Aug 30, 2011

U.S pretexts building campaign, and the "Damascus Danger" theory.

A U.S-Israeli pretexts campaign against Syria, started to appear in the horizon, and in this regard, some U.S and Israeli officials along with some Israeli lobby groups started talking about what they called the Syrian mass destruction weapons file... so what is the truth of this new campaign, and what is the new side which see the declared and non-declared dimensions?

Israeli lobby new pretext campaign: describing the ongoing information:
Some media and activists following the Israeli lobby groups, specifically the Wall Street Journal (yesterday release) spoke clearly about the Syrian mass destruction weapons, which the news paper assumed in its following report:
  • Syria owns a stockpile of mass destruction weapons, specifically biological and chemical weapons.
  • Syrian owns a stockpile of CW agents, which can be delivered by aircraft, ballistic missiles and artillery rockets... Based on this, the newspaper report talked about the great dangers that could happen if the disturbances increased, and the demonstrations reaches chaos limit, which could lead to the fall of the Syrian mass destruction arsenals in the hands of terrorist groups. in addition to this, the newspaper sought to review the following:
  1. The Israeli ambassador at the U.S "Michael Oren" declaration, saying that Israeli and the USA are presently supervising the Syrian weapons agenda, in addition to following the situation very closely... Ambassador "Oren" added, that Israeli PM "Benjamin Netanyahu" is now more positive about the possibilities and features that Israeli could obtain if Damascus would fall along with the current regime.
  2. The U.S sources declarations: which included the reference to the declaration of a major U.S official -his name was not mentioned- who assured that Washington sees that Damascus owns a large chemical arsenal, therefore, it is the U.S source of attention.. the matter now is under intensified studies.
The Wall Street Journal report pointed out that the U.S and Israeli officials did not mention the way they are presently observing the nontraditional Syrian weaponry arsenal, despite this, the newspaper pointed out the following: 
  • During the presidency of George Bush, and exactly in 2008, the American administration issued photographed reports and Intelligence ones saying the Damascus is pursuing a secretive Nuclear program for producing WMDs in the site which was bombed by Israeli planes back then.
  • Washington kept accusing Iran and North Korea as responsible for secretly supporting the Syrian WMDs and the Syrian missile program.
What's interesting, is that WSJ mentioned in details that Damascus has at least five sites where it produces chemical-weapons agents, including mustard gas, Sarin and VX.

Narrative Pragmatism and building of the hypothesis of the Damascus danger:
The second part of the pragmatism building campaign based on a paragraph in the CIA report , precisely in 2009, reads that Syrian owns, many years ago, a stockpile for elements and chemical weapons components, and could use those elements in initiating a chemical war at any time as long as she owns planes and missiles and battery for this purpose... the narrative added that Damascus is among 6 countries not signing the chemical weapons nonproliferation treaty, which prohibit  the production and storing of this kind of weapons, therefore, the U.S and the western European intelligence services sees Damascus as one of the main players in the expansion of nontraditional weaponry networks, along with Iran and North Korea and some armed groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas movement.. as well as managing smuggling networks for this kind of weapons... leaked news pointed  that the Americans and Israelis convinced that Damascus provided Hezbollah recently with a number of long rang Scud missiles capable on hitting their targets precisely with a range of 700KM, which makes Hezbollah capable on hitting targets inside Turkey's soils. 
Israeli and American sources confirmed that Washington -with extreme concern- monitoring the nontraditional Syrian military abilities, and joining in combined agreements with its western European and Middle Eastern allies regarding the nature and dangers of these abilities on the security and stability of the Middle East.

Scenario of the enfeeblement of the Syrian abilities: to where?
Analyzing the behavioral data of the U.S ad western European pressures over Damascus, clearly indicate the following:

  • The diplomatic sanctions system aims to weaken the Syrian political abilities, specially the abilities of the Syrian diplomacy as well as crumbling the Syrian foreign policy ability.
  • The petroleum, commercial and financial sanctions system aim to weaken the Syrian economical abilities.
Now, as noted, what's required is to impose a military sanction system aim to weaken the Syrian military abilities, this system includes:
  •  An embargo on selling weapons and military ammo to Syria, in this regards, the leaked information say that the Washington-Paris-London axes presently marketing an international decision draft in which the Security Council forbids providing Syria with weapons and military ammo.
  • Seeking to impose more sanctions on Syria to force it disassemble its nontraditional military abilities, specially the chemical abilities and the missile ones.
So, what's required by USA, France, U.K, and Germany is to terminate Syrian military abilities, which makes Syria an armless country without defensive abilities, and in the case of full exposure in front of the growing Israeli military threats, and basing on what WSJ reported, we must anticipate the possibility that Washington-Paris-London might seek an international efforts to control the nontraditional Syrian military abilities base on  allegations and excuses that the rise of the Syrian demonstrations will lead to the possibilities of the fall of such abilities in the hands of terrorist groups.

Al Jamal for studies and translations.

Aug 28, 2011

Preparations for a "bloody" phase in Syria ... Aborted..

The threats launched by the terrorism and sabotage leaders on the "Syrian revolution" page on Facebook to make "Al-Qader" night, a blood and grand Jihad night and a phase to execute dangerous agendas in the conspiracy over Syria, were not playful threats, yet means and tools were put under its service to create what they named "bloody explosions and operations", where leading and well trained elements were supposed to enter the country during the three days prior to "Al Qader" night, along with huge amounts of money to pay those who dare to execute bloody acts and terrorize the country... yet the Syrian leadership concern on the country's security -represented by the specialized security parties- aborted what was planned in a surprise mission that trapped 182 leading members who were recruited to execute the second phase of the conspiracy on Syria which is the "bloody" phase.

Reliable sources told "Syrian Days" website, that through a quality and surprising mission executed in high proficiency, the specialized security forces within the three days prior to "Al Qader" night, managed to arrest 182 leading members trained in Qatar, some of them from various nationalities, they-according to sources- are the leaders of the second phase of the conspiracy on Syria which was supposed to start as from "Al Qader" night through explosions that terrorize the citizens, and blame it later on the Syrian security services. 

Sources added that among those criminal leaders, a high rank Qatari officer specialized in the logistic and leadership missions, he was supposed to lead the terrorist groups and pay them to execute his plans with large amount of money.

