Sep 7, 2011

Conspiracy on Syria: Truth and Illusions.. by: Mhd Ashraf Baiomi

Is there a conspiracy on Syria, or is it just nonsense and slander by the government... or by intellectuals who are loyal to the government or those who are naive??

Methodically, this important question could be answered by two overlapped levels, one of them is by logic, and the other one by reckoning on facts, reports, official declarations and U.S actions.
If we adopt the scientific analysis, then we must assure that this means to commit to clear methodical basics, and documented knowledge, based on impressions taken from media and propaganda sources with political bias weather pro or anti Syrian government..
Likewise, our assessment of the events could not be accurate, and the position built on this assessment could not be true and lead to the best available choices if it relayed on one dimension basis and not comprehensively, and through a complete vision of the image with its historical, geographical and political dimensions.. this comprehensive and complete vision is very important, specially that we are in the middle of a state overlapped by rejected authority exercises, yet even condemned along with pan-national resistance stances, using the first one as an allegation to commit what is considered a  crime against the nation, that its downfalls and devastating effects extend to longer periods.

Ofcourse, i do not direct my speech to the opposition that do not follow the foreign or Arabic dominion powers, not even to those who seek to make Syria a "Wahabi" state under another comprehensive rule that suppresses under the name of the religion which is also a follower of the foreign dominion powers in which they cooperate with, this is what will make Syria a tool to establish the foreign powers strategies in the Arab world and its regional surroundings through the "Vast Middle East" project under the gown of democracy and in an Islamic taste.
Perhaps we remember what happened in the twenties of the last century which resulted in dividing the Arab nation and expanding the colonial domination, plus ravishing Palestine.
I only direct my speech to the Syrian people, patriotic Arab intellectuals and the patriotic Syrian opposition angry of the Syrian government behaviors and conduct radical reforms, true and fast which will lift Syria to a regime that allows the civilians to enjoy freedom, political participation and economy that serves all parts of the society and reduces the gap between the rich and the poor with serious public observation that siege all sorts of corruption.. a regime that faces the Zionist plans and the western dictations and the regional, reactionary and Arabian conspiring through true support of the people.. that how we want Syria to be, an Arabian example that uses the power of the people and the scientific progress and the social integrity to face all challenges..

Can we see the truth by looking into particles separated from one another and from its historical and geographical frame?? Can we assess things through one dimension?? Isn't it clear that the divisional method which separate elements that are active among each other to any important case, and reduce it into one element, isn't it clear that it is the best way to conclude the error?? Isn't it clear that the non-scientific popularization and the justified exaggerations and the extreme lack of knowledge will lead its people to wrong stands in many cases??

What sets the course of the spontaneous popular uprisings without united leaderships under a clear program??What are the possibilities of employment by inner or foreign powers?? Is there contemporary historical examples and current events in Egypt and Tunisia that indicate the organized powers backed up and financed by foreign and Arabian powers are the most likely heir of the regime if it falls, and which will determine the kind of democracy and the economical, political and pan-national directions?? what are the indications of the political Islamic logos accompanying the change of flags (replacing the red with green in Syria) and raising Saudi flags in Tahreer square in Egypt??

How true is the saying that the Arabian pan-national Syrian people must discharge a pan-national regime?? if this is true, then why did the Syrian people established the union with Egypt then accomplished a painful disunion?? Isn't this contradiction fall in the non-objective generalization in using the expression "the people" and not distinguishing between its various sections and the degrees of commitment, awareness, benefits... etc.. ?? Has the "double standard" method became our intellectual base which is unavoidable?? and that we must chose between democracy and subordination or the stability and ignorance??can we reject both autocracy and subordination at the same time??
Have we learned anything from our last choices which was proven wrong?? Have we really realized our experience with the British colonel "Laurance" with his Arabian headband??
Isn't it enough for decisive "Laurance" and "Kesinger" along with his space shuttle's trips, or some of us are becoming addicted and always need a new "Laurance" in people like "Henry Bernard Levy" or Arabian individuals subordinate to foreign intelligence and administrations??

If this is not the right time for brave stances and extreme awakening and right choices no matter how hard they are... then when is the time??? Shall we wait another decade until we realize the extensions of the conspiracy, then we spend decades after it talking and mourning our luck from a more devastating "sykes-picot" ???

Perhaps some might remember the story of the British general who was captured by the Japanese in Chinese-India along with hundreds of his soldiers, this general who completely refused -despite torture- for his soldiers to obey the Japanese leader's commands unless these commands are complied with Geneva rules. at the end, the Japanese leader had to comply to the general's demand, specially that the British leader was committed to build a bridge on Kwai river to facilitate the military equipment required for the Japanese invasion... once the Japanese leader complied to the general's demands, the general and his soldiers built the bridge with determination and activeness, that's how the British general by focusing on one dimension made himself a tool to achieve the goals of his enemies.... So how many bridge do we have to build to our enemies by focusing on an important dimension and neglecting another important one if the possible outcome is a regime with semi-democratic retouch subordinate to the foreign and Zionist dictations.

Facts and Declarations..
"Victoria Nuland" the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, said in a press conference in 16/06/2011 : "We started broadening communications with Syrians inside and outside Syria who call for change"... Nuland talked about the "Broaden Communications"  that US secretary of state is undertaking along with their allies, Turkey and others, and exchanging consultations in the Arab World..
"Jefry Filtman" also did the same : "We are increasing our communications with Syrians who stand by change inside and outside Syria".. When Nuland was asked about the kind of aid given to the opposition, she said: "I don't want to talk more about this presently, as talks are confidential and we want to broaden and strengthen those communications"... When she was asked about how they undertaken the communications with the opposition, she said: "I don't think it is for the sake of the business we seek to understand those groups, their needs and work with them until we see the Syria which they want.. i will not go through more details"..

