Feb 22, 2012

The Blue Jasmine: "The Free Syrian Army"

Original Arab article by Kefah Nssr - Juhaina News

In 2001, Washington and Israel started building what is now called "The Free Syrian Army", which is compound of mercenary groups to work in Syria and Lebanon.. the members of this army were trained in many countries, and their nationalities are from many countries, though most of them were trained in Egypt and Iraq in those days, and the aim from creating this army is to completely occupy Homs, and besiege Damascus, and control the headquarters and the strategic missile brigades, and impede the approach of the Syrian special forces, that could approach to rescue the Syrian strategic missile brigades, and ofcourse, this plan was after eliminating Hizbullah and inflame Beirut in a sectarian war between the residents and the southern refugees, and shift this war to the south and the Syrian coast, and the start of the disintegration of the Syrian Arab army as an inevitable result of the sectarian war, so that the work of those gangs begin to pave the way for Turkey and Israel entrance to the Syrian territories, after paralyzing the Syrian missile capabilities which till this moment still terrify Israel..

About the Free Syrian Army..?

When it was trained, the target was not only the Syrian territories, but Lebanon as well, and it is a part of a well-trained military system, to go into street battles in Lebanon, and specially in Beirut, and in Syria as well.
But the Israeli failure in invading Lebanon at the end of 2006 dropped all the American dreams, and then Washington and Tel Aviv started to restructure the (Free Syrian Army), on the impact of the disposal of the exposed faces, who were disposed in May 5th, when "Seniora" decided attack the resistance communication network, also some of the exposed faces in Nahr Al Bared were disposed as well, and in May 7th 2008, Washington had disposed all the exposed faces from this gang, and is well under-way in the re-establishment of the armed gangs, and the aim was to repeat it in 2011 after inflaming Syria..
By the way, all the movements of these gangs were accompanied with visits of US officials to Qulea'at airport, as Washington was dreaming to establish a military base on the ruins of Nahr Al Bared, and wanted to run its operations from Qulea'at airport.

In 2011, in the light of events in Syria.

On 20/05/2011, the CIA sent a message to her senior officers in Syria, telling them "The mission is over" in order to withdraw them from the ground, but no response came from the agents, but instead from the Syrian general intelligence who sent the Americans a message saying: "The mission is over.. With regards of the Syrian general intelligence".
And on 31/05/2011 the Syrian intelligence had dragged the Americans into a new trap, depriving them from reprising from the Senior Syrian intelligence, and the death of what was called, the Blue Jasmine was announced, and the Free Syrian army became gangs without leaderships and all they do is sabotaging acts, and what they were sent to do, had fell with the fall of the ordeal and the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab army.

The strikes that paralyzed the "Free Syrian Army"..

In the south and the coast in particular, the strife had fell, and Washington did not succeed to cause any sectarian clashes, and the groups that their job was to paralyze the Syrian army in the cities, had fell, leaving nothing for the U.S. but the groups in Homs and the area around Damascus, and approximately 1000 fighters on the Turkish border. And the Syrian intelligence dismantling the communication networks in Homs and Banias and Harasta, made ​​this (Free Army) a scattered gang, and operating the third cellphone server in Lebanon, did not succeed in reuniting them. .


For several months, Washington had been trying to create an area like Darfur on the border of Turkey but she failed, and in the meantime, she was re-assembling scattered cells from the armed gangs, and recruit more, and sending human support for them, and of course Washington was well aware that if she had to move all of these gangs at once, she might strain the Syrian government, and may lose control over the reaction, which terrifies the Americans and Israelis, and they well know that the conflict in the region is on the edge of the abyss, which the Syrians very well master the art of playing it as proved in previous years. And it is clear that Washington had succeeded in assembling its criminal cells, but she can only invest them in pushing them to suicide missions to dispose them on one hand, and negotiate over them on the other hand.

Locations of the "Free Syrian Army" remnants

If Syria is to be sectarian inflamed, this army would move at once, in (Harasta, Douma, Al-Tal, Homs, Al-keswa, Al-Mitala area and Alnchabah), and in these areas, present a selection of trained groups, and areas of their supply, particularly Zabadani, Madaya, Al-Tal and may Al-Kadam, Talkalakh, Quser, and of course there are reinforcements on the border of Turkey and Jordan, but it is not disturbing, and most importantly that the risk of which, had fallen at the end of 2011, but its real presence is only in Homs and the area around Damascus, and after the final hit last year, what's left of them is only remnants that went out of the main areas of engagement, and here we ask how were they invested by Washington? .

Disposal of the "Free Syrian Army"..

On the Turkish border, Washington burned the majority of these bands in the hope of creating a Syrian Darfur to conduct the Syrian leadership to negotiate with her under the impact of the International Criminal Court, similar to what happened in Sudan, but did not succeed, and still within the Turkish territory around 4000 fighter said to be relocated to Lebanon, yet some of them were transferred to serve as logistical support to cells will work on the Lebanese border, but it is clear that Washington is burning them in a very cheap way. For example, the last dream of converting the Turkish border to Darfur in Idleb and Jisr Al Shughur, she burned hundreds of them in the north and in Homs where she wanted to occupy the Syrian security.. and once all the dreams fell in Al-Zawiah mountain, she moved them in Zabadani and Damascus countryside, and the aim was to create an environment of instability and launch a psychological warfare on the Syrians, as well as the basic function of which I shall speak below about .

