Oct 30, 2011

The "Arab Spring" ... the loving mother of the "Blue Jasmine"... Part 3.

By: Juhaina News
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We talked in the first part about the US worry of the increased demand on gas and bio-fuel, and Washington's fear of selling this fuel in another currency than US Dollar..

In part 2 we talked about the reasons that called for dividing the Middle East, and the US-Qatari and US-Turkish deals..

In this part (3) we will talk about the US counter-strike which is called "The Arab Spring"...

The Arab Spring... The loving mother of the "Blue Jasmine"..
Moscow signed several agreements with Algeria, so Washington sent Al Qaida gangs as a message, and violent acts began in Algeria.. The Russian "Brom Gas" company also signed a contract with Nigeria, so Washington inflamed a sectarian war started with Islamic Takfiri gangs attacks on Christians on Christmas, and later, extremest Christians attack on Muslims in Ramadan... Washington kept trying burn the country, but upon the Russian president visit to Egypt and Libya, and commencing talks about elicitation and exportation of gas, Washington began accelerating its steps, and with "Brom gas" buying half of the Italian company "Eni" in Libya, Washington decided to start the "Arab Spring" campaign, as she realized if the Russian will enter Libya, he might expand to Egypt and Sudan, so what's needed was commencing WAR on Libya, and beginning preparations for the "Arab Spring"... so that we discovered that this "spring" is the caring mother of the "Blue Jasmine".

Note: Russia announced the "Blue Torrent" to export gas to Jordan and Israel as a message to Egypt, before the Russian delegation's visit to Egypt, where they discussed negotiations on providing gas to Jordan and Israel, here Washington had to expose the east Mediterranean gas .

Why "Wikileaks" documents in this precise time??

Why "Wikileaks" documents are not published with "Wiki's" permit? even though they seemed like they are under "Wiki's" permit? and its first name is "Wiki"?

Wiki's permit allows transporting, printing and selling documents for free, on one condition.. mentioning the source.. This is how "Wikipedia" was founded which is "Wiki's" encyclopedia, and then came Wikileaks which is "Wiki's" scandal leaks with unprecedented permit, as anyone could read it, print it, share it on one condition... mentioning  the source... But Wikileaks set one condition.. didn't allow reading and printing the documents without a contract that obligate who's going to publish the docs to publish each bundle on its own , and the publisher must be a newspaper or a media organization only, and the publisher have no choice in choosing the articles he is going to print... ofcourse, Lebanese "Al Akhbar" newspaper gained this contract as later it will be part of the plan to hit Syria...
The aim of those documents: first, leaking false news that instigate chaos and ordeal.. the second and most important aim, leaking true documents in order to blackmail Washington's allies , and Third, beginning to expose documents of those who Washington decided to abandon, specially "Bin Ali" (who banned "Al Akhbar" website in Tunis) and "Mubarak", and in Lebanon which will assist in sending weapons to Syria at the risk of scandal, as upon the failure of the invasion on Lebanon, Lebanon will not be a weak side of Syria, as Tunis became the weak side of hitting Libya, who would've thought that Hariri who presented his apologies to Syria would dare turn his allies as a dagger in Syria's back, and he knows who is Syria?

Here we remember the "Dove" deal of Bandar Bin Sultan, which was a plot that Al jazeera participate in to drag Bandar into the US plan using the "Carrot and Stick" policy.

The US decided to get rid of "Mubarak" and "Bin Ali", and "Bu Azizi" burning himself was only a coincident that accelerated the US project and launched it before its time.. and with the fall of "Bin Ali", a loop to Libya could be opened, and with "Mubarak's" fall, Egypt will have no attitude of the events, and from Egypt they will send warriors and weapons, and the Arab League will be paralyzed and become subordinate to the GCC so that the UNSC will be asked later to intervene in Libya... Egypt was prepared to be divided into three states, Northern Sunni and Coptic state, Southern Nubian state.

With Tunis, Egypt and Libya's fall, and their entrance into a no-stability phase, Algeria will become an easy and near target, to complete the domination over North Africa.

Note: After inflaming "Darfur" district hoping it will become on the road of independence like the south, and changing the Chinese battle doctrine, as it now can strike anticipated hits to preserve the Chinese national security, and with the Chadian opposition hosted in Sudan... a counter-strike was launched , and Chadian rebels almost reached the capitol, until Washington and Chad shouted, and Darfur district became calm due to a deal, and the American retreated in Sudan's war into "Bab Al Mandeb" strait, and Yemen and Somalia inflamed over the oil passages , and pirating acts began in the Gulf, as Russian journalists said that operation room in Dubai was sending instruction to the pirates about the unprotected ships after marking them over the  satellites, but with inflammation of northern Yemen  and the arrival of Russian military ships and China sending its battleships, the pirate project failed, and the situation in Yemen aggravated with various conflicts, and the pirates who suddenly appeared at the media... suddenly disappeared.

About the Arab Spring..

It is impossible theoretically and practically to combine a demonstration through the internet without organization on the ground, and it is impossible for a demonstration to topple a regime, and the protests in Lebanon are an example of that, when "Senioura" was marrying his son in the governmental palace just to teas the protesters... the protesters numbers were no more than 10% of Lebanon citizens, while in Egypt is it possible that 1% of the citizens can topple a regime?? noting Egypt people are 80 Million, and Lebanon people are 5 Million, and Lebanon's demonstrations were more than Egypt's demonstrations in numbers !!
So.. Tunis and Egypt fall was only a military overthrown under the cover of funded and organized popular demonstrations, but in Syria, such scenario cannot be passed, as the Syrian Arab Army is a warrior army with only one enemy named The Zion entity, and no US influence in Syria over the army as in Tunis and Egypt, so came the "Blue Jasmine" operation, which instead of launching it after July invasion on Lebanon, it was launched after "Ben Ali" and "Mubarak's" fall.

