Jan 31, 2012

In the game of intelligence war .. Agent (001)

Jouhaina News (Kefah Nssr)

Hajj "Radwan" (Imad Fayez Mghanieh), is the person who terrorized the Zion entity after his martyrdom, and dismayed them when he was alive, not just because the resistance one day will avenge his assassination, and not just because the Zion entity spent Millions of Dollars to protect its officials who live in daily fear, but because his martyrdom, shook the Arab conscious, and there have been a "Imad Mghanieh" in each resisting soul, and his shadows became terror on the Hebrew entity.. But now, next to the shadows of this great leader, there are many shadows that terrify the Zion entity and those behind it.

The resistance response..

Each speech of Sir.Hassan Nassrullah's , was a response... Each horror that the Zion entity's generals and officials lived, was a response... But the Zion entity fully realize that year 2012 is the best year for the resistance to respond, as the US is defeated, the European west and Washington in their worst economic crisis, and any war in the region would destroy the US interests forever, and Israel realize well that  any security action by the resistance in 2012 against any Zion leader, will put them in an unenviable position, and will not even be able think about a security respond even if it could, after the fall of the agents in Lebanon like autumn leafs.. and the Zion entity fully aware of the Hizbulla's warnings and its cost on the entity.

Expanding the circle of conflict...

After the US escape from Iraq, and when Iran realized that the US is helpless now more than ever, finally Iran had openly decided to respond , as brigadier general "Masoud Gezairi", assistant chief of general staff of the armed forces of Iran, said that responding to the crime of assassinating the Iranian scientist "Mustapha Ahmadi Roshan" will be painful for USA and Israel, and "Gezairi" said that Iran consider this crime as a threat to her, and is now studying how to punish the members involved in the assassination, within the framework of strategic threat and "reciprocate".. on another side, the Iranian strategic researcher " Muhammad Sadeq Al Husseiny" said quoting people close to the decision making headquarters in Iran: "No one ever know how this open war would's repercussions would turn on the region level, but what i am certain of , is that all Zion officials and their US masters, specially the security and intelligence ones (according to Tehran declared position) are now hostages of a decision of working similarly, and we have to wait whose turn is going to be first, as said by Iranian sources close to the Iranian decision making headquarters"..

In Syria, the Syrian president openly stated that, there will not be battle over Syria, but the battle will be with Syria... the statement came after three explosions that rocked the capitol Damascus, and the US And Israelis understand the meaning of battle with Syria, and they tasted it before, yet they even tasted it weeks ago (a note for the reader "a wicked smile")..

In the balance of power..

Washington and Israel have many agents, and the CIA abilities cannot be underestimated, as Arab intelligence and "Muslimized" organizations are working for it.. But in the areas of the US presence, we cannot compare between the influence of the resistance axle and the US influence, specially in the Gulf area, also in occupied Palestine, where more than 1.5 Million Arabs live.. Some think that Iran and Syria are able establish the "Free Qatari army" and direct effective strikes at the US in their largest military bases in the Gulf, therefore, when talking about intelligence war in the region, we cannot underestimate any of the combating powers, as the Syrian,Iranian,Hisbullah and Palestinian factions have great capacity to direct painful hits for the Israeli-US interests in the region and around the world, and at the same time, we cannot underestimate the CIA abilities despite the hit they were under in Lebanon, Syria and Iran.. Nonetheless, we can understand the current escalation as part of moving the battle to the enemy's land, as Washington and Tel Aviv have done all they could do and the best they could do, while Syria, Iran and the resistance were not hit by the bullet, and the final bullet is in their hand.

Arenas of conflict...

From the implicit messages, specially those coming from Iran, the UK-US-Israelis are targets, in their scientists, officials and officers, but it is certain that the most important arena is the Zion one.. Yes, today the Zion entity is living its worst hours, and the Zion security services are living their worst days, along with them a number of Arab capitols that are living a state of security alert since the beginning of the events in Syria.

The time of conflict..