What does it mean to move those gangs?

Any security operations against the French troops in Afghanistan now will be recorded in the programs of the French election, and every targeting of the French troops will have an impact on the results of elections in France and, and later, same applies to the electoral programs of the next U.S. president, and Washington moving these gangs without the occur of any sectarian clashes, is pushing these gangs to quick death, for example, occupation of Zabadani using 1,400 fighters, is pushing them to death if the Syrian army decide to send the special forces battalion, and not just one or two fighting battalions .

Unforgettable for Washington..

In the latest speech of President Assad, he said: the conflict will not be over Syria, but will be with Syria, and if Washington believes she is sending messages on the Syrian territory, she does not only have to wait for the answer, but also wait for the Syrian response, but to remind them with the death they experienced after U.S. officials visits to the airport in Kleiat, and remind them that they have later sent Jumblatt and Hariri to apologize submissively in a humiliating position, and remind them that who do not learn from history, the history will teach him, and a week after this day, the general pardon ends which was issued by the President as well as the last chance for a political solution, and we wish they do not accept the political solution, so that they know how will be the security solution, as today, the conspiracy was exposed an Assad is able to impose a security solution without any fear or concern, as the battle became completely exposed, and we hope the security solution would be hard on them, similar to waht happened after the attack on Lebanon .

Arab foreign ministers, and the "Free Army"..

Nabil Al Arabi did not hesitate to consider (the Free Army) as a force on the ground although it is led by French and Qatari officers, and although his entourage consist of more than 13 different nationalities, but (this Army) failed the Arab ministers during the presence of observers, as it was unable create a Darfur in Idleb and Jisr Al Shughur until the arrival of observers as planned , and were unable control Duma and Zabadani during the ministers' meeting in order to say that there is a split in Syria, however, Al-Arab said that the (Free Syrian Army) is a force on the ground, meaning that Al-Arabi, the Arab ministers, Washington, Israel and France are still betting on the remains of their mercenaries, and worse, rather than retreat, they raise their speech, as yesterday Davutoglu came to Damascus to engage the Muslim Brotherhood in power but returned with the back of his clothes wet with cold water, and now when the name of the Muslim Brotherhood changed to (Brotherhood of demons) and on the impact of the depletion of more than half of the mercenary forces, the Arab ministers raised their demands as if they threaten that the next few days will be bloody, and the question remains: Will it be bloody only in Syria, and will Syria give these mobs another month, to try prove that there is a split in Syria, and that the gangs that supplied by the pigs of oil and their masters are only soldiers who flee from the service, or will the termination begin?? .

The final US cards..

we understand that the rest of the gangs are able create some confusion and instability, and we realize that these gangs are the final cards of USA, and realize that acting violently may lead to more civilian casualties, but it is time to leave the political solution and adopt the security military solution, and strike with an iron fist , it is time for those who protect their thrones with U.S. troops, to understand that in the Arab countries there is only one army, the Syrian Arab Army, and gather enough information from these bands, and the time had come to collect the bodies only.

The next month will be difficult in all cases, as everyone were granted the right to discover the aggression against Syria, and who do not see the plot now is considered a traitor and not opposition, and the political solution was given more time than it worth , and the (Moderation Arab) were given their chance, and the only solution is to flip the table completely, as it is an hour that will compensate all the pain. We trust our leadership after all that have been achieved on the ground, and now we will stand in front of it, not behind it, we want the security military solution as soon as possible, and we are all future martyrs .

The End..

Feb 20, 2012

The Blue Jasmine: When the US project passed through the Syrian coast

Arabic Article By Kefah Nssr - Jouhaina News

I was blamed by some of my friends for not writing about what happened in the Syrian coast, even though it was dangerous, yet even terrifying, and no less dangerous than what happened in the south, and the main reason for my delay, is comparing the data with what happened on the ground, and unfortunately, till this day i was unable to do so... Despite that, i will write a brief and will leave the readers to fill its spaces, which are the events took that place on the ground.

 The coast was a target for "Aroor" ..?

Before going into details of what happened in the coast, we must note that one of the people (F.M) was receiving money directly from Saudi Arabia, and became a "Sheikh" for these events, and by the way, he from the Alawit sect and used to get paid from Adnan Aroor and his accomplices directly, and distributed a lot of money in a certain area in Jableh, and the paradox, when Adnan Aroor threatened the Alawits, he was sending him money, and was working among the people and spread lethal rumors which are admired in moments of rage.. I will talk about the rumors (below) that he participated in spreading, but it is important to remind that the recruited agents were of various sects, and not from one sect, and each have his own role, and the aim is to create an ordeal that lead to displace the Sunna from the Syrian coast, hoping to impose an Alawit state de facto. in outlines, the main work was as follows:

1- Hindering the truth by spreading believable blunt rumors and unbelievable rumors as well, in order to create an environment where the truth and lies are inseparable.

