Feb 2, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" - Hostility to China, the core of the Takfiri groups ideology .

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء  ملحق 5: العداء للصين جوهر إيديولوجيا المجموعات التكفيرية

They said, it's not enough to be in the light to see, but what you see should be in the light, i said sarcastically, it is enough to have night vision binoculars, and see where ever you are, they said, why you are mocking? i said, it is not enough to see, but you should check and pay attention to what you see, and look to see, not prejudge what you see, as vision is decision.

Since 2006 and till 2011, Washington lived conflict with China, as Washington wanted to reduce the deficit in the balance of trade with China, and China demand to raise the value of Yuan against the Dollar, to reduce the deficit in the balance of trade, knowing that in 2011, the US deficit was over 1300 Billion Dollars, mostly to China, and in conjunction with the US-Chinese conflict about the value of the Yuan, (Washington Takfiri sheikhs) and specially the gays ones, used to do religious wars on the ground against China, and prepare Takfiri groups (armed and unarmed), some of those groups worked in Syria.

Ideology industry..

Ideology industry is not new to Washington and Israel, as to fight the resistance in Gaza, they created a strict organization followed to Al Qaida, and when monitoring any field leader from the Palestinian resistance and the Israelis decide to kill him, this organization bomb an empty place southern Palestine, as justification to the Israelis, and then Israel would respond in assassinating the resistance leader.. and in southern Lebanon, they have created what was called the "Arab resistance", to bid on Hizbullah, but they arrested the leader of this organization in charge of communication and contact with Israelis, and they were replaced by Al Qaida... and to destroy the communist movements, they have created the communist extremism and the US left wing.. you find them writing an article that criticize USA, and hundreds of articles not criticism, but against Democratic Korea, Cuba, and against the communist parties, and most of their articles titled with the left wing crisis, and instigating against Shiit as ideology that replace entering heaven with aggression against the Shiit, and not with good deeds, this needs no illustration, even Erdogan amplifying the Davos conference speech was part of creating an alternative, but in the Blue Jasmine operation, the Takfiri cells were created by creating the Chinese enemy ideology.

Why the Chinese enemy..?

Russia is a Christian country with an Orthodox majority, and 1/5 of its population are Muslims, and defend Muslims, and Muslims in Russia have an important role in life, and there are Russian Muslin channel projects, and they have their own media, quite opposite to Washington which is the an anti-Islam, and waged crusade wars against Islam, for this reason, China was chosen, and the aim is to show the anti-Islam Washington as Islamic friendly, and to drag the people into the US conflict trench with China, so they have created and diverted many issues in the name of religion to create hostility to China.

Note: Since i wrote from personal views, not within a research or study center, i had to investigate in many issues from experts in these cases, so i can understand them and illustrate them.

The essence of ideology..

The essence of war on China lies in the saying that this a quoted saying by prophet Muhammad,  that at the end of times, the Christians and Muslims will unite, against the infidels who will threaten the world and invade it.

US experts asked to invest what was named in the holy Quran as the story of (Gog and Magog) and to base on it, and the Americans insisted on many things, such as suggest that the (Gog and Magog) people are Chinese, and that what was named (the two horns dam) lies in middle Asia, near the Caspian sea (which Washington seek to reach its wealth).

According to what i have received, the story about the Muslims and Christians uniting against infidels, is a heresy had been created, i was unable verify this issue, and it should have been linked with the (Gog and Magog) story, it was requested also to invest what was called "Turk Mongols" (Central Asia people), as a start to spread news that suggest to people that the (Gog and Magog) people looks like the Chinese, as there supposed to be a description for the Gog and Magog people, that they look like the Turks, and should have talked about the Turk Mongols and then about the Chinese in order to make roots in people's minds that the Gog and Magog are Chinese.. ofcourse this is an issue i cannot talk about as it is the specialty of Islamic scholars, but as an info, when some political analysts said that overthrowing Syria means blocking the dreams with bringing back the silk road, so Washington sheikhs invested this to say overthrowing  the regimes in Syria and Iraq is part of fortifying against the Gog and Magog people.

Hajj Barak Obama..

Among the ideology that had been built, they have said that president Barak Obama is a Muslim, and struggle to get rid of the Zion Lobby, and will bring the region back to before the Sykes-Picot agreement, therefore he will abolish the division, and bring back the Ottoman empire, and the Islamic rule... Here i repeat what i have previously mentioned, that since 2001 the Ottoman missionary began, and redrawing it contrary to what it was, and with the fall of July invasion on Lebanon, and the Syrian drama producing works about the Ottoman era, a new policy was being redrawn to preach with Ottomanship, other than Gulf production companies broadcasting many Turkish TV series, and the absence of works that talk about the Ottoman occupation, and preaching with the new Ottomanship over the internet, then promoting Obama who is half Muslim, and amplify Erdogan's volume as a savior.


I wrote about this earlier in the Blue Jasmine series, and some clarifications had been requested, and till this day, many believe that such stories are exaggerations, and that there are facts, but, they do not realize that the facts for someone are not facts for another, and any one can make sure of the above stories, and it is enough to open a discussion with a Muslim scholar of Washington about the Chinese economy, to hear the complete story, and this is not just in Syria, but also in Egypt, Libya and Tunis.. so who mocked those who believed that Obama will help the Muslims, i tell them, you can make sure that there are many who believe in such exaggerations, and believe in myths created by the US and attributed to the Islamic history.

The End..

Original Arabic article by Kefah Nssr - Juhaina NEws

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