Feb 20, 2012

The Blue Jasmine: When the US project passed through the Syrian coast

Arabic Article By Kefah Nssr - Jouhaina News

I was blamed by some of my friends for not writing about what happened in the Syrian coast, even though it was dangerous, yet even terrifying, and no less dangerous than what happened in the south, and the main reason for my delay, is comparing the data with what happened on the ground, and unfortunately, till this day i was unable to do so... Despite that, i will write a brief and will leave the readers to fill its spaces, which are the events took that place on the ground.

 The coast was a target for "Aroor" ..?

Before going into details of what happened in the coast, we must note that one of the people (F.M) was receiving money directly from Saudi Arabia, and became a "Sheikh" for these events, and by the way, he from the Alawit sect and used to get paid from Adnan Aroor and his accomplices directly, and distributed a lot of money in a certain area in Jableh, and the paradox, when Adnan Aroor threatened the Alawits, he was sending him money, and was working among the people and spread lethal rumors which are admired in moments of rage.. I will talk about the rumors (below) that he participated in spreading, but it is important to remind that the recruited agents were of various sects, and not from one sect, and each have his own role, and the aim is to create an ordeal that lead to displace the Sunna from the Syrian coast, hoping to impose an Alawit state de facto. in outlines, the main work was as follows:

1- Hindering the truth by spreading believable blunt rumors and unbelievable rumors as well, in order to create an environment where the truth and lies are inseparable.

2- Armed gangs (From Sunni areas - most of them were brought to it) would kill certain people from the Alawit sect,  in an ugly way, and document the crimes to create a sectarian tension.

3- Agents among the Alawit communities, would create an environment of self-defense, by spreading rumors, and amplify the events and instigate the people to defend themselves, through well studied rumors.

4- Hitting the economical structures and facilities which participate in paralyzing the country and spreading chaos, specially energy pipelines and facilities.

The ordeal plan was as follows, and included three main areas:

1- In Banias, the army was to be dragged into the city to turn it into a disaster area, and hundreds of armed men where to be spread, most of them not Syrians, and destroying vital foundations, specially Banias refinery, and from Banias the coast was supposed to be inflamed.

2- In Jableh, The Alawit majority were dragged to conflict with the Sunni minority, through bringing demonstrations to the streets chanting sectarian slogans, and people from outside the area were used to demonstrate chanting sectarian slogans while they were veiled, and the slogans they used to chant (Alawit to the coffin, and Christians to Beirut) .

3- In Latakia, the army was supposed to be dragged into the Sunni neighborhoods exclusively, and burning facilities that provide the citizens with services like Bakeries, and consuming institutes... armed gags did enter the city and spread rumors between the neighborhoods, Sniper acts, burning vital facilities in the Sunni areas, specially bakeries and shops, so that the people will be displaced even with the failure of creating a killing method for the lack of the basics of life.

Note: In Tartous the city, in general, rumors were spread to cause a state of in-confidence in the leadership, and urge the people to self-defense, and the city was not targeted, but maybe the demographic and ethnic distribution was  the reason.

Since the beginning of March, the so called "Ice Braking" cells were trained, by going in demonstrations in areas with the Sunni majority, specially Banias and Latakia, and the most important which is Jableh, and when Daraa demonstrations began, Banias also witnessed demonstrations of what was called "braking the barrier of fear" in 18/03/2011 i.e. the same day of Daraa demonstrations, and in 20/03/2011 there was a demonstration that showed the sectarian character of the demonstration from Eroot mosque in Banias, and among the protesters demands, was religious schools, even though this is not a barrier, but the aim was spreading sectarianism one way or another.. Some braking and destruction occurred, but it was very limited, and the agitation continued until the time had come to summon the army into the city, in 11/04/2011 there was the first ambush for the Syrian Arab army, where 9 soldiers martyred, and the main aim was to drag the army into fierce battles in Banias, to turn it into a disaster area (by the way, the Syrian security forces achieved a quality security operation which was a disaster to the Blue Jasmine operation, and i will discuss it in later articles), in equivalence, they worked on instigating Alawits against the Sunna in Jableh, as between attacking Alawits in banias and the Sunna in Jableh, along with war of rumors in Latakia and snipe acts, destruction and killings, the Syrian coast would totally inflame.