2- Armed gangs (From Sunni areas - most of them were brought to it) would kill certain people from the Alawit sect,  in an ugly way, and document the crimes to create a sectarian tension.

3- Agents among the Alawit communities, would create an environment of self-defense, by spreading rumors, and amplify the events and instigate the people to defend themselves, through well studied rumors.

4- Hitting the economical structures and facilities which participate in paralyzing the country and spreading chaos, specially energy pipelines and facilities.

The ordeal plan was as follows, and included three main areas:

1- In Banias, the army was to be dragged into the city to turn it into a disaster area, and hundreds of armed men where to be spread, most of them not Syrians, and destroying vital foundations, specially Banias refinery, and from Banias the coast was supposed to be inflamed.

2- In Jableh, The Alawit majority were dragged to conflict with the Sunni minority, through bringing demonstrations to the streets chanting sectarian slogans, and people from outside the area were used to demonstrate chanting sectarian slogans while they were veiled, and the slogans they used to chant (Alawit to the coffin, and Christians to Beirut) .

3- In Latakia, the army was supposed to be dragged into the Sunni neighborhoods exclusively, and burning facilities that provide the citizens with services like Bakeries, and consuming institutes... armed gags did enter the city and spread rumors between the neighborhoods, Sniper acts, burning vital facilities in the Sunni areas, specially bakeries and shops, so that the people will be displaced even with the failure of creating a killing method for the lack of the basics of life.

Note: In Tartous the city, in general, rumors were spread to cause a state of in-confidence in the leadership, and urge the people to self-defense, and the city was not targeted, but maybe the demographic and ethnic distribution was  the reason.

Since the beginning of March, the so called "Ice Braking" cells were trained, by going in demonstrations in areas with the Sunni majority, specially Banias and Latakia, and the most important which is Jableh, and when Daraa demonstrations began, Banias also witnessed demonstrations of what was called "braking the barrier of fear" in 18/03/2011 i.e. the same day of Daraa demonstrations, and in 20/03/2011 there was a demonstration that showed the sectarian character of the demonstration from Eroot mosque in Banias, and among the protesters demands, was religious schools, even though this is not a barrier, but the aim was spreading sectarianism one way or another.. Some braking and destruction occurred, but it was very limited, and the agitation continued until the time had come to summon the army into the city, in 11/04/2011 there was the first ambush for the Syrian Arab army, where 9 soldiers martyred, and the main aim was to drag the army into fierce battles in Banias, to turn it into a disaster area (by the way, the Syrian security forces achieved a quality security operation which was a disaster to the Blue Jasmine operation, and i will discuss it in later articles), in equivalence, they worked on instigating Alawits against the Sunna in Jableh, as between attacking Alawits in banias and the Sunna in Jableh, along with war of rumors in Latakia and snipe acts, destruction and killings, the Syrian coast would totally inflame.

In Latakia, the instigation was going perfectly, and on 28/03/2011, sniping acts happened, done by armed men mostly from various Arab nationalities, and according to the data i managed to obtain from friends, in Latakia there were about 750 non-Syrian armed men who participated in sniping and destruction acts, plus Syrian agents,.

Rumors in the Syrian coast..

Every body remember the news about cars handled spreading rumors between the neighborhoods, as the method of spreading rumors in the coast was among a wider plan, but the most important of what was worked on between the people, is instigating Sunna over Alawits, and vise verse, and isolating the street from the leadership.. as among the Sunna, it was intended to imply that the government is a sectarian one and needs to be toppled through shedding a light on certain people, and among the Alawits, it was intended to imply that the government is unable defend them, and the Sunna were being instigated exclusively against (Rami Makhlouf and Maher Al Assad), as Rami Makhlouf is a Syrian Tycoon, and perhaps the only one from the Alawit sect, and they were not being instigated against the senior business men who support the Syrian leadership, as the majority of them are Sunna, and thus, inciting do not leave a sectarian soul if the business men are Sunna, also, we cannot say that the senior army officers are Alawits, who are not, so they had to instigate against Alawit officers exclusively and those related to the president, yet they even spread rumors that Sunni and Christian officers are Alawits, like "Atef Najib" whose name was mentioned a lot on the media as being from the Alawit sect, even though he is a Sunni.. Also, "Rustom Ghazali" who is not from the Alawit sect, however, they both were mentioned as Alawits, so there was a battle aimed at people, specially teenagers to portray the government in Syria as a sectarian one, and a ruling family regime, not a ruling party one.

Among the Alawits, rumors were confined to reduce the sense of security for the citizens, and imply to them that the government is unable defend them so that he would defend themselves... I was unable verify what the agents did on the ground, but they were asked to spread trapped rumors, that not all of them can be detailed, but the most important of these rumors was a sentence spread between the people (May God have mercy upon Hafez Al-Assad soul, if he was present, he would conclude the battle within two days, like he did in Hama), ofcourse this sentence is composed of many words, written by senior psychological warfare experts and specialists in the Syrian affairs, and it create psychological reactions, and leave marks in the people's minds, and cause the following:

1- Turn the street into a tool to pressure the government, in order to resort to an un-calculated military conclusion that would lead to serious repercussions, and turn many areas into disaster ones that are invested through sectarian instigation, and in case the government don't do that, it will lose the people's faith in it.

