Jul 11, 2012

Tlass and the NATO, who deceived who .. Secrets of the US escalation, and the Syrian-Iranian maneuvers..?

Many wondered why Clinton has threatened Russia and China, on what did she build her position? and according to Western intelligence sources, in the talks before Geneva meeting, the US negotiator offered the Russians that Washington would consider the Syrian opposition as "Terrorist organizations", and put pressure on its allies to stop arming the gangs in return of a Russian cooperation in Afghanistan, and a Russian pressure on Iran to help in the Afghan problem, then the Russians and Americans agree on launching the peace process in the Middle East and head for truce, but the Russians wanted to separate the files, as the Russian negotiator said: in Syria, your struggle is with Assad, and we do not support Assad, but we seek to prevent the expansion of the conflict into a bigger war that all will lose in it, specially since the "world economy" is unstable.. And according to the French source, the US resented the Russian response, yet even considered it as a threat that all will lose in this war, but the damaged ones are the countries that suffer economical crisis, pointing to the US and EU economy.

The legend of "Zero Hour"..

According to the source, the US side decided deliver a message to Russia, saying that the situation in Syria is  worrying and will not develop into war, but it might explode from within, and the US wanted to prove to Russia that president Assad does not have the lead on the ground, for this reason US planned for a security operation (Zero Hour) during the so-called "Friends of Syria" conference, so that quality operations will be done during the conference, so that Washington will preempted Tokyo talks about the Afghanistan file to put pressure on the Russian and Iranian positions and extort them in regard of the Syrian file. And in cooperation with the French intelligence, they have chosen Manaf Tlass as a "scapegoat" to escalate in Syria, as the US decided that the next hit for Syria will be among the ranks of the presidential guards, which are the strike forces for Syria..

Tlass, a French scapegoat for Washington..

Tlass informed that "Zero Hour" is near, so the US wanted a "Zero Hour" in case it manage put pressure on the Russian position during Tokyo talks, and if it will fail, it will be a new pressure factor, it had proved ability to move in Syria enough to make clashes between the presidential guards even for 5 minutes. US and France acted with Tlass on the principle of (if we throw the dough to the wall and did not stick.. it will make a mark), and after the attack on Syria news (Ikhbariah) building, they said to Tlass it is a training to check the alternatives of broadcast that Syria have, as in "Zero Hour" we will stop the broadcast of all the Syrian channels and destroy them, and we have succeeded in the test by hitting (Ikhbaria) building, ofcourse the yellow media (Aljazeera and her sisters) started accusing defectors from the presidential guards in hitting the channel's building, and the next phase will be waging attacks on the presidential guards units, and according to the source, none of the Syrian terrorists accepted participating in this attack, as according to the terrorists (a Sheep attacking a group of Lions), so they sent Arab mercenaries who are unaware of the dangers of fighting units of the presidential guards, and they have sacrificed some of the terrorists just so the media will say that rebellion began within the ranks of the presidential guards.. Tlass, according to the source, was informed to move during "Zero Hour" making him believe that there is more than one rebellion, and that there will be military operations that justify his moving of his military units, and there will be no Syrian media in "Zero Hour".. The source add: What happened so that Tlass escaped one day before "Zero hour" and had fled to France through Turkey, did Tlass realize that the French deceived him and presented him as a scapegoat for the US..?

"Zero Hour" begins..

The work of "Friends of Syria" conference began, or as it must be described "Friends of the terrorists in Syria", and Clinton threatened both Russia and China with a high tone, but instead of receiving news that Assad is unable control the ground, every body was surprised with the news of the Syrian Arab army purging Douma, and instead of defections within the ranks of the presidential guards, there were defections within the ranks of the terrorist groups, and it was clear for the US that some of those mistaken to be officers fleeing the Syrian forces, they were spies for the Syrian intelligence between the ranks of the terrorist groups, and the US realized that all its efforts went in vain, and the source wonder: Why Tlass had fled, and did the Syrian intelligence really raided his residence one day before "Zero Hour"?, the source add: Is it possible that Washington was unable bring about any tension within the ranks of the presidential guards or close to its units during the conference of "Friends of Syria"?

The Syrian "Zero hour"..

The source say: There might be a Russian-Syrian intelligence cooperation, as what happened is beyond the abilities of the Syrian intelligence service, and the message delivered to the conference of the so-called "Friends of Syria", came opposite to what the US wished and planned..

The source add: Tehran performed military exercises in anticipation of Tokyo conference regarding the Afghanistan file, and according to the source, it is the fist time that Iran perform offensive exercises rather than defensive ones, and the source say: for the first time in the history of Iran, missiles are launched from various locations toward one target, which is a model of a US base, as all the previous exercises were from one location to various targets, the source add: even Syria surprised the world when anticipated Annan's visit to Damascus and Tehran with unprecedented maneuvers in the history of Syria, as for the first time, Syria perform land-sea-air exercises at once, thus an army maneuvers and not a formation or varieties of weapons, and maneuvers considered to be offensive for destroying submarines, and large ships and dropping missiles and waging land attacks, and according to the source, if the political solution is to be shut, Damascus might commence a comprehensive settlement when the observers mission is over, and impose the game rules without negotiations.

Outcomes of "Zero hour"..

The source say: Washington wanted to raise the ceiling of its demands during Tokyo talks, but who raised the ceiling of their demands was the Iranian FM who announced in an un-interpretative way, that "stability in Afghanistan, achieved with the exit of foreign forces", therefor Iran refused any approach or link to the Syrian file with the Afghan one, and from another side, Iran committed indirectly to support the Afghan resistance.

The source add: The US during Tokyo talks, considered Afghanistan as the most important ally for the US outside the NATO countries !!!  where all these manners came from?? How could Kabul be an ally to Washington and the US is negotiating with Taliban movement from one side, Did the US realize that the Doha negotiations with Taliban will not stop the resistance in Afghanistan? and whether the words of the Americans are flirtation with Karzai government and a a hint for the Russians that US might include him in the negotiations about Afghanistan with Taliban movement? the source add: perhaps it is maneuvers, but the US started lose trust even from the Europeans, and there is fear that Moscow might have penetrated all NATO communications, as there are things and surprises happening that are unimaginable..

The source say: What does it mean to try to prove that Assad is unable control the ground, and the message comes in reverse, and more on the impact of Tokyo talks about the Afghanistan file, five US soldiers fall dead during the Iranian FM speech, and even Russia is confident that it doesn't even smile to any achievement, the source add: we should admit that Russia's policy surprised everybody, and the mentality of the intelligence that came with Putin is the one ruling Russia more than the politics mentality, and since 2006 we see Putin leading the US to the abyss and throw them without even smiling, from their previous defeat in Lebanon and Syria  and Iraq to the Caucasian war  and in the Afghan swamp and all the files.. The Russian policy is characterized with calmness of the intelligence men, as we cannot expect anything from Moscow's policy.. The source conclude: "Putin who doesn't smile,... Drove the West into madness"..

The End...

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