Sources also mentioned that the security services arrested those 182 members after continues observation based on the huge amount of informations obtained, and they arrested them in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia airports as well as the "Dabousieh and Jdaide" boarders with Lebanon, plus confiscating loads of money in US Dollars which lead to abort a phase was supposed to harvest the lives of innocent people.

On another side, The Qatari prince visit to Iran on August 25th, and Qatar declarations which implied that Syria is a brother country and its stability is important for the stability of the region, which delude the international opinion that Qatar -despite its negative role toward Syria and mobilizing it in a way that serves the west interests in influencing the Syrian government and maybe toppling it- is concerned in keeping the Syrian regime and its resistant stance... while on the contrary, the Qatari appearance on the Iranian platform was only to cover the mediation requested by Qatar for a n Iranian intervention regarding the release of those who conspired over the Syrian government and people, specially since the Syrian leadership owns reports that could shake the stability of some Gulf kingdoms and countries which participated in what's going on in Syria, yet according to sources close to the events, the Iranian response was harsh and refused to interfere in the release of the conspirators , and this explains the truth of what we mentioned earlier about those leaders who were arrested while heading to Damascus.

Regarding to what bias media reported yesterday August 27th about mass demonstrations erupted after dawn prayer and centralized at the Abasyyn and Umawyyn squares in Damascus, this declaration was only an execution of the second phase of the plan, while during our roam in the mentioned places the life was normal, and popular sources assured us that attempts -by protesters- to reach the mentioned squares were done through wicked means like holding the president pictures and proceed to the squares as pro-Assad marches, and when reach the center, they drop the pictures and tore them and chant provocative slogans against the government , this act was discovered by the security services and prevented it from happening... those means are ways to cover the execution of the second phase of the conspiracy which wanted to make "Al Qader" night a bloody and grand Jihad night. 

Security forces also arrested 9 members out of 11 -two of them escaped- they are members of a coordinating cell in one of Damascus countryside graveyards.. they were arrested during a meeting in which they planed for an explosive mission which was supposed to be executed in the same night.. yet the security forces follow-ups aborted this mission 5 minutes before it happened.

Also in Homs, specialized parties disassembled 7 explosive cans at the "Nazihin and Sabil" neighborhoods, and the security forces on August 27th released a number of detainees from Jable city in Latakia province after being proven innocent from carrying weapons and throwing dynamite. Also in Hama, many detainees had been released after committing not to harm private and governmental properties.   

Prince of Qatar visit to Tehran..

OTV obtained news from Arabian diplomatic sources that the prince of Qatar "Hamad" asked the Iranian senior officials to help him sparing Syria from the danger of a foreign intervention, As an international decision had been taken in this regard.. "Hamad" announced his ability to help prevent it through a historical compromise on the scale of Syria and the region... according to same sources to OTV, the Iranian response was that Iran sees in Syria the  tip of the spear of the Arab and Islamic nation in the face of Israel, and attacking Syria by foreign forces, orders every Muslim to stand by her side, and that what Iran will do...
Sources added that Qatar asked to calm the situation in Afghanistan and implied to an Iranian involvement in Eilat operation, yet the answer came from the Quds corps leader in the Iranian revolutionary guards, Gen. Qasem Suleiman, who was one of the official Iranian delegation, he said, if they wanted it to be a war, it will not be bound to Palestine, Gazza and Syria, yet it will reach the entire region...
These sources drew the attention to what Hizbulla's leader Sir."Nasrulla" announced in "Maroun Al Ras" festival on Aug 25th, that any negative development in Syria will reach the entire region, and any positive development, will be in the entire region's benefit..

The End..

Aug 27, 2011

Who will determine the fate of Syria and its location? ... by: Amin Hutet.

Five months after the civil motion which contradict in its goals and contents, the image of the Syrian stances and possibilities of this solution's success became more clear, where we see:

1- The majority of the Syrian people whom did not respond to calls launched in other fields calling to take the streets, yet they kept their support for president Assad and his government, being certain that he is serious in leading a vast reform process that he initiated on many scales, and knows that such process require time to accomplish.

2- On the other hand, we find a group that believe in the democratic method  and the peaceful way of protesting and demonstrating, and they demand reforms in a faster way and do not recognize what's been decided of reformative actions. They are using the peaceful pressure policy until they reach the complete achievement,  avoiding touching the national security and stability as noted in many of its representative's positions, but this group's problem even though they gathered in many conferences inside and outside Syria, is that they do not own (or didn't present) a steady and clear vision to what Syria must become in the future, and how the peaceful transformation should be in their opinion, they even do not have the mutual confidence between each other, and ofcourse they have no united leadership that express a position they must follow.

3- The third group, express their presence with an armed movement that they use through what's known in the law science as armed rebellion and disobeying the government and placing their hands by force on its properties and blocking the freedom of other citizens and their rights... this group close the door on any attempt for dialogue or discussion, practicing the logic of "it is up to me" and the weapon is the judge.... This groups's members moved from Daraa to Douma, Homs, Tal Kalakh where the government _along with its security and military services- managed to prevent their plans success , and brought back security to the areas which faced terrorism... finally, the armed rebellion down sized to Hama and Der Azzour, where these organizations managed placing their hands over those cities and forced the country to deal with them.

Within this map of positions, a presidential declaration from the Security Council was brought to condemn the violence and call for a peaceful solution.. and here we ask a question... who has the right to draw Syria's fate?? the majority group which support reforms lead by the government, or the peaceful opposition group which have no united stand and gain a limited popular ground... or the armed groups which only see the weapon as a way for change... or maybe a longer wait for the international intervention???

We know that the armed group do not own a popular ground capable to allow them form the regime their want, so they resorted to using weapons to form it, and started betting -apparently- on a foreign intervention similar to Libya, and i think, the security council declaration disappointed them by stressing that the solution is in the hands of the Syrians, through dialogue... if they do not respond to it,  they will have to face two negatives, either refrain from using weapons and end the armed rebellion .. or waiting for the security and military forces to end it, taking into consideration that the foreign intervention door is shot.

As for the second group -the change and reform with peaceful means- they have the right to demand reforms, but they olso hold the right of the people on them to present a mechanism and a program and to dialogue in regard of this program so that its behavior could be close to reality, sanity and right mind.