In Latakia, the instigation was going perfectly, and on 28/03/2011, sniping acts happened, done by armed men mostly from various Arab nationalities, and according to the data i managed to obtain from friends, in Latakia there were about 750 non-Syrian armed men who participated in sniping and destruction acts, plus Syrian agents,.

Rumors in the Syrian coast..

Every body remember the news about cars handled spreading rumors between the neighborhoods, as the method of spreading rumors in the coast was among a wider plan, but the most important of what was worked on between the people, is instigating Sunna over Alawits, and vise verse, and isolating the street from the leadership.. as among the Sunna, it was intended to imply that the government is a sectarian one and needs to be toppled through shedding a light on certain people, and among the Alawits, it was intended to imply that the government is unable defend them, and the Sunna were being instigated exclusively against (Rami Makhlouf and Maher Al Assad), as Rami Makhlouf is a Syrian Tycoon, and perhaps the only one from the Alawit sect, and they were not being instigated against the senior business men who support the Syrian leadership, as the majority of them are Sunna, and thus, inciting do not leave a sectarian soul if the business men are Sunna, also, we cannot say that the senior army officers are Alawits, who are not, so they had to instigate against Alawit officers exclusively and those related to the president, yet they even spread rumors that Sunni and Christian officers are Alawits, like "Atef Najib" whose name was mentioned a lot on the media as being from the Alawit sect, even though he is a Sunni.. Also, "Rustom Ghazali" who is not from the Alawit sect, however, they both were mentioned as Alawits, so there was a battle aimed at people, specially teenagers to portray the government in Syria as a sectarian one, and a ruling family regime, not a ruling party one.

Among the Alawits, rumors were confined to reduce the sense of security for the citizens, and imply to them that the government is unable defend them so that he would defend themselves... I was unable verify what the agents did on the ground, but they were asked to spread trapped rumors, that not all of them can be detailed, but the most important of these rumors was a sentence spread between the people (May God have mercy upon Hafez Al-Assad soul, if he was present, he would conclude the battle within two days, like he did in Hama), ofcourse this sentence is composed of many words, written by senior psychological warfare experts and specialists in the Syrian affairs, and it create psychological reactions, and leave marks in the people's minds, and cause the following:

1- Turn the street into a tool to pressure the government, in order to resort to an un-calculated military conclusion that would lead to serious repercussions, and turn many areas into disaster ones that are invested through sectarian instigation, and in case the government don't do that, it will lose the people's faith in it.

2- Making the citizens feel as if they are in danger, as they will lose the confidence in their leadership, and look for means to defend themselves, and turn from being a supporter into an opposition who lost their trust in the government, and that they must carry weapons.

3- When such sentences are spread over the internet, it will be invested to say that what happened in 1982 was not confrontation with Israel, when the MBs back then stood in one trench with the enemy to kill thousands of Syrian soldiers in Lebanon, but that the sectarian government targeted in 1982 the Sunna, and not agents, therefore, the rumors required to be spread between the Sunna, devote the idea that the government is sectarian and not a patriotic one.

4- The most important remain that this phrase will leave an impact in the souls, that will lead to a crack between the people in general and their leadership, and will leave a space to be filled with rumors.

5- It is also important that the agents could be among the supporters ranks, and spread such rumors without any legal accountability.

The process of spreading rumors was carefully studied, some of them were studied and previously prepared, and the rest were according to the events, and was accompanied with a very wide psychological warfare, and there are many models that are difficult to simplify and tell from rumors spread between the people, and who spread them are those who pretended to support the government,.

The Syrian army buried the Blue Jasmine project.

From the major crimes that have been committed, was the martyrdom of the farmer "Nidal Jannoud", who was killed in a savage way. and while the bias media talked about protest movements, a video was published on the internet showing the killing of the martyr "Nidal Jannoud", and the images of the criminals were very clear in the video, and the aim ofcourse was to create sectarian tension, and even though i was unable visit the Syrian coast in those days, but i managed through friends of mine to obtain the small details that failed the project.. for example, in Jableh, the Americans indeed succeeded in creating a sectarian tension, and according to one of my friends, who managed contain the conflict was a security officer from Der Azzour, who was a good talker and managed contain the clash without the need for the police interference, but in Banias the events had developed, and in Banias the Syrian Arab army buried the last project of the Blue Jasmine in the coast area to buried later in Homs and Damascus countryside completely.

The End..

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