May 8, 2012

Damscus refused a Qatari initiative: Party, not an intermediary

Damascus international airport witnessed the arrival of an Arab figure, who requested an urgent appointment with the Syrian leadership to present a message from Doha (Qatar capital) titled "Qatari initiative to solve the Syrian internal crisis", Yet Damascus gave the Qatari messenger a short answer to the Qatari initiative in one word: REJECTED!!

Syrian sources say that Damascus attitude from Qatar, not looking for her role as a liaison to solve the Syrian crisis, but for her clear declaration of backing away from the policy of arming the Syrian opposition and working with foreign agendas to hit the stability of Syria, and outside those headlines, Damascus don't have the time to hear any other Qatari talks and initiatives.

The Qatari initiative:
the initiative consist of many points:

1- Reconciliation between the two countries, and folding over the crisis page between them, and opening the door to a new phase of cooperation in the framework of the Doha-led effort and initiative to resolve the internal crisis in Syria.

2- The Qatari initiative suggested a solution plan consist of many points, most prominent  of all, appointing a Sunni "Muslim Brotherhood" Prime Minister for Syria, and Qatar to invite the Syrian opposition to hold a conference in Doha, during which, Qatar vows to pressure the opposition to accept the national dialogue with the Syrian government..

The initiative offers other points suggests to provide the opposition with some guarantees from the Syrian government, which helps the latter move from the atmosphere of fighting with the government to the atmosphere of dialogue and positive interaction.

The sources add: It is clear that Doha is checking the pulse of Damascus through this message to know whether she might accept a "Syrian Taif" contract for a national reconciliation, similar to the Lebanese "Taif" agreement held in Saudi Arabia in the 90s of the past century to stop the Lebanese civil war.

The sources point that such project had been offered to Syria in details by Arab, regional and foreign countries few months ago, through Moscow, and Damascus rejected it back then.

The suggestion stated, back then, on inviting the Syrian government to accept attending a "Syrian Taif" conference held in any country chosen by the Syrian government, and the results of the conference to come out as the following: "The adoption of a new political system that distribute the authority on a sectarian basis, so that the Prime Minister will be Muslim Sunni, The People's Assembly's president will be Christian or Kurdish, and the President of the republic will be Alawit Muslim"..

According to the same sources, the above rejected proposal by Damascus is not raising its head one more time, to check its chances of being achieved, through the Qatari initiative offered to Damascus few days ago.

The sources added that there are other reasons push Qatar in this moment to try open the door of re-normalizations of relations with Syria, most prominent is that Qatar is now sure that the Syrian government will not be overthrown through any foreign, regional or humanitarian based intervention, as Turkey had evaded the urgency of the Gulf countries to establish a buffer zone in Syria through linking this step with providing an Arab, International and Islamic public cover, and in the Islamic field, Turkey wants from the Islamic Conference Organization to issue a declaration asks Turkey to interfere and implement a safe zone in Syria.

The Syrian sources confirm that the USA is no longer interested in the continence of chaos on a large scale in Syria, and now sees that the fall of the regime will lead to forming a new Salafi Islamist front in Syria.

The sources revealed to Al-Akhbar newspaper that in few days, the Syrian TV will broadcast interviews with 10 foreign fundamentalists who were arrested while fighting with the armed opposition in Syria, and among them Libyans, Yemenis, Kuwaitis, Egyptians and various Asian nationalities, and they will be broadcasted in batches..

The Syrian source conclude by saying, that the role of some countries in using non-Syrian fundamentalist groups in the Syrian movement had been exposed, and the inability to overthrow the Syrian government became clear to the agenda people, therefore, the conspiracy -according to the source- started retreating, and the countries wrapping around it, started to dim and fade..

Al-Akhbar Lebanese Newspaper..

Translated by News About Syria - English

May 7, 2012

Eye witness from Hama..

I am from Hama, i lived the 1982 events, as well as 1964 and 1971 events.. Hama is the real example for manipulation by many politicians, it is being exploited lately by many of the "opposition" on the grounds of the previous events the city had witnessed, it had being pushed to repeat what happened for one aim, exploitation for a specific interest, regardless of its results.

I have participated in many demonstrations, and engaged in dialogues with many young people, some of them realized the fact behind the objective of instigation and pushing for escalation, and they -the youths- insist on their peaceful movement, but some of the political or religious organizations are pushing for some other reasons.

