Sep 20, 2011

The last mulberry leaves have started to fall ..

Climates of relief and quietness are drawing their features on the way of life in several cities and areas in Syria, specially in Homs, as army and security units managed frustrate armed groups attempts and their bloody acts aiming for the continuation of tension and armed violence that many cities suffered of recently.. the army and security units performed quality military operations, such as "Al Assad flag" operation  which is still progressing to eliminate the terrorists and their leadership hiding behind their bloody plans.

Facts of the terrorist groups..
Today, as the conspiracy papers are discovered, and the security forces began hunting the plotters, and went far in this field, most of the terrorist organization's second rank leaders have been arrested, and some of them are being chased.. yet the facts about those organizations started to uncover day after day, and the latest of those facts, is what "Intelligence online" website published regarding the armed activity of some extreme groups in Syria, reporting: "Syrians, and since the beginning of the bloody events in many cities in Syria, started to feel worried and afraid of what those organizations are committing which most of their members are from the Muslim Brotherhood, specially in areas like Al Zawia mountain, Hama, Homs, Darkoush and others"..

Regarding the subordination of those groups to some leaderships which ran and financed their terrorist acts remotely or through local elements receiving foreign support.. the report mentioned that the most terrorizing group, which was behind the armed attack at the security center in Jisr Al Shughur, this group was carrying out their mission under the command of "Adnan Arrour" the former MB member, and one of those who flee Syria in 1979 and living presently in Saudi Arabia receiving support to execute his plans in Syria by some princes and shieks of the Gulf.

The report also mentioned another group, that no one ever heard of before or knew who lead it.. it is a group lead by an ex-military officer in the Syrian army "Zuher Al Saddik", who currently live in Egypt, after his role as a false eye-witness in "Rafiq Al Hariri" case was discovered ..

During Jisr Al Shughur attack, terrorist groups had stolen great amounts of military arms from the police stations and security centers they raided, plus the money they gained from robbing the credit bank and the agricultural bank, as the sum of money they robbed was about 16 Million Syrian Pounds.

Also, and since the first attack, the armed men moved to an area located at the Syrian-Turkish boarders, as most of their leaders took residence there, but the report disclosed the existence of two organized armed groups working on Syrian soils, the first one called "the Syria free army" and the second one called " Free officers movement" both consist of former officers in the Syrian army.. as for their finance.. the first group was financed by a group subordinate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and the second group was financed by well known business men who participated in the opposition meeting in Antalya in June 2nd.

It's known that the Syrian authorities and leadership were aware of those armed groups details and their plans since the intentions began to uncover through carrying out massacres and organized terrorist acts, so the leadership placed tactical plans aimed to eliminate the terrorists and their leaders, even though the termination was delayed a little, but it was only for the maximum protection of civilians in the areas witnessing armed rebellion.

In completion of the army's current operations, only few members of the armed groups remains, and according to information coming from some websites and news networks, the army's quality operations in Al Zawiah mountain in Idleb led to control all the armed groups centralization posts and arresting their members and killing some of them, while the rest flee in different directions such as "Muarat Al Numan, Khan Shekhon, and East Ghab areas".

In 10/09/2011, army unites with the assistance of security forces, executed a quality operation to arrest the terrorists who flee Al Zawia mountain, by surrounding the area.. as on the dawn of 11/09/2011, security and military forces were deployed in the villages east of the Ghab flats as well as Khan Shekhon and Sqelbieh areas, in the same time, some forces scanned the caves and holes of Al Zawieh mountain which forced the terrorists to escape in various directions.. but the surprise was that security forces deployed on the edges of the villages, managed arrest them without casualties. in this operation, we can say that Al Azawieh mountain was cleared from terrorists completely.

Security and military forces managed as well kill two armed terrorists in an armed clash near Cario street in Al Khaldieh neighborhood in Homs, one of them is called "Ammar Moustafa A"... also in Idleb, security forces managed arrest the group which had stolen 25 Million SYPs upon attacking a car belong to the Syrian central bank in the industrial area in Aleppo.
Other information reported by some news networks, mentioned that security forces managed arrest one of the leading figures of terrorist acts in Hama along with his associates.. and a mass grave was dicovered in "Bab Hood" area in Homs in one of the small parks as many dead bodies were removed from it...

The End...

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