2- Making the citizens feel as if they are in danger, as they will lose the confidence in their leadership, and look for means to defend themselves, and turn from being a supporter into an opposition who lost their trust in the government, and that they must carry weapons.

3- When such sentences are spread over the internet, it will be invested to say that what happened in 1982 was not confrontation with Israel, when the MBs back then stood in one trench with the enemy to kill thousands of Syrian soldiers in Lebanon, but that the sectarian government targeted in 1982 the Sunna, and not agents, therefore, the rumors required to be spread between the Sunna, devote the idea that the government is sectarian and not a patriotic one.

4- The most important remain that this phrase will leave an impact in the souls, that will lead to a crack between the people in general and their leadership, and will leave a space to be filled with rumors.

5- It is also important that the agents could be among the supporters ranks, and spread such rumors without any legal accountability.

The process of spreading rumors was carefully studied, some of them were studied and previously prepared, and the rest were according to the events, and was accompanied with a very wide psychological warfare, and there are many models that are difficult to simplify and tell from rumors spread between the people, and who spread them are those who pretended to support the government,.

The Syrian army buried the Blue Jasmine project.

From the major crimes that have been committed, was the martyrdom of the farmer "Nidal Jannoud", who was killed in a savage way. and while the bias media talked about protest movements, a video was published on the internet showing the killing of the martyr "Nidal Jannoud", and the images of the criminals were very clear in the video, and the aim ofcourse was to create sectarian tension, and even though i was unable visit the Syrian coast in those days, but i managed through friends of mine to obtain the small details that failed the project.. for example, in Jableh, the Americans indeed succeeded in creating a sectarian tension, and according to one of my friends, who managed contain the conflict was a security officer from Der Azzour, who was a good talker and managed contain the clash without the need for the police interference, but in Banias the events had developed, and in Banias the Syrian Arab army buried the last project of the Blue Jasmine in the coast area to buried later in Homs and Damascus countryside completely.

The End..

Feb 13, 2012

Revealing dangerous details about the meetings of conspirators, on the eve of Aleppo twin bombing.

Al Manar TV, and through their reporters and sources in many capitols in the world, and through people close to decision-making departments in the conspiring capitols.. reveal dangerous details of a new conspiring act against the Syrian people, that was agreed between the parties participating in the conspiracy drawn by USA and Israel, as informed sources mention to Al Manar that Saudi Arabia and Qatar sent 100 terrorists to Turkey, after receiving training in special bases and training camps int heir lands, and the terrorists are from various nationalities, Turks, Pakistanis, Saudis, Africans, Lebanese and Libyans.. who were trained by security and military experts from Israel and France, and among those terrorists, elements used to work for the USA in Al-Qaida organization work fields.

The sources said, that the UAE also sent 50 terrorists to the mobilization camps in Turkey, who work for "Black Waters" terrorist organization in the force called "secret desert force" followed directly to the directions of the UAE crown prince "Muhammad Bin Zaid".

This new development and the insist on shedding more of the Syrian people's blood, came after secret meetings at the beginning of last week in more than one place, to study the respond on the failure of sides conspiring on Syria, in issuing a UNSC resolution to invade Syria with US-Arab-Turkish armies.

These meetings were intensified, one of them was held somewhere in Israel, attended by Ryad Al Asa'ad and the Qatari chief of staff and Israeli security officers, where they have discussed arming, advance telecommunication devices and training, and increasing the Israeli support to the terrorists, and the size of Israel participation in the conspiracy.. the sources revealed that the terrorist leaders, in cooperation with spies and agents that the sides conspiring against Syria let them into the Syrian territory to provide Israel with reports about the Syrian army and its camps.

As for the second meeting, it was held in Turkey and included Saudi, Qatari and Turkish security members and three CIA officers and the French security base leader in UAE.. as for the third meeting, it was held in Abu Dhabi in Zaid military base, east the capitol, attended by foreign consultants followed to Samir Jaajaa and Saad Al Hariri and French intelligence officers and assistant director of the Saudi intelligence. 

The sources confirmed to al Manar, that the results of these meetings were reviews by Jefry Filtman, who presented to the leaders of the countries participating in the conspiracy, the terms of the new conspiratorial chapter against the Syrian people, as he head to France and held a secret meeting under security measures in a villa owned by "Saud Al Faisal" the Saudi FM, near Victor Hugo square.. the meeting was attended by Saad Al Hariri, Abdul Haleem Khaddam, Burhan Ghaliun and two from the Syrian MBs and intelligence officers from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to look into the reasons of the conspiracy failure in achieving its goals within eleven months.