In conclusion, and with impossible foreign intervention on the Syrian track, specially after knowing that the most that can be issued by the Security Council  is a declaration that is unbinding and confess the presence of those who use force against government institutions, and there is no solution but the political one made by Syrians -meaning, through dialogue, reform and change in peaceful means- therefore, we see that the horizon becoming blocked in the face of those who call for change using weapons, and misty in front of those who call for change without dialogue, and open in front of the majority clutching to the government and its reform process... so do the rest realize this reality or they will keep their obstinacy which lengthen the suffering of the Syrians until the government will end the rebellion and come to dialogue all those who are not convinced that it is the only way for solution that leads to reforms... taking into consideration, that some people' abstention  from responding doesn't mean that stability will not return, specially that what Syria had witnessed through its recovery path is the large part, and after the foreign intervention fell apart at the feet of the wise Syrian people.

The End..

Aug 26, 2011

Syrian intelligence tsunami on the outskirts of Tel Aviv...

Toppling the government in Syria is an old Israeli dream, renewing itself at every moment and second pass on the new Middle East area, which the U.S administration -directed by the CIA- tried to redraw its boarders in a manner that serves the interest of the Zionist entity and the approach of declaring the grand Israeli country following the arrival of Jews from all over the world to the promised land. 

The Syrian government is one of four governments present in the region which stood in the face of the Zionist entity and fought it, military, materially and morally.. As for how they fought those wars, it is well known even if its details didn't take a large part in the media which kept talking about it.. on another side, the Zionist authorities  worked -in every way possible- on fighting those regimes by the aid of its first ally the United States and the European Union, and the Mossad attempts succeeded - somehow- in executing their plans in getting rid of those regimes through a long studies and using strategic experts in the military and security fields, scholars in the socio-psychological science, they have succeeded with bringing about the regime in Egypt , yet they even signed a peace treaty with it, which was considered a painful hit for the Arab world and the Palestinian cause.. As for the regime in Iraq and its great army which was the source of fear to Tel Aviv, it was gradually destroyed through tactical wars Saddam Hussein walked on its path, so he forced the Iraqi army into a long war with the Iranian regime -the third enemy for the Israelis- but trials are still going to target Iran (the new nuclear boogeyman) in the region and its army which is armed with the latest weapons and missiles which are capable on hitting the U.S military bases in the Gulf and all the occupied lands in Palestine very accurately upon receiving the reports and required maps to destabilize the Zionist regime within minutes in case it will think of attacking the Iranian soils.. The most important enemy among the already mentioned regimes, is the Syrian regime the renewable one with high hopes and great determination, the one which its people surround their president who holds a great popularity between the leaders of the region. 

The plans which are prepared and renewed everyday against the Syrian regime are a lot, yet the hour of execution had been delayed, and postponed at some points, until the right moment came to revenge on Syria after it taught the Israeli regime lessons in combat in 1973, and the psychological wars the late president Hafez Al Assad mastered in applying on Israel and Americans.. the zero moment was by using what's called "the Arab spring" in order to spread the grudge of the conspiracy and is poisons on Syria, so it applied on the reality ground the most important phase of it, and through it, the Israeli entity risked its existence because if the attempt is to fail, the consequences will be larger than expected, and the sleeping giant who will burn all who try to shake its sovereignty.. will be awaken.

The conspiracy Syria is witnessing today, had been played by various players and intelligence services participating in it... here are their order:
1- The Zionist Mossad services: The main player in the conspiracy and the one who set its foundations through the years after Tishreen war in 1973, this war's result was not only the military defeat on the Israelis, it's more, as the Syrian intelligence succeeded in penetrating all the Zionist sources through Mossad agent A.L who was born in Haifa and was described by Dr. Samir Mahmoud Kadih -researcher in the  security and strategic field- as a the spy who made Israel cry, this spy was recruited in the intelligence sector of the Israeli army, he knew many languages specially Arabic (Syrian, Palestinian and Egyptian slang), he served in the 1973 war in the central alarm unit of the military intelligence "Aman" which is know these days as 200/8... his mission was listening and analyzing, he completed his mission perfectly, yet for his bad luck, the Syrian forces controlled "Haramon"  mountain were this Israeli officer exist, he was arrested along with a number of Israeli soldiers.
A.L arrest was like a treasure for the Syrian leadership, because this person owns a lot of valuable information that he confessed with completely and entirely, that even the Syrian intelligence officers was surprised of the amount of info that could be stored in the brain of one human being, and the results of the loss of this Syrian intelligence success , its trails still exist until this day, and the Israeli entity still suffer from them  regarding the encyclopedia of leaked information about the Zionist army, its weapons and the places of weakness and strength in it, this defeat for the Mossad service strengthen the revenge intention from its enemy the Syrian intelligence, plus what we have mentioned before.

2- the CIA: it is the second player in the conspiracy over Syria, and it had been said that it is who started writing the plans and the ways to implement them on ground through its important calls with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in Hama 1980... these plans was executed two year later, but it failed harshly that USA tried following to it to study the reason for this failure and the vast deterioration of hitting the Syrian regime from within.. after a while of analysis, discussion and using may US experts in the near east interests, the mission was delivered to the most qualified people in the agency, and alliance with their agents in the Middle East.

3- The Saudi intelligence service: after years of "Bandar Ben Sultan" service  in the USA and proving its true intentions toward the Zionist entity, he returned home and founded a personal division for him in the Saudi intelligence service under his supervision and instructions.. he stayed for a long time under under the service of Al Qaida foundation and its survival in the region by funding it financially, military and humentary with terrorist extremest members carry the teachings of "Huhammad Abdul Wahhab" school.. he was called " the Godfather" of the Qaida foundation, and its prominent goal was in Iraq after Saddam Hussein regime fall, and the entrance of invasion forces into its soils... Bandar was the main responsible party for the Qaida plans executions in Iraq, and he hardly succeeded in waking a civil war between Iraqis who succeeded in fighting it even though they still suffer fro its touched results in the field... Bandar moved after this to execute the zio-American plan in an attempt to destroy the main enemy of the Zionist regime.. which is the Syrian regime.

4- Lebanese information center: his manager is "Wissam Hassan", which Mossad former chief "Dany Yatom" that he posses a satanic mind.. the information center mission was to prepare an intelligence war against the Syrian regime to weaken it before it smells its breath and fight any external invasion imposed on it.