It is believed that the deadline left by president Assad for the amnesty, is the last chance, and after that will be an open conflict in the region, and those who underestimated the security solution will finally know what it means, and perhaps Iran also next month will not stand still, but it began preparing for a response,  even the resistance realize that the region is in its best condition after the US withdrawal from Iraq, and the Israeli's resorting to NATO in the "Shift 6" maneuvers.. here we ask: Is the US-Israeli Arab spring is over, and the counter Arab spring starting, which is anti-US and Israel??

The results of the intelligence war..

The US and Israel fully understand the meaning of the outburst of a war in the region, and realize that any war in the region will be a major catastrophe, and fully realize that the assassination of any Israeli senior officer in this period, is an establishment of a real Arab spring, and fully realize that their abilities are major, but not in a war of "biting fingers", and fully realize that the Syrian-Iranian influence is moral, not financial, therefore, the conflict will be between agents hired by the US and Israel against suicidals that defend a cause, and the US realize that on the world level, the policy of the unilateralism is over, and in the Middle East, the era of US and Israel waging wars is over as well, and all the US psychologist experts and psychological warfare experts could not wash the shame of dropping a US drone in Iran, and not the shame of Iranian barges approaching US barges and provoking it, and they realize that their pride will not only mean their defeat, but they will be humiliated, that even their psychological warfare experts cannot wash it, knowing that the psychological warfare waged by the US, have reversed outcome, and who are afraid now in the region are the Israelis and the oil princes only.

Passing through the Syrian file..

Washington should have stopped the attack on Syria since May 2011, but being hugely involved, made her even drown, in contrast, president Assad regained his popularity in the Arab world, and all the ideas that Washington spent Billions of Dollars to promote, had failed, and Washington gave the center of resistance the time they want to start the counter strike, and the prince they promised to visit the Arab capitols was expelled from those capitols, and the US who threatened and warned and waged the biggest psychological warfare against Syria, all its Billions fell with the president Assad speech, and his visit to Omayyad square.. and in mid March 2012 the events in Syria will complete its one year, and the real Arab spring will begin, and the title of the next stage either (electricity-gas-diesel) for Syrians, or many will be deprived of it.

Does the US learn from its previous defeats..?

When Israel lost July war in Lebanon, Washington should have admit the defeat in the region, but it didn't, until it had lost its most important cards in Lebanon, and set a timeline to escape from Iraq, and should have admit since May 2011 its defeat in Syria, but its pride might cost it its presence in the region, and the US realize well that the region is approaching an Arab victory spring, if it will continue its current policy, and despite the impossibility of solving its problems with Russia and China, but even these issue were solved, the US is unable pass the resistance axle.

Yes, Washington used the international code for the Soviet Union (007) in producing fiction films to promote the capabilities of the CIA, but the resistance axle will not need to produce films that use the international code for the US (001) to wage psychological warfare, but any security action that might happen, it will be considered as an Arabian wedding that will not need any exaggeration, and waiting for the surprises of the agents (001) and (00972), and on the other side, Hollywood must prepare to produce films to wash the coming disgrace, like the films of washing the disgrace in Somalia, Iraq, Vietnam and Lebanon... and soon they will prepare films to wash their disgrace in the Middle East, unless the US decided to learn from history and previous defeats..!!

The End..

Jan 29, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" ... The complete story about the buffer zone on the Turkish borders..

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 4: القصة الكاملة للمنطقة العازلة على الحدود التركية...؟

The NATO have always said that Syria is not Libya, and it really meant that, because Syria is indeed not like Libya, but in secret and under the table, the (US) NATO said to its allies (Qatar and Turkey) that Syria is like Libya, and Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb are like Binghazi, and how the (Turkish and Qatari) bet on creating a buffer zone, and Washington realized that the buffer zone will be similar to Darfur not to Binghazi, quite the contrary to what NATO promised its allies, when tried involve them in a big problem that it will allow the NATO to negotiate on their heads, as the NATO fully realize that the no-fly zone over Syria means burning the Middle East and perhaps the entire world.

