Jul 8, 2012

When Syria and Russia threaten with war, and Clinton reply on the impact of McCain's visit..!

خاص جهينة نيوز: عندما تهدد سورية وروسيا بالحرب وترد كلينتون على وقع زيارة ماكين..!

It was not a coincidence that the statement of the master of the Russian diplomacy "Sergey Lavrov" when he said: "The west keeping their position from Syria might lead to a big war in the region" coincided with the words of the political editor of Tishreen Syrian newspaper who said that the NATO is pushing the region toward the unknown, which made Hilary Clinton (whose country backed from presenting draft resolutions to the UNSC to presenting draft resolution to the Human Rights Council) responded to Lavrov, with a similar threat by saying "Russia and China will regret their position from the Syrian crisis", and the Russian MFA responded by describing her statement as "inappropriate" and described France meeting as "immoral"...
Clinton's statement coincided with McCain's visit to Lebanon and the talks about the need for arming the Takfiri gangs in Syria, ofcourse this collision is not the first between Moscow and Washington, as a U.S. warship clashed with the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean, and the U.S. warship pulled back humiliated on the impact of the Iranian ships provoking the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf. And since we remember that the Iranian ships directly provoked U.S. warships, the Americans must remember that the Russian borders have become on the Gulf waters now, which was predicted by a Kazakh writer many months ago.

Farce of the "Enemies of Syria" meeting..

The most beautiful statement that i have read for a western official saying that "Enemies of Syria" meeting was to gather support on the interpretation of Geneva meeting based on the interpretation of the West, as the U.S. wants to stay in place, from Kofi Annan's plan to Geneva meeting, the U.S. yield to the Russian terms, but escape the implementation, they provide pledges, then stall and procrastinate the implementation.. Paradoxically, the "enemies of Syria" meeting revealed many points that became almost the most important axioms:

1-  The participants understood that the Russian position did not and will not change, and their followers on the ground do not believe the term of changing the Russian stance, and this emerged when Qatar foreign minister called for a foreign intervention outside the framework of the UNSC, which is a recognition that the UNSC is no longer the hotbed to the U.S. horses, and Russia will not change its position from the Syrian crisis.

2- No matter how many pledges Washington will provide, it will not abide by its promises, and France's commitment to pay $15 Million which will all go to the armed groups, is the proof of the West's attempt to spin in an empty circle and stay in place just to exhaust Syria.

3- The U.S. which will lose in any settlement no matter what results it will bare, is not ready to grant the Syrian command a strategic victory before the elections, and most important is the attempt to invest the instability in any prospective settlement negotiations.

The peace process, and the development of the Syrian file..

The Russians fully realize the depth of the U.S. crisis, so they have decided to support Obama in the coming U.S. elections, as Moscow sees that Obama staying in power as the president of the United States of America, is much better from the arrival of candidate "Mitt Romney" to the white house, and according to the Russian thinking, the U.S. crisis in the region will only benefit from pushing the peace process for a new peace process, as Russia prefer stability in Syria rather than keeping Obama in power if she will have the choice. For this reason, the Russian proposal is to reduce the U.S. fears by re-launching the peace process in the Middle East as a way out for the U.S.

But the Russians, more than that, wants to demarcate the region, therefore they know that the peace process is not only a way out for the U.S., but a road to the new world. and after the defeat of Israel in 2006, and later after the destruction of Nabucco gas facilities in Georgia, Russia called for a peace conference in Moscow, but the U.S. rejected and foiled Russia's efforts as it was planning to hit Syria from within as an alternative to the defeat in Lebanon. and today, they have reached a conclusion that the fall of Syria (in case it  will fall) will lead to the close of the Strait of Hormuz, which is Russia's new borders, if necessary, and thus the utter failure of the struggle on Syria, and Moscow will have to try call for a new peace conference similar to what happened in 2009.

Washington is reluctant ...

The U.S. policy is predictable through the point view of Aljazeera channel which is run by the CIA and Mossad, and opening the file of assassinating the Palestinian president "Yasser Arafat" according to leaks, only a part of a new conspiracy that aims to pressure the Palestinian authority by converting the blood of the former president into a case similar to Rafiq Al-Hariri's case (with the difference of the two person's history ofcourse).. The last process to put pressure on the Palestinian authority was when Washington's Arab froze their obligations toward the authority and cut off the employees salaries to give up the presidency of the Arab League to Qatar, but today, the Arab pressures on the Palestinian authority returned once again to target the Palestinian authority with money committed by Washington's Arabs, and extortion with a crime already committed by the Zion entity, and the only aim is to prepare for the peace process, and the new escalation in Syria is for the same cause, and McCain's visit to Lebanon is another step to escalate the violence, and the French money which will be added to the Arab oil money is part of the coming negotiations.. For this reason only, Lavrov said: "The west keeping their position from Syria might lead to a big war in the region", For this reason there had to be a real settlement on the ground , and most important is Annan's plan 6th point, as this point must not be implemented until further notice, and to prevent demonstrations by any means possible as part of the coming escalation will be bringing back the protests to some areas, and the U.S. is well aware that the evolution of the situation is becoming out of control, and the settlement might happen on the impact of a Russian-Syrian-Iranian escalation that embarrasses the U.S.. But also, the exploits of Geneva meeting is that the conflict with Syria is back to normal, which is the Arab-Zion conflict, and the settlement is coming even if delayed for a couple of days due to international obligations..

The fate of the world is determined in Syria..

What i have said earlier that Washington will burn all the cards, is no longer a secret to anyone, as the exploits of this aggression on Syria that Washington realized that Moscow now have more cards to defend its interests, yet even the aggression on Syria created the Russian-Iranian coalition, and the Russian influence in Iran was due to Washington's foolish policies toward Iran, therefore, the struggle on Syria's geopolitical position for Washington is meaningful before Iran's fall and ensure the security of the Gulf, So Washington realize that the main struggle with Syria became the security of Israel in the first place, and with the accumulation of files, Washington is about to burn all her cards in Syria, and the coming Wikileaks documents (which some are true and some are fabricated) its first aim is to burn all the Syrian opposition faces associated with Washington to be fully invested before throwing them, as in Syria, the fate of the world is determined, and in Syria, the fate of the entire region is determined..!!!

The End..

Arabic article by Kefah Nssr (Jouhaina News)

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