The cry of freedom that the civil Hama uttered and declared, is a real cry caused by a state of anger as a result of corruption, but it became a deformed cry of freedom when religious organizations entered since the beginning, coming out of mosques, and when the instigators and fabricators relayed on a lot of those drug users and criminals to start with demonstrations, with rewarding fees.

Tunis and Egypt revolutions were the "bait" that many of the eager youths completely swallowed as a result of a considerable media pump that concentrated on the saying "Youth People Capable of Change". The bait, that many political parties and fronts effectively participated in, regarding what happened and  happening in Syria, most important of them and the most ability to influence the masses of youth organizations is the Muslim Brotherhood, that placed its new allies of the political currents and intellectuals in the front of the event, in a way in which they are unable get away from but too late.. And the fact, according to many impartial observers and viewers, is that they are trying to repeat their attempts that happened in the last century (mentioned in the beginning of the text) in order to seize control of the authority in Syria.

Without going into many details about what happened, but the state of mobilization about Hama never stopped, and the large part of instigation and fabrication and lies that had been said or done -and still going- about shelling houses and random shooting is still going till now, even though it was proved wrong. But one of the most important thing that's being focused on is the distortion of the name and reputation of the Syrian Arab army, and that its members will destroy, steal, kill and rape in accordance with renewing the memories of 1982 events, and amplify it in a highly incorrect way, which caused problems for some rationalists who used to talk reason and logic.

Despite all rational and calm attempts by the law enforcement forces, and complying with the instructions and directions that were announced more than once during last year after ending the state of emergency and the issuance of the law of the right to demonstrate and the law of parties and the local administration, and the withdrawal of all the "Security Forces" from the city, and preventing the civil police forces from clashing with the protesters, the instigation and mobilization operations had escalated, and went sectarian as many police and security members were slaughtered for just being of a different sect.

We cannot ignore the fact that the accumulations by the mechanisms and the former dealing attitudes of some of the security forces in law enforcement, maintaining order and keeping security, affected the way of dealing with protestors since the beginning of the crisis, due to the complexity of the interests of the parties participating in the instigation, and the presence of those carrying weapons shooting at law enforcement personnel, so that the use of violence by the protesters escalated the resentment, and the attempts to arrest the weapons bearers caused many cases of nervousness in dealing with ordinary protesters, which led to escalating the tension from the two sides, and acts of mutual violence..

Noting that the groups of political religion "The Muslim Brotherhood" and the extremist religious organizations used the style of camouflage such as pushing the ordinary young men to indulge in the forefront of the event, and placed them in the front rows, so that its members can move actively in an unexposed way in front of the security forces.

What was unexpected by the rationalists, that many of the civil society intellectuals and political parties and powers who called for democracy, had escalated their positions and announced their rejection of all the laws to be issued, in addition to the fact that some of them altered parts of president Assad's speeches, they even refused accepting any party of election until the overthrown of the regime.

Before Ramadan 2011, the city of Hama was completely under control of the armed rebels, who formed "revolutionary courts" and the slaughtering and killing actions had escalated, and the city witnessed forming check points by the armed rebels whom the people of Hama named as the "Revolution Shabiha".. The law enforcement personnel interfered from many axis in order to reopen the roads, which resulted in heavy clashed led to many casualties from the law enforcement, the civilians and the Revolution Shabiha, then they started burning tires and preventing the citizens from leaving the city, and the weapons began to spread widely in conjunction with many rumors about what the army will do to this city.. Despite all that, the government continued distributing flour, and fuel to the bakeries and gas stations, and continued distributing medicine and first aid materials to the hospitals, and bared many cases of kidnapping, killing and stealing..

What surprised the citizens and many impelled young people, is the Syrian Army's noble and committed behavior in dealing with all the citizens in general, and presenting martyrs to protect the citizens, and personally i have witnessed how three army soldiers put themselves at danger in protection of a woman and her daughter when an armed group shot fire at them with the presence of citizens in the street. One of the soldiers martyred and another was injured due to their protection of the woman and her daughter.

