Sep 8, 2011

Comprehensive field report from Homs: 07/09/2011

Homs witnessed on 07/09/2011 an excellent safety day, as the events started at early morning on 07/09/2011
Where the army movements inside the city of Homs took place in the following neighborhoods (Al Warsha, Bistan Al Diwan, Hamidieh, Bab Sbaa ...) and other neighborhood which is hidden between its corridors, Alleys and districts hundreds of takfiri armed men.
The preliminary result for our mighty army was killing the "Wahhabi takfiri" criminal "Bilal Alken" who is considered the most wanted terrorist in Homs and the leader of the battalion of "Khaled ben Alwalid" which is a bunch of terrorists followers to the so called "Sheik" Adnan Arrour.... Four of this battalion were killed and 25 armed men surrendered themselves along with their weapons (heavy and light)

Some of the terrorists who had been killed and those who surrendered, are:
(Bilal Alken, Ahmad Nakadli, Khaled Abdulaziz Murad, Hussein Kakhia, Khaled Romieh, Muhammad Taleb, Rateb Farmali, Ahmad Jarrah, Tareq Almasri, Ahmad Turkmani, Muhammad Turkawi, Abdulhalim Juanieh, Yaseen Zarrour, Adel Jabash, Ammar Al yousef, Jamil Othman, Omar Shtoor, Yasin Azzouz, Muhamad Imad)

-Also the military hospital had been attacked by two RPG shells that hit the interior glass of the fifth floor and light injuries, then it was followed by machine-gun fires... no casualties recorded among the employees and the injured there.

- Upon the funeral procession of the martyr (Shadi Muhamad) from the military hospital, the procession was attacked by armed men fires leading to the injury of 3 people.

- Killing a number of armed men who were hiding inside a shop in Al Warsha street, and the arrest of 25 armed men near Al Ozaii mosque..

- Al Bur hospital had been under siege by the terrorists, as many of their wounded and killed members are there, and the siege is like a protection for those takfiri wounded people, the armed men also stole medications and first aid kits in order to shift their wounded members to other places... Army units managed brake into the hospital and arrest 15 of the armed men..
The names of those who were arrested:
(Naser Abu Aldahab, Qais Abu Aldahab, Amir Alyasin, Yahia Alyasin, Waleed Murad, Muhamad Khaled, Malaz Tukal, Abdullah Muhammad, Mazen Nasan, Muhammad Alomar, Nayef Qassab, Muhanad Abbas, Abdulsalam Hujja, Odai Alabd, Oqba Jandali)

- Husien Wadaa and Fadi Hamdoon along with others are the biggest financers of the armed men groups, and considered the head of the Wahabi groups  in Homs, yet on Syria level as well...

- Armed men burned a number of cars for pro-Assad civilians, the number of burned cars estimated as 6.

- 7 anonymous dead bodies were found and escorted to the national hospital in Homs, which raises the numebr of dead bodies founds in the streets of Homs since two days ago to 11.

- Citizen Muhammad Ali (50 years ols) was shot in the head  in Karm Shamshum in front of a pharmacy, when armed men were shooting at the neighborhood randomly.

- Security forces managed rescue a number of kidnapped people (about 14), among them "Majd Mansur" son of general "Ghassan Mansur" when he was attacked in Baiada neighborhood and his son was kidnapped by men wearing law enforcement outfits, then he was rescued upon a breaking in operation to one of the houses in Bab Tadmor neighborhood after being tortured by the kidnappers..

- A "Kia" car was confiscated carrying 3 armed men, Dollars, Passports and guns.

- Army casualties: 7 martyred and 50 injured so far.


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