Jul 23, 2012

Filkka│Conflict rages between Bandar bin Sultan and Hafez Makhlouf..

Who's killing who first? Bandar Bin Sultan, who returned to the fold of the royal family in Saudi Arabia on a raft of the blood of Syrians, or the Syrian government who commissioned one of its senior officers to search for Bandar and Mossad men for the aim of liquidating them?

The intelligence services of the West, Israel and Arab countries participating in the global alliance against the Syrian people, entered the line of quality intelligence operations, and what happened in the National Security office in Damascus, is nothing but a result of a great alliance that gather more than 80 country's intelligence services among them the largest countries in the world by targeting security, military and political Syrian officials as a first, and second, the scientists and technical experts in the technology of missiles and the Syrian electronics and military manufacture..

Facing this war, the Syrian intelligence had established a high level security cell for the prosecution of those intelligence groups that have penetrations in the Syrian state services, and in areas which are now a target for a comprehensive cleaning operation led by senior Syrian intelligence men.

Intelligence world war against Syria..

The battle on the ground in Syria is militarily heated, and the US invasion started with Blackwaters mercenaries vaccinated with tens of thousands of Al-Qaeda warriors and the Arab Wahabism, as for the security battle, it was clear for the observers for a moment that the Americans and Mossad have the upper hand in it with the strike received by the Syrian government by assassinating the four leaders of the national security office.

It was a Saudi breach, that Bandar bin Sultan obtained, and endorsed to the Mossad who carried out the operation with a US logistic aid.

Much had been written about the end of the Syrian government, expected after the big hit, and hundreds of the opposition, diplomats, ministers and media men talked in the satellite channels and journals and radio stations and all of them agreed that this security hit means the end of the Syrian  government , and they also said that the power in Syria will not come out safe after such huge operation, and if they did, that will mean Syria have enough power to continue the battle and will cause her enemies big losses, as who cross the red line and hit underneath the belt in Syria, will receive underneath the belt hits as well.

In Saudi Arabia, Bandar Bin Sultan was immediately rewarded for his achievement.. and in Syria, a fast security achievement against breaches was required.. and sources in Moscow say that it is a mission taken up mainly by colonel Hafez Makhlouf, the officer who Bandar Bin Sultan seek to immune his agents from in Syria..

The Russian sources say that Bandar and his men in Syria and their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv know that this officer, if insisted to achieve a big goal to respond to the bloody salute to Bandar, Israel and USA with a better one, he will achieve what he seeks.

Opposition men and their "Free Army" and the Zion media in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, said that the Syrian government will fall after the opposition militia raided the heart of Damascus, and defected officers and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups that lead the fight talked about hours before announcing the victory from within the capital of Syria, and a foolish officers client to Turkey dared to state an attack against the presidential palace in Damascus, which is an allegation not taken seriously by anyone, not even the Wahhabi clients in the heart of Damascus, as they ran away, killed or arrested in the neighborhoods of Qaboon, Midan, Barza, Kafr Sousa and Harasta.

 The military response began against the breach of Damascus southern suburbs, as for the intelligence and security response to the operation in the national security office, the Syrian command rushed into a large-scale sweeping mission against the possible intelligence breaches, the response to the those who killed the leaders might be undertaken by Syria, and perhaps Iran and Hisbullah outside.. as inside Syria, Bandar's spies are being prosecuted by senior officers assigned with this urgent task, headed by one of the Syrian intelligence hawks, who is a colonel described by the Americans as an expert in chasing and hunting spies, this task places colonel Hafez Makhlouf and the extremist Zionist Bandar Bin Sultan face to face...

Bandar's success was not impossible, as the breaches in Syria have substantive grounds.. The Syrian military response seemed successful, as neither the army collapsed, nor the officials' spirits had fallen in the trap of seeking to save their lives or defect.. The Syrian army liquidated the  NATO fighters in Damascus and its countryside, and tricked them into a trap in Sayyda Zainab and it's surroundings.. The Wahhabis came in by hundreds from all around Syria to fight in Sayyda Zainab area, and the Russian security sources say that about 5000 armed men from the Whhabi terrorist groups executed Bandar's orders in attacking and destroying Sayyda Zainab shrine in Damascus countryside, and tried during the past few days to execute the mission, and failed.. And Bandar's point of this mission (if succeeded) is to ignite a religious war from the extreme of the Islamic world to its end.

Bandar directed his mercenaries to hit the shrine which the Arab world Shia visit as they believe that the daughter of their grand Imam is buried their.

The mosque with its green minarets was under a fierce attack waged by Bandar men since days, and they have failed in reaching it, and the Syrian army say that the Wahhabi fighters are keen to reach the shrine to destroy it and commit a massacre to thousands of Iraqis living in its surroundings..

Russian media sources participating in the coverage of the battles in Damascus, say through their e-pages, that the Syrian Arab army set a trap to Bandr fighters in Sayyda Zainab area, and directed a heavy blow to them, by opening the door for them to go to the countryside, then besiege them intending to eliminate as many Al-Qaeda highly trained armed men possible..

On the security side, the Syrian intelligence waged a purification campaign , and the senior officers replaced many of their procedures, and the spies lying in big positions sensed the danger, and the famous colonel Hafez Makhlouf undertook the mission of pursuing and arresting them and maybe executing them publicly, Makhlouf who was thought to be killed in the National Security explosion in Damascus, while he was not even there.

 A senior security source in Moscow, described what happened in Syria on the security side now as a massacre prepared by Hafez Makhlouf to be done to Bandar and the Mossad and the CIA men in Syria.

And in details, Filkka will reveal some of what's happening in the secret world of the intelligence war between Hafez Makhlouf and Bandar Bin Sultan and the Mossad and CIA leaders.

The End..


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