Oct 26, 2011

The "Blue Jasmine" ... expose the "Arab Spring" calls..!

By :Jouhaina News

One might ask, what is the relationship between the "Blue Jasmine" operation and what is today called "The Arab Spring"? and why always the United States is in the middle? Is it possible that this mission pass under or even above the table of Arab leaders without their knowledge of its dangers?

Juhaina News place in your hands the secrets of the "Blue Jasmine" operation, and the introductions of what Arabs are fooled of today with the US promotion of what is called "The Arab Spring" which in the surface it seem like a call for change... but inside it is divisional goals that the US project once failed accomplish in the region... and because Syria was the knot in this project, so it was the first and last target, as the US mobilized and utilized all its tactical and strategic abilities to hit Syria... and what happened in Tunis, Egypt, Libya and Yemen was only an introduction to reach Syria in order to divide the Arab world once again into small countries, that will make it easy to pass any political and economical goals, and exploit its goods of oil, gas and other riches, and control middle Asia and the middle east politically and economically to be attached to the US domination project.

A must introduction..
We cannot understand what happened and understand this series unless comparing between those two maps and their indications, after that we can go through the details of the project of the new middle east, and then the "Blue Jasmine" operation and its failure in 2006, then the "Arab Spring" and reviving the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011.

These are information with evidences, and do not require exposing the source and providing logical explanations to what is happening.

This is the US gas line..
Turkey is fighting for this line, as it transform it into a strategic gas knot, but this line needs at least either peace with Lebanon and Syria, or war with Lebanon and Syria, this line only pass in small parts of Syria and have no outcome to Syria except the Egyptian gas line.. this line is on the account of Greece and gives Turkey mandatory power in Cyprus.


This is another figure..


As for the Iranian gas line which carry gas from Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq then Lebanon and Cyprus,  it solves the Syrian gas and electricity problems, and turns Iran and Syria into a hub that impose their terms between Washington and Moscow, and isolate Israel from Europe, yet even make it a stumbling rock in the face of the European interests.. this line on the account of Turkey and serves Greece benefits and keep things as is.

This is the Russian gas line... which the US is seeking to destroy.

And this is the gas line that occupy Africa.

 This image about the news on postponing "Nabuku" gas line upon the failure of "Blue Jasmin" operation in Syria.

Below image reads:

(Nabuku gas pipe lines project: The pipe lines which is 3300KM long will provide the EU with gas from middle Asia and the middle east as of 2012).


This image of Nubuku pipe line and its declaration news when it was signed in 2009.

Below image reads:

(A 3300KM gas pipeline , designed to reduce the subordination of the EU with Russia)


"Blue Jasmine"... the complete secrets... part 1

 A series that give knowledge to the reader on the secrets of the "Blue Jasmine" and its reasons, with evidence and clues.. and why -exclusively- the Qatari and Turkish were partners in it, no yet even the head of it!.. Did their attitudes turn over, or were they small part of a big project?.. and why all the sudden Al Qaida organization in fighting in Algeria? why a sectarian violence took place in Nigeria? why the west let go of Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali?!.. 

In this series, we will disclose great secrets, the deal between the USA and Hamad the second.. and Hamad Ben Jasem ...

In 1995 many events passed, but the most prominent two are the murder of the Zion prime minister "Roubin", and a "coup d'etat" in Qatar from the son on his father, although the son was the actual leader, then why would there be a "coup d'etat"?? and why did Washington decide to eliminate the peace treaty by killing Roubin?.. not just that.. it was followed by the war on Lebanon in 1996, what was the danger that made Washington change all its strategies in the Arab world, and move its bases from Saudi Arabia to Qatar?

The US red line..

The US issues its banknotes without gold reserve since 1976, when the Dollar and gold became a scale, the Dollar increase.. so the gold decrease accordingly, and vise versa... and economists know that the one hundred Dollar bill's real value is no more than a quarter Syrian pound without the American influence on power sources, but being Washington in control of the oil around the world, specially in the Gulf area, there are demands on this currency and circulation of it, so its value stays stable.. the Gulf sells oil in US Dollar only, and send the Dollar back to Washington through bank deposits, and as those deposits are considered as debts for individuals around the world from US firms in the forms of credit cards, so the US engineered the world economy geniusly, which allows it from printing its banknotes without gold reserve.. and the US red line remains "to only sell power in US Dollars".