What are the results reached by all the above mentioned meetings?! the same sources confirmed that all the sides participating in those meetings, agreed that the failure of the conspiracy means that the squares of the Arab countries participating in the plot as well as Turkey will inflame, and their leaders will lose their positions, and the pressure on Israel will increase, the US strategy will be endangered.. Therefore, they have send instructions to the terrorist leaders to shed more blood, and execute more explosions in every place they can reach, to confuse the Syrian government, and spread fear in the heart of the Syrian citizens, as the participating side cannot bare anymore failure and defeat, and the instruction to the terrorists were clear "If you fail.. you shall be killed or arrested.. all u have to do is more terrorism everywhere, then you will move to Lebanon to inflame it"..

Al Manar learned from sources in Ankara and Beirut, that advanced weapons were sent to the terrorists by Israel, prepaid by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and UAE, while Saad Al Hariri bought communication devices and advanced technology equipment from France at the value of 7 Million Dollars.

The sources informed Al Manar that Hariri told Filtman during their meeting in Paris, that increasing the numbers of mercenaries and armed men will be benefited by your friends in Lebanon, in a later stage..

Source: Al Manar 

Witnessed Libyan and US mercenaries smuggling chemical weapons .. Al-Ghatit: An "Octopus" conspiracy against Syria

Ali Al-Ghatit, professor of international law, stressed that what Syria and the Arab world are witnessing, is an "Octopus" conspiracy in the exact meaning of the word, with many faces that require efforts and clear strategy, to avoid its dangers.

Al-Ghatit, in an interview published by "Al-Ahram Al-Arabi" magazine, considered the Syrian crisis with fast dynamic which is difficult to control due to intervention from parties like Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Libyan mercenaries, USA and Iraq, and the Arab League must stop any relation of the Syrian crisis with the UNSC, and send a delegation of loyalists to the Arab cause and human rights to help in solving the Syrian crisis in a way very different than the Libyan way, to avoid a civil war.

Al-Ghatit believe that the Qatari prime minister, as president of the current session of the AL ministerial committee, is performing tasks involving the imposition of decisions that violate the AL charter, such as suspending the membership of Syria, which was adopted by the Arab Gulf states, Morocco and Algeria without the consent of the rest of the Arab countries, in service to the US project, which threatens the presence of the AL and place it in the state of abduction, and turn it into a league of governments, or in better terms, a Gulf league... not a league of people.

Al-Ghatit pointed that he witnessed mercenaries, some of them Libyans, smuggling chemical weapons to Syria via Turkey, pointing to the role undertaken by Istanbul council and Ryad Al Asa'ad terrorist militia in achieving what the conspirators are planning for in Syria, as they save them the efforts of interfering with their armies, like in Iraq and Libya, and perform the mission through mercenaries coming from Lebanon and Israel, and drag the country to a civil war that the west is betting on to topple Syria, and in case they failed in achieving their goal, they will leave conflicting sides, until all collapse, while the west would regain its strength and find a new work plan.

Al-Ghatit pointed to the role that could be played by the Arab League to reach an appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria, is through an initiative that preserves the Syrian government staff and recognize its right in exercising its duties, saying that the claims to withdraw the army from the cities, affect the responsibilities requested of it, and allow the insurgents to continue their crimes and deny the civilians from protection, which was confirmed by the report of the AL observers mission, and irritated some parties from the chief of the AL mission "Mustapha Al-Dabbi".

Al-Ghatit said ... The west have always worked on interfering in the region's affairs under the slogans of providing civilization (previously) and teaching democracy (presently), clarifying that Turkey is currently acting as a proxy to Europe and US in the region, which are working to achieve their interests, and provide assistance to Israel, and they are both unable interfere directly, as it is economically expensive, so they are replacing it with alternative and soft power, and reduce the state of enmity of the region's people toward Israel.

Al-Ghatit clarified that what was termed as the "Spring of Arab Uprisings" is a US term, and means that these uprisings are like the spring, once its flowers bloom.. they die.. Surprised of the calls of some to explain the elements of the western conspiracy over the region, it is enough to say the word "conspiracy" so that it becomes clear that it is happening in secret, and not an announced agreement that can be simply disclosed or identify its direct elements, as the image is very complex, where several meanings overlapped, but its reasons remain clean in the west's relation to the area.

The End..

What happened in Homs during last week 6-12/02/2012

About 200 armed men surrendered, and more than 300 arrested, among them French, Africans and Iraqis.. and hundreds were killed... the seize of highly advanced telecommunication devices and sniper guns.

The Syrian Truth website..

Special and confirmed information obtained by (the Syrian truth website) from field sources in Homs, that the clashes took place in the city and its suburbs, inflicted severe hits to insurgents known as the "Farooq" battalion... The sources said that approximately 200 armed men surrendered without resistance after they sensed that the authority had decided the "military termination" in the city, and that it is irreversible no matter what..

The surrender of those insurgents came as a result of security and local interference that handled contacting the armed men before the beginning of the operation on Monday 6/2/2012, as they were provided guarantees that they will not be harmed or assaulted if they surrender peacefully.. and as a result to these mediation and contacts, about 200 insurgents agreed to turn themselves in with their full equipment.

