Sep 14, 2011

Lies of the "Death Toll" in Syria..

Only two people died in the "International Protection" Friday, one of them during an armed clash with the army, and the numbers spread through the media are incorrect and exaggerated.. this is what one of activists in one of the Syrian coordination groups said, he handles counting the casualties during the riot in Syria, specially on Fridays.

The mentioned person was illustrating the situation in the "International Protection" Friday through electronic communication with the opposition in Paris, he added that the Syrian opposition member "Razan Zaitouneh" who had been away of sight, is the responsible No.1 for exaggerating the numbers of killed people, and that some media, specially Al Jazeera, only accept info provided by "Zaitouneh" .

The Syrian coordinating source added that the Syrian opposition started losing the people and the respected media trust due to the increase in the lies passed to the media regarding the death toll, or fabricating events and images which later proven wrong.

The source provided illustration for about an hour, about the lies spread during the last weeks in Syria, and said that the "International protection" Friday witnessed the death of only two people, one of them due to armed clash with the army.

The source gave details about the identities of the people announced killed in this Friday, saying that there was a family of seven died as their vehicle flipped over the highway between Homs and Hama, their vehicle is a three wheels small "Suzuki" and the father placed his 5 children in its trunk.. this family's dead member's names were placed among the dead people of this Friday, and "Razan Zaitouneh" usually do this job.
In another area, a man was announced killed this Friday, while he died of a heart attack, he wasn't even in the streets when he died.. the source then gave examples about the number of victims announced killed while the truth is that they had a natural death of age and sickness.

The surprise reported by the source, who works in one of the coordinations north Syria, was his definite confirmation that there are 500 people who were announced killed by the security forces, ARE STILL ALIVE and untouched, but the false eye-witnesses created in Al Jazeera and Alarabyia studios and some of the Lebanese newspapers, announced those people dead through live or previously taped phone calls, while sometimes, army martyrs' names are being included in the death list as civilians, and some times as military defectors killed by the security forces.

The same source, recite a horrible story in this regard, saying that he received a phone call by one those responsible of an armed group that works in "Quser" area in Homs, announcing that his group killed a lieutenant in the Syrian army along with a number of soldiers by an anti-shield missile that hit their car, and the mission executed an hour ago in "Quser" area.. the next morning, the same person called him again asking him to inform Al Jazeera about the names of the lieutenant and the soldiers as a defected military group parted from the Syrian army, and were killed by the regime thugs.

This is only part of what the sources announced.. TBC..

Nidal Hamada.

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