NATO wanted Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb to turn into a flaming Darfur, and to negotiate about it with the Syrians, and use this area to drag the high rank officers and leaders to the ICC to negotiate with Syria, which neither the Qatari nor the Turks know about, who were the godfathers for the buffer zone and set out to create it.

The buffer zone options..

It is impossible create a buffer zone at the Jordanian borders, as closing these borders will inflame Jordan, and destabelize it. and it cannot be created at the Lebanese borders in fear of developing into a conflict in a country that the balance of powers in it is realized as not in Washington's interest... and on the Iraqi borders we cannot talk about a buffer zone along with the US withdrawal, even with their presence, nothing can be done that could turn into a full-scale war in the region, and only on the northern boarders, Washington could think about burning the area without expanding into a full-scale war.

Why a buffer zone like Darfur, not like Benghazi..?

Any NATO entrance in the line, will be the reason for the outbreak of an armed conflict, and the battle will accordingly turn into a national battle and all the opposition groups would fall, and any NATO intervention will be the beginning of a full-scale war in the region, with huge losses to Syria, but it will not leave any interests for Washington and her allies in the region, and its disasters are uncountable, in addition to the fear of turning into a world war. therefore, imposing a no-fly zone is one of seven impossibles, and a direct intervention for the NATO similar to Libya is also one of the seven impossibles, as it means war on the level of the region.. while the only choice is to inflame Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb similar to Darfur and turn them into destroyed afflicted areas, that would open the space for Washington to negotiate with the Syrian leadership using the ICC stick, on many cards.

The dreams of a buffer zone..

At first, Washington thought that the Syrian army going into battle in northern Syria with Turkey is impossible, thus she considered the possibility of the Turkish army entering Syria to impose a buffer zone in Jisr Al Shughur, arming it then going out, leaving a northern Syrian (Darfur). but what happened on the ground  foiled the dreams, and Washington realized that the Turkish military intervention is an adventure, yet it could even develop into an armed conflict on the region level, for this reason they have established a Syrian transitional council to work on occupying an area in Syria. and the project failed completely, when Nabil Al Arabi's visit to Syria was postponed, so that after the postpone came Hussein Harmoush confessions and Syria's enemies dreams were foiled, then the Syrian transitional council was dissolved, and a Syrian national council was established and preparations began for a buffer zone not only in Jisr Al Shughur, but even reach Idleb.

Turkey failed in imposing a buffer zone after the murder of  120 police men in Jisr Al Shughur, and later Turkey failed in creating a buffer village when the confessions of Husein Harmoush were aired after directing a strike to the mercenary forces who were supposed to create this buffer zone, so Washington had to draw a non failing plan..

Planing -again- for a buffer zone..

More than 800 Libyan fighter were brought, and a number of Qatari officers who participated in the fights in Libya and French experts as well, among them a senior officer that had a role in Libya events, and many Afghans and mercenaries of various nationalities and even Al Qaida organization were brought, and the refugees camps in Turkey turned into training camps like the ones in Chad for Darfur rebels, and in direct supervision from the CIA and Mossad, and many satellites that monitored every move for the Syrian Arab army in the area, aiming for the success of the project, and deployed advanced spying devices... but what happened before the arrival of the AL mission to Damascus??

On the impact of Syrian military exercises, and in a record time that is unimaginable, the grand operation was executed.. The Syrian army warned the west through its maneuvers, not to interfere, then started executing a very delicate mission, as they militarily controlled Al-Zawiah mountain, and with it all the dreams of creating a buffer zone were foiled , as Al-Zawiah mountain would have provided a fire-coverage for the entire area, and pave the way to occupy Idleb, but now it is under the control of the army, to cover in fire any mercenary gangs that might approach the borders.. then came the Damascus suicidal twin bombings which were in retaliation for the Syrian intelligence that fooled the Americans, yet even thwart a project that hundreds of Millions of Dollars were spent on ... and the attempt to assassinate a high rank intelligence officer, was a retaliation for what happened in Al-Zawiah mountain... Yes, in Al-Zawiah mounting when an huge ambush was set for Syria, and in zero hour, the enemies found themselves in a Syrian ambush..