The source revealed that about 350 armed men were arrested after the beginning of the combined military-security operation, and after refusing to surrender peacefully, while approximately more than 200 armed men were killed... the sources said: "I am talking here exclusively about insurgents, and not about the collateral damage among the innocent civilians, because of barricaded gunmen in the street alleys, buildings and apartments between civilians, and using them as human shields against their will".

In this context, a video obtained by Russia Today English, shows armed men shooting live ammo from between the safe houses, while civilians are only meters away from them. (watch the video on the left)... The source said: "What some opposition sides linked to the SNC are reporting about casualties are all lies and fabrications, as they are promoting the victims as numbers, which implies to the audience and viewers that who have being killed are innocent protesters".. the source clarified more: "We do not deny the fall of innocent civilians, as dozens of them already killed.. they have been killed in the alleys, alleyways and buildings where armed men are barricaded, and who used the civilians as human shields".

Bab Dreb infirmary: Destroyed by "Al Farooq" terrorist group,
so that they raise their flag on top of it , and steal its belongings!?
At the same context, the source revealed a side of the combined military-security plan pursued by the Syrian government in its military-security operation in Homs, as it pointed out that the process is based on the concept of "targeting a certain point where armed men are barricaded, with intensified bombing using T72 tanks which they resort to after they discovered the existence of advanced launchers with the armed men, that armored vehicles and troops carriers cannot resist... And then, selected groups of the special forces elite, will raid the targeted point in order to finish off the insurgents, and arrest those who stayed alive or wounded, then leave this point immediately".. Therefore, the source confirmed that the attacking forces (army) "used during the past five days a total of 1200 tank and Mortar shells", revealing that many of these shells' explosive heads were removed before using them. and many of them are simply sound shells... the aim of such is to terrorize  the armed men and make them collapse out of fear..

In the terms of the results that the mission achieved so far, in addition to those arrested and surrendered, the source said "warehouses loaded with massive amounts of weapons of all kinds were seized, specially in "Insha'at" neighborhood, among them, highly advanced sniper guns with a rang of 3600M and a 100% accuracy , and can be used in various weather conditions, day and night.. In addition to various communication devices to be used inside and outside Syria, some of them are "up and down communication system" that automatically connect to the internet using phone numbers working though satellites at speed of 2MG/s, and can locate the position of the caller and receiver using GPS system, and can work up to 48 hours without charge, and attached to a laptop that work 11 hours straight without charge.. and can connect to the Syrian cellphone operators (Syriatel and MTN) without showing the callers ID... these equipment are a complete system packed in a small suitcase similar to the students school bag"..

The source revealed that this kind of systems "entered into Syria in particular through Al Jazeera office manager in Amman "Yaser Abu Hlala", as documents and data seized with one of the armed men revealed that the Qatari intelligence paid 10 Million Dollars for these devices alone, and sent it to Islamists only, and particularly to Al Farooq armed group, who most of them belong to the MBs and fundamental organizations.. and refused send it to other (un-Islamist) armed men and activists"!?

Regarding the casualties incurred by the army and the other security units participating in the mission, the source said "more than 40 military officer martyred from the 4th division alone, and about 300 wounded", but "the most important security achievement" of the mission so far, according to the source, is arresting a sniper from the French intelligence special forces on Friday (10/02), in addition to an Iraqi sniper arrested Saturday (11/02), and a number of Africans believed they came in coordination with the French intelligence.

The End..

Feb 6, 2012

A Russian source: Directing the chief of foreign intelligence to Syria means that there is a significant security event will occur

The Russian intelligence placed their hands on evidence and documents condemns the "Syrian National Council" for conspiring with the French to commit a "mail-order massacre" using Chemical weapons?!

Syria Truth: The Russian presidential decision to send the chief of foreign intelligence "Mikhail Fradkov", and foreign minister "Sergy Lavrov" to Syria on Tuesday, raised big questions in the Russian security and media departments... Although all Russian media sources that we contacted, in Moscow and Crimea, agreed that they did not obtain any information about that, but they agreed in the same time that "a significant security event will occur in Syria and/or the region soon.. at a minimum, there are measures being worked out between Syria and Russia to prevent such an event from happening and facing it".. The sources mentioned that "the traditions of diplomatic work in their Soviet and Russian eras taught them that intelligence men, specially the chief of foreign intelligence, do not accompany diplomats in special visits outside the country, unless there is a security case larger than being a local one, which is the only explanation for Fradkov accompanying Lavrov to Syria"..

A media source linked to the Middle East department at the Russian MFA , told "Syria Truth" website that Fradkov was not close to the Syrian crisis file since it erupted, only with respect to its dimensions, tails and international and regions extensions, and kept away from the internal political details.. Therefore, his travel to Syria with Lavrov means that a large security case linked to the regional and international dimensions of the Syrian crisis will witness it soon".. The sources linked between Fradkov heading to Syria and the information released few days ago, by the US defense minister "Leon Panetta" that Israel could attack Iran this spring without Washington's consent, .. and it is known that an attack of this kind means the expansion of confrontation to reach Lebanon and Syria.. In this context, the source said "Moscow have well documented security information indicate that the Israelis will attack Lebanon, Syria and probably Gaza strip, all together, right when confrontation erupt with Iran, and maybe before that.. and it is clear that they have the green light from Washington and its allies to do that, after Russia and China used the right to VETO against an Arab-Western draft resolution, considering it as the only means to overthrow the Syrian regime using armed force"..