The Gulf prevented USA's collapse..?

With the beginning of the attack on Libya, Italian company "Eni" froze its selling contract with "Brom Gas" and Russia did not recognize the National Transitional Council of Libya until it confirmed a selling contract with "Eni" and added an appendix to the contract, and after ensuring the railway project with "Mustafa Abdul Jalil" after Gaza attack, the financial crisis features appeared.. so Washington decided to bring back the green currency to the US to prevent its collapse, and order the GCC to perform many procedures, the mot important, allowing US financial pockets to invest in Gulf stock market.. so these US pockets arrived the Gulf, and stolen its people's money with the approval of its leaders, and Washington brought back those money, Saudi Arabia declared loosing more than 120 Billion Dollars, Kuwait declared loosing more than 80 Billion Dollars, while other Gulf countries did not declare their loses , but experts say that the real loses reached 1000 Billion Dollars , no just that, yet after withdrawing the US Dollar from the Gulf, the Gulf financial pockets went to the US and bought most of the stocks that will collapse in the crisis, and the Gulf banks loses reached 2000 Billion Dollars, that's why when the crisis passed, the dilemma in the Gulf was grater than in USA, even though the Gulf only export the Oil which value had increased, so who was hit by the financial crisis are those factory owners whose cargo remained unsalable, then why the Gulf was hit by the crisis despite its lack of factories ?.. the answer is easy.. because it paid USA'a bill and prevented it from collapsing, from here we realize the importance of the time factor for the USA..

The Blue Jasmine, between Washington and Tel Eviv...

The US negotiated the plans of the "Blue Jasmine" with Tel Eviv in precise, even France and the NATO who were part of the execution  didn't know the details of the operation, despite their participation in many things, where the NATO handled the execution, only Tel Eviv was informed with the details.

The plan is to ignite a sectarian conflict around Damascus on three axes, and besieging Damascus to isolate it from clash points, as the army start to part, and special forces of mercenaries would have controlled the missile weaponry of Syria, and when the army start to part, the sectarian conflict intensifies, so Israel interfere in terms of saving its security and protecting "Durzi" people and forming a "Durzi" state that start from Northern Jordan and Arab mountain, reaching the West "Bkaa" and Lebanon mountain, then Turkey enter as a  conqueror to save the Sunna, and the French interfere to save the Alawit and Samoulin, and with a Kurdish rebel by Kurdistan hawks (which is an organization that erupted suddenly and it is opponent to the PKK), the geography would change, and the nature of the conflict in the region would change too, Turkey would lose part of its lands for an Alawi and Kurdi states, but to be compensated from inside Syria, and from outside the Middle East, Greece which everything would have been built on her account would collapse, and along with it,,, the EU, For this reason, and with the failure in hitting Syria, Qatar decided to invest in Greece, as the battle was postponed, and it became important to save Greece for the next battle before 2017, as the EU collapse before dividing the Middle East will be a catastrophe to the USA.

Israel refused the idea of hitting Syria before ensuring its existence first, and said that president Assad if saw Syria burning and realized that the sea is behind him and the enemy is in front of him, he will resort to showering Tel Eviv with missiles in order to save Syria, so as much destructive the war with Israel, it is much easier than a civil war, because he will have to choose between death.. and death!, and then he will decide to die standing... therefore, a map was decided to be placed for choosing the places, and the US and Israeli experts are facing three sides:
  1. The demography distribution of the population, in order to inflame sectarian wars.
  2. The geographical distribution, in order to besiege the capital and isolate it from the conflict areas.
  3. The military distribution, in order to exhaust certain districts of the army and control the Syrian strategic missiles, and cut the way in front of the republic guards and prevent it from interfering.
For this day, Israel achieved several big maneuvers, in fear of the Syrian reaction, or in fear of the Lebanese resistance intervention, and perhaps the Syrians are aware that the big maneuvers are not preparations for a comprehensive war, and they know exactly what a comprehensive war means, that's why the Syrian command was getting ready on all fronts, internal and external.

End of part three..

In Part four:What are the details of the "Blue Jasmine"... How did Syria topple it?.. will it be repeated?.. How did Syria become a non-influenced pole..?

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

Oct 27, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine".. the complete secrets.. part 2 (The grand deal with Erdogan).

By: Juhaina News
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We talked in the first part about the importance of selling energy in US Dollar, and the deal between USA and Qatar to start draw gas and bio-fuel to Europe, and Washington became safe, but until 2010 she had to be in control of the east Mediterranean gas, and before 2018 to be in control over Iran gas, and before 2025 to be in control over Middle Asia's gas, so that she ensure approaching the year 2030 were the gas consumption will doubled several times, this comes on a parallel line with ensuring the control over the African gas sources in Algeria and Niger in precise, and in a parallel line with blocking the Russian gas from reaching Europe, and preparing to disassemble the European Union... indeed, in Algeria, armed gangs were sent and commenced huge violent acts that Algeria witnessed in the 90s for the sake of toppling the Algerian government which is not an ally of Washington, and they started preparing for the New Middle East.

Dividing the Middle East..

Washington wants to control the Egyptian gas, which is practically with her passing through the gas in the Palestinian coast, and it is with her passing through the gas in the Lebanese and Cyprus coast, and north Iraq and Iran gas, and later, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan gas which centralize these countries, and those country's gas exit is to be Turkey.