Did the dreams of a buffer zone really ended?

I previously predicted that the end of the year 2011 will be the end of most of the dangerous events, and perhaps what happened in the past few days proved that Washington's biggest dreams to pressure Syria had thwart, even if that means the crisis is not over yet, and the fact that the dreams to create a buffer zone coincided with the Russian draft resolution and the Arab initiative, it is certain that what was left will only be media exaggeration, and might develop into sabotage acts... but no matter what happens, we can say that after the AL mission work, if not considered by the AL and Washington as a strand out of the Syrian swamp , it is hard to predict the outcome, specially that there are news about a decisive reaction by the Syrians with a decisive message which i was unable verify its information, but perhaps the Syrians returned the message , as there are indicators show that, expressed by the confusion present on the Turkish boarders in the training camps...

The west cornering Turkey..

After the meeting between president Assad and Davutoglu, the pressures of Turkey began, and among the  pressures is a yellow Gulf media saying that when president Assad met with Davutoglu, he threatened to bomb the entire region, and publish details that cannot be true, and the negotiations between Al Assad and Oglu lasted about 4 hours, and ofcourse what was publish were all lies, as what Al Assad told Oglu was not leaked, but it is clear that after Oglu's visit to Damascus, he and his government were certain that Washington wanted to involve them in a conflict, to negotiate with Syria in another place.

The question remains after a long silence: will Erdogan and Oglu be back to talk about Syria before breakfast and after breakfast and before lunch and after the bath?

What happened in Al-Zawiah mountain proved to them that what the NATO will offer is a bunch of mercenaries, and i think the Turks understood the message, but the Qataris maybe unable understand it, as the campaign waged by France, Israel and the Gulf states on Turkey, implies that the Turks fully understood the message , and understood that the Russian may accept the (T-GAC) gas pipeline, but the Nabucco pipeline is impossible to pass in the present future, and the Turks realize if involved by the west, they are cornered, but if the west punished them, they have their neighbors, and we can say that France-US-Israel are looking to overthrow the Armenian regime, and Russia-Iran-Syria are looking to obtain Turkey, as the battle is out of Syria now and approaching the Caspian sea... Yes, the world is being designed again, and the kings of oil are dreaming to stay in the past..

The End..

Original article by Kefah Nssr - Jouhina News.

Jan 25, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Why the armed groups entered Der Azzour?

                                  ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 3: لماذا دخلت العصابات المسلحة مدينة دير الزور..؟

The US project cannot start, and stop at failure regardless of the percentage of failure, as it is a US strategy to prepare cards for the battle and do not leave the arena before burning them, as each cards has its own role, either in the project or the alternative.. And in Der Azour, when the US project started, the Blue Jasmine was completely staggering, but Washington burned its card to cover an alternative to pressure Damascus by creating a buffer zone on the Turkish boarders...

What happened in Der Azour and Mayadin area?

When talking about killing and displacing all the people of Daraa, we could compare what happened on the ground with the info i have published, and with a little investigation we can know the reality, as it is crystal clear, and the sectarian division have hundreds of clues surrounding it, but when i have said that Der Azzour was outside the Syrian states, it is a note that needs clarification, and i previously said that the division project implies giving Turkey large part of the Syrian territory, and inside Syria will be only one small Sunni state that include Homs and Damascus, and might expand to northern Lebanon, but Der Azzour was planned to be outside the Turkish boarders and outside the Sunni small state in Homs and Damascus, as Der Azzour and Mayadin area were supposed to be included in a Sunni state in Iraq, as the US do not want to give Turkey a geography that would increase its influence, and to prevent any future alliance between Turkey and the surrounding Sunni states, as a Sunni state that would reach Der Azzour would vloumize Turkey and create dispute between it and Turkey and the Sunni state in Homs and Damascus, which in turn leave a geographical space in the Syrian desert, that Israel would expand within to reach most of the Syrian desert, by which Washington would guarantee the Israeli military supremacy, as controling the desert militarily is less expensive than the areas with residents, therefore, Israel would have a belt of sectarian states and a desert belt for emerging states, that will be formed to displace the Druze to front lines with the emerging Takfiri states.