Another source said that Fradkov "who is descending from a Jewish family" is enjoying a special position that allowed him to be in contact with decision making circles in Israel, even though he is a loyal Russian citizen and was a prominent opponent of the Jewish Russian citizens immigration to Israel, and enjoys the trust of the Russian political and military crew, specially prime minister "Vlademir Putin".

Meanwhile, regarding the visit of Fradkov to Syria, a source in the "Sebastopol" marine base in the Black Sea, said to "Syria Truth" website that the Russian foreign intelligence placed their hands, among other data, on information about a "massacre using chemical weapons" , similar to "Halabja" massacre in Iraq in 1988, but a miniaturize one, it was supposed to be executed within the last few days in Syria by the opposition, not by the Syrian government.. The source confirmed that the data obtained by Moscow in this regard confirms that the French intelligence services (maybe the CIA too) have discussed with colonel Ryad Asa'ad, the leader of the so called "FSA", and with the knowledge of leaders from the first raw in the SNC, the execution of a bombing mission with Mortars at the "Zawia" mountain in Syria, whether at the forests where the FSA armed men and the Libyan fighters are hiding, or at a populated area like Jisr Al Shughur.. the choice was also set on residential neighborhood controlled by the armed opposition in Homs.. and the source confirmed that some of the Mortars are loaded with "white phosphorus" or "Mustard gas" and possibly "Sarin gas", these are all available at the Syrian army's arsenal, and was about to deliver it to the FSA fighters, and perhaps they were indeed delivered after being printed by they the stamp of the Syrian military industries.. the source pointed out that the Russian foreign intelligence obtained these information from three sources, one of them an officer working with Ryad Al Asa'ad, the second is a member at the SNC and the third source, is one of the Russian intelligence agents in Turkey,, the source added that "the Russian intelligence information, and more likely this is what its chief will inform the Syrians if not already informed them about it, these info point to a chemical massacre that was supposed to take place last week in order to hold an emergency session at the UNSC that decide form an international commission of inquiry in the matter.. But the massacre had not  been committed for an unknown reason, and perhaps it was exposed by the Russian intelligence.. and perhaps this is what forced them to replace it with Homs massacre that the media, and upon happening , talked about more than 300 dead and 600 wounded, but it turned out that the victims are less than 40 and most of them are hostages.. The horrific figure which was mentioned in the media immediately after the massacre, reveals that it was staged only for the UNSC session... and everyone notices it was absent from the media right after the vote on the Arab-Western draft resolution, i.e. immediately after the completion of the need to employ it politically in the mentioned session!?

The "Syria Truth" website was surprised of the possibility of those sides on commit a chemical massacre to achieve a political purpose, even if it was in the size of criminalizing an important regime like the Syrian regime, or a "Mail-order massacre" according to the intelligence services terms.

The sources revealed that the CIA and the French intelligence handed the fundamental Islamic organizations in Afghanistan during the 80s, in collaboration with "Bernard-Henry Levy", Mortars and phosphorus rockets and gas masks, and asked them to use it against Afghan population gatherings.. The KGB seized the equipment before using them.. and the source wonder: Is it a coincidence that Bernard-Henry Levy who handed the fundamental Islamic organizations in Afghanistan phosphorus weapons, is the same person who is now regulating the relation between the French intelligence and the FSA? and is it a coincidence that upon his return from a his last meeting with Ryad Al Asa'ad in Turkey, he set up a media office for the FSA in Paris and handed its administration to his partner in the "Save Syria" organization Mrs.Lama Al Atasi? and is it a coincidence that this lady "Atasi" also working with the French intelligence and the Israeli circles since many years?

A week for the "Military Termination" .. Followed by an international decision for a cease-fire?

The same source, regarding the visit of the Russian FM and the chief of the foreign intelligence, favored that among the objectives of the visit, will be discussions with the Syrian authorities about the possibility of achieving a "military termination" within a week or ten days, then Russian would convene an emergency meeting at the UNSC, which is her right, to declare an immediate cease-fire.. and in case the other side did not comply , the Syrian authorities will have the right then to move forward with its military operations without any deterrent, given that this will be as facing an armed uprising..  In this context, the source revealed that large units of the "Russian NRF / Spetsnaz Спецназ have been mobilized during the past few days in the naval base of "Sebastopol" in the Black Sea (Crimea), pointing out that these forces have already trained the "republican guards" ad the "special forces" in Syria is earlier periods. 

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Feb 2, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" - Hostility to China, the core of the Takfiri groups ideology .

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء  ملحق 5: العداء للصين جوهر إيديولوجيا المجموعات التكفيرية

They said, it's not enough to be in the light to see, but what you see should be in the light, i said sarcastically, it is enough to have night vision binoculars, and see where ever you are, they said, why you are mocking? i said, it is not enough to see, but you should check and pay attention to what you see, and look to see, not prejudge what you see, as vision is decision.