Times had passed, and plans continues against Syria until it is time to get with the Syrian giant.. many had wondered about the reasons that pushed "Jefry Filtman"  (Secretary of State assistant in the field of the Near East affairs)to visit Egypt after toppling the regime of "Husny Mubarak" and then proceeding directly to Beirut then Ryad and Istanbul, specially that this man is known through the problems facing every land he step a foot on... few analysts warned from a man accompanied "Filtman" during his visit to Beirut, which is "Elie Khoury" , and after investigations and questioning, it had been noted that the later is one of the important people for the American intelligence, and known as (CIA man at the rumor world)... the smoke was rising regarding a strike on Syria in the coming days.. preliminary leaks about this strike by executing a plan called (Filtman-Bandar war) in which the Syrian intelligence tried to inform the world she was unaware of even though the plan reached Damascus within hours from writing it.. the problem was the lack of information received and they way of implementing them, until zero hour came and Bandar directed the first pole of the plan which is his followers from Al Qaida foundation in Iraq ,"Fath Al Islam", "Ansar league" and "Salafist Jihadi movement" to head to Syria and plant sleeping cells ready to explode at any moment and when asked... indeed, those extremest groups arrived some Syrian cities using those of weak spirits who are uneducated and don't have the personality that could prevent them joining extremism and terrorism... the information center (belong to Hariri in Lebanon) handled moving weapons from Lebanon to Syria through the boarders and by sea using the experience of "Wissam Hassan" in his conflict with the Syrians which lasted years long... As for Saudi Arabia, it missions had varied through the intelligence center lead by Bandar Bin Sultan... a crisis cell was formed to run the missions very precise, and the CIA was used as well which prepared more than 150 psychology scholars to study and analyze the smallest details... they even studied each area in Syria alone and the psychological elements of it residents and the best ways to motivate them (group manner) in order to direct a fast strike that the Syrian command cannot control its continuance... the Jordanian lands was selected along with the Jordanian intelligence service (trained by the British) which is known for its security and information strength and its military expertise, not forgetting that the royal family in Jordan have weird probes and its history witness it, we all recall when late king "Hussein" was described as (Mr. Beef) he was known as the British intelligence man and spies over Jordan, and indeed, the Jordanian intelligence cooperated largely with its allies to weaken Syria, some reported details tell that an entire cell with internet expertise and Facebook pages was formed at (Dot and com) company run by Iraqi "Muhammad Qaisi" and financed mainly by the Saudi Arabia... the slogans which are offended the Syrian leadership by "Elie Khoury" to this cell which is equipped with all needed to start "Filtman-Bandar" psychological and media war and provoking to start a civil war in the well attached Syrian community.

Weapons started to flow into the Syrian lands from several axes, the most important one was by sea to Banias city of Tartous province following the arrival of extremists to it lead by "Ziad Jarrah" the eminent member of Al Qaida foundation and accused of participating in 9/11 attack in 2001, the reason for choosing him is because his uncle "Gamal Jarrah" Future movement parliament member as from 2005... coordination with "Iqab Saker" -another leader in the Future movement- had been done, news talked about seeing him in Banias in the first days of the conspiracy ... the second axes was to smuggle weapons through some gaps in the Syrian-Lebanese boarders and the Iraqi and Jordanian boarders, specially that the base of the Qaida foundation and its peak time was in the western area of Iraq before being kicked out by clan members, even though some pocket still sleeping... and by proving the human and material elements and the ready plans a period of two weeks was expected to topple the Syrian regime and it security services if it was under a psychological and media attack, and activating internal elements which took their positions according to plan, specially that media diversion element was done by using Al Jazeera network (a prominent media network in the Middle East and trusted by Arabs).

Zero hour started through calls over the Facebook for demonstrations against the regime of Al Assad in the 15th of March at Al Marja square in the middle of Damascus... this phenomenon was planed to enter Al Hamidia market which is usually crowded with people, specially that recording device is a mobile phone camera in order to fabricate the scenes and expand the demonstrations... the first disappointment for the intelligence alliance was when the numbers of people in this demonstration was only 14 among 6 million Syrian citizens live in Damascus lead by the (virgin) of the opposition "Suheir Attasi"... the disappointment was larger when conspirators knew that who faced this demonstration was civilians who disbursed it and cursed the 14 protester as they believed they were unsettling Syria's security and tranquility... this case continued on the same manner for four weeks witnessing small gatherings of 100 people, which cause a harsh strike to the "Filtman-Bandar" war which moved from stage one to stage two very quickly which is using weapons and stimulating extremists who perfectly took positions.. as from one side the gunmen targeted policemen and security members using light and medium weapons.. and on the other side, peaceful demonstrations which erupted in the first weeks of April and calling for freedom and reforms were targeted... the second painful strike for the conspiracy in Syria that president Bashar AL Assad issued in the first week a number of reforms which reached -until this week- 20 decrees of reforms.. yet the third strike was when the army went to the cities and welcomed by the citizens who requested its intervention following the armed men controlling some areas and stopped people from practicing their normal life... the conspiracy, Bandar said will bring Syria back to the stone ages and president Assad will fall within days, was proven wrong, as Syria in it strong will is larger, and the people surrounding their leader and the army was unexpected for the conspirators, there is't a card but played by the west to smash the resistance of the Syrian people, they even threatened by a military strike similar to western and Gulf strike on Libya... yet the president response came clear in his dialogue with the Syrian TV which carried important messages within its folds assured the Syrians that Syria passed the important part of the dilemma and only a little remains, and if the west wants to strike on Syria.. then Syria will go further than that.. and the smile of president Assad was enough to assure the Syrians of their fears.

