Jul 5, 2012

The fleeing of Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass

Damascus - Mazza - Residential buildings of the Ministry of Defense:

Nahed Moustafa Tlass and the French intelligence destroyed the family of 1st Lieutenant General Moustafa Tlass, former Minister of Defense..

The Syrian Arab Army is emptying the house of Brig. Gen. Manaf Moustafa Tlass which is located on Mazza highway, from its belongings, and taking back all the cars, weapons, supplies and gear that was his military possessions before he fled to Turkey.. And thus the children of Tlass (Manaf and Firas) had closed the file of 1st  Lieutenant General Moustafa Tlass (former Minister of Defense) in the Syrian government.

It is mentioned that Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass stopped practicing his leadership duties in the Republican Guards almost a year ago, based on his statement that president Assad ordered him not to interfere and to stay in his office.

Sources in the leadership told DNN that president Assad told Tlass "You are an officer in the army and armed forces, and i hope that you commit to your job and do not interfere in anything", this came after assigning him with many tasks, most importantly investigating the causes of protests in Rastan and Douma, which Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlass failed to do, and blamed the failure on one of the state security officer, and one of the president's assistants, which was later proved untrue , and proved that Manaf was trying to brake the unity and coherence of the Syrian leadership, and tried many times to negatively influence president Assad  but he failed, so Manaf and Firas and their families decided to leave Syria.. Congratulations for the Tlass brothers in the life of refugees .. or displaced.

One final word..

Last week, Manaf tried to invite me to dinner to tell me the details of his sister "Nahed" problems with the French intelligence, and his brother "Firas" problems with the government, and he even tried shifting me out of the track that am working on in following the agents files in the Media, but i apologized and politely told the mediator: "I stopped publishing the scandals of Firas Tlass's relations with the MBs for four months based on the request of Manaf who promised to fix the fault in the family, but that didn't show on Firas for four months, yet Firas even met publicly in one of the hotels in Cairo with the MBs, Ghalyoun, Al-Bunny, Suleiman and Quteifan... If you are saying that your brother is a burden on Tlass family, then why don't you declare that publicly? and if you are loyal to your master and leader and your childhood friend "Bashar Al Assad", why don't you declare that in public??? Therefore Mr.Manaf knew that his cards are exposed since last year , and that the regime is firm, and that there is no future for him, and he also received an offer from Saud family with 20 Million Dollars if he flee and announce his defection, "He even showed the Saud family's offer to one of him relatives" .. So Manaf flee to Turkey and now he is harbored by the Turkish intelligence according to preliminary information from one of his friends in Turkey..

Ammar H Ismail

Long live Syria Al-Assad.
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Translated by JaNo Souria..

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