Preparing the project..!

The Gulf countries brought thousands of Syrians, big numbers of them from Der Azour, and at the same time, the CIA and the Mossad through Arab intelligence agencies, planted Discord between the people of Der Azzour and the other Syrians, as during the years, there were restrictions on the Syrian expatriates who are from Der Azour and Mayadin in precise, most important is that most of the granted visas for the unemployed young men in Der Azour were work visas, paid without a work contract, to look for a job without employment so that bringing anyone to the security headquarter and raiding their houses will be legitimate, in pretext of violating the laws, as well as sending agents who are trained to work in the field, and sending fighters from neighboring countries...

One of the models of planting discord between Der Azzour expatriates and the rest of the Syrians, is what is going on in Qatar, and any Syrian can make sure of that from the expatriates there, as rumors spread by sheikhs (one of the ruling family sheikhs) that Syrians were banned from entering Qatar and Syrian visas were prohibited due to what (Der Azour people had done), and those with expired visa from Der Azour , are not granted extension.. When i have checked this issue, it turned out that a Qatari security patrol insulted Der Azour men living in Qatar, and the men avoided responding , but as we know, the Syrian people do not accept the insult, specially clan people, and when the security men continued insulting the Syrians with bad words, there was a fight that caused wounds to 4 security men and been moved to a hospital.. rumors started spreading that the reason for not granting visas to Syrians (is this incident when the Syrian men defended their dignity , and was considered as an attack on security men and not security men provoking the Syrians)... ofcourse there are many incidents that had one aim, which is planing discord between Der Azzour people and Mayadin people and between the rest of the Syrians as well, in addition to confining the Syrian expatriates of Der Azour to search among them for those of weak souls which are prone to pressure..

NOTE: working on people from Der Azour and Mayadin area was difficult for the CIA and Arab intelligence, perhaps that Der Azour people are clan people and impossible to be bribed , for this reason they resorted to a lot of insulting behaviors, and using non-Syrian fighters during attempt to control the city..

It is worth mentioning, that the Blue Jasmine project staggered completely, and perhaps the Syrian command realized that the interference of any foreign forces from Der Azour side is impossible, as the south and the coast did not inflame, and the army is still united, and the project fell.. but within the alternative plan, was creating a buffer zone in Jisr Al Shughur, and we remember the killing of 120 police officers there at the hands of armed gangs trained in Turkey, for this reason, Washington invested its cards in Der Azour, to disperse the Syrian leadership, about a buffer zone on the Iraqi boarders, and to disperse the army and  exhaust it, and to cover what is happening in Jisr Al Shughur... i learned that the armed groups controlled Der Azour for more than a month, but the media did not talk about that, as neither the bias media wanted to mention the presence of armed groups, nor the Syrian authority wanted to talk about it until the termination in Jisr Al Shughur, and then army units headed to Der Azour to bring back tranquility to the city.

According to a friend of mine from Der Azour, who was in the city two days before the army entered there and restored security in it, he said: The armed men controlling the city, reduced the popularity of the opposition among the people, and the city lived difficult days during their presence, but the army managed conclude the situation fast, and regained the people's trust in the government.. and when i asked him if the army made any mistakes, he sad that it not not possible for any army to enter a city and not fall into mistakes, but in general, the mistakes were less than normal and unmentionable, and we can say that the Syrian forces not only done quality operations there, but also there was a state of self control and discipline that brought comfort to the people's hearts, not just in Der Azour, but in most of the areas as well.. it is mentioned that self control of the army had a terrifying act on the the enemy, as it is considered as sort of power for the army in the military psychology, as when the army perform its duties among civilians without mistakes, this means there is an iron and absolute self control and indicate the strength and power of the army..

It is mentioned that in Der Azour, the greatest credit goes to the people and clan sheikhs who prevented the armed groups from instigating the city against the country, and reduced the acts of the armed groups until the army entered and purged the city from them, here i repeat that the Syrian people are great people, that fought all conspiracies hatched to Syria, as was a strong barrier that protected the unity of the Syrian territories..