Between this and that, the main player and most prominent in fighting back the yellow attack on Syria away from the media, and the intelligence services targeting Syria and it security didn't notice it for thinking that its destruction is within days... this player is the Syrian intelligence circles which had proven -with high confidence- that the years of calmness and truce in the region was in its favor through strengthening its information, sources and the methods it uses in applying it... and we have mentioned in an earlier report how the Syrian intelligence unveiled many spying networks working for the Zionist entity and disassembled it very easy and quickly and used the info of the people it arrested... and all along the past five months, the Syrian intelligence was playing a role of the fierce attacker to all the attempts to unrest the security and tranquility in the country, and since the purpose of the intelligence is divided into two parts, gathering info about the countries and its regimes, and disclosing all who try to spy for the benefit of an enemy country.. the Syrian intelligence added another purpose for this delicate service, which is moving the battle to the enemy grounds, this enemy who didn't realize from the beginning that the Syrian dilemma if failed, the first harmed of it will be the Israeli entity which its magic turned on him this time, specially that the warnings coming from inside Tel Aviv indicate that Syrians planed well to move the conflict through three stages from inside Syria to inside the Zionist entity... critics are much these days in Tel Aviv regarding the conspiracy on Syria  and the fear of Zionists from the Syrian anger, and up till now, the Syrian intelligence, using  the intelligence information arsenal it possesses, started a psychological war that made a great number of Zions consider a counter-immigration to their native countries which they immigrated from toward Israel... this psychological war done by the Syrian intelligence confused the Zionist entity in a fast manner and changed its military and political plans despite the media silence on this issue, and the fears are clear in the Zionist media from a new war done by the occupation army on Lebanon in the coming September before presenting the declaration of the Palestinian nation application to the UN, this invasion that its plans drown at the beginning of the conspiracy on Syria to draw attention in Lebanon and drive it away from Syria, but what's not been counted that the Syrian intelligence discovered it and took the measurements required to defeat the conspiracy, and started a fierce psychological war on the Zionist entity and came to the outskirts of Tel Aviv, as "Dany Yatom" former Mossad leader warned at a convention in "Netnya" Zionist academy, and expected a regional was to start that one of it poles will be Egypt after the fall of Mubarak regime and the success of the Syrian diplomacy in bringing back the warmth to the Syrian-Egyptian relations which tensed at the Mubarak reign, and the harsh strike to the Zions was the visit of the Egyptian military council envoy to Damascus two month ago.

So, the Syrian giant awakened and went out of the conspiracy and the planned knitted for it many years ago, and its army had become -military style- capable on defeating any attack and the world realized that the Syrian policy today is stronger than any other time... as for the Syrian intelligence, which its techniques will be taught in the coming years, was an important player in moving the battle to the enemy land, and what's being mentioned about it is a small part only, and what's hidden is greater, and the Zionist entity and his allies must prepare for a next stage they didn't calculate, which is moving to the stage of defense after the failure of their attacks with a great defeat and the conspiracy was defeated the same way the Syrians defeated the French earlier in Syria.... 

The End...

Aug 25, 2011

Failed "Obama Friday"..

Very lightly, president Obama acted like a leading member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood or Antalya gathering or in Khaddam-Bianouni front , as he chose on Thursday evening to launch a new political attack and a bunch of economical sanctions against Syria, people and president.

Within minutes, the White House declaration turned into a world war against Syria when the European leaders joined through consecutive declarations and attitudes that didn’t show less aggressiveness than of Obama’s speech.

First: Thursday night, all influential tools were gathered in this world war, and as usual, all the Arabian and western media was on alert in addition to all communication networks. the Security council assembled at the same night to discuss the Syrian situation according to international  organizations .
The direct goal for this media, politic and economical war led by Barak Obama; is that he said to the Syrian opposition leaders that these steps may encourage more Syrians to protest the next day, and make the opposition on the Syrian lands feel that the international support they are receiving forms a motive to continue moving and escalate the protests which the opposition outside Syria called it “Signs of Victory”.
The changes of the attack on Syria came as a response to the fast and successful conclusion of the Syrian army to impose security and stability and to end the main bastions of mutiny and armed terrorism especially in Hama, Deir El Zor and Latakia.

Second: When observing what Syria witnessed on Obama’s Friday and through a close follow up to what the media broadcasted, one can notice that limited protests and gatherings that didn’t exceed hundreds which appeared in many parts of Syria, while the dominant attribute of the protesters actions is the scattered terrorism attacks on the security members.
The world war led by Obama didn’t succeed in persuading the majority of the Syrian population to change its stand; on the contrary, more Syrians refrained from responding to the protest invitations. Certainly their motives towards this attitude had been backed-up by the disclosure of a colonial intervention in Syria and their awareness that their country is under an attack in order to force it to kneel, break its will and strike its independency which do not serve the Syrian goal towards reform, progress and the development of government foundations and institutions. On the contrary it alarms with chaos and foreign hegemony which enables Israel to impose its conditions on Syria later on.

Third: it is obvious in the Syrian people stance, who renew his trust in his government, army and president, the level of awareness which was deep rooted through by the current events, and represent today a decisive element in enabling Syria to be victorious over the plans targeting her:
1-      The Syrian areas experience (which parts of its people participated in the uprising since March) formed a base to unveil the truth of the Syrian opposition which is –in the eyes of the Syrians- unworthy to be a trustful power that carries a reform project, and when crowed responded to the gathering calls, gunmen of the opposition went out and perpetrated hideous acts such as riot, burning public sectors, attached security stations, killed police and security men and mutilated their bodies… those expression lead to chaos, and raised the danger of a civil war, while the people of those areas lived with a unjust terrorist authority imposed by the opposition militias, refused by the people, so they demanded the army intervention.
2-      The danger of the foreign intervention on Syria is not less motivating for the national awareness and the pan-national sense than the danger of the civil war and the militia looseness … and the Syrian opposition carry the responsibility of endangering the country for the two wars through its diversion toward using weapons and spreading terrorism and resorting to the NATO and the Zionist lobby and some countries in the area… most Syrians realized those facts and they are considering them, and they showed in the failed “Obama Friday”  more willing to fight it.
3-      The Syrian people felt the commitment of the Syrian president to achieve reforms  as a response to Syrian national needs, and they felt the application of those reforms in the same time when the opposition blew up the chance of a dialogue for the sake of chaos and foreign intervention, as president Assad raised an unconditional dialogue on the opposition and opened the dialogue options to include forming a new constitution, while the opposition stipulated to withdraw the army and security forces from the area that witnessed chaos, which the Syrians know that it means the spread of armed militias which receive arms and money from sources known to everyone.

The failure of "Obama Friday" is the beginning of the road in a confrontation Syria in its people and presidency are going through against the foreign intervention, while it marches through internal recovery from this dilemma, and perhaps it truly shows the reality of the Syrian strategic site immunity, that the purpose of the world war which was initiated on Thursday and centralize on bringing out more protesters, will end up in failure, while the world certainty firmly-established in that damaging Syria is becoming more difficult and expensive.

Aug 24, 2011

When president Assad resort to his national and pan-national beliefs, he fears no one..

When any judge could be certain of his national options similar to Bashar Al Assad judgement, foreign threats do not afraid him anymore, those threats which only knows its interests when searching for political relations.

The U.S administration, times long, tried to allure president Assad into regional characteristics, which could drive him away from his path which is an opposite of Israel's benefits.. The U.S did not succeed neither in 2003 nor in the Israeli invasion on Lebanon in 2006 nor on Gazza in 2008, not even in participating in the Syrian events on the ground of demanding reforms which was carried by president Assad since the beginning of his reign in 2000 and couldn't proceed fast with it due to the regional harsh circumstances which occupied the internal field.   

