when France divided Syria into three small countries.. and from Horan mountain, Sultan Basha Al Atrash said his famous sentence "Endowed to arms", and he united the efforts of Syria's rebels in the Syrian grand revolution, and devastated the division of Syria, and with it, fell the Druze mountain small country which was imposed by France..

During the Israeli occupation..

Israel tried to harvest what the Turkish and French occupation created, and planned to create a Druze country that include the Druze of Syra, Jordan and Lebanon to fight through them, so Israel destroyed Al Qunetra and planned to destroy Daraa and displace her people, and observed the building of Takfiri movements and induced the extremest Takfiri way of thinking.. so the Druze were under harsh plots by the Zionists to isolate them from their Islam and Arabism.

The Palestinian Druze of 1948 Arabs.

The Compulsory Recruitment

Israel imposed on Druze and Circassians the compulsory recruitment in the Israeli army, which is the first step of plotting on this Islamic sect, and tried spread rumors that Druze are part of the "Children of Israel", even though the Druze were only about 15 thousand back in 1948, and most of them are uneducated , but Israel failed in separating them from their Arabism and Islam.

Sheikh "Amin Tarif" and the hard number..

Sheikh "Amin Tarif" is the brain of the Druze sect in Palestine, he was the first to realize the Zion project and it's dangers on the Druze, Islam and Arabs, so he warned the sect's sheikhs of the Zion danger, and warned prince "Majid Arsalan" and stressed on them to resist against the Zion project, and he was the standing point  of the Golan people during the Itifada in 1981,  when Zion IDs were burn.. he participated in smuggling food and medicine to the Golan people during the Israeli siege on the four Golan villages which lasted for six months, and Sheikh "Tarif" was part of the Golan people resistance in facing the conspiracy which targeted the Druze sect.

Golan scholars quote sheikh "Amin Tarif" that Israel which is originally live a racist differentiation between the Jews themselves, is fighting with Africa and Asia's Jews, while west Europe and USA Jews are living in Tel Aviv and do not participate in any combat actions.. Sheikh "Amin Tarif" said: Israel is trying to fight Arab with Arab in order to protect the Hews.. Sheikh Tarif said to have warned the sect's scholars from the dangers of accepting a Durzi small country for any reason, as it will take the Druze out of their religion  and turn them into mercenaries.. For this reason, all the Druze scholars rejected the Durzi country with consensus and rejected a similar one in Lebanon in 1982 and stood next to Syria in facing the conspiracy, and when some of the Arab media were spreading  accusation of treason against the Druze in Palestine, and when Israel supervised the spread of takfiri advisories and killing orders against the Druze in the Arab media and specially the Egyptian and Saudi media, which is used by the Israeli army officers to tell the Druze recruits that the Snna people are your enemy and not the Israeli occupation... Sheikh Amin Tarif was the lead of a number of Druze scholars in Palestine who executed a scandal campaign against the Zion project and along with it, the seniors of the sect scholars in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

Israel trying to lay a hand on the Druze reference in Palestine..

Sheikh "Amin Tarif" dedicated the Zion project resisting culture as a priority to resist the occupation directly, and formed a new obstacle in front of the Zion project.. and when Sheikh Amin died, Israel tried to intervene in appointing a successor within the Durzi sect, by proposing an election project ... but this Zion project had fell.. but in Lebanon, and in a short period, the same project was proposed by "Walid Junblat", and the main sect sheikh "Bahjat Ghayth" was isolated, and  the introduction of the appointment of a Sheikh in the community to the parliament house, lead to the division of Sheikhdom, when prince" Talal Arslan" appointed a new Sheikh. By this, "Walid Junblat" tried to execute what Israel failed to do in the occupied lands in 1948, and Junblat divided what his father "Kamal Junblat" had united.

"Walid Junblat" part of the plot over Syria.

Junblat in 2006

It is not a secret that Walid Junblat was the spear tip in 2006, but the fail of the invasion on Lebanon dropped his dreams, not just that, but his control over the Druze jobs in Lebanon did not protect the "Junblat" thrown, as he is capable on investing the "Yazbek-Junblat" dispute in competing with prince "Talal Arslan", but he is not capable on competing with "Wiam Wahhab" who shifted from a "Junblat" minister to a current, then a party, despite all the war that is waged against him, specially that "Wiam Wahhab" is marching according to what the Druze elder scholars approved, starting with "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" who refused the Durzi small country, to sheikh "Amin Tarif", sheikh "Bahjat Ghayth" and Abu Hasan Aref Halawa.. and with the growing rise of the "Arab Unification" party, led by "Wiam Wahhab".. Junblat felt the danger over his position, so he changed his strategy so he can pass with the project.

"Walid Junblat" in 2011

in 2011, Junblat appeared a balance point that tend toward Syria, but that was only on the outside, as he was never outside the American project, and he realized that rushing in things would oust him from his leadership, and for this reason only, he did not announce positions, but in fact, and from sources in the Progressive Socialist party, Junblat was paying money and salaries to about 200 people in Al Arab mountain, who have a leader with an important name for the Druze sect, the man was chosen due to his name, not his mind, as he is only a front for Junblat project, as the Arab leaders are a front for USA... but the fail of the project in Daraa from one side, and the unity of the Druze in Al Arab mountain with their religious leadership, did not give Junblat a chance to move freely in the street... And after the "blue Jasmine" project fell, and along with it a project to open a blackmailing hole on the northern boarders (phase two and three of the invasion on Syria, as we said earlier), Washington return, and along with her "Al Qardawi" to run the Syrian file directly, and Junblat realized that he has to join his allies in France (Khaddam and Hariri) if he is not committed with the frustrated USA.

On the other side, Junblat knew that his mercenaries (even though they were not arrested) were not unaware of by the Syrian government and the mountain sheikhs, this is why he publicly spoke about the Druze small country which was rejected by the Druze scholars, yet he even acted foolishly, as the son of "Kamal Junblat" who did not kneel in front of the world great leaders, became a flatterer to the Saudi king, or to those who infidel the Druze, and to those who participated years ago in shedding blood in Al Arab mountain, yet even worse, Junblat (when he was drunk once) insulted Al Arab mountain, this mountain which honored the guests, and the latest guest honored by the people of Al Arab mountain, was president Bashar Al Assad... Al Arab mountain fight against who comes to it as an invader carrying weapons, this mountain fought five Turkish armies and two French armies, and gave the most important heroes to face the Zion enemy, and it is ready to face Israel, and was in the lead in defending Syria... Junblat said to it: "What a shame".. forgetting the history of Al Arab mountain and forgetting what this phrase means, which completely cut any reconciliation that would allow him back to the mountain.. Junblat didn't do only that, yet he insulted Al Arab mountain people who volunteered to face and defend Syria's unity, and perhaps Junblat is not to be blamed for his mistakes, perhaps the Syrian leadership do not want to cut the rope with Junblat, but Junblat has to prove he is not insane, and resign from leading the progressive party, as his original place is next to Saad Al Harir and Abdulhaeem Khaddam in France, as the project to defeat Syria, completely fell.

The End..

Arabic report by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina News