Sep 28, 2011

Assassination of intellectuals among conspiracy sides over Syria "USA│Turkey│Future│Qatar" ... confidential reports.

Reports of the terrorist agreement and the assassinations of intellectuals among conspiracy sides over Syria "USA│Turkey│Future│Qatar" which are leaked from confidential documents, mentioned by media reports, regarding the phase of assassinations and explosions in Syria, which part of it we witnessed lately and lead to assassinating scientific personnel (like doctors) , those reports indicate the following:

At a late hour on Thursday, April 12th, 2011, three cars drove out of the garage of "Ocean Seven" hotel which is located near "Sultan Ahmad" square in Istanbul.. the cars had on them diplomatic plates and their brand was silver Hammers, those cars carried a number of important people.
The three cars crossed "Taqsim" square , and drove straight to garage of "Marmara" hotel , where the American diplomats head by "Jefry Filtman" came out of the third car, and the CIA and the UNSC representatives came out of the second car, and from the first one, came out the American intelligence chief of Damascus office "Tim Burns".

The VIP elevator carried along the US team, while the Turkish intelligence subordinate to the PM protection office was ensuring a "strict" unseen bound over the hotel floors, entrances and the streets around it..

"Riyad Al Shukfa" stopped by a sandwich store three times, where his bodyguards ordered sandwiches of "Shawerma".. he said to his wife: "soon we will eat Shawerma in Sheikh Saad in Syria"... after that, the conspiracy leaders and their subordinates sat down to set the final touches of the armed rebellion on the Syrian people in Homs, Jableh, Hama and Idleb.

In the ninth floor - the royal suites- the US team took lodge, and their escorts remained at the sides of the aisles in a motion they got used to, while "Filtman" and the UNSC representative and the CIA took lodge at "suite No.B".
Awaiting them at the entrance door of suite No.910A, was "Amal Mdallali", "Saad Al Hariri's" assistant, and Jefry Filtman's girlfriend ever since his presence in Beirut, standing next to her was "Talaat Jim" who is close to the "Taliban" current and the Muslim Brotherhood side at the justice and development party, and the businessman representative at the central committee of the ruling party... Filtman proceeded and introduced his hosts to his escorts after he shook hands with Ryad Al Shukfa (MB general advisor in Syria) and hold "Amal Mdallali" in his arms for more than three minutes.. while one of his escorts and one of Amal's escorts sat at the attached room of the suite lodged by Al Shukfe.

Minutes after the US team entered the room, the Syrian "Muhamad Ghazwan Al Masri" a businessman who lives in Turkey since decades, and thought to be the intelligence communication man between the MBs, Israeli's and Americans, and he is also the key to the MBs relations with some of the members of the Turkish Bazar which are extremely religious, who pressed through the power of financing and the power of holding a grip on the charity foundations followed to the justice and development party to push Erdogan to take a stand that agrees with US-Saudi-Qatari and MB agreement which calls for a new Syrian government after toppling the current one, its base will be the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, some US intellectuals, and those who are loyal to Abdul Halim Khaddam, and people inside Syria who are working silently on financing the rebellion movement with money and mobilizing shallow minded people to protest against the Syrian government which it was realized that its local commands in some governorates were supporting the protests.. it had been mentioned here that Jefry Filtman promised "Muhamad Ghawan Al Masri" with the position of prime minister of Syria upon the current government toppling.

Seven hours later, the meeting concluded with the following:
The US pledged to press on the Lebanese Future movement and its leader "Saad Al Hariri", the Saudi side represented with Bandar Bin Sultan, and the Qatari side represented with prince Hamad Bin Khalifa and its FM, to stop the two-sides mercenaries in Syria and Lebanon from moving separately from the MB movements who think they are able endorse the extreme religious current in Syria for the benefit of the rebellion against the Syrian government.. in addition to supporting those moves with who remains of al "Qaida" organization present on the Iraqi soils, and facilitating their crossing to Syria through Turkey.
Bandar Be Sultan and Hariri's people working inside Syria through limited people failed on mobilizing supporters for the project, while the Muslim Brotherhood owns the ability to influence hundreds of religious men and sheikhs all over Syria, and proved in Banias and will also prove in Homs soon that they are able liberate the city from the Syrian authority using weapons and terrorism, and the blood shed and slaughter pattern must increase in order to terrify the people and make them accuse the authorities and security forces with it, and the period of four months ought to frustrate the people, and everybody must set organized terror and fear scenarios so that the people will enter after the month of Ramadan in a sectarian target phase which will destroy the foundation of the Syrian society and urge it call for international protection..

The true focus  -according to them- must be on the area spread from Idleb through Hama to be centralized in Homs, which will separate Syria, as it forms the linkage between the coastal area, inside area and Damascus, and the weapons flow must not sop by the Future movement which is close to Homs in Akkar and Triploi , when everybody can rely on "Khaled Al Daher" who belongs to the MBs and formed groups allies to the Hariri such as "Liberation party" and "Sham soldiers".

Filtman pledged also to consider "Ryas Al Shuqfa's" opinion when forming the new authority in Syria after toppling the current government in order to push away the Bianouni-Attar-Sibaii group from the upcoming government in Syria, and leaving the inner issues fro Al Shuqfa alone without any interference... the Americans pledge to keep the prince of Qatar's attitude toward his friend "Bashar Al Assad" steady, and assure to keep the Syrian file in Qatar in the hands of the FM Hamad Bin Jasem, and order Bandar Bin Sultan to coordinate with the MBs on the Syria soils, instead of falling in the trap of dragging the MBs into positions which its supporters and the Syrian people will consider spineless regarding Israel in case Syria will go into war with Israel.

Here, Ryad Al Shukfa assured he is personally committed along with his group which is struggling to stay alliance with the US since 1979 which reserves the US interests in Syria.. Filtman presented written guaranties pledging with it -under the name of the US administration- to keep the issue of the Syrian-Israeli peace cord postponed until the Saudi government sign a similar agreement before Syria, Filtman also pledged to keep the media pressure on this level and increase it so that the MBs could bring to the streets millions of protesters, and cover the armed acts which their groups will commit in the governorates it cannot control through demonstrations.

Both sides agreed on the names of the temporary government which will lead a transition phase following the acts of targeting civilians according to their sect, then moving to focused assassination ops of VIPs weather politicians, military personnel or academics in order to cause huge damages to the Syrian government and convincing the Syrian people that the government is no longer able protect its citizens or defend them, which will result in forcing minorities to flee, so Syria will become a emirate controlled by the brotherhood.

Filtman launched the start whistle to start assassinations in Syria, choosing "Amal"'s room number as a start date, which is 10/9 as the room number was /109/ .. these acts must be synchronized with the existence of the MBs faces inside the instigation rooms of the bias media like Al Jazeera and Alarabiya, which are now well known in the Syrian street with their belonging to the MBs  .

Filtman then expressed his admiration with the way the MB built its popularity in Syria through charity and religious organizations and secular personnel backed by rich people who support the government in public and the Saudi and Qatar government in secret.. those groups and organization until this moment did not announce their subordination to the MBs, yet they still play on the edge.

And the observer of the assassination acts against Syrian intellectual figures, like doctors and others during the last couple of days, will notice a reflection of this plan on the Syrian ground of reality.

The End..

Sep 22, 2011

The triple invasion over Syria.. retreats... Damascus passed the danger phase.

An old Lebanese diplomat, who witnessed the Arabian diplomacy at its peak, said that what Syria is going through these days is very much similar to what Egypt went through in 1956 when a triple invasion was waged over "Jamal Abdulnaser", carried on by Britain, France and Israel, i.e. the old colonialism and its categories...
Despite the harshness of this invasion over the newly born republic, Egypt stability alarmed an end of a phase and the beginning of another, manifested in ending all kinds of old colonialism, and inheriting the neocolonialism, represented in its leader, the United States, which turned the old colonialism into extinctions of land, goods, oil and even beauty.. this is how the American became the master of the Arabian Gulf sheikhoods  rich in black gold, and became the decision maker in the black continent rich in its diamonds and rare metals on the benefit of the French, Italian and Portuguese.

But the difference between 1956 and 2011 invasions, was the international balance represented in the Soviet Union, which made "Bolganin" direct its famous alert in which the American "Eisenhower" responded to, and  forced a public pressure on the three invading countries to stop the invasion.
The result of 1956 war, was that Europe shifted to be a subordinate to the United States, and still is, and became the dominant of the oil sources in various ways, also Israel which drove Paris and London to the war, transformed into the US balance point in the region in the neocolonialism program.

This diplomat reach a conclusion, that "Jamal Abdulnaser"'s Egypt went out of this war as a strong nationalism and international power, specially that the non-aligned bloc launched in 1955 in Pandong by the great three "Jamal Abdulnaser, Jawaharlal Nehru & Josip Broz Tito" , became an economical, political and human great power that is well reckoned.

In the same time, the US started to prepare itself to stand against the new liberational power, in addition to the grand plans to face the Soviet Union militarily, which made the US weapon manufacturing companies transform into across-ocean companies, as it deals with destruction, combat and developing its means and methods, and deal with grand industries and excavating, transporting and marketing of oil... so it became dominant over the western and American policies in many fields, and marked its aims and targets.

At the end of the cold war and the Gulf war and the fall of the Soviet Union, the US thought -in the shadow of the new republican's progress- that it became the grand master of the universe.. so the united states resorted to inflame wars, commits tensions between countries and military interventions using various pretexts, all for the sake of its singularity of the political, economical and military dominion of the world.. which made the September 11, 2001 event the perfect plan for the US to start with its project which she consider its spirit is the rich Middle East, expanding from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean coasts, and after controlling Iraq and Afghanistan, all that remains is the strong quadruple alliance represented in Syria, Iran, the resistant in Lebanon and in Palestine.. so there was the series of developments which we witnessed various acts of it, like assassinating Al Hariri in 2005, July war in 2006, Gaza war in 2008 which led to strengthening the alliance more and more, and made the region live in a battle that didn't end till now, and will reach its climax upon the US withdrawal from Iraq, which the US is trying to postpone any means possible.

The Lebanese diplomat drew the attention that the US plan to destabilize the security and stability in most of the world's regions, and the middle east specially, as the plan started from Lebanon and extended to Palestine aiming to target Syria.. they also tried in Iran after the presidential elections, and failed, despite all constraint attempts over it, through its nuclear program, and attempts to constraint Russia for supporting east Europe countries and Turkey, by deploying the missile-shields and inflaming the tensions between the two Korea from one side, and the two Korea and China from another side which it consider its development and progress as the main threat to dominate Asia and the pacific.

But the magic turned upon the magician, as the US rashness to control the world including the Arab world, occupied her from its retreating economy, manifested in the rise of the loan ceiling, deterioration of the bank institutes and major companies, the reduction of its credit rating, controlling the US media and subordinate media, weather on the rank of countries or companies to divert the world's attention from thinking in the reality of the dangerous US dilemma which threatens the continuance and stability of the United States as a federal country consist of 52 states.

For this reason, in the diplomat opinion, the United States rush and pressure its subordinates in the Gulf countries and sheikhoods, and in the NATO, to blaze their hostility against Syria, who faced the United States and refused its warnings carried out by Colin Powel after the Iraqi invasion, and what followed that from developments in Lebanon and Palestine, enabling Damascus to disassemble and crash all the conspiracy circles one by one, and make the others, including Israel, in a bad position.. and perhaps what "Haaretz" reported make the story short, as it said that the US when led by Bush junior then Obama, and Israel led by Olmart then Netanyahu could not prevent the fall of Mubarak, not even stop the Iranian nuclear program.. and after six month, Syria stand still and its regime is mighty strong.

The diplomat conclude, that a new phase will begin soon, according to him, its signs is burning the Israeli flag in Cairo, even though Washington paid 210 Million Dollars since Mubarak's fall to form new parties that propagate "western democracy" ... this Israel, and as the Brithish newspaper "the Guardian" described it, is facing a regional isolation.. and the US is on the doors of new elections which is economically shaken.. and the Gulf is the major loser in this equation.. and the Turkish bets on destabilizing Syria did not work. 

Simply, Syria passed the danger zone, and proceeding in eliminating the sabotaging groups.. and one way or another it will suceed with its reform program set by president Bashar Al Assad.

Ahmad Al Zen - Al Thabat.

Sep 20, 2011

The last mulberry leaves have started to fall ..

Climates of relief and quietness are drawing their features on the way of life in several cities and areas in Syria, specially in Homs, as army and security units managed frustrate armed groups attempts and their bloody acts aiming for the continuation of tension and armed violence that many cities suffered of recently.. the army and security units performed quality military operations, such as "Al Assad flag" operation  which is still progressing to eliminate the terrorists and their leadership hiding behind their bloody plans.

Facts of the terrorist groups..
Today, as the conspiracy papers are discovered, and the security forces began hunting the plotters, and went far in this field, most of the terrorist organization's second rank leaders have been arrested, and some of them are being chased.. yet the facts about those organizations started to uncover day after day, and the latest of those facts, is what "Intelligence online" website published regarding the armed activity of some extreme groups in Syria, reporting: "Syrians, and since the beginning of the bloody events in many cities in Syria, started to feel worried and afraid of what those organizations are committing which most of their members are from the Muslim Brotherhood, specially in areas like Al Zawia mountain, Hama, Homs, Darkoush and others"..

Regarding the subordination of those groups to some leaderships which ran and financed their terrorist acts remotely or through local elements receiving foreign support.. the report mentioned that the most terrorizing group, which was behind the armed attack at the security center in Jisr Al Shughur, this group was carrying out their mission under the command of "Adnan Arrour" the former MB member, and one of those who flee Syria in 1979 and living presently in Saudi Arabia receiving support to execute his plans in Syria by some princes and shieks of the Gulf.

The report also mentioned another group, that no one ever heard of before or knew who lead it.. it is a group lead by an ex-military officer in the Syrian army "Zuher Al Saddik", who currently live in Egypt, after his role as a false eye-witness in "Rafiq Al Hariri" case was discovered ..

During Jisr Al Shughur attack, terrorist groups had stolen great amounts of military arms from the police stations and security centers they raided, plus the money they gained from robbing the credit bank and the agricultural bank, as the sum of money they robbed was about 16 Million Syrian Pounds.

Also, and since the first attack, the armed men moved to an area located at the Syrian-Turkish boarders, as most of their leaders took residence there, but the report disclosed the existence of two organized armed groups working on Syrian soils, the first one called "the Syria free army" and the second one called " Free officers movement" both consist of former officers in the Syrian army.. as for their finance.. the first group was financed by a group subordinate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and the second group was financed by well known business men who participated in the opposition meeting in Antalya in June 2nd.

It's known that the Syrian authorities and leadership were aware of those armed groups details and their plans since the intentions began to uncover through carrying out massacres and organized terrorist acts, so the leadership placed tactical plans aimed to eliminate the terrorists and their leaders, even though the termination was delayed a little, but it was only for the maximum protection of civilians in the areas witnessing armed rebellion.

In completion of the army's current operations, only few members of the armed groups remains, and according to information coming from some websites and news networks, the army's quality operations in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb led to control all the armed groups centralization posts and arresting their members and killing some of them, while the rest flee in different directions such as "Muarat Al Numan, Khan Shekhon, and East Ghab areas".

In 10/09/2011, army unites with the assistance of security forces, executed a quality operation to arrest the terrorists who flee Al Zawia mountain, by surrounding the area.. as on the dawn of 11/09/2011, security and military forces were deployed in the villages east of the Ghab flats as well as Khan Shekhon and Sqelbieh areas, in the same time, some forces scanned the caves and holes of Al Zawieh mountain which forced the terrorists to escape in various directions.. but the surprise was that security forces deployed on the edges of the villages, managed arrest them without casualties. in this operation, we can say that Al Azawieh mountain was cleared from terrorists completely.

Security and military forces managed as well kill two armed terrorists in an armed clash near Cario street in Al Khaldieh neighborhood in Homs, one of them is called "Ammar Moustafa A"... also in Idleb, security forces managed arrest the group which had stolen 25 Million SYPs upon attacking a car belong to the Syrian central bank in the industrial area in Aleppo.
Other information reported by some news networks, mentioned that security forces managed arrest one of the leading figures of terrorist acts in Hama along with his associates.. and a mass grave was dicovered in "Bab Hood" area in Homs in one of the small parks as many dead bodies were removed from it...

The End...

Sep 19, 2011

Syria in confrontation of the alternative attack..

By the strategic military analyst: Amin Hutet..

When the west took the chance of the Syrian uprising to fix the regime and develop it, they set a plan to attack Syria in order to prevent reforms and topple the country of sovereignty and important strategic position facing the western-Zionist project.

A plan - as now became clear- supposed to end in fragmenting Syria's power and its unity, so that the west can overcome it without the need to insert NATO soldiers into the fight...
Six months of executive work, the west realized they have failed (without acknowledging it), and it was logical and expected that the west freeze its attack currently, and order its local and regional tools to wait in order to access the situation and adopt a new style in facing the Syrian government... but, as turned out to be, the west's feeling of failure and disappointment turned to the desire in revenge to prevent Syria from investing its success in the confrontation, and keep the tools of the invasion plan.

They started a new plan, that is different from the first one in its targets and procedures:
  • As for the targets, it is now clear that the western aim, despite all its attitudes and declarations, and knowing they are unable topple the Syrian government.. they have resorted to another target, which is exhausting the government and occupy it with its inner problems for the longest period possible, and make it feel unable secure the country, and preventing the reform process which already started and will be crowned with next February elections, and working on convincing whoever could be deluded of the Syrians that reforms are not real, and it is better for them not to indulge in it and keep opposing no matter how it will cost them.
  • As for the stages and how to work, the new plan is set on three axes:
  1. Field axes: represented in armed rebellion that perpetrate killings and crimes in Syria, and aims to prevent stability in the country, cripple people's lives and push people into thinking that the government is not able keep the country safe.. That's how we interpret the armed acts against civilians, government employees and military men, and against government properties, specially in the cities that the perpetrators can move freely, like Homs and Hama.
  2. Economical axes: represented in economical tightening and siege, which regional, European and other countries participate in, those countries which move according to U.S orders... this axes aim to show that the Syrian government unable achieve its duties toward the people, and carefree life will never return to Syria if the government will stay strong and in place.
  3. Political and diplomatic axes: represented in international mobilization to isolate Syria, and show it as an ostracized country, a refused government, which will cause its officials to find a solution to discard the isolation and the international siege by offering waivers, and accepting dictations of the west in service of its project in the region, and processing its concerned files, which are now becoming important to be solves in the near future.
The west resorted to this revenge plan with its three axes after recognizing that interfering with direct military act  is impossible, and that terrorist act to topple the government inside Syria is useless, and the sanctions through the UNSC are impossible.. therefor, the west is more convinced that the Syrian government is strong and will not fall.. so they concentrated on media, political and economical pressure to revange from the Syrian people and its private and government properties, but will the west achieve its goals in this alternative plan?

In an objective review to what could be achieved through the alternative plan, and Syria's abilities, we notice:
  • Security and military forces with their high spirits and abilities, are able deal with the armed acts and criminal acts dangers, which prevents or decrease the result of such acts in the Syrian society and help sustain the safety and stability.
  • Syria's own abilities, and its position and alliances, can contain the economical pressures.
  • The existent of international groups ,division in what's called "international community" and the appearance of various camps some of them refuse to give up on Syria and commit to it as an entity, position and role, such groups' existence will foil the efforts for a political siege and diplomatic isolation... as for the latest behaviors such as returning ambassadors, calling for dialogue and meetings with Syrian officials, all those are starters for the failure of the theory of isolation and siege. 
  • In this regard, we say that the west's alternative plan to destroy Syria, do not have the success components, and Syria is capable deal with it, and can make short of time and minimize the suffering if:
  1. The reform will is still going, and the reform work calendar not effected by pressure, as backing from reforms means allowing the plan to achieve some of its goals, here Syria could use the experiences of its loyal allies, those who respect its sovereignty and its independent decision. 
  2. Those who diluted the Syrian people, despite their limited numbers, knew that what awaits them from the west will be dark nights and suffering of security, money, position and role, and if they hurry in following the majority of the people, and the country seeks reforms which is based on free and open dialogue for the benefit of the homeland.
  3. If the security and military forces continue their professional job in imposing security and order without falling into the armed groups traps to induce these forces to excessive reactions which serves their criminal goals, specially that they are now desperate of success, so they turned to causing material and   moral losses to the country.
The End..

Sep 17, 2011

Damascus moving toward the "charge" phase.. Huge relieve, or huge explosion..

By Sami Clipp of Assafir Lebanese newspaper.

Not even one dead person last Friday in Syria, this is what accurate and certain security sources said .
The "International Protection" Friday was the least dangerous, therefor a huge failure to its organizers.
The Syrian people (opposition or supporters) proven more Arabism than Atlantics thought, as the opposition divided between supporters to the semi-Libyan intervention, and those who said that such intervention in the Arab world only led to destruction (Iraq) or division (Sudan) or disregard (Somalia) or even a civil war (Lebanon and Yemen).

Friday passed , and before it Ramadan with less than others expected.. and before this and that, the Syrian government didn't fall in Hama's trap.. the government had a long breath.. seemed that the security solution started breaking the essence of the regional and international equation which thought that president Bashar Al Assad will fall within two months.

It was natural from the government's point of view, that Damascus decide when and how to welcome the Arab league secretary general "Nabil Al Arabi", and impose on this diplomat to arrive represented by his position as the league's leader without conditions or pre-initiations, and not as a messenger sent by the Arab FMs or the U.S convoys to the region, headed by "Jefry Filtman", and not after receiving Syrian opposition members "by mistake" hours before his arrival to Damascus, as happened when Damascus decided to postpone his visit.

Nabil Al Arabi accepted the game's terms.. he came to Damascus loaded with Arabian pressures.. it had been said that Qatar and some Gulf countries and the United States and European countries sent with him what is similar to an alert to the Syrian government.. but what he heard in Damascus made him shift from the stage of warnings and lessons to the stage of desire in helping to find a solution for the Syrian dilemma with a more diplomatical and calm manner... this was perfectly reflected the day before yesterday on "Al Arabi"'s speech at the Arab FM's meeting in Cairo.. he seemed more understanding and not rushing to come up with any declaration.. he seemed more willing for dialogue, even if some of the Arab FMs and specifically the Qatari one who insisted on halting the violence, blaming it on the Syrian government alone, ignoring the existence of armed groups..
Nabil Al Arabi himself said upon his arrival to Cairo that he wants for the violence "with all its forms" to stop.. this phrase was very important as it implies that violence is also coming from the armed gangs as well.. Al Arabi's admitting, is very significant at this time.

A diplomat, close to the Arab League people in Cairo, says that Al Arabi understood through Al Assad's tone, and through the info he heard, and the videos delivered to him and to the League's envoy, that the Syrian security's fist (which was tightened in the last couple of months) was not only aiming to prevent protesters from expanding the demonstration circles, yet also to block the road on armed men and "Al Qaida" people and weapon smugglers.. the diplomat quoted Al Arabi when said: "the truth that there are armed men in Syria, and some areas almost went out of the government's control".. Al Arabi also heard that the sectarian inflammation that some League countries participated in, did not aim for reform, not even enhancing the lives of the Syrians, it only aimed to destroy Syria's role and stance.

The Algerian diplomat "Ahmad Bin Hali" (AL chief assistant) who accompanied Al Arabi to Damascus, didn't find Syria's atmospheres comfortable for his clarifications.. he tried to explain the Arabian initiation in its details, he called on the Syrian government to withdraw the army and stop the violence, he also said that the government image retracted and that the security operations must stop.. or in short, he said what was previously leaked days before the arrival of the Arab envoy to Damascus.

The Arab League message carried by Al Arabi, sought to inform the Syrian government that it is responsible for the deterioration and the violence, and must end the security operations...  perhaps Nabil Al Arabi who faced a very intense vilification upon his first visit to Damascus, visited it again to fix things up, especially in the Egyptian street, and to be said that he came to warn or advise the Syrian government and ask them strictly to halt the security crackdown, and if he wants something to save him from drowning, then this is the Arabian initiation on the table... but the Syrian leadership knows that Al Arabi (who is related to the author "Muhamad Hasanen Haikal") is far better than most of the Arabian leaders who worked on toppling the Syrian government.. and if it didn't believe in this, the entire visit would have been canceled.

The Arab League sources in Cairo said that Al Assad was completely ready for the meeting, even for confrontation if any Arabian dictations were sensed, but the meeting soon developed to expanded clarifications for the general matters, and the armed men movements, and stressed long on the stages of reforms.. Al Arabi supported this political choice and said that time is not in Syria's favor, he sought to explain the regional, international and Arabian role, but the Syrian official response was that the regional and Arabian frame was never with the salvation of world's people, yet the aim was and still to hit the resistance, and no one will ever change the Syrian attitude.

People close to Nabil Al Arabi talked about the hard beginning of the Assad meeting, especially when Al Assad objected some of his proposals, and then moved to asking about Palestine's cause at the UN, and what did the Arab League do in preparation for this issue, then the talks between Al Arabi and Al Assad had been described by those close to Al Arabi as very useful.

Al Arabi, managed to pass the Arab letter to the Syrian government which indicated stoping the security operations, starting dialogue with the opposition and implementing reforms.... in return, the Syrian government definitely succeeded, as it is still strong and hard to topple, and proceeding with reforms but on its own way... sources close to "Ahmad Ben Heli" said that Al Arabi went to advise Al Assad to stop the violence, and he returned with advises to all the Arabs to support the Palestinian cause at the UN soon, and fight the U.S and western attempts to prevent acknowledging the Palestinian state.

Al Arabi's envoy returned from Damascus loaded with messages more strict regarding Qatar.. Syria until this day did not declare officially any opposing attitude towards Qatar's role, accused in launching a political and media strike against the Syrian government, but people close to "Ben Heli" assured that the Syrian side made it clear to the Arabian envoy that Qatar is the real stimulator of the latest declaration by the AL... in return, the envoy did not hear anything regarding Saudi Arabia whose representative in the Arabian FM meeting was calm, as if the Qatari FM was entitled to handle the Syrian file or the "revolution files"... which practically means that the Qataris will run the file on their own way, as they will handle the responsibility of the Arabian peace initiation committee, which made diplomats talk about hard diplomatic months, specially if the Qataris are still clutching on internationalizing method similar to the Libyan way.

An Egyptian journalist close to Nabil Al Arabi said that the AL chief heard in Damascus a malicious and full of meanings advice, he was told: "We in Syria presented an ambitious reform project, and will demand all Arab and Gulf countries who pressured us for reforms, to apply this project".

The Syrians said their reforms are serious, and all it needs is time, and no going back is accepted, they were asked about Arabian countries asking them for reforms, when those countries do not even own a constitution to apply.. The Syrians said that U.S dictations are forced on many Arab countries... they stressed they didn't accept the U.S dictations after the Iraq invasion, and they will not accept the dictations of their toys?.. The Syrians said: "it is better for those counties battling presently in the halls of the Arab League on the conspiracy over Syria, to look toward Palestine to see if they really can challenge the American "VETO" and supporting the mother of causes" ?

The secret of the Syrian high spirit..
The reasons of regaining the spirits are various, and the top of it is security reasons.. the army and security forces managed to escape the blurriness of the first two months... the security members managed move from the phase of demonstrations and fighting back the hits, to the phase of intensified planning... they returned mastering that variation of the security strategies.. they set a calendar for their precaution hits.. they set successful traps, such as the one in Hama when the army pretended to have split , which gave them a chance to arrest many armed gangs leaders.. the intelligence services regained their role and reputation which was lost in the first two months... they managed arrest dangerous groups, and discover important threads of the groups attachments (Lebanese defense minister Fayez Ghusn, learnt some clarifications in this regard).. most of the "Thuraya" satellite phone and information devices of satellite broadcasting "Arbigan" were confiscated...
All those forces managed arrest the army defectors, some of them surrendered confessing they were lured.. it had been said that intelligence eyes were planted within the opposition ranks.. some opposition symbols outside Syria sent signals indicating their desire to continue with dialogue.. some others declared their resentment from resorting to weapons, all that could help later in classifying the opposition, those who wants dialogue, and those who are not to be dialogued.. and those who are attached to the west... it had been said that threads had been woven with the first sort of the opposition (the dialogue ones) and Iran is playing a good role in this regard.

All presented, strengthen the security and intelligence spirits... but focal points still exit.. Homs is a dangerous example of what is going on: sectarian killings, slaughtering according to the IDs after ambushing a bus.. the Turkish counselor who went to retrieve a Turkish truck driver dead body who was killed in Al Rastan area in Homs, talked that he witnessed a county within the country, he witnessed armed men blocking the roads and controlling areas without any presence of the state and its symbols.. they even prevented an ambulance from receiving the dead body, and insisted that the Turkish counselor is the only person who can enter the hospital.

Coordinations also made use of time, and became more organized, they divided their work to groups don't know much about each other.. they now agree on passwords through delicate machines, they even set special strategy to film and broadcast pictures.

Ankara, Cairo and Tehran..
The Syrian grand doubts about Qatar came a short time upon the Qatari prince visit to Tehran.. the diplomatic sources in Cairo who are close to Doha did not deny that the Qatari visit to Iran was not successful.. those sources are almost certain in disclosing that the Iranian authority told Sheikh Hamad: "Syria is a red line", " and "when we advise our Syrian allies and brother to be fast with reforms, we hope this do not imply that we are have changed our strategies", which in one of its parts rely on the deep strategic alliance with the Syrian government and the president Bashar Al Assad".

It might be a coincidence, or wanted to be so, the Turkish PM "Erdogan" visit which was synchronized with the Arab FM meeting in Cairo, and with the heating up of the Palestinian cause at the UN.
The equation is clear in Cairo, Erdogan presently participating in spreading the missile shield of the NATO in the middle east and on the doors of Damascus and Tehran.. the Turkish opposition regained the initiation, the republican opposition party is now initiating a skepticism campaign at Erdogan's policy in the region, specially his attitude toward Israel, at the same time, the Kurdish fighters had shown their claws again.
Tension with Israel, and the humanitarian mission to Somalia was not enough to cover Erdoan's intentions, there had to be a mission to Egypt, Cairo is the capital of Arabian changes, it is the Sunni depth.. and before this and that, it is important for the future of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region.

Iran got acquainted with the new Egyptian authorities, "Ali Brojerdi" the homeland security committee leader at the Iranian advisory council visited Cairo a couple of weeks ago to meet Egyptian officials and Arab League officials, he was preceded by many phone calls, part of them remained classified.. the Gulf machine moved.. USA opened her eyes wide.. Israeli intensified its concerns.. The road must be blocked in front of the Iranian expansion.. adding Jordan and Morocco to the GCC must be done as soon as possible.

Someone is thinking seriously that the Turkish-Egyptian-Gulf coalition will be a fortified blockage in front of Iran.. this thinking strengthen when the Syrian government proved powerful.. the bet to topple it seemed fanciful... Iran, till now, avoiding to raise the diplomatic collision level with Ankara and the Gulf, it is seeking to prevent providing an Arabian cover for any international invasion on her or on Syria, but it didn't hesitate, through its leader Ahmadinejad, to ring the warning bell when the NATO missile shield issue was raised... Nejad said to those who want to understand: "Turkey is a brother country, and a close friend, but when enemies set in it anti-missile shields, and admit it is pointed toward Iran, then we have to be alert".

Did president Assad regained the initiation?
He might have succeeded in imposing the security fist and prevent dripping to a dangerous point... but there must be political relieves, as security alone do not provide solutions, yet it might complicate it as time goes by...
Close people to Nabil Al Arabi said that some members of the AL and other parties started a series of phone calls to push toward political solution and open the doors of dialogue.. and they also say that Al Assad prmised AL Arabi with political steps important and very soon, and no return from reforms.

Nabil AL Arabi came back to Cairo  less tense and more desired to give Al Assad more time.. but the problem remains that those who wants to topple Al Assad are not fund of reforms and human rights..
It's hard to imagine Barak Obama, Sarkozy and Erdogan backing from announcing that Al Assad had lost his legitimacy.. Perhaps this proves that the next near phase is not a tension-relax phase, yet a more tension phase.. the opposition ,regional and western countries will not back up easily regarding president Assad.. some might think that accelerating the Yemeni dilemma by convincing president Ali Abdulla Saleh to transfer the power through a Gulf plan, and intensify he military pressure to end what remains of Gaddafi's rule, those are  presentations for steps and sanctions and international moves more wide against Syria.

Ofcourse nothing allows until now to say that hes pressures could lead to toppling the Syrian government, as the security power are still in the hand of the government, and the supreme regional country "Iran" is still ready to fight any danger might harm the Syrian government, even if it will open some lines with the opposition "Muslim Brotherhood".. as for the international level, those who are close to the Syrian government say: "Half of the world is with us, if we count the people of Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, India and others".

The Syrian file strongly entered the international and regional equations, and will not come out of them without a huge relieve .. or huge explosion..

The End..

Sep 15, 2011

Re-activating "Fath Al Islam" organization to hit Syria and Lebanon.

Informed sources mentioned that "Future Movement" MP, with directions from "Saad Al Hariri", is now reassembling the members of "Fath Al Islam" organization and providing them with secure places northern Lebanon, for the aim of reactivating the organization's activities once again.

Directions issued by the Lebanese MP "Khaled Daher" for this organization to commit terrorism acts inside Syria, and similar acts in Lebanon to trouble "Najib Mikati's" government.

Sources also added that extremest groups of Arabian nationalities were attracted, and their access to Lebanon had been facilitated as well as their movement to northern Lebanon to be part of "Fath Al Islam" organization and participating in riot acts in Syria and Lebanon.

The interrogation results undertaken by the Syrian authorities with the defected lieutenant "Hussein Harmoush" proved that the Lebanese MP "Khaled Al Daher" is providing warriors with money and weapons which are sent to Syria every Thursday, and that a full report is prepared in order to deliver it to the Lebanese authorities.

Sep 14, 2011

Lies of the "Death Toll" in Syria..

Only two people died in the "International Protection" Friday, one of them during an armed clash with the army, and the numbers spread through the media are incorrect and exaggerated.. this is what one of activists in one of the Syrian coordination groups said, he handles counting the casualties during the riot in Syria, specially on Fridays.

The mentioned person was illustrating the situation in the "International Protection" Friday through electronic communication with the opposition in Paris, he added that the Syrian opposition member "Razan Zaitouneh" who had been away of sight, is the responsible No.1 for exaggerating the numbers of killed people, and that some media, specially Al Jazeera, only accept info provided by "Zaitouneh" .

The Syrian coordinating source added that the Syrian opposition started losing the people and the respected media trust due to the increase in the lies passed to the media regarding the death toll, or fabricating events and images which later proven wrong.

The source provided illustration for about an hour, about the lies spread during the last weeks in Syria, and said that the "International protection" Friday witnessed the death of only two people, one of them due to armed clash with the army.

The source gave details about the identities of the people announced killed in this Friday, saying that there was a family of seven died as their vehicle flipped over the highway between Homs and Hama, their vehicle is a three wheels small "Suzuki" and the father placed his 5 children in its trunk.. this family's dead member's names were placed among the dead people of this Friday, and "Razan Zaitouneh" usually do this job.
In another area, a man was announced killed this Friday, while he died of a heart attack, he wasn't even in the streets when he died.. the source then gave examples about the number of victims announced killed while the truth is that they had a natural death of age and sickness.

The surprise reported by the source, who works in one of the coordinations north Syria, was his definite confirmation that there are 500 people who were announced killed by the security forces, ARE STILL ALIVE and untouched, but the false eye-witnesses created in Al Jazeera and Alarabyia studios and some of the Lebanese newspapers, announced those people dead through live or previously taped phone calls, while sometimes, army martyrs' names are being included in the death list as civilians, and some times as military defectors killed by the security forces.

The same source, recite a horrible story in this regard, saying that he received a phone call by one those responsible of an armed group that works in "Quser" area in Homs, announcing that his group killed a lieutenant in the Syrian army along with a number of soldiers by an anti-shield missile that hit their car, and the mission executed an hour ago in "Quser" area.. the next morning, the same person called him again asking him to inform Al Jazeera about the names of the lieutenant and the soldiers as a defected military group parted from the Syrian army, and were killed by the regime thugs.

This is only part of what the sources announced.. TBC..

Nidal Hamada.

Sep 13, 2011

Al Binaa newspaper: Abdulaziz Khamis expose Qatari and American roles in the conspiracy over Syria.

One hundred billion dollars to shake the stability, and attempts to use the Arab League as an umbrella for a foreign intervention.

Some of those who are following the Syrian situation, think the demonstrations, destructive acts and terrorism acts are NOT linked to foreign extensions, NOR prepared by the U.S and Arab intelligence circles under slogans and signs that some times take "democratic and changing" sorts... yet in reality, they give democratic "templates" in the sake of passing what's been weaved of the conspiracies aiming to hit the power and resistance positions in the Arab area, allowing the Americans to control the region under many titles such as "the new middle east project"..

Through various reports and information, it is proven that there are many countries along with thier intelligence, and many organizations under several titles, who are involved in the conspiracy over Syria -even if some of them do not realize the dimensions of what they are involved in- but what is about to be uncovered will expose the reality of the conspiracy, even if many issues not cleared till now, while there are many issues were not discussed even by those who own information and documents on the involvement of various Arab and Western sides in this conspiracy.

It might be important for many to shed a light on what the Saudi writer "Abdulaziz Khamis" exposed,  talked firstly about what's called "the future forum" which was held in Dawha in 2006, when the Saudi economist "Abdulaziz Dakhil" had to leave the forum which he described as a forum to prepare U.S intelligence conspiracies, then he clarified how Bill Clinton and his daughter were moving from one room of the forum to another.. and that in other forums, Condolisa Rice used to place her hands on the "Qatari Ritz hotel" tables and wonder "What's Next?".

Khamis, continues to expose the role played by one of the organisations which is located in the UK under the name of "Academy of change", that this academy is a western facility, directed and financed by the western intelligence or a Jewish rich-man obsessed by changing the Arab world as a way to bring good to Israel, Khamis clarified that this academy has branches in Dawha visited by many Arab activists, secretly trained since 2009.
Khamis said that the academy's target is to disassemble the current regimes and changing the structures of the societies and threatening its stability... which is a Qatari project that aims to control many regimes, Khamis also clarifies that the significant roles of this academy is teaching youth groups through the internet and youtube.. and using the new media in publicity along with the vast graduation of demands and executing the steps of civil disobedience, and displaying some symbolicals such as holding the Quran and distributing the means on how to confront the security forces.. he also pointed that this academy is run by the son in law of sheikh "Qaradawi".

Khamis also exposed that many big companies had been mobilized to support the U.S-Qatari project of "Change" such as Facebook, Google, Pepsi, American MTV and U.S news channels... he also pointed out that in the year 2008, the " Youth Movement Alliance Committee" was held in New York, participating (financially) in it, was Google, Facebook and officials from the U.S administration..

Khamis conclude that Qatar, who is putting hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood and supporting them, do not admit that one day, it will not find anyone who will legitimize the existence of its royal family in the government, which object the Brotherhood view of legitimate rule.

What the Saudi writer exposed, is a small part of what is happening and is currently prepared in the "Dark Rooms" under many titles, it is enough to note here, to what being confirmed by Arabian diplomatic sources regarding what happened in the latest Arabian FMs meeting held in Qairo, in which a declaration had been passed in the name of the meeting without the knowledge of many of the participants, or some of them at least, and the attempt to involve the League secretary general "Al Arabi" in facing the Syrian diplomacy, and using the league as an umbrella for a foreign intervention in Syria.. sources disclose that some of the Gulf FMs sough from involving "Al Arabi" and sending him to Damascus in the name of the meeting, to reach a failure, and his meeting with the Syrian command reach  dead end in order to hold Damascus accountable for the Arabian efforts failure.. more dangerous, is using the League as an umbrella for a foreign intervention in Syria after the Washington efforts and its allies in the UNSC failed in condemning Syria in preparation for a foreign intervention.

Adding the weapons and money smuggling attempts to the terrorist groups by some western and Gulf leaders, and several western and Arab intelligence services, plus financing the opposition or part of least by those countries, where sources say that the sums spent on destabilizing Syria and hitting its pan-Arabizm role exceeded "ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS".

It is obvious the extension of the conspiring powers over Syria.. despite all that, Syria managed pass the largest part of this conspiracy, things have even reached the end of it, which is proven by the facts on the ground, weather by the reduction in the number of protests.. or hitting the bases of terrorism.

The End..

Sep 12, 2011

Conspiracy circles prepared ten years ago... Destroyed.

Author: Ahmad Zein Al Din
Foreign diplomacy feel very embarrassed when facing the Syrian developments, because according the infernal plan which was cooked in the American, western and Zionist kitchens, with active Arabian participation (Arabian oil countries in precise) in addition to Turkey, those countries -after the Arabian uprising outburst- were supposed to topple the regime in Syria within 3-4 weeks tops, but the result was that Damascus dropped all the episodes of the conspiracy in which the U.S preparation for it began since the begining of the third millennium, and i have mentioned in my book "Why the war in Lebanon is every 15 years" which was published in 2007, that the "Israeli war on Lebanon was previously prepared in the U.S-Israeli kitchen in order to be an entrance in the same time for a war -Washington had in mind- against Syria".. I included in the same book a document for the previous Secretary-General of the NATO, retired general "Wesley Clark", stress that the "US Ministry of Defense issued in the year 2002, a warrant in which it described how the United States will conquer seven Arab countries , beginning with Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and then end with Iran". Order control the area, and make Syria a weak country, this plan was prepared by the Zionist "Eliot Abraham" in 2000, and before "George Bush" election, he said: "Removing Saddam Hussein from presidency is a part of a global plan for the Middle East.. it is the victories of the U.S in the cold war then in the Gulf war that form the current political situation of the Middle East.. and due to the success of the U.S administration, it is possible from now on to hope for a Middle East where Syria in it is a weak country, followed by Iran, and force it sign an agreement to insure the security and stability of the northern Israeli boarders, so that the main strategic power in the region will be the Israeli-Turkish alliance, but this result cannot be reached without the U.S efforts and a weak Syria"

So, the western diplomacy is in a delicate position, because they are fully aware that the strategic aim of the conspiracy over Syria had dropped, even a French diplomat in Beirut embassy said (as being quoted by in a special meeting that included Lebanese politicians): "Bashar Al Assad had won, and what he represented several months ago, the Syrian opposition will regret that they didn't grasp, because they might not even grasp one third of it after now", specially that this opposition (being weak, and that it is supported by some Arab countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia) might become one of the most countries in need for political, economical and social reforms, as Qatar prince according to this diplomat: "who had turned on his own father, his prisons are full of Qataris, including many members of his family whom he promised with fortune and fame after gaining the power, and making of Qatar a U.S aircraft carrier, yet he transported them from the airport ground to prison directly, and some of them have even disappeared".

As for Saudi Arabia, it is enough to indicate its "democracy" and "Liberality" in the advisory opinion of executing "Mickey Mouse" and forbidding women from driving cars, more over, it is the only country in the world without a constitution, in any case, where are the parliament and elections in those two countries? and how the nationalism fortune is distributed?

If the conspiracy circles prepared against the resistance alliance had been destroyed on at a time, then according to foreign diplomacy, it had backed up into very small objectives that are reduced to extending the U.S forces presence in Iraq, this is why Washington resorted to the secret negotiations with Syrian and Iran, with Syria, the negotiations were through Turkey's Erdogan and his FM Davutoglu,, as the Turkish used in his Syrian communications the method of willing and threatening, which did not succeed with the Syrian side, who clearly knows these methods which never terrorized it, as it was obvious that the Turkish side was full of the U.S promises in making the region under the power of the Tel Aviv and Ankara, even if the controller is USA.

As for the Iranian side, the U.S administration sent the Qatari prince to Tehran to negotiate the Iranian leaders for this purpose, plus providing a kind of security for NATO forces in Afghanistan.. but the Qatari prince came out of his meeting with Ahmadinejad with a pale face.. it had been known that he was asked about Qatar's area, and weather it had or will have a place on the world map, specially wen the big plays?, consequently, what is the role of bunnies trying to play between the elephants legs??

Syria is calm and confident according to the western diplomacy, which cannot be away from the U.S administration, and it cannot anger this administration, as they are hoping for a share in the Libyan oil.

The Syrian leadership defeated the conspiracy, and scoring many extra points, and exposing the plan with its various Arabian dimensions, the latest is informing the Arab League secretary general "Al Arabi" to postpone his visit to Syria, as what had been rumored was that his visit carries an Arabian initiation, meaning, carrying a Qatari and Saudi lie, as no true initiation set by the Arab League which now in need of a radical change.. the Turkish dimension, after "Jisr Al Shughur" camp scandal , and trying to revive "Marmara"s case in the same moment the Erdoganish government announced deploying the early U.S radar systems in Turkey, and which they received due to it a clear Iranian response.

In short, the Syrian leadership is relaxed, as the west is fully aware that Syria is not Libya, and any NATO military action against , its consequences are far more dangerous than expected, but, is "Saad Hariri" still convinced that he will arrive Beirut in his plane through Damascus?? well... he shall wait a long long long time.

The End...

Sep 11, 2011

"Rolling Ball" operation by the Syrian Army in Idleb.

Dimensions far more dangerous than killing terrorist, uncovered by the true events of the security operation "Rolling Ball" in "Iblin" village..

We all read last week how the Syrian special forces performed a quality operation in "Iblin" village next to the Turkish boarders in Idleb, and all who read in the title of the news describing the operation as a "quality" one, and dug into its details, felt that it is as any other operation done by the Syrian army to annihilate terrorists in many places in Syria, therefore, the news in its details didn't show the dangerous dimensions targeting Syria, not considering the existence of armed men whom could be annihilated through normal missions which might not need special tactics, yet, those dimensions required the existence of armed men order achieve the dangerous of all intentions, therefore, it required as well performing a quality operation indeed, earned this description after all those details..

Even though this report was leaked by special sources, yet it overlapped with what the Syrian citizen feel (even assure) through following the intense efforts by some western countries in finding allegation for a military intervention in Syria, we in turn, might not assure the reality of this report, yet through following what been weaved secretly and publicly against Syria, make us read in the international and close parties moves the truth of what we are going to narrate:

Last Sunday, intelligence information leaked by some sources was confirmed that NATO group is looking for allegations to threat of a military intervention in Syria, after their bad failure they harvested through their various operations over the last five months, which will only achieve more setbacks... the allegations was built on an hourly success in dominating some Syrian geographical areas next to the Turkish boarders..

 Turkey's attitude..
The Turkish command seemed worried of the reactions against any military intervention, as Syrian openly announced that it will not be the only loser  in the region, and if Syria must go, then the rest will go with her too.. so the Turkish command presented its fears openly to the US administration, so what about the US presentation of a missile shield protection from the Syrian-Iranian missiles??

The US part suggested to deliver the Palestinian agenda to Turkey "Gaza", through showing that Turkey is capable on lifting the siege of "Gaza", then interfere int he political decisions of Hamas movement, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt guaranteed "Hamas" approval on that, and the US side guaranteed that Israel will not reject it, while the Arab countries role was to display Turkey as the great country that managed to lift the siege on "Gaza" ... Erdogan agreed on the US offer, upon his desire of power.

 Execution.. and the role given to what is named as "Free Officers Brigade"..
A group of 700 mercenaries armed with all kinds of weapons, unti-armory shells, carried antiaircraft shells plus missiles launched by ejectors carried on Pick-up trucks...this group is separating some boarder villages from the Syrian state by siege it and deploying forces in it.. and declaring the Independence of these villages accompanied by a live coverage and Turkish movement on the ground, many indications exposed this plan, beginning with sheikh "Arrour" announcing a great surprise (noting he is just a TV announcer for the plan's details), The other exposure was calling this Friday as the "International Protection".. The Syrian specialized forces, and after gathering information and making sure of the plan, they notified the political command with it... so which scenario was the best for the Syrian leadership??

The Syrian political command had many scenarios, the best of all was that the leadership issued a direction under the number 9/1956, includes diverting the conspiracy into a Syrian victory and a defeat for the enemies, and after an entire mobilization for all the internal and external surveillance devices for the conspirators, it was revealed that the important meeting of the groups will be on Wednesday morning in "Iblin" village in Al Zawia mountain, and the number of conferees will be around 1000 among them 700 fully armed men, an announcement of "Military Transition Council" was to be set, acknowledge by Europeans first, the Turkey will interfere militarily in response to their demands to stop the massacres they were supposed to undertake.. Then Russia and China will be deceived that massacres are committed in this area and must not be bombed by aircraft, consequently, the Arab League members will present a suggestion to freeze Syria's membership and acknowledge the council as Syria's full representative, noting that "Al Arabi"'s visit to Syria timing was chosen to be in the same time of declaring the "Military Transition Council", here ascertains the reason why Syria asked "Al Arabi" to postpone his visit.

 How did the Syrian security forces executed the "Rolling Ball" mission?
Early Tuesday morning, at about 03:00AM, Syrian Arab army forces were deployed all along the Turkish boarders, and the Syrian tanks started digging holes for them close to the boarders, the a quick security mission was performed in "Ain Baida" village lead to killing and wounding big numbers of armed men in the area, which aborted the possibility of those present in "Iblin" to intervene, then it was alluded that the Syrian forces will scan this area, which convinced the armed groups in "Iblin" village that they are undiscovered.

On Wednesday, and after the gathering of armed men and those involved with them inside who were arrested within the "Armed Groups", and after they set the "Military Transition Council", the security forced raid began managing to kill a lot of them and arrest the rest, the mission ended in the martyrdom of three security forces, and sent a message titled "To whom it may concern, the ball is Rolling, and will take in it way all traitors and their followers".

As for the other results of the mission, it was manifested in a phase of astonishment that confused everyone, as on last Thursday (September 8th) none of those known with their stupid statements on the Arab channels, such as "Arrour" and others, none of them was able to announce any important declaration, yet they announced false statements and calls based on quackery..

The End..

Sep 10, 2011

Report by anb Lebanese channel..

ANB Lebanese channel reported that the dissented lieutenant colonel "Hussein Harmoush" founder of the "Syrian free army" was arrested, and his brother "Muhammad Harmoush" was killed in a quality operation by the Syrian army.

ANB channel assured that Investigation results taken by the Syrian authorities proved that the Lebanese MP "Khaled Al Daher" is providing armed rebels with money and weapons and send them every Thursday to Syria.. and that a ready report in this regard will be delivered to the Lebanese authorities soon.

Friday of the International Protection (September 9th, 2011)

Normal and quite life dominated all parts of the Syrian governorates this Friday (Sep 9th), which was named by its godfathers as (International Protection Friday).
Syrians lived a normal and safe day, where prayers went out of the mosques after Friday prayer to their homes in an atmosphere of safety and stability dominated the moods of the followers of the bias media channels, which made this Friday (The International Protection), the calmest Friday passed over Syria since 6 Months... Where small demonstrations and in limited numbers occurred without clashes with security forces and law enforcement members..