Manifestations of dangers threatening Washington...

in 1992, the oil became unwanted power, specially after the "earth summit" in Rio De Janiero, then the advanced countries signing the "Kyoto protocol" in Japan, and the start of talking about using alternative powers .. and in 1994, the biggest threat to the US throne appeared, when the EU decided join the "Kyoto protocol" and start moving into the alternative power, when in the same year it had been decided that 1999 will be the year of issuing the Euro currency to compete with the US Dollar, so there was a danger for the Dollar by the Euro, there was also a danger on oil from the natural gas and bio-fuel.. the natural gas back in those days existed in Russia and Iran, and most of the world's gas was undiscovered, yet in some countries it was burned in the air.. and Russia as a big country was able compete with bio-fuel, and the nominated country to produce this fuel was Sudan... so Washington had to dominate the oil competitor, as the bio-fuel will take by the end if 2010, 10% of the oil's place, and the gas will be consumed on a larger scale on the account of the oil.. and Washington have to place it hand on the sources and passages of this power, firstly to preserve its place, secondly to control who is able decrease the outburst of gases and thirdly to prevent the manifestation of any economical fronts. 

Washington feels the danger and start precautionary measures.

It became obligatory for Washington to control the sources of gas to ensure the sell of power in US Dollar and not in Euro or any other currency, and it had to provide the European market with gas to block the increase in gas demands in Europe until the end of 2000, then provide the control over the rest of the gas sources by the year 2014 and start planning to draw a new plan for power.

The beginning from Qatar..

As a precautionary measure, Washington decided extract the Qatari gas, and its eye was on Africa ,the Middle East and Middle Asia's gas, and provide a bond on the EU which will become the biggest consumer of gas in the world.. that's why in Qatar, it is not enough to produce gas, yet must move the US domination command to Qatar according to the big deal, not just to protect the gas, but because Saudi Arabia will be divided soon.

The deal between Washington and Qatar..

The American presented its deal on the Qatari prince and he accepted it, but what he refused was the relation with Israel, and USA needs Israel in the gas project, as the gas -which saves Washington- is located on the east of the Mediterranean on the coasts of occupied Palestine, Lebanon and Cyprus.. so what are the details of the deal??
The negotiations started with inflaming a dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Washington raised the threat stick.. Either a Saudi invasion on Qatar, or accepting the US terms, and the prince refused it, but the crown prince sensed the danger, so a "coup d'etat" happened as the son overthrown the father, and the son agreed on the deal which stated:
  1. the establishment of a "Fuel additive company limited " under the name of "QAFAC" to enter the world of bio-fuel.
  2. to invest in bio-fuel in Sudan for the benefit of USA,
  3. the gas only be extracted and sold in US Dollar
  4. The gas to be sold exclusively to Europe after liquidating it, and selling it in its natural form to neighboring countries.
  5. Qatar commit to establish relations with Israel.
  6. Qatar allow for its soils to be used for Washington's military operations, this is why the US bases moved from Dammam and Qutef to Qatar.
  7. Washington commit to provide Qatar with a regional role in the Gulf instead of Saudi Arabia.
  8. Washington commit to provide Qatar with Saudi Arabia role in Lebanon, and a role on the GCC.
  9. Qatar agrees to divide the region and eliminate the Palestinian cause.
  10. The US and Zion intelligence conduct their business from Qatar.
Indeed, Qatar established "QAFAC" company for fuel additives limited, and the gas investment and selling to Europe  began only in liquidation form, while its neighbors Bahrain and Omani sultanate bought the Iranian gas, yet Bahrain thought about buying the Russian gas... Qatar started investing in Sudan.. and Qatar became the largest US military base.. and Al Dowha became a spy den , and pulling-in some politicians to Al Dowha was only as requests from the US intelligence.. and Sheikh Sharif was one of the clues of a change in Qatars attitude...

To be continued..
Part two... The grand deal between USA and Erdogan.

Arabic article by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news

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