Sep 28, 2011

Assassination of intellectuals among conspiracy sides over Syria "USA│Turkey│Future│Qatar" ... confidential reports.

Reports of the terrorist agreement and the assassinations of intellectuals among conspiracy sides over Syria "USA│Turkey│Future│Qatar" which are leaked from confidential documents, mentioned by media reports, regarding the phase of assassinations and explosions in Syria, which part of it we witnessed lately and lead to assassinating scientific personnel (like doctors) , those reports indicate the following:

At a late hour on Thursday, April 12th, 2011, three cars drove out of the garage of "Ocean Seven" hotel which is located near "Sultan Ahmad" square in Istanbul.. the cars had on them diplomatic plates and their brand was silver Hammers, those cars carried a number of important people.
The three cars crossed "Taqsim" square , and drove straight to garage of "Marmara" hotel , where the American diplomats head by "Jefry Filtman" came out of the third car, and the CIA and the UNSC representatives came out of the second car, and from the first one, came out the American intelligence chief of Damascus office "Tim Burns".

The VIP elevator carried along the US team, while the Turkish intelligence subordinate to the PM protection office was ensuring a "strict" unseen bound over the hotel floors, entrances and the streets around it..

"Riyad Al Shukfa" stopped by a sandwich store three times, where his bodyguards ordered sandwiches of "Shawerma".. he said to his wife: "soon we will eat Shawerma in Sheikh Saad in Syria"... after that, the conspiracy leaders and their subordinates sat down to set the final touches of the armed rebellion on the Syrian people in Homs, Jableh, Hama and Idleb.

In the ninth floor - the royal suites- the US team took lodge, and their escorts remained at the sides of the aisles in a motion they got used to, while "Filtman" and the UNSC representative and the CIA took lodge at "suite No.B".
Awaiting them at the entrance door of suite No.910A, was "Amal Mdallali", "Saad Al Hariri's" assistant, and Jefry Filtman's girlfriend ever since his presence in Beirut, standing next to her was "Talaat Jim" who is close to the "Taliban" current and the Muslim Brotherhood side at the justice and development party, and the businessman representative at the central committee of the ruling party... Filtman proceeded and introduced his hosts to his escorts after he shook hands with Ryad Al Shukfa (MB general advisor in Syria) and hold "Amal Mdallali" in his arms for more than three minutes.. while one of his escorts and one of Amal's escorts sat at the attached room of the suite lodged by Al Shukfe.

Minutes after the US team entered the room, the Syrian "Muhamad Ghazwan Al Masri" a businessman who lives in Turkey since decades, and thought to be the intelligence communication man between the MBs, Israeli's and Americans, and he is also the key to the MBs relations with some of the members of the Turkish Bazar which are extremely religious, who pressed through the power of financing and the power of holding a grip on the charity foundations followed to the justice and development party to push Erdogan to take a stand that agrees with US-Saudi-Qatari and MB agreement which calls for a new Syrian government after toppling the current one, its base will be the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, some US intellectuals, and those who are loyal to Abdul Halim Khaddam, and people inside Syria who are working silently on financing the rebellion movement with money and mobilizing shallow minded people to protest against the Syrian government which it was realized that its local commands in some governorates were supporting the protests.. it had been mentioned here that Jefry Filtman promised "Muhamad Ghawan Al Masri" with the position of prime minister of Syria upon the current government toppling.

Seven hours later, the meeting concluded with the following:
The US pledged to press on the Lebanese Future movement and its leader "Saad Al Hariri", the Saudi side represented with Bandar Bin Sultan, and the Qatari side represented with prince Hamad Bin Khalifa and its FM, to stop the two-sides mercenaries in Syria and Lebanon from moving separately from the MB movements who think they are able endorse the extreme religious current in Syria for the benefit of the rebellion against the Syrian government.. in addition to supporting those moves with who remains of al "Qaida" organization present on the Iraqi soils, and facilitating their crossing to Syria through Turkey.
Bandar Be Sultan and Hariri's people working inside Syria through limited people failed on mobilizing supporters for the project, while the Muslim Brotherhood owns the ability to influence hundreds of religious men and sheikhs all over Syria, and proved in Banias and will also prove in Homs soon that they are able liberate the city from the Syrian authority using weapons and terrorism, and the blood shed and slaughter pattern must increase in order to terrify the people and make them accuse the authorities and security forces with it, and the period of four months ought to frustrate the people, and everybody must set organized terror and fear scenarios so that the people will enter after the month of Ramadan in a sectarian target phase which will destroy the foundation of the Syrian society and urge it call for international protection..

The true focus  -according to them- must be on the area spread from Idleb through Hama to be centralized in Homs, which will separate Syria, as it forms the linkage between the coastal area, inside area and Damascus, and the weapons flow must not sop by the Future movement which is close to Homs in Akkar and Triploi , when everybody can rely on "Khaled Al Daher" who belongs to the MBs and formed groups allies to the Hariri such as "Liberation party" and "Sham soldiers".

Filtman pledged also to consider "Ryas Al Shuqfa's" opinion when forming the new authority in Syria after toppling the current government in order to push away the Bianouni-Attar-Sibaii group from the upcoming government in Syria, and leaving the inner issues fro Al Shuqfa alone without any interference... the Americans pledge to keep the prince of Qatar's attitude toward his friend "Bashar Al Assad" steady, and assure to keep the Syrian file in Qatar in the hands of the FM Hamad Bin Jasem, and order Bandar Bin Sultan to coordinate with the MBs on the Syria soils, instead of falling in the trap of dragging the MBs into positions which its supporters and the Syrian people will consider spineless regarding Israel in case Syria will go into war with Israel.

Here, Ryad Al Shukfa assured he is personally committed along with his group which is struggling to stay alliance with the US since 1979 which reserves the US interests in Syria.. Filtman presented written guaranties pledging with it -under the name of the US administration- to keep the issue of the Syrian-Israeli peace cord postponed until the Saudi government sign a similar agreement before Syria, Filtman also pledged to keep the media pressure on this level and increase it so that the MBs could bring to the streets millions of protesters, and cover the armed acts which their groups will commit in the governorates it cannot control through demonstrations.

Both sides agreed on the names of the temporary government which will lead a transition phase following the acts of targeting civilians according to their sect, then moving to focused assassination ops of VIPs weather politicians, military personnel or academics in order to cause huge damages to the Syrian government and convincing the Syrian people that the government is no longer able protect its citizens or defend them, which will result in forcing minorities to flee, so Syria will become a emirate controlled by the brotherhood.

Filtman launched the start whistle to start assassinations in Syria, choosing "Amal"'s room number as a start date, which is 10/9 as the room number was /109/ .. these acts must be synchronized with the existence of the MBs faces inside the instigation rooms of the bias media like Al Jazeera and Alarabiya, which are now well known in the Syrian street with their belonging to the MBs  .

Filtman then expressed his admiration with the way the MB built its popularity in Syria through charity and religious organizations and secular personnel backed by rich people who support the government in public and the Saudi and Qatar government in secret.. those groups and organization until this moment did not announce their subordination to the MBs, yet they still play on the edge.

And the observer of the assassination acts against Syrian intellectual figures, like doctors and others during the last couple of days, will notice a reflection of this plan on the Syrian ground of reality.

The End..

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