Shukumaku reporter declined the news broadcast on Al Jazeera regarding big demonstrations in Kudsaya in Damascus, explaining that only 25 young men gathered for minutes to film themselves then dispersed on their own.

Shukumaku reporter in Idleb said that about 10 people gathered in front of "Saad bin Abi Waqqas" mosque, and another gathering for about 30 people in front of "Hussein" mosque... and other limited gatherings in Taftnaz, Saraqeb and Bensh, explaining that all those gatherings were peaceful and dispersed on their own without clashes with the security forces.. while (Salqin, Jist Al Shughur and Maarat Al Numan) areas in Idleb witnessed a quite and normal day.

Syria TV reported (live) through its reporters in various governorates, the real images of normal life in those governorates opposite to what Al Jazeera and Alaraabiya broadcasted based on old "Youtube" videos filmed in the beginning of the events, and relying on information prepared in their own media kitchens.

People of Daraa denounced the bias media news about huge demonstrations in some of the governorates neighborhoods, expressing their inconvenience of the over-sized news, specially regarding security and army members besieging prayers in "Nawa's" mosques, as a man called himself "Abu Asem Al Nowwi" claimed on the bias media that the "Omari" mosque in Nawa is besieged, the people stressed that this "Last name" don't exist in Daraa, and Al "Omari" mosque is not located in Nawa.

People of "Rukn Al Deen" in Damascus denounced the news about demonstrations in large numbers in their area, pointing that life is normal their.

People of Midan and Qaboon in Damascus also denounced the news about huge demonstrations and suppression acts by the law enforcements members, security forces and army units, pointing out that life is normal, where prayers went out of the mosques without any incidents.

Syrian TV reporter in Hasaka reported (live) and denied the allegations of Alarabiya news about 25 thousand demonstrators their, explaining that the demonstration (which was reported live on Syrian TV) shows about 300 people ONLY !!!, the correspondent also reported small peaceful gatherings in Qamishly, Amouda, Derbasieh (in Hasaka) dispersed on their own.

Official source in Hama reported that what Al Jazeera is broadcasting about shooting on protesters in front of "Al Ihsan" mosque is untrue, adding that the city witnessed a quite and normal day..

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Al Swedaa people denied any demonstrations their, opposite to what the bias media broadcasted.

Small gatherings reported in Al Kuswa area in Damascus, where some armed people took advantage of and started shooting at law enforcement members and security forces present in the area to prevent any clashes that might harm civilians and properties which led to injuring 4 members of the law enforcement were carried to "601" hospital in Damascus, life was back to normal, shops re-opened and people of Al Kuswa continued their normal life again.

Sep 8, 2011

Comprehensive field report from Homs: 07/09/2011

Homs witnessed on 07/09/2011 an excellent safety day, as the events started at early morning on 07/09/2011
Where the army movements inside the city of Homs took place in the following neighborhoods (Al Warsha, Bistan Al Diwan, Hamidieh, Bab Sbaa ...) and other neighborhood which is hidden between its corridors, Alleys and districts hundreds of takfiri armed men.
The preliminary result for our mighty army was killing the "Wahhabi takfiri" criminal "Bilal Alken" who is considered the most wanted terrorist in Homs and the leader of the battalion of "Khaled ben Alwalid" which is a bunch of terrorists followers to the so called "Sheik" Adnan Arrour.... Four of this battalion were killed and 25 armed men surrendered themselves along with their weapons (heavy and light)

Some of the terrorists who had been killed and those who surrendered, are:
(Bilal Alken, Ahmad Nakadli, Khaled Abdulaziz Murad, Hussein Kakhia, Khaled Romieh, Muhammad Taleb, Rateb Farmali, Ahmad Jarrah, Tareq Almasri, Ahmad Turkmani, Muhammad Turkawi, Abdulhalim Juanieh, Yaseen Zarrour, Adel Jabash, Ammar Al yousef, Jamil Othman, Omar Shtoor, Yasin Azzouz, Muhamad Imad)

-Also the military hospital had been attacked by two RPG shells that hit the interior glass of the fifth floor and light injuries, then it was followed by machine-gun fires... no casualties recorded among the employees and the injured there.

- Upon the funeral procession of the martyr (Shadi Muhamad) from the military hospital, the procession was attacked by armed men fires leading to the injury of 3 people.

- Killing a number of armed men who were hiding inside a shop in Al Warsha street, and the arrest of 25 armed men near Al Ozaii mosque..

- Al Bur hospital had been under siege by the terrorists, as many of their wounded and killed members are there, and the siege is like a protection for those takfiri wounded people, the armed men also stole medications and first aid kits in order to shift their wounded members to other places... Army units managed brake into the hospital and arrest 15 of the armed men..
The names of those who were arrested:
(Naser Abu Aldahab, Qais Abu Aldahab, Amir Alyasin, Yahia Alyasin, Waleed Murad, Muhamad Khaled, Malaz Tukal, Abdullah Muhammad, Mazen Nasan, Muhammad Alomar, Nayef Qassab, Muhanad Abbas, Abdulsalam Hujja, Odai Alabd, Oqba Jandali)

- Husien Wadaa and Fadi Hamdoon along with others are the biggest financers of the armed men groups, and considered the head of the Wahabi groups  in Homs, yet on Syria level as well...

- Armed men burned a number of cars for pro-Assad civilians, the number of burned cars estimated as 6.

- 7 anonymous dead bodies were found and escorted to the national hospital in Homs, which raises the numebr of dead bodies founds in the streets of Homs since two days ago to 11.

- Citizen Muhammad Ali (50 years ols) was shot in the head  in Karm Shamshum in front of a pharmacy, when armed men were shooting at the neighborhood randomly.

- Security forces managed rescue a number of kidnapped people (about 14), among them "Majd Mansur" son of general "Ghassan Mansur" when he was attacked in Baiada neighborhood and his son was kidnapped by men wearing law enforcement outfits, then he was rescued upon a breaking in operation to one of the houses in Bab Tadmor neighborhood after being tortured by the kidnappers..

- A "Kia" car was confiscated carrying 3 armed men, Dollars, Passports and guns.

- Army casualties: 7 martyred and 50 injured so far.


Sep 7, 2011

Conspiracy on Syria: Truth and Illusions.. by: Mhd Ashraf Baiomi

Is there a conspiracy on Syria, or is it just nonsense and slander by the government... or by intellectuals who are loyal to the government or those who are naive??

Methodically, this important question could be answered by two overlapped levels, one of them is by logic, and the other one by reckoning on facts, reports, official declarations and U.S actions.
If we adopt the scientific analysis, then we must assure that this means to commit to clear methodical basics, and documented knowledge, based on impressions taken from media and propaganda sources with political bias weather pro or anti Syrian government..
Likewise, our assessment of the events could not be accurate, and the position built on this assessment could not be true and lead to the best available choices if it relayed on one dimension basis and not comprehensively, and through a complete vision of the image with its historical, geographical and political dimensions.. this comprehensive and complete vision is very important, specially that we are in the middle of a state overlapped by rejected authority exercises, yet even condemned along with pan-national resistance stances, using the first one as an allegation to commit what is considered a  crime against the nation, that its downfalls and devastating effects extend to longer periods.

Ofcourse, i do not direct my speech to the opposition that do not follow the foreign or Arabic dominion powers, not even to those who seek to make Syria a "Wahabi" state under another comprehensive rule that suppresses under the name of the religion which is also a follower of the foreign dominion powers in which they cooperate with, this is what will make Syria a tool to establish the foreign powers strategies in the Arab world and its regional surroundings through the "Vast Middle East" project under the gown of democracy and in an Islamic taste.
Perhaps we remember what happened in the twenties of the last century which resulted in dividing the Arab nation and expanding the colonial domination, plus ravishing Palestine.
I only direct my speech to the Syrian people, patriotic Arab intellectuals and the patriotic Syrian opposition angry of the Syrian government behaviors and conduct radical reforms, true and fast which will lift Syria to a regime that allows the civilians to enjoy freedom, political participation and economy that serves all parts of the society and reduces the gap between the rich and the poor with serious public observation that siege all sorts of corruption.. a regime that faces the Zionist plans and the western dictations and the regional, reactionary and Arabian conspiring through true support of the people.. that how we want Syria to be, an Arabian example that uses the power of the people and the scientific progress and the social integrity to face all challenges..