Despite the latest trials where western pressure was practiced on Syria. weather through Turkey (the NATO ally and the historical enemy for Iran in the region), or through the Gulf allies when Clinton called on Saudi king and Erdogan to demand Assad to step down, which is considered a provocation and an ugly intervention to part the Arab and regional countries, as president Assad had already determined his choices away from the international and regional bazaar , in order to pursuit the boarder penetrations in the protesters ranks, exploiting campaigns in the region's countries which aim to make better changes in their way of living. 

President Assad realized, there isn't any power that could force him on doing what he already wanted to do.. which is reforms... and because he refuses the foreign dictation policy under the pressuring circumstances elements (similar to former U.S secretary of State Colin Powell's visit after the Iraqi war in 2003)  president Assad intended to free Syria from inside the boarders, from those inserting themselves within the ranks of the protesters, and allowed justice to take control over insurgents and saboteurs.

And because president Assad do not believe in the religious extremism which started to be recognized within the popular movement ranks, specially in Egypt, where religious slogans were raised for the sake of a country, parallel to the Hebrew entity which demand a Jewish country.. president Assad blocked the road on those who have the same desires to be implemented in Syria in order to preserve a secular Syria which belong to all Syrians, and under the service of all of them. 

Informed people could see clearly that the Syrian-Turkish negotiations raised the opinion on including a religious party in the new government leader' character who is close to Ankara, or in the final stage of the governmental participation percentage for those who live in Turkey, which is a cover for an intervention in the structural affairs of the rule in Syria... ofcouse those attempts were not taken seriously by the Syrian side, which is attached to the nature of its civil way in the sectarian distribution which include a place for everybody, because any other regime, could destroy the freedom of the minorities in his society.

The Syrian army realized the importance of maintaining the national and pan-national nature, so it protected itself from being affected by the propaganda about it shooting at protesters.. the Syrian army was also not lenient in dealing with militants who are using their weapons against security forces and troops. these militants who played the role of the fifth column, shooting at protesters and blaming security forces for this shooting to blur the vision.

Such experience Syria is going through, demanded a general mobilization from the military foundation and the security sectors to pursuit and fight armed rebels, which the Syrian authorities announce the existence of various nationalities among them in the last pursuit for them in Latakia.
If the foreign powers are exploiting this aggravated situation in order to weaken the resistance lead by president Bashar Al Assad, then they are mistaken in their calculations, as who controls the grip  int he army, security and the will of the majority of the people, will not be crushed by the worlds armies, because whoever wants to move the war toward Syria is completely ignorant on the ability of Syrian to move this war to where it should be.. to the heart of Israel.

Syria is not alone in the resistance community, even if it was the center of the "steelyard" in her movement and influence, and if it was touched in her external security, the field in the Middle East will not be away from its flames.
President Assad realize his strategic abilities in the "peace and war" game, and he didn't wait on any Arabian official to admit it, and because he realize those abilities, he seek to active it if he feels  danger will threat the countries fate around him, because his role lies not only within the Syrian boarders .. as when the Syrian president resort to his national and pan-national beliefs, he fears no one..

Aug 23, 2011

A diplomat reads the Syrian extension .. part 2

In a time, a knowledgeable diplomat, sees that the Syrian regime is not going to fall -as some sees- explaining his point of view according to certain data related to Syria's political and military location, as it is surrounded by Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon.. therefore it lies on the line of a devastating earthquakes.

The Syrian/Israeli direct and indirect attachments plays a role which could not be ignored in the Syrian dilemma fate.. the agreement between the two countries on directing the clash in the occupied Golan which had been calm since decades .. this agreement is still present despite the shakes witnessed by this front not long ago due to exchange of messages between the two countries, plus, Tel Aviv very well knows Syria's ability to activate the situation on the Israeli northern front through southern Lebanon by Hisbulla. also the ability of the Syrian regime to activate the Palestinian camps present on the Syrian soils and employ this movement toward the Golan itself, and this is what Israel -who is occupied with its battle with Hizbulla- fears ..

The diplomat adds: We should not forget the Syrian/Iranian role in playing Hamas card on a large scale and employ this card in pressuring political and military fields.. all this indicate that the interests of the two countries prevent the actual cash and keep it just for talks in order not to turn the cold war into its opposite.

The situation with Lebanon is entirely different, the Lebanese political division regarding the Syrian dilemma and its consequences places the country in trial if the Syrian regime falls "Good forbid", therefore, The Syrian loose chaos will lead to spread the invasion to Lebanon, which means a danger for the Christian existence in the region similar to what happened in Iraq, where sectarianism grew on behalf of the Christian existence.. in addition to the ability of Syria to activate the internal field in many directions.

The diplomat conclude by announcing his belief that the international community do not want to topple Al Assad regime, at least in the current period, because i they really want to topple the regime, they would of taken other steps similar to those taken in Libya, yet the contradiction remains that everyone wants to keep Al Assad regime yet weaker and unable to control the area's pass. and turning Syria from being an initiative country into being a receiver similar to most countries in the region.

The End .. 

U.S operation "Snow Ball" to topple the Syrian regime... by: Sami Clipp of "Assafir"

When Russia' Caesar decided to exile Jews from his lands, a Jew man stood at his door and behind him his wife and sons and said begging the Caesar: "Master, if you let me live with you for two years, i will teach your dog to speak Russian as a human being".. The Caesar looked at him wondering and answered in warning: "I will accept your offer, but if the dog do not speak.. i will execute you and your family"..

The Jew was very happy, and returned home with his family to face his wife's fury who shouted at him and said: "What have you done to us?? do you want him to kill us??".. The Jew husband laughed and answered his wife: "After two years either the Caesar or me or the dog will die, time could change everything darling"...

Seems that Washington has completely understood the secrets behind the Syrian strategy, and among these secrets the timing game. Late president Hafez Al Asad mastered this game and won by his intelligent decisions a lot of equations between the Soviet Union and the USA. President Bashar Al Asad knows exactly the value of waiting, in which it means to strictly stabilize the internal security and wait for regional and international variations. As the Middle East region is loaded with changes and surprises. 

