Feb 13, 2012

Witnessed Libyan and US mercenaries smuggling chemical weapons .. Al-Ghatit: An "Octopus" conspiracy against Syria

Ali Al-Ghatit, professor of international law, stressed that what Syria and the Arab world are witnessing, is an "Octopus" conspiracy in the exact meaning of the word, with many faces that require efforts and clear strategy, to avoid its dangers.

Al-Ghatit, in an interview published by "Al-Ahram Al-Arabi" magazine, considered the Syrian crisis with fast dynamic which is difficult to control due to intervention from parties like Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Libyan mercenaries, USA and Iraq, and the Arab League must stop any relation of the Syrian crisis with the UNSC, and send a delegation of loyalists to the Arab cause and human rights to help in solving the Syrian crisis in a way very different than the Libyan way, to avoid a civil war.

Al-Ghatit believe that the Qatari prime minister, as president of the current session of the AL ministerial committee, is performing tasks involving the imposition of decisions that violate the AL charter, such as suspending the membership of Syria, which was adopted by the Arab Gulf states, Morocco and Algeria without the consent of the rest of the Arab countries, in service to the US project, which threatens the presence of the AL and place it in the state of abduction, and turn it into a league of governments, or in better terms, a Gulf league... not a league of people.

Al-Ghatit pointed that he witnessed mercenaries, some of them Libyans, smuggling chemical weapons to Syria via Turkey, pointing to the role undertaken by Istanbul council and Ryad Al Asa'ad terrorist militia in achieving what the conspirators are planning for in Syria, as they save them the efforts of interfering with their armies, like in Iraq and Libya, and perform the mission through mercenaries coming from Lebanon and Israel, and drag the country to a civil war that the west is betting on to topple Syria, and in case they failed in achieving their goal, they will leave conflicting sides, until all collapse, while the west would regain its strength and find a new work plan.

Al-Ghatit pointed to the role that could be played by the Arab League to reach an appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria, is through an initiative that preserves the Syrian government staff and recognize its right in exercising its duties, saying that the claims to withdraw the army from the cities, affect the responsibilities requested of it, and allow the insurgents to continue their crimes and deny the civilians from protection, which was confirmed by the report of the AL observers mission, and irritated some parties from the chief of the AL mission "Mustapha Al-Dabbi".

Al-Ghatit said ... The west have always worked on interfering in the region's affairs under the slogans of providing civilization (previously) and teaching democracy (presently), clarifying that Turkey is currently acting as a proxy to Europe and US in the region, which are working to achieve their interests, and provide assistance to Israel, and they are both unable interfere directly, as it is economically expensive, so they are replacing it with alternative and soft power, and reduce the state of enmity of the region's people toward Israel.

Al-Ghatit clarified that what was termed as the "Spring of Arab Uprisings" is a US term, and means that these uprisings are like the spring, once its flowers bloom.. they die.. Surprised of the calls of some to explain the elements of the western conspiracy over the region, it is enough to say the word "conspiracy" so that it becomes clear that it is happening in secret, and not an announced agreement that can be simply disclosed or identify its direct elements, as the image is very complex, where several meanings overlapped, but its reasons remain clean in the west's relation to the area.

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