Can we see the truth by looking into particles separated from one another and from its historical and geographical frame?? Can we assess things through one dimension?? Isn't it clear that the divisional method which separate elements that are active among each other to any important case, and reduce it into one element, isn't it clear that it is the best way to conclude the error?? Isn't it clear that the non-scientific popularization and the justified exaggerations and the extreme lack of knowledge will lead its people to wrong stands in many cases??

What sets the course of the spontaneous popular uprisings without united leaderships under a clear program??What are the possibilities of employment by inner or foreign powers?? Is there contemporary historical examples and current events in Egypt and Tunisia that indicate the organized powers backed up and financed by foreign and Arabian powers are the most likely heir of the regime if it falls, and which will determine the kind of democracy and the economical, political and pan-national directions?? what are the indications of the political Islamic logos accompanying the change of flags (replacing the red with green in Syria) and raising Saudi flags in Tahreer square in Egypt??

How true is the saying that the Arabian pan-national Syrian people must discharge a pan-national regime?? if this is true, then why did the Syrian people established the union with Egypt then accomplished a painful disunion?? Isn't this contradiction fall in the non-objective generalization in using the expression "the people" and not distinguishing between its various sections and the degrees of commitment, awareness, benefits... etc.. ?? Has the "double standard" method became our intellectual base which is unavoidable?? and that we must chose between democracy and subordination or the stability and ignorance??can we reject both autocracy and subordination at the same time??
Have we learned anything from our last choices which was proven wrong?? Have we really realized our experience with the British colonel "Laurance" with his Arabian headband??
Isn't it enough for decisive "Laurance" and "Kesinger" along with his space shuttle's trips, or some of us are becoming addicted and always need a new "Laurance" in people like "Henry Bernard Levy" or Arabian individuals subordinate to foreign intelligence and administrations??

If this is not the right time for brave stances and extreme awakening and right choices no matter how hard they are... then when is the time??? Shall we wait another decade until we realize the extensions of the conspiracy, then we spend decades after it talking and mourning our luck from a more devastating "sykes-picot" ???

Perhaps some might remember the story of the British general who was captured by the Japanese in Chinese-India along with hundreds of his soldiers, this general who completely refused -despite torture- for his soldiers to obey the Japanese leader's commands unless these commands are complied with Geneva rules. at the end, the Japanese leader had to comply to the general's demand, specially that the British leader was committed to build a bridge on Kwai river to facilitate the military equipment required for the Japanese invasion... once the Japanese leader complied to the general's demands, the general and his soldiers built the bridge with determination and activeness, that's how the British general by focusing on one dimension made himself a tool to achieve the goals of his enemies.... So how many bridge do we have to build to our enemies by focusing on an important dimension and neglecting another important one if the possible outcome is a regime with semi-democratic retouch subordinate to the foreign and Zionist dictations.

Facts and Declarations..
"Victoria Nuland" the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, said in a press conference in 16/06/2011 : "We started broadening communications with Syrians inside and outside Syria who call for change"... Nuland talked about the "Broaden Communications"  that US secretary of state is undertaking along with their allies, Turkey and others, and exchanging consultations in the Arab World..
"Jefry Filtman" also did the same : "We are increasing our communications with Syrians who stand by change inside and outside Syria".. When Nuland was asked about the kind of aid given to the opposition, she said: "I don't want to talk more about this presently, as talks are confidential and we want to broaden and strengthen those communications"... When she was asked about how they undertaken the communications with the opposition, she said: "I don't think it is for the sake of the business we seek to understand those groups, their needs and work with them until we see the Syria which they want.. i will not go through more details"..

Commenting on Nulands declarations, Michel Chossudovsky the Canadian academic said in 17/06/2011: "Destabilizing Syria and Lebanon is a part of the US-Israli-NATO plan at least ten years ago"... Doesn't this remind us with the French-British-Israeli alliance in 1956?? Or this was an illusion too? Gen.Wesley Clark, former NATO leader, mentioned that the "5 year plan which will include 7 countries starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan".. look at page 130 of the "Winning Modern Wars" book by  W.Clark , you will notice that Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are not from those seven countries!!

Didn't the western press (Washington post, NY times, Independent and others) acknowledged that there are  armed groups hostile to the government? and that there is funding for Syrian opposition groups including "Barada" tv?? review "Tamara Watts" declarations in Washington post 14/04/2011.

Didn't the patriotic opposition read US official declaration in NY times 13/06/2001 about Islamic gunmen controlling the north-west of Syria?? As the newspaper mentioned that the Muslim Brotherhood accused any person who talks about armed groups and their extensive presence as being allies to the government.

What was "Leon Panetta" (US intelligence chief) doing on the Syrian-Turkish boarders on 26/04/2011??

Didn't the US administration repeatedly announced that Syria is part of the "Axis of evil" with Iran and North Korea, in which it is now in Iraq's place after the 2003 invasion in allegation that weapons from North Korea are being smuggled to Hamas and Hizbulla?? When the "Axis of Evil" according to Bush speech of 2002 included North Korea, Iraq and Iran in allegation of aiding terrorism and trying obtain WMDs (similar to those owned by US)... "John Bolton" in 2002 added  Libya, Syria and Cuba to the "Axis of Evil", also "Shawol Mofaz" (Zionist war minister) in 2006 talked about the axis of terrorism between Syrian and Iran .. As for the journalist "Charles Krauthammer" (the Zionist) in 2005 declared that Bashar Al Assad is the darkest ophthalmologist produced by the British schools..  Doesn't this remind us with naming "Jamal Abdulnasser" as the "Hitler of Nile" before the tripartite invasion on Egypt in 1956?? Isn't this consistent with Imperialist enemy's devilry?? What does it mean in reality? Economical siege, Political and security conspiring, and if necessarily, a military invasion... Wasn't this followed by accusing Syrian officials with killing "Hariri" in 2005 until the UNIIIC and its preparations the major case??, and the successions of the UNIIIC leaders from Mehlis to Brammertz to Bellemare?? Wasn't the allegations falseness and blind eye-witnesses discovered?? Wasn't the accusation suddenly diverted from the Syrian command to Hizbulla??
Wasn't Israel (the strategic ally and crtain of defeating Hizbulla) defeated? Haven't Hizbulla win twice, first upon freeing Lebanon from Israelis and "Lahd" army, and the second when the historical victory achieved over the Israeli army in 2006?? Doesn't this follow a certainty, yet even a necessity of revenge or attempt to eleminate the Lebanese Resistance and those who support it??  Who support this resistance? Haven't the Syrian regime participate mainly in this support? Doesn't this regime deserve a great deal of this victory? Wasn't the regime punished politically, economically and juridically due to this victory??

The logic conclusion is that Syrian government and people are targeted by Israel and USA and their allies in the region.. How?? by stimulating inner unrest and riot and destroying the government from within, and using the weak points of the Syrian society and the government flaws and its slowing down in reforms and its control of the power and important part of the fortune and making use of the suffering of the society fragments who are economically damaged... why are we surprised when reading what the Washington Post wrote in 18/04/2011 quoting the diplomatic messages leaked by wikileaks confirming  the US funding of members inside Syria since 2006.. Not just this, the western domination powers are using all the available tools such as the governments enemies like (Rifaat Assad and Khaddam) who have announced relations with the western administrations and its intelligence foundations.. also using the MBs and salafists and the new Liberal intellectuals ... Here's the international financial constitutions imposing their terms on the Egyptian people which comply with the term rejected by late president "Jamal Abdulnasser" to build the "Alii" dam... No doubt that the present atmosphere represent an environment that allows the opportunists to ride the wave of the popular fury to achieve narrow political goals.. How? Through media, with lies and exaggeration of some facts, propaganda media that lacks professionalism, similar to Al Jazeera news channel which forced "Ghassan Bin Jiddo" to quit... The regional siege by NATO and Turkey... and the international siege by the UN and Ban ki Moon.. and smuggling weapons through the boarders.. Here we wonder, why the military confrontations centralize on the Jordanian, Lebanese and Turkish boarders and the sea?? Isn't this a legitimate question???

Again.. I stress the importance that Syria (government and opposition) must take brave and decisive decisions, as history will judge all the powers which participated (in conscious or short vision) in destabilizing Syria and taring it up for the benefit of colonial powers..

Great amount of responsibility fall on the patriotic opposition and its followers which allowed adopting the slogan of "toppling the regime" which is forced on them by the western and Arabian powers which employ to serve their goals which contradict with the opposition goals...

Here we witness a Libyan "Victory" led by the NATO similar to the "Arabian Victory" our ancestors witnessed by "Laurance" and the results are the same... so let's work with conscious to prevent another "Victory" in Syria, and that is accomplished through radical reforms and dropping the slogan of "toppling the regime" and dropping the other and important slogan of "toppling the only Arabian resistant regime"...

The End...