And because Washington understood the Syrian strategy, She will try by any means prevent Al-Assad from benefiting from the "time game".
Reliable informations from Washington say that the U.S ambassador at Damascus "Robert Ford" recently came back from his country with a clear work plan to accelerate the steps order topple Assad regime.. it is the "Snow Ball", this plan implies to push the opposition to unite their lines as fast as possible, and to agree on a political declaration of only one page which will entitle the next stage... also to "seriously" look for a number of Syrian officers who could form a military council, on conditions that they must follow the terms related to free elections, reforms, U.S interests and the relations with Israel..
The U.S ambassador at Damascus (who knows many languages including Arabic) had been welcomed in Washington hugely, were president Obama held a relatively long meeting with him, and he also met with secretary of state "Hilary Clinton" and national security officials in addition to intelligence officials... Information say that Ford returned from those meetings with the following password: "Our decision that Assad had lost his legitimacy, and any talks regarding reforms is no longer useful.. what only required from him now is to stop military operations and withdraw his army"..

This U.S position came after sufficient reports carried by ambassador Ford regarding the opposition movements and especially the "coordinating parties".. it also came after his visit to Hama, which its circumstances remained obscure regarding how he got to this city and met with its officials (analysts and opposition who mostly belong to the brotherhood) .. 

When Ford returned from Hama, he narrated that he was surprised that Islamists there setting a country within their country, as they have their own leadership and security measurements and their own protection methods.. 

How did Ford reach Hama?
Security sources indicate that the U.S ambassador used a smart trick to reach Hama.. he resorted to a previous agreement between Damascus and Washington allows only the U.S military attache to roam through the Syrian areas by just presenting an application to the military command.. which means that this attache is capable to move freely before or without being granted the permission... the ambassador moved through the attache's car and under his name.. the Syrian response came furious as they later on prevented him from moving more that 25KM from his residence in Damascus.. Washington replied with a similar attitude toward the Syrian ambassador in U.S.. but Ford returned after a while to ask "officially" to visit Aleppo... the Syrian response was that his safety prevents the foreign ministry from granting him permission.... he replied: "Does that mean that the Syrian security is unable to keep the order in this area??"... seem that Damascus decided to neglect this question, because they understood the meaning of it..  

Ford's visit to Hama was acknowledged as a heroic act.. Washington hoped this will inflame the protests int he city and it's countryside.. and flame the Arabian sectarian feelings toward Assad regime.. and there is a third target "beyond vision" and attached to the U.S desire in responding to Ankara's demands.. as Turkish PM Erdogan informed the American administration along with some Arab leaders and Syria itself, that Hama is a "personal issue" and he vowed to protect it.. it seems he said the same to some Muslim Brotherhood members.

Obama, and Clinton before him, initiated to greet ambassador Ford on what he did in Hama.. as the U.S administration are now sure that Ford (who has great history in many Arab countries at the reign of George Bosh from Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt to Iraq and Syria) was the best choice for Obama to Damascus despite the resentment for some republicans and democrats... Obama succeeded in imposing his point of view regarding the ambassador on the U.S congress.

It was "eye catching" that Ford remained in Damascus, while several gulf ambassadors left Syria under U.S pressure firstly and secondly, objecting the security repression on protesters... and what's more weird is to keep the ambassador in Damascus after Obama announced that Assad must leave.

This exactly bare the assumption that the man carries indeed a well organized plan to support the Syrian street against the leadership.. there are serious talks among the officials recently returning from the U.S that the search is undergoing on how to move the "Snow Ball" in the street.. it had been said that the urging demands by the west ,and Turkey as well, to withdraw the army from the streets and stop the military actions, pave the way to implement this plan... it had been cleared for Americans, that the "coordinating parties" are the best way to move the street and not the "well know" opposition figures. 
Clinton's meeting with some members of the opposition disappointing for the U.S administration's hopes... other meetings were held secretly with other members of the opposition... the U.S administration was convinced that they must move within Syria.. which require providing a suitable atmosphere.
Pressure will mount in the coming phase to withdraw the army.

Semi-official Syrian diplomats, point that the leadership realized from the beginning that being easy with the security situation will increase the possibility of the foreign influence on the Syrian street... and this was one of the aims on tightening the security fist.. not just being worried from armed men. 

In her search for external leaning areas to implement the "Snow Ball" plan, The U.S administration pressed on Gulf countries to issue a position against Syria... the formal Gulf position came by issuing the GCC's statement and the King Abdulla's written declaration were surprising for the Syrian leadership... delicate diplomatic information in Damascus indicate that president Assad was sometimes receiving phone calls from high rank Gulf officials stressing their stand by his side, and that they do not wish his regime to fall, but that he must end the security operations as soon as possible.
Those assure that king Abdullah himself was an initiator from the beginning of the events in Syria to contact president Assad and inform his pro attitude..
The Gulf communications did not stop.. vise PM of the UAE sheikh "Mohamad ben Rashed Al Maktoom" assured those who are close to him, that he believes the Syrian story regarding the armed men, and he kept the communications with president Assad.
The same diplomatic information point that gulf commanders communications with the Syrian leadership are still going despite withdrawing their ambassadors from Damascus.

Damascus did not respond to the Gulf positions, moreover, she made sure from the beginning not to declare publicly their resentment from the Qatari leadership despite all what she say regarding "Al Jazeera" role in flaming the Syrian street... President Assad said nothing in his interview with the Syrian TV about the Gulf position.. some interpret this as a desire to succeed the aimed efforts to continue the communications with the Gulf, specially with Saudi and UAE.

Qatar stand alone in flaming the Syrian resentment.. it had been said that Qatar's prince's communications with president Assad continued, specially in the first two months of the Syrian dilemma, but with strange positions... some say that "Snow Ball" plan of the U.S needed a strong media arm... "Al Jazeera" and "Alarabiya" went directly into the Syrian direct accusation circle.. the accusation also reached Saudi and Qatari newspapers. 

Others say, Qatar prince calls with Tehran was to know the true position of Iran toward Syria, and the possibility to convince the Iranian leadership that president Assad fall will not affect Tehran's relation with Damascus later.. and that Iran has a benefit of being neutral regarding the Syrian situation in return that the west will offer her facilities such as lifting sanctions starting from the "step by step" policy which was been set recently.
The people of this theory say that there are attempts to move toward Iran and convince her that the Muslim Brotherhood are not against her, and they understand the Iranian position saying "what's happening in the Middle East is an Islamic waking" ... some mock these informations and say that Iran do not accept any argument regarding the possibility of the Syrian regime fall.. quite the contrary, Iran intensified its diplomatic efforts and its international and regional seductions  to aid the Syrian regime and fight against any foreign intervention.

