Sep 19, 2011

Syria in confrontation of the alternative attack..

By the strategic military analyst: Amin Hutet..

When the west took the chance of the Syrian uprising to fix the regime and develop it, they set a plan to attack Syria in order to prevent reforms and topple the country of sovereignty and important strategic position facing the western-Zionist project.

A plan - as now became clear- supposed to end in fragmenting Syria's power and its unity, so that the west can overcome it without the need to insert NATO soldiers into the fight...
Six months of executive work, the west realized they have failed (without acknowledging it), and it was logical and expected that the west freeze its attack currently, and order its local and regional tools to wait in order to access the situation and adopt a new style in facing the Syrian government... but, as turned out to be, the west's feeling of failure and disappointment turned to the desire in revenge to prevent Syria from investing its success in the confrontation, and keep the tools of the invasion plan.

They started a new plan, that is different from the first one in its targets and procedures:
  • As for the targets, it is now clear that the western aim, despite all its attitudes and declarations, and knowing they are unable topple the Syrian government.. they have resorted to another target, which is exhausting the government and occupy it with its inner problems for the longest period possible, and make it feel unable secure the country, and preventing the reform process which already started and will be crowned with next February elections, and working on convincing whoever could be deluded of the Syrians that reforms are not real, and it is better for them not to indulge in it and keep opposing no matter how it will cost them.
  • As for the stages and how to work, the new plan is set on three axes:
  1. Field axes: represented in armed rebellion that perpetrate killings and crimes in Syria, and aims to prevent stability in the country, cripple people's lives and push people into thinking that the government is not able keep the country safe.. That's how we interpret the armed acts against civilians, government employees and military men, and against government properties, specially in the cities that the perpetrators can move freely, like Homs and Hama.
  2. Economical axes: represented in economical tightening and siege, which regional, European and other countries participate in, those countries which move according to U.S orders... this axes aim to show that the Syrian government unable achieve its duties toward the people, and carefree life will never return to Syria if the government will stay strong and in place.
  3. Political and diplomatic axes: represented in international mobilization to isolate Syria, and show it as an ostracized country, a refused government, which will cause its officials to find a solution to discard the isolation and the international siege by offering waivers, and accepting dictations of the west in service of its project in the region, and processing its concerned files, which are now becoming important to be solves in the near future.
The west resorted to this revenge plan with its three axes after recognizing that interfering with direct military act  is impossible, and that terrorist act to topple the government inside Syria is useless, and the sanctions through the UNSC are impossible.. therefor, the west is more convinced that the Syrian government is strong and will not fall.. so they concentrated on media, political and economical pressure to revange from the Syrian people and its private and government properties, but will the west achieve its goals in this alternative plan?

In an objective review to what could be achieved through the alternative plan, and Syria's abilities, we notice:
  • Security and military forces with their high spirits and abilities, are able deal with the armed acts and criminal acts dangers, which prevents or decrease the result of such acts in the Syrian society and help sustain the safety and stability.
  • Syria's own abilities, and its position and alliances, can contain the economical pressures.
  • The existent of international groups ,division in what's called "international community" and the appearance of various camps some of them refuse to give up on Syria and commit to it as an entity, position and role, such groups' existence will foil the efforts for a political siege and diplomatic isolation... as for the latest behaviors such as returning ambassadors, calling for dialogue and meetings with Syrian officials, all those are starters for the failure of the theory of isolation and siege. 
  • In this regard, we say that the west's alternative plan to destroy Syria, do not have the success components, and Syria is capable deal with it, and can make short of time and minimize the suffering if:
  1. The reform will is still going, and the reform work calendar not effected by pressure, as backing from reforms means allowing the plan to achieve some of its goals, here Syria could use the experiences of its loyal allies, those who respect its sovereignty and its independent decision. 
  2. Those who diluted the Syrian people, despite their limited numbers, knew that what awaits them from the west will be dark nights and suffering of security, money, position and role, and if they hurry in following the majority of the people, and the country seeks reforms which is based on free and open dialogue for the benefit of the homeland.
  3. If the security and military forces continue their professional job in imposing security and order without falling into the armed groups traps to induce these forces to excessive reactions which serves their criminal goals, specially that they are now desperate of success, so they turned to causing material and   moral losses to the country.
The End..

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