Apr 11, 2012

Exposing Istanbul militia (aka. FSA), who they truly are.. By TurtleCr3w.

Original Doc by TurtleCr3w

Greetings citizens of the world,

You have been lied to by Media. CNN and Aljazeera even went as far as to fabricate these lies with human deaths. It happened already in Iraq. MSM spreading lies and war propaganda. Soon followed by US/NATO invasion. Then it happened again in Libya, with "uprisings" despite that the majority of it's citizens stood up and told the world the Truth.

YOU supported intervention and now? Now you regret it.
The last 10 years have been unwarranted wars in the Middle East.

Fast forward now to Syria: The SAME thing is happening again. The uprising known as the "Free Syrian Army", or FSA, in Syria may have started as some peaceful protests, but has been hijacked by Terrorists. Where do these terrorists come from? What does the flag with 3 red stars REALLY mean? Freedom? I know it's a lot to take in (slimmed down majorly for easier understanding). Please read on.

Open your mind and learn.

YOU owe it to yourself to pay attention to this. Do the research. READ for once. Then comment.

Let's not regret another war.


We can talk about crimes all day but WHERE is the proof? What has FSA done that is so horrible?

*Syria: What part do they not understand?

*This Executioner gives a video explaining why he does what he does.
This is at a time when FSA is nearing defeat and surrounded. Listen to how sick his murders are. Support him and once Syria is free, invite him to your local community! Show him support....

*FSA unleashes Suicide Bombings! Sound familiar? 


*President Assad agrees to Peace. SNC and FSA agree to MORE violence 

*Ten things about opposition you may not know. 
Pay CLOSE attention to #5 for you red star twibbon supporters:

*Real information of the pics/videos/etc you've been seeing!

*Great Picture Gallery with detailed descriptions:

*VIDEO: Syrian Revolution In Less Than 4 Minutes.

*VIDEO: Malicious "Free Syrian Army"

*VIDEO: Civilians, pro-Assad, shot on the road by FSA terrorists after robbing them  

*VIDEO: SYRIA: Terrorism & Manipulation - a Revolution [1/3]

*TONS of VIDEOS here:

So where are the foreign troops from? Where is the aid coming from?

*A "Humanitarian War" on Syria? Military Escalation. Towards a Broader Middle East-Central Asian War?
Part I of a three part series (must read all 3)

*VIDEO: 120 French Troops Captured In Syria, why were they there? *Ponders*

*Nope, no foreign weapon aid given to FSA. None at all, oh.. except these

*Saudi, Qatar, Turkey (US Allies) aiding terrorism in Syria: 

*For information on Hillary Clinton, check here (TurtleCr3w d0x).

Children involved in FSA? This deserves it's own section!

Childhood is abused in #Syria by the terrorists.


Syrian opposition uses child-soldiers – report


Media Lies: Using Children


The "revolution" is for Freedom right? Well...

*What is FSA fighting AGAINST.. freedom? Christians? In Syria women have freedoms.
In most Middle East countries they can't even drive a car. Think about that.

*Christians as Human Shields?

But, the Western Media and AlJazeera told me...

* Proof that Media support Opposition and have misreported Syria 

*VIDEO: FSA raids a hospital, steals bodies from morgue to film as a massacre later.

*VIDEO: Truth Behind the "Free Syrian Army"

*VIDEO: FSA Terrorists Commit Massacres in Homs, and of course blames Assad.

*For information on Anderson Cooper and CNN, check here (TurtleCr3w d0x)...

*For information on Al Jazeera, check here (TurtleCr3w d0x)..

So WHY would they do this?

*Non-West view of whats really going on. 

*Syria: Standing in the Way of NATO Imperialistic Dreams


How then do the vast majority of REAL Syrians view President Bashar Al Assad?

*Syrian Army receives Heroes Welcome to end FSA terrorism in their neighborhood! 

*If Assad was really murdering his own citizens would he garner this much support? 

*Compilation, Syria: 1 year "Syrian Revolution" or Conspiracy.


A SPECIAL Thank You to #TeaMp0isoN for EPIC hack revealing SOO much #Truth! Watch this if you STILL don't believe.

Original hack of NATO site: http://nato.mvp.hr/index.asp (now fixed as of this reading.)
The mirrors can be found here: http://zone-h.org/archive/notifier=TeaMp0isoN


If you do not support either side but believe a regime change is needed, look at how regime changes have worked out in the past. The Syrian women will lose their freedoms and rights. Christians will have to go back into hiding. The economy and military will be controlled by US/Israel.

And US/NATO bases will be built to monitor the country; one of the few middle east countries left without.

Don't listen to a twitter account JUST because it has 500k followers. Anonymous has NO leader. Think for yourselves. Do NOT buy in to the same BS that has caused so much death and unrest. Do NOT allow US/NATO military bases to built in yet another country. FIGHT BACK!

And lastly, quit supporting the evil red 3 star flag. Quit supporting Terrorism.

We are #TurtleCr3w
We don't fuck around
We don't care what you think
We don't forget
We don't forgive


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