Washington realize that three countries if hit, will wake the "Russian bear" from his deep sleep and its ally "Yeltsin" will fall, those countries are "Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran", as those countries threaten the Russian national security, so US had to commence a slow swoop, by imposing the policy of "The reality fact" by providing an alternative to the Russian gas from the Middle East, and the crawl started toward Moscow from the European side, hoping to perform a greater deal in the future.. here , the Americans chose Turkey to transfer the gas from Egypt in Africa and the Levant and Mesopotamia reaching Turkey, to join with it later, Middle Asia's gas.

The American plan..

This plan imply moving Egypt, Middle East and Iraq gas to Europe to ensure a replacement of the Russian gas... a temporary block for the Iranian gas passage from European reach, then hitting the Russian gas supplies in Bella Russia and Ukraine.. so she earns Europe's support to crawl to Middle Asia which will become under the American control...
The most important is to control northern Africa.. here, Syria, Bella Russia, Ukraine and Alger obstacles in the face of the American project ..
  1. Alger... to isolate Africa from Europe, so the US ensure the supplying road which will ensure for her the control and power over Africa's riches, and stopping the Chinese crawling in the black continent, and block the way on Russia, and most important to control the riches of Algeria of gas and oil.
  2. Bella Russia and Ukraine...  to hinder the passage of the Russian oil to Europe.
  3. Syria... to deliver Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon gas to Turkey.
The US administration decided that hitting Syria is theoretically hard, due to its international relations, and they failed in hitting Alger back in the 90s, so they decided eliminate the resistance in Lebanon, therefore ensure extracting the gas and transporting it, and later... divide the region...
But the disaster was the defeat of Israel in "operation grapes of wrath" in 1996, and its failure in eliminating Hizbulla.. so Washington realized that even if Hizbulla was eliminated, and the gas passed... its passage is not secured ... so it is now obligatory for her to divide the Middle East, before anything else,.

The new Middle East project..

since 1996 and till 2000, Washington started receiving painful hits.. in 1997 a partnership had been signed between Russia and China removing a long time dispute that followed the fall of the Soviet Union.. until in the  times of president Putin, a "good relations" agreement was signed between them in 2001, and later, Venezuela fell from the US barn, and along with it the gas Washington wanted for herself.. 
Putin  surfaced as a true leader in Russia after he extinguished Chechnya's fire and then control the power in 2000, and the bad American dream began.. and the most danger was the start of the raising of the Islamic current in Turkey, which lately witnessed disassembling more than one Islamic party, not mentioning the great defeat Israel got in southern Lebanon that awakened the Arab street and planted hope in the hearts of Arabs.

The deal with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Abdulla Gul..

Washington cannot divide the Middle East and create the division dispute between the minorities without strict takfiri Islam... and she cannot stop the Islamic march opposed to USA in Turkey without strict Islam, and she cannot re-ignite Russia (Chechnya and Dagestan)  and China (Igorions) without strict Islam, and after dividing the region, the minorities cannot be dragged into Israel's lap without strict Islam.. And Abdulla Gul and Erdogan know that Washington do not allow any party opposite to her in Turkey to reach the authority, so she disassembled the "Virtue" and "Rafah" parties and supressed Islamists, and she negotiated with Erdogan and Gul under terms of putting them in authority:

  1. Washington commit to isolate Greece and its influence in Cyprus for the benefit of Turkey, Turkey gain from this, and US would have created the hole that would topple the EU and the Euro.
  2. Turkey agree to divide the region, including parts of Turkey.
  3. Turkey compensated by taking part of Syria, and influence in Sunni states in Eygipt and Syria which will be given areas of it as compensation to what it will lose in the Kurdish state and the Alawit state which will take up its boarders.
  4. USA make of Turkey a global gas knot that would provide her with economical wealth.
  5. Washington commit to giving Erdogan and Gul a global role, as happened to the Qatari prince (the plan was to make him as a conqueror of Damascus.. We will talk about that later)..
  6. Turkey agrees to eliminate the Palestinian cause.
  7. Turkey secretly help Washington conquer Iraq, Afghanistan and later on... Syria.
  8. Turkey ease the entrance of the US to Middle Asia, and most importantly.. spreading chaos in the Balkans.
  9. Turkey gets the Syrian oil in exchange to the Lebanese gas to Israel, and Cyprus gas will be under the Turkish influence.
Washington show its teeth..

Abdulla Gul reached leadership in Turkey after the foundation of the "development and justice" party, and his betrayal to his master "Najmuldeen Arbakan", similar to the why the Qatari prince betrayed his father, and in the same year Afghanistan was occupied.. and the most important is that Washington disclosed its "Nabuku" project, in 2002 when Washington showed its teeth along with the foundation of the "development and justice" party and the declaration of "Nubuku" project and occupying Afghanistan.

The American cunning..

Only Washington knows about the existence of gas in the Mediterranean, and Washington alone knows the places of energy in all the world's spots, so she offered her project which Russia considered as an aggressive act, when the Americans declared that Nabuku line aim to bond Middle Asia with Middle Europe without passing though the Russian soils, and when the US proposed its project.. he did it cunningly , as it is not stupid to disclose its plan, but US wanted to trade Russia who didn't know the existence of the gas in the Mediterranean, so the US entered Russia by implying that it want a share of this gas, and will bond Middle Asia with Middle Europe as the top of its requests, but if Russia wants Washington not to get close from Middle Asia, she has to agree on dividing the region.. the US will leave "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan" to Russia in exchange of Iran, Iraq and Syria to ensure passage of the Egyptian gas.
When the US proposed the Nubuku project, which threatens the Russian national security, the aim was to imply to Russia, that it is demanding the higher top of demands which Moscow do not agree on a mediation solution by dividing the area, so the US and Russia meet and sign an agreement that US leaves "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and Middle Asia" to Russia,  while Russia leaves "Iran, Iraq and Syria" to USA... this happened upon occupying Afghanistan, i.e, the negotiations came through the "Carrot and Stick" policy, as the US besiege China's reinforcements, and implied to Russia that it is into expansion in Middle Asia, and proposed its project, hoping it will succeed.. if it succeed it would have hammered a wedge in the Russian-Chinese relations which developed in 2001, and transformed into a danger on the US benefits... on the other hand, and with the Mediterranean gas, US will besiege Russia in Europe and start marching toward Middle Asia when the time is lost, where she impose the "reality of fact" policy.