In the present time, there is no heavy military vehicles in the city, and the law enforcement personnel are protecting themselves and the places of their presence with sand bags due to their constant exposure to armed attacks.
Citizens are being killed on a daily basis on the grounds that they are dealing with the security forces and the law enforcement services, and armed attacks never stopped at the places of presence of the law enforcement forces as many of them were killed and injured, other attacks targeted cars and government buses resulted in killing and injuries, not mentioning the kidnapping and threatening government supporters of killing and slaughtering, as the Facebook pages of the so called "Coordinations" placed names for the revolution Shabiha to kill, but they stopped it as it is not benefiting them in the media.

The people of Hama are currently living in a state of caution and stress because of the presence of masked armed men from time to time and suddenly in the streets, shooting fire to terrorize the people and close schools and markets, and the people notice non-Syrian armed men among those call themselves "Rebels"..
Yesterday morning, a colonel and his commissioned officer were assassinated, and after pursuing the perpetrators, it turned out that they had set an ambush for the law enforcement personnel in order to drag them into one of the residential areas, which forced the Syrian Arab army to interfere for backup and handling the situation, and within a short period of time, many masked armed men showed up with machine guns and RPG shells in the city's neighborhoods and markets, shooting fire and forcing people to close their stores and burned some tires and caused a great deal of chaos and panic, then some of them head to the places of presence of the law enforcement personnel and attacked them, it turned out that it was in line with false news report about Hama, that the Syrian Arab army is shooting randomly and shelling some areas.

One final word, most of the people of Hama do not accept what's happening, and reject any foreign military intervention, and refuse any pressure attempts and sanctions, and boast about the fact that many politicians and patriots were from Hama, such as "Saeed A'as", "Adib Shishakly" who are the symbols of their city as well as "Sheik Mohammad Al-Hamed" and "Bishop Harikeh"..

The End..

May 3, 2012

What is the new US plan for Syria... and Lebanon's role?

Ever since USA led the aggression against Syria in March 2011, it had been floundering in failure, and the outcome was always the opposite of its plans that had fluctuated in three aspects:

The plan to simulate the Libyan style by fabricating an internal popular movement to be relied on in the Arab League in order to justify a NATO intervention with a UNSC decision under chapter 7, to the terrorist plan of "Oil Marks" under which the establishment of isolated areas and closing them first, then extending to inside Syria until it eat up the country and topple the regime, to the threat of a NATO intervention (alone) outside the UNSC under the title of "the battle to defend Turkey", the implementation comes after setting bridge heads in neighboring areas, then safe corridors (military protected) with clear and implied international acceptance.. Not to forget the plan of a military coup that reduce time and achieve the goals...

Many plans used by USA during the past 14 months of the aggression against Syria, and all of them were doomed to failure, and all that was accomplished was killings and destruction in the Syrian areas, losses suffered by the Syrian people in general, but they are not classified as victory or achievement of the plan.

In return, the Syrian strength and steadiness in facing the US aggression, dropped the New World Order unipolar project led by USA (a strategic disaster that USA cannot compensate), and led to disrupt the Arab League that was considered the hand of the US in many cases concerning its policies, from the Palestinian case to the conflict with Iran to the Sudan case and others that USA used to pass its resolutions through this league, as well as the decline in US ability to pressure in important international files that she used to threaten its rivals with, such as the Iranian peaceful nuclear issue, and the Lebanese resistance weapons, and the assassination of Rafiq Hariri , and the Lebanese court of extortion that USA made of it the "Israeli" judicial battalion to hunt down the resistance in Lebanon.

A number of US losses must condescend to the instability cases in Egypt, Libya and Tunis, those countries that their rulers had been toppled, and USA interfered to contain the change to suit its politics, but the loss had not been compensated so far, and things remain open to all possibilities that might not be suitable with the US policy.

Under these proceeds, USA finds that admitting its failure in Syria will be similar to losing a WW3 that had been fought by the west with USA as its leader, a loss that its implications will not be bounded to Syrian alone, not even the Middle East, yet it will be interpreted in locating USA's position in the entire world, for this reason we note that it is hard for USA to rush into announcing its defeat and accept its failure in Syria,.

From another side, USA knows that the direction of the peaceful solution promoted now by Annan, will lead to installing Syria in its strategic position with extra boost of its abilities after the crystallization of international blocks that are considered the axis of resistance and opposition that Syria belong to, which means that the success of Annan's peaceful mission with an international auspices is a polite devotion of the US defeat, As USA did not attack Syria for democracy and reforms -Things that USA do not accept in the third world countries, because adopting them mean her ouster- but it was for one goal... Changing the political and strategic position of Syria and finish the axis of  resistance and eliminate the Palestinian case afterword to suit the Zio-American interests.