Since 2006 and till 2011, Washington lived conflict with China, as Washington wanted to reduce the deficit in the balance of trade with China, and China demand to raise the value of Yuan against the Dollar, to reduce the deficit in the balance of trade, knowing that in 2011, the US deficit was over 1300 Billion Dollars, mostly to China, and in conjunction with the US-Chinese conflict about the value of the Yuan, (Washington Takfiri sheikhs) and specially the gays ones, used to do religious wars on the ground against China, and prepare Takfiri groups (armed and unarmed), some of those groups worked in Syria.

Ideology industry..

Ideology industry is not new to Washington and Israel, as to fight the resistance in Gaza, they created a strict organization followed to Al Qaida, and when monitoring any field leader from the Palestinian resistance and the Israelis decide to kill him, this organization bomb an empty place southern Palestine, as justification to the Israelis, and then Israel would respond in assassinating the resistance leader.. and in southern Lebanon, they have created what was called the "Arab resistance", to bid on Hizbullah, but they arrested the leader of this organization in charge of communication and contact with Israelis, and they were replaced by Al Qaida... and to destroy the communist movements, they have created the communist extremism and the US left wing.. you find them writing an article that criticize USA, and hundreds of articles not criticism, but against Democratic Korea, Cuba, and against the communist parties, and most of their articles titled with the left wing crisis, and instigating against Shiit as ideology that replace entering heaven with aggression against the Shiit, and not with good deeds, this needs no illustration, even Erdogan amplifying the Davos conference speech was part of creating an alternative, but in the Blue Jasmine operation, the Takfiri cells were created by creating the Chinese enemy ideology.

Why the Chinese enemy..?

Russia is a Christian country with an Orthodox majority, and 1/5 of its population are Muslims, and defend Muslims, and Muslims in Russia have an important role in life, and there are Russian Muslin channel projects, and they have their own media, quite opposite to Washington which is the an anti-Islam, and waged crusade wars against Islam, for this reason, China was chosen, and the aim is to show the anti-Islam Washington as Islamic friendly, and to drag the people into the US conflict trench with China, so they have created and diverted many issues in the name of religion to create hostility to China.

Note: Since i wrote from personal views, not within a research or study center, i had to investigate in many issues from experts in these cases, so i can understand them and illustrate them.

The essence of ideology..

The essence of war on China lies in the saying that this a quoted saying by prophet Muhammad,  that at the end of times, the Christians and Muslims will unite, against the infidels who will threaten the world and invade it.

US experts asked to invest what was named in the holy Quran as the story of (Gog and Magog) and to base on it, and the Americans insisted on many things, such as suggest that the (Gog and Magog) people are Chinese, and that what was named (the two horns dam) lies in middle Asia, near the Caspian sea (which Washington seek to reach its wealth).

According to what i have received, the story about the Muslims and Christians uniting against infidels, is a heresy had been created, i was unable verify this issue, and it should have been linked with the (Gog and Magog) story, it was requested also to invest what was called "Turk Mongols" (Central Asia people), as a start to spread news that suggest to people that the (Gog and Magog) people looks like the Chinese, as there supposed to be a description for the Gog and Magog people, that they look like the Turks, and should have talked about the Turk Mongols and then about the Chinese in order to make roots in people's minds that the Gog and Magog are Chinese.. ofcourse this is an issue i cannot talk about as it is the specialty of Islamic scholars, but as an info, when some political analysts said that overthrowing Syria means blocking the dreams with bringing back the silk road, so Washington sheikhs invested this to say overthrowing  the regimes in Syria and Iraq is part of fortifying against the Gog and Magog people.

Hajj Barak Obama..

Among the ideology that had been built, they have said that president Barak Obama is a Muslim, and struggle to get rid of the Zion Lobby, and will bring the region back to before the Sykes-Picot agreement, therefore he will abolish the division, and bring back the Ottoman empire, and the Islamic rule... Here i repeat what i have previously mentioned, that since 2001 the Ottoman missionary began, and redrawing it contrary to what it was, and with the fall of July invasion on Lebanon, and the Syrian drama producing works about the Ottoman era, a new policy was being redrawn to preach with Ottomanship, other than Gulf production companies broadcasting many Turkish TV series, and the absence of works that talk about the Ottoman occupation, and preaching with the new Ottomanship over the internet, then promoting Obama who is half Muslim, and amplify Erdogan's volume as a savior.


I wrote about this earlier in the Blue Jasmine series, and some clarifications had been requested, and till this day, many believe that such stories are exaggerations, and that there are facts, but, they do not realize that the facts for someone are not facts for another, and any one can make sure of the above stories, and it is enough to open a discussion with a Muslim scholar of Washington about the Chinese economy, to hear the complete story, and this is not just in Syria, but also in Egypt, Libya and Tunis.. so who mocked those who believed that Obama will help the Muslims, i tell them, you can make sure that there are many who believe in such exaggerations, and believe in myths created by the US and attributed to the Islamic history.

The End..

Original Arabic article by Kefah Nssr - Juhaina NEws