Musicians know that Nabuku is a "Verdi" musical work that talks about the Jews repression in Iraq in the days of "Nebuchadnezzar" , and what's called the Babylon Jews captivity, and political history marks that Nabuku declaration was an announcement of the Iraqi invasion, even choosing the names by the US is wise... Yes, Erdogan fight for Nabuku and not for the sake of Ottoman , not for sake of peace .. his new Ottoman is to turn Islam's enemy of Zion and invasion into Islamic and Christian minorities, and dividing the area where he give up some of his lands and regain compensations for them.

Before placing the real Nabuku map, lets see how the US presented it, according to AFP..
Note that the line do not pass through Greece, even though Greece is a gas consumer country, and it is (Greece) which later will become the weak point of Europe.

 The Russian response..

What was offered on Russia in principal, through dividing the world was an acceptable deal, and when talking about dividing the gas in the world , Russia could dispense Iran, Iraq and Egypt as they are already out of its influence, and dispensing Syria as it is a threat to Israel which became the interest of the great nations, because it prefers Asia on Africa and prevent the establishment of a great Arab country, in exchange of Washington commitment not to get any near of Middle Asia, which is suitable with Russia and allows it to share the world with Washington without wars.... But Russia obviously felt the existence of a con, specially that its relation with Syria is the entrance to the Middle East, and obviously she didn't know about the Middle Eastern gas, for this reason, and in precautionary measures, Russia proposed projects to test Washington's honesty, so she decided to establish the "South Stream" and the "Nord Stream" to nourish Europe with gas through the sea, i.e, in unobstructed pipes.. Russia presented its project so that one of the "South Stream" branches reaches Greece which was not included in Nabuku line, and later Russia tossed the "Blue Stream" line as a carrot to Turkey and to raise the debt ceiling with Washington.

 Here, Washington realized that the con didn't pass on the Russians, and a conflict of another kind began. Nabuku and the Southern Torrent turned into enemies and the conflict began to surface.

 The US attacks...

Rafik Hariri assassinated, the attack on Syrian and Lebanon began, and in Ukraine, the regime is about to fall due to the Orange revolution, so that later, allies of the US whose job is to open the gas war appeared... 

The gas war began between Russia and Ukraine which blocked the gas from Europe for two weeks,and in Bella Russia, the US pressure started to mount and the attack on "Lucationo" became on a daily basis, and the Europeans who are watching the US strikes, yield to the Americans in a controversially way, as upon the Iraqi invasion, Washington controlled the French decision making, this could indicate to a US-French deal that its features would appear later on... and later on, the Nabuku agreement became a document signed by transit states in Turkey in 2009.. but after the failure of the invasion on Lebanon, Washington realized that the time is behind it, so Israel tried occupying Gaza to impose peace by force, hoping to begin executing the gas projects, but the Israeli occupation failed, so Erdogan visited Egypt and proposed what is called the "Arabian gas line" to transport the Egyptian gas to Jordan then Syria then to Turkey.. ofcourse this was to assure Egypt that Russia will not be able extend the "Blue Stream" gas, so when Russia declared the "Blue Stream" from Turkey to Syria to nourish Jordan and from it to Isreal, Egypt realized that she has to negotiate with Russia in Africa to market its gas, so there was Erdogan's fake line to prevent Egypt from thinking of any partnership with Russia, and to not be worried, specially that Egypt started selling gas to Israel in a reduced rate to not sign on the "Blue Stream" gas deal.. as for what Erdogan called "The Arab gas line" was only a con similar to the "Blue Stream".

The war on Lebanon...

War on Lebanon formed a horrible defeat to Washington that she did not expect, so she decided to postpone the "Blue Jasmine" operation from 2007 to 2011, as the Israeli invasion on Lebanon did not only give Hizbulla a historical victory, yet the most important event in 2006 was the fall of the ordeal which could've helped Washington on burning Syria, if the world forgot the Sunni-Shiit congestion dedicated by Al Jazeera and Alarabiya news channels, and which Washington paid for it Billions of Dollars, and the most important, Syria received its chance in burning the Americans in Iraq, and changing the game's rules on the ground, then Qatari started attracting Lebanese, as the game rules will soon be changed, and Syria was accused with Hariri's assassination, and after invading Lebanon and eliminating Hizbulla, Syria will be attacked, and the ordeal will be planted through the international court's stick, but with their failure in Lebanon, the plan converted, and postponed to the year 2011, where it became necessary to accuse Hizbulla and burn Syria first.. this is why Washington commenced a truce , and a Qatari-Syrian and Turkish-Syrian spring began, Aljazeera stopped attacking Syria, and the preparations for the next battle started.

Postponing the "Blu Jasmine" operation...

The "Blue Jasmine" was planned to burn Syrian at the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, but the Israeli war, and the start of the financial crisis, postponed the project of hitting Syria, and with the lack of time, and the Russian entrance to Africa, the confrontation patch expanded..
So Washington decided to replace the tactic and the "Blue Jasmine" later became among the "Arab Spring" project...
after 2007, and upon a request by the US intelligence, Qatar started bringing Tunisians to Addouha in 2008, despite all disputes with Egypt, which have been solved, Egyptians had been brought to Qatar...
Let's remember here in 2004 and 2005 Qatar allowed Visas for Syrians, as the US intelligence in Qatar would recruit those who are to achieve the jobs requested from them, and in 2006 after the dream of occupying Lebanon demolished, Visas permitted to Lebanese, all this indicate that Qatar is really the center for the US intelligence base in the region..

