Feb 13, 2012

What happened in Homs during last week 6-12/02/2012

About 200 armed men surrendered, and more than 300 arrested, among them French, Africans and Iraqis.. and hundreds were killed... the seize of highly advanced telecommunication devices and sniper guns.

The Syrian Truth website..

Special and confirmed information obtained by (the Syrian truth website) from field sources in Homs, that the clashes took place in the city and its suburbs, inflicted severe hits to insurgents known as the "Farooq" battalion... The sources said that approximately 200 armed men surrendered without resistance after they sensed that the authority had decided the "military termination" in the city, and that it is irreversible no matter what..

The surrender of those insurgents came as a result of security and local interference that handled contacting the armed men before the beginning of the operation on Monday 6/2/2012, as they were provided guarantees that they will not be harmed or assaulted if they surrender peacefully.. and as a result to these mediation and contacts, about 200 insurgents agreed to turn themselves in with their full equipment.

The source revealed that about 350 armed men were arrested after the beginning of the combined military-security operation, and after refusing to surrender peacefully, while approximately more than 200 armed men were killed... the sources said: "I am talking here exclusively about insurgents, and not about the collateral damage among the innocent civilians, because of barricaded gunmen in the street alleys, buildings and apartments between civilians, and using them as human shields against their will".

In this context, a video obtained by Russia Today English, shows armed men shooting live ammo from between the safe houses, while civilians are only meters away from them. (watch the video on the left)... The source said: "What some opposition sides linked to the SNC are reporting about casualties are all lies and fabrications, as they are promoting the victims as numbers, which implies to the audience and viewers that who have being killed are innocent protesters".. the source clarified more: "We do not deny the fall of innocent civilians, as dozens of them already killed.. they have been killed in the alleys, alleyways and buildings where armed men are barricaded, and who used the civilians as human shields".

Bab Dreb infirmary: Destroyed by "Al Farooq" terrorist group,
so that they raise their flag on top of it , and steal its belongings!?
At the same context, the source revealed a side of the combined military-security plan pursued by the Syrian government in its military-security operation in Homs, as it pointed out that the process is based on the concept of "targeting a certain point where armed men are barricaded, with intensified bombing using T72 tanks which they resort to after they discovered the existence of advanced launchers with the armed men, that armored vehicles and troops carriers cannot resist... And then, selected groups of the special forces elite, will raid the targeted point in order to finish off the insurgents, and arrest those who stayed alive or wounded, then leave this point immediately".. Therefore, the source confirmed that the attacking forces (army) "used during the past five days a total of 1200 tank and Mortar shells", revealing that many of these shells' explosive heads were removed before using them. and many of them are simply sound shells... the aim of such is to terrorize  the armed men and make them collapse out of fear..

In the terms of the results that the mission achieved so far, in addition to those arrested and surrendered, the source said "warehouses loaded with massive amounts of weapons of all kinds were seized, specially in "Insha'at" neighborhood, among them, highly advanced sniper guns with a rang of 3600M and a 100% accuracy , and can be used in various weather conditions, day and night.. In addition to various communication devices to be used inside and outside Syria, some of them are "up and down communication system" that automatically connect to the internet using phone numbers working though satellites at speed of 2MG/s, and can locate the position of the caller and receiver using GPS system, and can work up to 48 hours without charge, and attached to a laptop that work 11 hours straight without charge.. and can connect to the Syrian cellphone operators (Syriatel and MTN) without showing the callers ID... these equipment are a complete system packed in a small suitcase similar to the students school bag"..

The source revealed that this kind of systems "entered into Syria in particular through Al Jazeera office manager in Amman "Yaser Abu Hlala", as documents and data seized with one of the armed men revealed that the Qatari intelligence paid 10 Million Dollars for these devices alone, and sent it to Islamists only, and particularly to Al Farooq armed group, who most of them belong to the MBs and fundamental organizations.. and refused send it to other (un-Islamist) armed men and activists"!?

Regarding the casualties incurred by the army and the other security units participating in the mission, the source said "more than 40 military officer martyred from the 4th division alone, and about 300 wounded", but "the most important security achievement" of the mission so far, according to the source, is arresting a sniper from the French intelligence special forces on Friday (10/02), in addition to an Iraqi sniper arrested Saturday (11/02), and a number of Africans believed they came in coordination with the French intelligence.

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  1. This Blog is about as close to propaganda as you can get while still claiming it as "news". Considering at the top of the blog is a large image of al Assad and the caption at the bottom describes him as 'The lover of the Syrian people'. The video you use to discredit the rebels is from Russia Today which is a state run mouth piece for Valdimir Putin. Russia Today is the equivalent of Fox news in the US, to say it's bias would be an understatement. If al Assad would actually let foreign journalists inside Syria maybe the world could get a better picture of what's going on.. until then I'm not believing anything a blog with such obvious alliances and motivations purports as "news".

  2. it's up to you... we respect your opinion.

  3. @ jack
    many foreign journalists were and still are in Syria .... one of them is the reporter of France 2 ( journalist Gilles Jacquier ) ....he were killed by a mortar bomb shot by the ( free syrian army ) in Homs..... http://www.yalibnan.com/2012/01/11/french-reporter-killed-in-homs-syria/


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