Commenting on Nulands declarations, Michel Chossudovsky the Canadian academic said in 17/06/2011: "Destabilizing Syria and Lebanon is a part of the US-Israli-NATO plan at least ten years ago"... Doesn't this remind us with the French-British-Israeli alliance in 1956?? Or this was an illusion too? Gen.Wesley Clark, former NATO leader, mentioned that the "5 year plan which will include 7 countries starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan".. look at page 130 of the "Winning Modern Wars" book by  W.Clark , you will notice that Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are not from those seven countries!!

Didn't the western press (Washington post, NY times, Independent and others) acknowledged that there are  armed groups hostile to the government? and that there is funding for Syrian opposition groups including "Barada" tv?? review "Tamara Watts" declarations in Washington post 14/04/2011.

Didn't the patriotic opposition read US official declaration in NY times 13/06/2001 about Islamic gunmen controlling the north-west of Syria?? As the newspaper mentioned that the Muslim Brotherhood accused any person who talks about armed groups and their extensive presence as being allies to the government.

What was "Leon Panetta" (US intelligence chief) doing on the Syrian-Turkish boarders on 26/04/2011??

Didn't the US administration repeatedly announced that Syria is part of the "Axis of evil" with Iran and North Korea, in which it is now in Iraq's place after the 2003 invasion in allegation that weapons from North Korea are being smuggled to Hamas and Hizbulla?? When the "Axis of Evil" according to Bush speech of 2002 included North Korea, Iraq and Iran in allegation of aiding terrorism and trying obtain WMDs (similar to those owned by US)... "John Bolton" in 2002 added  Libya, Syria and Cuba to the "Axis of Evil", also "Shawol Mofaz" (Zionist war minister) in 2006 talked about the axis of terrorism between Syrian and Iran .. As for the journalist "Charles Krauthammer" (the Zionist) in 2005 declared that Bashar Al Assad is the darkest ophthalmologist produced by the British schools..  Doesn't this remind us with naming "Jamal Abdulnasser" as the "Hitler of Nile" before the tripartite invasion on Egypt in 1956?? Isn't this consistent with Imperialist enemy's devilry?? What does it mean in reality? Economical siege, Political and security conspiring, and if necessarily, a military invasion... Wasn't this followed by accusing Syrian officials with killing "Hariri" in 2005 until the UNIIIC and its preparations the major case??, and the successions of the UNIIIC leaders from Mehlis to Brammertz to Bellemare?? Wasn't the allegations falseness and blind eye-witnesses discovered?? Wasn't the accusation suddenly diverted from the Syrian command to Hizbulla??
Wasn't Israel (the strategic ally and crtain of defeating Hizbulla) defeated? Haven't Hizbulla win twice, first upon freeing Lebanon from Israelis and "Lahd" army, and the second when the historical victory achieved over the Israeli army in 2006?? Doesn't this follow a certainty, yet even a necessity of revenge or attempt to eleminate the Lebanese Resistance and those who support it??  Who support this resistance? Haven't the Syrian regime participate mainly in this support? Doesn't this regime deserve a great deal of this victory? Wasn't the regime punished politically, economically and juridically due to this victory??

The logic conclusion is that Syrian government and people are targeted by Israel and USA and their allies in the region.. How?? by stimulating inner unrest and riot and destroying the government from within, and using the weak points of the Syrian society and the government flaws and its slowing down in reforms and its control of the power and important part of the fortune and making use of the suffering of the society fragments who are economically damaged... why are we surprised when reading what the Washington Post wrote in 18/04/2011 quoting the diplomatic messages leaked by wikileaks confirming  the US funding of members inside Syria since 2006.. Not just this, the western domination powers are using all the available tools such as the governments enemies like (Rifaat Assad and Khaddam) who have announced relations with the western administrations and its intelligence foundations.. also using the MBs and salafists and the new Liberal intellectuals ... Here's the international financial constitutions imposing their terms on the Egyptian people which comply with the term rejected by late president "Jamal Abdulnasser" to build the "Alii" dam... No doubt that the present atmosphere represent an environment that allows the opportunists to ride the wave of the popular fury to achieve narrow political goals.. How? Through media, with lies and exaggeration of some facts, propaganda media that lacks professionalism, similar to Al Jazeera news channel which forced "Ghassan Bin Jiddo" to quit... The regional siege by NATO and Turkey... and the international siege by the UN and Ban ki Moon.. and smuggling weapons through the boarders.. Here we wonder, why the military confrontations centralize on the Jordanian, Lebanese and Turkish boarders and the sea?? Isn't this a legitimate question???

Again.. I stress the importance that Syria (government and opposition) must take brave and decisive decisions, as history will judge all the powers which participated (in conscious or short vision) in destabilizing Syria and taring it up for the benefit of colonial powers..

Great amount of responsibility fall on the patriotic opposition and its followers which allowed adopting the slogan of "toppling the regime" which is forced on them by the western and Arabian powers which employ to serve their goals which contradict with the opposition goals...

Here we witness a Libyan "Victory" led by the NATO similar to the "Arabian Victory" our ancestors witnessed by "Laurance" and the results are the same... so let's work with conscious to prevent another "Victory" in Syria, and that is accomplished through radical reforms and dropping the slogan of "toppling the regime" and dropping the other and important slogan of "toppling the only Arabian resistant regime"...

The End...

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