Russia show its teeth...

When the Russian watched the American bounce into the wall, it began escalating, and declared its will to control the entire gas trade in the world, and its will to export gas to all the world..
 and next to the "South and Nord Streams" , Putin declared he will invest the gas in Latin America to be exported to Washington itself, and will be invested in Africa to be exported to Europe, and the "Blue Torrent" line will be expanded from Turkey to Syria and Jordan then to Israel in transit... Here, Washington decided to launch the attack of the "Arab Spring" which the "Blue Jasmine" is to become part of it. 

End of part two...

In part three: The "Arab Spring" ... the caring mother of the "Blue Jasmine".

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

Oct 26, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" ... expose the "Arab Spring" calls..!

By :Jouhaina News

One might ask, what is the relationship between the "Blue Jasmine" operation and what is today called "The Arab Spring"? and why always the United States is in the middle? Is it possible that this mission pass under or even above the table of Arab leaders without their knowledge of its dangers?

Juhaina News place in your hands the secrets of the "Blue Jasmine" operation, and the introductions of what Arabs are fooled of today with the US promotion of what is called "The Arab Spring" which in the surface it seem like a call for change... but inside it is divisional goals that the US project once failed accomplish in the region... and because Syria was the knot in this project, so it was the first and last target, as the US mobilized and utilized all its tactical and strategic abilities to hit Syria... and what happened in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and Yemen was only an introduction to reach Syria in order to divide the Arab world once again into small countries, that will make it easy to pass any political and economical goals, and exploit its goods of oil, gas and other riches, and control middle Asia and the middle east politically and economically to be attached to the US domination project.

A must introduction..
We cannot understand what happened and understand this series unless comparing between those two maps and their indications, after that we can go through the details of the project of the new middle east, and then the "Blue Jasmine" operation and its failure in 2006, then the "Arab Spring" and reviving the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011.

These are information with evidences, and do not require exposing the source and providing logical explanations to what is happening.

This is the US gas line..
Turkey is fighting for this line, as it transform it into a strategic gas knot, but this line needs at least either peace with Lebanon and Syria, or war with Lebanon and Syria, this line only pass in small parts of Syria and have no outcome to Syria except the Egyptian gas line.. this line is on the account of Greece and gives Turkey mandatory power in Cyprus.


This is another figure..


As for the Iranian gas line which carry gas from Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq then Lebanon and Cyprus,  it solves the Syrian gas and electricity problems, and turns Iran and Syria into a hub that impose their terms between Washington and Moscow, and isolate Israel from Europe, yet even make it a stumbling rock in the face of the European interests.. this line on the account of Turkey and serves Greece benefits and keep things as is.

This is the Russian gas line... which the US is seeking to destroy.

And this is the gas line that occupy Africa.

 This image about the news on postponing "Nabuku" gas line upon the failure of "Blue Jasmin" operation in Syria.

Below image reads:

(Nabuku gas pipe lines project: The pipe lines which is 3300KM long will provide the EU with gas from middle Asia and the middle east as of 2012).


This image of Nubuku pipe line and its declaration news when it was signed in 2009.

Below image reads:

(A 3300KM gas pipeline , designed to reduce the subordination of the EU with Russia)


"Blue Jasmine"... the complete secrets... part 1

 A series that give knowledge to the reader on the secrets of the "Blue Jasmine" and its reasons, with evidence and clues.. and why -exclusively- the Qatari and Turkish were partners in it, no yet even the head of it!.. Did their attitudes turn over, or were they small part of a big project?.. and why all the sudden Al Qaida organization in fighting in Algeria? why a sectarian violence took place in Nigeria? why the west let go of Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali?!.. 

In this series, we will disclose great secrets, the deal between the USA and Hamad the second.. and Hamad Ben Jasem ...

In 1995 many events passed, but the most prominent two are the murder of the Zion prime minister "Roubin", and a "coup d'etat" in Qatar from the son on his father, although the son was the actual leader, then why would there be a "coup d'etat"?? and why did Washington decide to eliminate the peace treaty by killing Roubin?.. not just that.. it was followed by the war on Lebanon in 1996, what was the danger that made Washington change all its strategies in the Arab world, and move its bases from Saudi Arabia to Qatar?

The US red line..

The US issues its banknotes without gold reserve since 1976, when the Dollar and gold became a scale, the Dollar increase.. so the gold decrease accordingly, and vise versa... and economists know that the one hundred Dollar bill's real value is no more than a quarter Syrian pound without the American influence on power sources, but being Washington in control of the oil around the world, specially in the Gulf area, there are demands on this currency and circulation of it, so its value stays stable.. the Gulf sells oil in US Dollar only, and send the Dollar back to Washington through bank deposits, and as those deposits are considered as debts for individuals around the world from US firms in the forms of credit cards, so the US engineered the world economy geniusly, which allows it from printing its banknotes without gold reserve.. and the US red line remains "to only sell power in US Dollars".