So if the aggression ended and the above was not achieved, then the defeat would have occurred.

At the level of the US ability and possibility of create alternative plans, USA fully realize that presently she do not have a Syrian team to bet on in order to take control of the country under the dispersion of the opposition and its popular and leadership weakness, as well as the lack of real capabilities and objective circumstances that allows her to push the Syrian people into an overwhelming civil war.. In addition to the fact that the the Syrian army's ability and coherence are strong enough to topple any bet on forcing the armed forces to withdraw or retreat from performing their law and order keeping and defending the Syrian citizens.

Add to that that USA have entered, or will enter, during the coming two months the presidential election race, that will deprive her from the time required to run a file as big and dangerous as the Syrian file.

But apparently, USA had adopted an alternative plan in Syria, that she set its goals with three things, and will be implemented in two phases:

First, through terrorist operations that exhaust the military forces and the popular levels, in order to make it weak and vulnerable.

Second, through a political and military excruciating strike in case the first phase was successful .

As for the goals of this plan:

- Preventing the US defeat or failure.
- Preventing the stability in Syria, as stability means the victory of the Syrian leadership in its defense battle along with its regional allies, and working on foiling the Syrian leadership's success in eliminating the armed cells (relying on the UN observer's mission), and preventing her from controlling the street and proceeding with the reform process (disrupting the elections).
 - Preventing the success of Anna's initiative of peaceful solution, and not announcing its early failure, as USA needs it to gain time.
- Preparing the needed forces to be used when USA is free and ready after its presidential elections for the Syrian file.

As for the field interpretation of the plan:
- Continue the policy of distributing roles between the components of the aggression against Syria fronts, which means a team with the political solution, and a team with arming and military action.
- Intensifying the terrorist acts of killing, destruction and explosions in order to punish the Syrian people for embracing its political regime and its reform movement, and push the people to despair of the ability of the government to regain the control over the situation.
- Intensifying the supply of insurgents and arms into Syria in a way that allows later to open combat fronts and drawing internal front lines that justify the presence of international separation forces and international deterring forces similar to the Arab deterring forces in Lebanon 1976, or the foreign forces in Yugoslavia (General Mod, the head of the UN mission to Syria, is an expert in this field, as he requested 5000 armed observers with armored land and air equipments).
- Mobilizing the military forces on the borders with Syria in order to send them inside Syria in the right time.

In accordance to this plan, the terrorist acts escalated against civilians, and the attacks on Syrian military personnel intensified, as well as the smuggling of insurgents and weapons (Last one was the Libyan ship coming through Lebanon).. Here appeared the central role of Lebanon in the US plan, due to the importance of Northern Lebanon that USA wants to turn into a logistical and field military base to receive insurgents and arms from abroad and smuggle them into Syria... For that, USA sent a Middle East crisis management expert "Jefry Filtman" to Lebanon in an intimidation and cajole mission seeking to:
- Restrain the Lebanese army intervention in the weapons smuggling operations and supporting the armed Syrian opposition from the North. and fold out the file of the arrested Libyan weapons ship and prevent falling in the same mistake, and prevent investing the ship's file at any level, weather internally or internationally, specially with Annan (It was leaked that he threatened to cut off or double the US aids depending on Lebanon's stance).

-Mobilizing the US team in Lebanon (March 14th current) and regroup it to take hold of the North area, then granting them the needed capabilities to regain the power after the 2013 elections without the adoption of an election law that leads to a proper representation that inevitably lead to the continuation of the US team outside the legislative power.

So, USA wants now to gain time and prevent the peaceful solution and stability in Syria, and wants from Lebanon to support her and regain the power for her team.. In short, USA wants to compensate her losses from the Lebanese door, so she would tell the Lebanese "Burn yourself in order to save me".. And even though we don't see new opportunities to make the new US plan against Syrian work, but we fear the adventures of the fools in Lebanon who might respond to USA, and here will be the fire that no one will survive it.

The End..

Written by Maj. Gen. Amin Hutet - Lebanon
Translated by News About Syria - English