The advanced relations between Iran and Egypt are starting to bloom.. An Egyptian official close to the military foundation say that the military council do not want the Syrian regime fall.. and he indicates that an argument had been held recently withing the Egyptian command after some had implied the possibility that Syria and Iran are responsible of the Illat attack.. Military leaders refused this.. does the Iranian/Egyptian approach have a part in it??

One of President Assad's guests, quoted on his behalf a clear stand towards Iran. The Syrian president said that he considers the European position toward his country as "Ugly"... he explained that the Europeans asked him to disassemble the alliance with Iran or to ease their interests with Tehran.. he assured his refusal to this, moreover he said that the former French president "Jacques Chirac" was right when he said to the present president "Sarkuzy" that he will not gain anything from his approach to the Syrian leadership, because "Chirac" knows that he didn't gain anything regarding the Iranian file.

As for Turkey, the diplomat related to the Gulf countries explains that Saudi Arabia is not comfortable from the appropriation of Turkey regarding the Syrian file.
He confirms that king Abdulla's declaration was moderate, were it talked about the necessity of "Wisdom" in the Syrian file.. a Saudi position had to be issued, not just due to the American pressures, but because Riyad will not allow Ankara to be the "Sunni chaperon" for the Syrian people or the region.

This belief consolidate around the Saudi resentment from the Turkish appropriation, after the information leaked from the Turkish/Iranian communications... Davutoglu's visit to Tehran enraged Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries,... Turkey had to explain the situation later on to Saudi Arabia... as the aim was to stop the violence in Syria and calm the situation and convince Assad to withdraw the army .. nothing more..

It is not important -from the Syrian stand- to know which regional country is resenting the other.. the most important is to observe its influence inside Syria... When the U.S administration raised the idea of Saudi and Turkey ask Assad to step down, this administration was fully aware that the Saudi resentment from the American sponsor for the Turkish role in the Syrian file was clear.
Washington sought to satisfy Riyad, but the aim remained the same "there has to be a regional Sunni axis participate in expanding the "Snow Ball" and form a wall against the Iranian intervention".

In this regard, there are Arabian countries pressing on Hamas movement to go out of Syria forever... some try to drag the movement to the Muslim Brotherhood general stand and to the International union for the Muslim scholars in order to speak loudly in condemning the Syrian regime.. this bump in many stands from the prominent leaders of the movement... "Khaled Meshaal" the political office leader assures his visitors that no one ever presented or supported to the movement  like p\resident Assad did.
It is obvious that pressure mound to disassemble the alliance between Hamas and Damascus, in the allegation that ending the Syrian scene means that the Muslim Brotherhood will reach the power or main parts of it in Syria.. and that the situation of the movement with the next regime in Syria will better.

For whose benefit the time plays??
The regional view changes in the current time.. 
- Turkish-Kurd battles are intensifying... 
- Iran blurry shows that she -again- entered the Kurdish file... 
- Iraq is boiling politically and security basis regarding the future of the American troops in ti... 
- Israel flame with the suicidal mission in Illat then its barbarian attacks on Gazza...
- Egyptian-Israeli relations tense...
- The Palestinian movement re-activate regarding the declaration of the Palestinian state in the United  Nations... 
- America press on Israel to apologize to Turkey for their massacre against Turks in "Freedom Flotilla" mission to Gazza, Washington thinks this apology is important in exchange to USA back up to Israeli efforts against the Palestinian state.. Turks are waiting the apology facing all prospects in this view..

The American "Snow Ball" could continue in Syria, but the price will be very expensive.. The Syrian leadership will not leave the security file escape from their hands again.. and the "coordinating parties" know that any power regain from the Syrian leadership side means paying an expensive price later on..
President Assad sought to withdraw the carpet through his televised interview on August  21th and set calendar schedules for the reforms.. The opposition hurried by saying this is too late... the internal battle is nominated  for shocks will not be settled soon... the battle is still going and might be long.. and president Assad intended in his televised interview to assure the state and security's power, similar to his intention talk in detail about what's happened in the central committee meeting for the Baath party.. as the party is the first priority for the regime in the next step... the battle is still long, but the tensions in the region bringing the situation about to the Jew's logic who was waiting at the Caesar's door.. so for whose benefit the time will play?

The End..

Aug 22, 2011

US former ambassador in Iraq: Syria can pass this dilemma without a foreign intervention and sanctions are useless..

Edward Beck, US former ambassador in Iraq, said that the solution of the Syrian dilemma is in Syria itself, and he doesn't think that solutions can be imposed from outside the country.

He added, during an interview with SANA within the "Syria is fine" campaign (August 21st) that the best way to solve the dilemma is that Syrians should decide for themselves what they want, and the US policies should be out of the equation, and not support any side... he announced his hopes that Syria could pass this dilemma without any foreign intervention.  

Regarding the US sanctions on Syria, Beck said: "in my opinion, sanctions on any country are worthless, what you do is that you press and impose pain and suffering on citizens who had nothing to do with the problem"..

He said: "I came to Syria to see what had changed since last time i visited it, and to understand what is happening now, because i have a feeling that Americans were not fully informed about what's really happening in Syria... so i came here, and i hope in the next time, when such campaigns are organized again, there will be among us more Americans, because other countries maybe do not pay attention "much" to what's happening here as America do.. and i am not sure they are getting the facts"..

As for his opinion and analysis for the events Syria is witnessing, and if there is a foreign intervention in it, he said: "my personal experience taught me that countries try to involve themselves in issues they consider important for them, and some other countries have benefits for things to go in certain ways, and this is going to continue forever, but what astonished me the most, is to discover that some countries in the region participate in increasing the problems instead of finding solutions"..

He added, : "We truly love Syria and Syrians, and everything in it, and every time i repeat, i see that there is no sign for disturbance in Syria, and it is hard to explain for Americans that police forces, whom we see in the streets are not armed, they are in their uniforms performing their missions as traffic police, they are not armed and they do not have weapons, but that do not mean that there is no disturbance in some areas in the country,, but Syria, and Damascus in precise, which we always loved, it is crowded, friendly, many foreigners are there, delicious food, fast food.. and this is the same i remember about it from the past"..

Beck concluded the interview by saying: "I hope Syrians will be able survive this dilemma, and solve all their problems peacefully and seriously without foreign intervention, among them my country, which is gonna make things harder"...