Manifestations of dangers threatening Washington...

in 1992, the oil became unwanted power, specially after the "earth summit" in Rio De Janiero, then the advanced countries signing the "Kyoto protocol" in Japan, and the start of talking about using alternative powers .. and in 1994, the biggest threat to the US throne appeared, when the EU decided join the "Kyoto protocol" and start moving into the alternative power, when in the same year it had been decided that 1999 will be the year of issuing the Euro currency to compete with the US Dollar, so there was a danger for the Dollar by the Euro, there was also a danger on oil from the natural gas and bio-fuel.. the natural gas back in those days existed in Russia and Iran, and most of the world's gas was undiscovered, yet in some countries it was burned in the air.. and Russia as a big country was able compete with bio-fuel, and the nominated country to produce this fuel was Sudan... so Washington had to dominate the oil competitor, as the bio-fuel will take by the end if 2010, 10% of the oil's place, and the gas will be consumed on a larger scale on the account of the oil.. and Washington have to place it hand on the sources and passages of this power, firstly to preserve its place, secondly to control who is able decrease the outburst of gases and thirdly to prevent the manifestation of any economical fronts. 

Washington feels the danger and start precautionary measures.

It became obligatory for Washington to control the sources of gas to ensure the sell of power in US Dollar and not in Euro or any other currency, and it had to provide the European market with gas to block the increase in gas demands in Europe until the end of 2000, then provide the control over the rest of the gas sources by the year 2014 and start planning to draw a new plan for power.

The beginning from Qatar..

As a precautionary measure, Washington decided extract the Qatari gas, and its eye was on Africa ,the Middle East and Middle Asia's gas, and provide a bond on the EU which will become the biggest consumer of gas in the world.. that's why in Qatar, it is not enough to produce gas, yet must move the US domination command to Qatar according to the big deal, not just to protect the gas, but because Saudi Arabia will be divided soon.

The deal between Washington and Qatar..

The American presented its deal on the Qatari prince and he accepted it, but what he refused was the relation with Israel, and USA needs Israel in the gas project, as the gas -which saves Washington- is located on the east of the Mediterranean on the coasts of occupied Palestine, Lebanon and Cyprus.. so what are the details of the deal??
The negotiations started with inflaming a dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Washington raised the threat stick.. Either a Saudi invasion on Qatar, or accepting the US terms, and the prince refused it, but the crown prince sensed the danger, so a "coup d'etat" happened as the son overthrown the father, and the son agreed on the deal which stated:
  1. the establishment of a "Fuel additive company limited " under the name of "QAFAC" to enter the world of bio-fuel.
  2. to invest in bio-fuel in Sudan for the benefit of USA,
  3. the gas only be extracted and sold in US Dollar
  4. The gas to be sold exclusively to Europe after liquidating it, and selling it in its natural form to neighboring countries.
  5. Qatar commit to establish relations with Israel.
  6. Qatar allow for its soils to be used for Washington's military operations, this is why the US bases moved from Dammam and Qutef to Qatar.
  7. Washington commit to provide Qatar with a regional role in the Gulf instead of Saudi Arabia.
  8. Washington commit to provide Qatar with Saudi Arabia role in Lebanon, and a role on the GCC.
  9. Qatar agrees to divide the region and eliminate the Palestinian cause.
  10. The US and Zion intelligence conduct their business from Qatar.
Indeed, Qatar established "QAFAC" company for fuel additives limited, and the gas investment and selling to Europe  began only in liquidation form, while its neighbors Bahrain and Omani sultanate bought the Iranian gas, yet Bahrain thought about buying the Russian gas... Qatar started investing in Sudan.. and Qatar became the largest US military base.. and Al Dowha became a spy den , and pulling-in some politicians to Al Dowha was only as requests from the US intelligence.. and Sheikh Sharif was one of the clues of a change in Qatars attitude...

To be continued..
Part two... The grand deal between USA and Erdogan.

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

Oct 25, 2011

The "Russian Bear" is back... and Syria is a "Red Line"

The Russian side assured "Hizbullah" delegation to Moscow, that Syria is becoming to Moscow as a "Red Line", and will fight any western or US new attempts to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad, weather in the UNSC or outside it, because they will not accept to repeat what happened with Moscow in Libya, where the international decision with she agreed on in the Security Council called for an aerial ban only over the Gaddafi's regime, but Russia was surprised later that this aerial ban turned into a military intervention represented by aerial bombings done by the NATO, which made Russia feel as if she was betrayed, so Russia will not allow to be deceived again by fabricating a scenario against Syria similar to the Libyan scenario .. so the VETO by Russia and China lately was to make the US and Europeans understand that she is not going to allow them get to Syria, her only exit to the Mediterranean sea, and its advanced position in the Middle East.. no matter what.

But Moscow, and according to confirmations from the Russian officials to Hizbullah delegation, is concerned that the VETO is not to be understood in the world and region as a Russian objection on the people willing of change and reforms, so as she is relieved that the Syrian government will remain, and had passed the danger zone, she is now asking the government to move forward with more reforms and refrain from using force in facing opposition, eventhough this force is justified sometimes, and to get into an active dialogue with the opposition to achieve reforms that serve the demands of the Syrian people.
But the Russian officials assured in the same time their awareness of the volume of the regional and international attack Damascus is baring, which skipped reforms into toppling the regime that serves many goals of the attackers.

The Russian officials did not hide their desire that the VETO will show the world the return of the "Russian Bear" to its "International Den" to impose the balance equation in the international field which was shaken by the fall of the Soviet Union early 90s for the benefit of the US backed by Europe.. so this VETO came as an inauguration for this return, and they expect support of the countries and nations suffering from the US era which in their eyes, do not exist anymore after the US and Europeans understood the dimensions of this VETO which formed an unprecedented surprise.

Hizbullah delegation, understood from the Russians in this context, that Moscow by supporting the Syrian government in the face of the attack it is under, will have an active movement toward all the powers under the resistance axis or meet with it for the aid of Syria, that is from one side.. from the other side, support the resistance axes against the US and Europeans and their regional alleys.
And calling Hizbullah delegation to Moscow forms the beginning of such movements due to Hizbulla's main resistance power allied with Damascus.. it is also expected that Moscow receive soon representatives of other similar nations and powers, specially that Moscow is now focusing on the period beyond the US withdrawal from Baghdad, which it lost its benefits in it in the days of Saddam Hussein, and its relations with Tehran will be improved in the next phase, specially when "Vladimir Putin" will be leading the Russian Federation once again.

Oct 15, 2011

Experts: Syrian army is in control of field battles, and prohibit the settlement of armed groups in any geographical spots in Syria.

Experts following the Syrian events, assured that the Syrian Arab Army managed in the field and in high professionality control about 85% of the security status of Syria, and the current phase logo is "The armed groups control over a geographical spot in Syria is forbidden,  and the sectarian ordeal is forbidden as well"

Experts add, situation in Syria is concluded according to field developments, in accordance with the political situation... they also assure that after the Iranian warning, and Iran's message to the near and far countries pointing that Syria is a "Red Line", which lead to confusing the international players in the Syrian events.. the events in Syria entered a phase of "beyond the Russian and Chinese VETO" .

Experts see that Turkey was the first target of the double VETO by Russia and China, as the Russians wanted to inform the Turks through the VETO that " the missile shield is directed toward Russia in the first place, and Russia who didn't accept the presence of the missile shield in Croatia and Georgia, will not accept its presence in Turkey.. Russia wants to warn that the Turkish threat of stimulating ordeals between Azerbaijan and USA in "Nagorni Karabakh" region is not allowed and a red line to the Russians... Russia also in insist that the Turkish ambition in the former Soviet union republics is a credible threat to the Russian Federation, so Moscow insist on going with these files and through the Syrian field to the max of limits, and Russia will deliver Iran the "S-300" missile deal, along with what it holds of danger and challenge to the international community.

The experts stop at the US position of the Syrian events, as after the failure of the phase of kneeling the Syrian command through intensive and armed demonstrations, and the use of media fabrication and international pressure, the USA had adopted the military-security operations choice aiming for destabilization and ignite the ordeal in Syria..
Experts draw the attention to the increase in the US declarations about the armed insurrection in Syria, and above it what "Robert Ford" said to the Times magazine in Damascus "Syrians using arms, is justified", the US media also started promote the armed movements in Syria.

The experts add that the USA is dealing with the Syrian file as a failure which impose a strategic disaster for her, because it will be added to its withdrawal from Iraq ,its dilemma in Afghanistan and its disability in the Arab-Israeli conflict., which force her to work hard on the military-security option in Syria.. Experts clarify, that Washington have no alternative than this choice, as the conflict had reached its limits with the failure of the UNSC option, and absence of the military intervention possibility.

Yet, there is a second approach that can be noticed in the US way of handling issues with Syria, is that the US realize that the Syrian government position is very strong, and for this reason, they are keeping their ambassador in Damascus as an indicator that issues did not reach the "no-return" point between the two countries, which is likely noticed from president Bashar Al Assad latest declaration where he said "some countries are raising their voice in public, but sending messages to us in secret"..

Experts quote a survey performed by a studies center close to the US, that its results showed that the opposition percentage in Syria reached only 20%, noting that this opposition do not own any political program, and that these results are placed on the table of anatomy at the decision makers of USA.
The End..

Oct 11, 2011

Syrian opposition fighting for the money..

With every Syrian progress in solving the dilemma and fighting sabotaged armed groups. the west ,USA, Arabs, Turkey and Israel escalate their aggression so it seem that it is a matter of life and death, so there had been a kind of distributing roles between them, the west escalates the pressures and imposing sanctions on Damascus, and providing all kinds of financial backup for the Syrian opposition, which a source in these opposition groups described it that, every time Syria strikes it devil, the conflicts increase between the opposition sides, because many of its leaderships now care about their economical situation due to the fortunes pouring at them weather from the Arabs, the west or USA.. in addition to the armed support, which  large amounts of it are exposed every now and then, smuggled through the boarders .
The Syrian opposition hailed the foreign and Turkish escalation, as the fortune well did not and will not get dry, so they declared their refusal for dialogue sot hat they extend the period of chaos and perhaps the money and "honey" will pour on their" leaderships" scattering in Europe's capitals.

All this placed the opposition in a critical phase, that expanded divisions among their ranks, specially that information from within Syria indicate the demolishing of Friday protests, that it become -despite all the media misleading- limited and scattered demonstrations.. so those groups resorted -with foreign directions- to violence, crimes and destruction acts, which deepened the opposition dilemma, since great crowed started to uncover the conspiracy launched by the opposition which is financed since the beginning of the events last March.

In addition to this, there is an awareness that started to expand in the Arab street of the truth of the attack Syria is under, specially that the multi-leaderships of the Syrian opposition did not stop at announcing their demand for a US, Arab and Israeli support, yet they even called for a military intervention.. Libya stile.

Seem that the US dilemma in Iraq and Afghanistan, makes thinking about any military adventure in Syria, very costly and unbearable, specially that Washington is negotiating under and above the table to insure a secure outage of its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan in the dates set for those outings, so how the situation will be in case of a military intervention on a country like Syria which have papers, alliances and power that allow it to make Iraq and Afghanistan cost, a "heaven" compared to the "hell" USA will find itself in, specially in the Arab street filled with ex-US era indications, which will effect Israel and its future, and the fate of its public and confidential treaties with the Arabs..

According to an opinion of an Asian diplomat in Beirut, which his country is in good relations with Damascus.. Washington and the west found their goal in the continues pressure and escalation on Syria through their NATO-Turkish accomplice "Erdogan", which along with his they practice the method of  "praising" so that he began to see himself as a great person and the Ottoman dreams started to enter his brain, which will impose a new awakening on the Arabs with all their political and religious components, recall through it all the Turkish eras during four hundred years of colonialism that brought about all kinds of defects and social illness, from corruption to bribes and financial illness.

From another point.. recall all the Turkish torture on the Arab people, from drowning opposition members in  the Bosphore and Dardanile, imposing military recruitment on the Arab youth by force for fight instead of the Ottoman Turkish people, and the attempts for Ottomanization , the "Jamal Bashal" the butcher's executions.
Perhaps "Jisr Al Shughur's" horrible acts with the women, is the perfect prove of the Turkish "great Sader" civilization int he 21st century, which a side of it started with the latest visit for "Erdogan" and "Davutoglu" to New York, where the two men went out of their meeting with Barak Obama (the Negro emperor) proud like a peacock ... according to the Asian diplomat, that his country's  information says that Obama entrusted them with the region, so the two men said in their declaration to the media, that their meeting with Obama was one of their successful meetings.

Turkish "Mellet" newspaper representative, who escorted Erdogan and Davutoglu to New York, described Davutoglu by saying that he was so happy in the Turkish house in front of the UN building.. she add that : "How could he not be happy, when he described his meeting with Obama as most intimate".

Erdogan informed the journalists escorting him in his plane, during his return from New York, that the sanctions Turkey started considering on Syria, are about preventing the movement of military support to Syria through Turkey, but after he visit the refugees camp in Eskanderon area, he will move to another phase of sanctions.. he did not disclose.

Finally, and just as a reminder, the US forces dispatch on the shores of Beirut in 1958, according to Eisenhour commands, came from "Incirlik" Turkish air base, which was prepared after July 14th revolution in Iraq of the same year, where Noor Al Saeed -and in execution of Baghdad alliance which was made by Turkey- prepared an Iraqi military force to intervene in Lebanon to aid "Chamil Shemon", but these forces moved to "Basman" palace instead and finished the rule of "Noor Alsaeed".. so the US had to place its army in Beirut instead of the Iraqi army, but the result of the operation was: destroying Baghdad alliance, inforcing the role of the united Arab republic lead by Jamal Abdulnaser (the union country between Syria and Egypt), the fall of Shemon and Eisenhour's rule.. then the coup d'etat in Turkey... So will Erdogan-Davutoglu gain any use of the lesson?

Ahmad Zen Addin - Al Thabat..

Oct 3, 2011

Autumn storms... Details of the military operation in Al Rastan.

Al Rastan is located northern Homs and southern Hama.

The missions performed in Al Rastan are very much alike with the Zawia mountain missions in Idleb.

Field explanatory report..
Multi-leadership armed groups with powerful combat abilities present there, and huge amounts of weaponry available with these groups.
Those groups are mainly lead by a number of ex-army officers who worked with Al Qaida groups outside Syria.. one of them was the discharged major "Abdulkader Sheikh Ali" who is considered the main field leader for those groups as he is originally from Al Rastan and he served in the army in the major of field engineer, therefore he holds great experience in booby-trapping buildings, roads and bridges.

The leadership decision... "Autumn storms" operation
Freeing Al Rastan from the armed groups, reducing the number of casualties in the civilians ranks and finishing the operation within 72 hours, among it 24 hours for strict cleaning of the area. 

The operation leader called on the forces to study the combat tactics.. it was like this:

The enemy..
Forces members were between 3500 to 5000 armed men with good fighting abilities.
The enemy "the armed forces" owned all sorts of weaponry "light, heavy, anti-armor missiles, anticraft missiles and many explosives and mines".. with expertise in using them.

The friend..
The raid forces are divided into four groups.. weapons used are solo and medium ones.
P.S.. the command were unable use air-force neither for observation nor for air-raid.. also they were unable use tanks inside the city. 

Communication was limited, and the ability for wiretapping by the saboteurs was probable.

The beginning of the operation.. Zero hour (4:30 AM)
when studying how to combat, it was clear for everybody that many casualties will fall among the armed forces ranks, as the terrorists located behind their roadblocks, and the city is full with mines, and the operation timing is short and no heavy machinery is allowed to be used except for soldiers carriers.

A plan for minimizing casualties was needed.

The command leader suggested that the forces deceive the terrorists for the sake of gathering them in the smallest geographical area, so a fire coverage is possible and the advance will be organized.

The following news had been leaked:
The army forces present in Al Rastan are unable move forward due to hard battle, so they asked for back up, and they are waiting for them.
Orders given for the armored forces and tanks to maneuver in deploying from east to west of the city.

The battle began... 
With the leaked news about waiting back up and the tanks move from east to west, the terrorists withdraw most of their armed presence from the sides of the city towards upper Al Rastan and set a fortified area for them there... as they brought trucks and blocked main roads to prevent army tanks from moving into the city and to be able plant mines to hit them in the side roads they are forced to go through..

After the first day had ended, the command leader took the decision for the troops to move forward on foot, and dividing the raid groups into small ones with specific tasks, and considering everything able to explode in their way.

The troops started marching forward with a fire coverage by the troops carriers, the view started to be clear.. broken water pipes, ditches full of weapons, roof tops full of sniper men and RBG launchers and anti-craft machine guns.

Our mighty soldiers moved forward and manage destroy weapons and armed men, they fought a battle that lasted 36 hours strait.. they managed to free the city from criminal armed groups and arrest the alleged leader "Abdulkader Sheikh Ali" and the multi-rank leader "Ryad Al Asaad" and many other terrorist leaders and armed men trained at Al Qaida.

Long Live Syria.