The End..

Jan 23, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" ... The attempt to target the mountain area

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 2: محاولة استهداف الجبل..؟

I said earlier, that the plot was on Daraa people, and did not come from Daraa, and the danger would have reached everyone, no exceptions made, and once the features of the deterioration of the US plot appeared, the US started losing some keys, and work on many options, and most important was the fear of losing all her cards, before withdrawing from Iraq, in addition to dozens of crisis, for this reason they had to go with any plan even if there is no results out of it, but at least they will use it for exaggeration and fabrication.

Once the US plot started deteriorating (i mean the plot to inflame Syria), and before the MBs started to move, they started looking for alternative plans.. there are some who advised the decision makers that they cannot overthrow the regime, unless the Arab mountain people are moved, and the one who presented the advice, thought he knows the traditions and habits of the Tawhidis (Druze), and able drag them to the battle the way he wants, and move them as he desire, as if they are puppets, yet he even told the decision makers, that several security events and the mountain people will revolt, and the results are guaranteed.

Those who are clinging to a stick (France, Qatar, Turkey) forgot that the war of Lebanon mountain did not create disputes between the Druze and Christians, and did not reflect on Al Arab mountain despite its brutality, and that May 7th events did not affect the popularity of Wiam Wahhab or Hizbulla's secretary general in Al Arab mountain, yet in contrary, Wiam Wahhab was held on shoulders in Al Arab mountain, and the flags of the resistance and pictures of Hassan Nasralla were raised, and they forgot that Al Arab mountain have traditions from honoring the guest to protecting strangers and fighting the enemy, but we have to remind those who forgot, as the US fully realize that it is impossible to march in this line, yet the US thought that it could invest this idea.

The US burn cards..

The beginning: The paradox, is that Saudi Arabia is the country with the most issued fatwas that disbelieve Druze and allow killing them, rape their women and burn their houses ... Qatar is the country that planned to insult the national symbol "Sultan Basha Al Atrash", for this reason was the idea of reassuring the Druze, and affecting their feelings for the aim of diverting them from supporting the Syrian leadership as a start, this started when Aljazeera was not broadcasting any films or discussion programs, and all the sudden Aljazzera kept airing advertisements about the life of "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" for about a week, so that this film would be the sole event outside the Arab Spring frame, and the man who called for killing two thirds of the Syrian people stopped talking, and the aim varies depending on each sides's point of view, as some of them who the US realized is a burned card, and pushed them into thinking that they are leading the battle, and what they are planning for, will lead to overthrowing the regime, and the US went on with them in the plan, and some of them even go all the way with USA on any road she is taking, but Washington and Israeli are fully aware of the equations, and know that as long as the "missile button" is with Assad, they cannot move, despite that, they marched with the plan for many reasons:

1- Invest any card to extend the crisis no matter what, which they have done with many cards by investing them contrary to what was planned for them, as the case of Der Azzour for example, as the movement was not as planned, so they invested cards to burn them only.

2- The attempt to exhaust the security forces in many places, for example, the killing and abduction acts witnessed in Homs, were a cover for other secret operations in another place, for this reason they inflamed Homs, as they attempted to occupy the security and the army in Homs under the pressure of the people.

3- Rising the level of sectarian talks, for example, when the US asked "Walid Junblat" to address only the mountain people (not the Syrians) -as they are the lowest proportion in the army as they live in the smallest city- to not participate in any security action in Daraa, and not support the regime.. ofcourse the US realize that Junblat is too small to address Al Arab mountain, and too small to affect it, and realize that the Syrian security do not suppress any peaceful protest no matter what, but the aim of the US is to spread the sectarian spirit in Daraa to allow some cells invest this talk in instigation against Druze... Junblat's speech have only one meaning, that Druze are killing Muslims, and he is calling them to stop the killing, which is the same method used by Junblat to insult the Tawhidis in Palestine!!.. so his talk had one goal, which is instigate against Druze, after the failure of instigation against the government, as the US march with the plans of the small people to invest them in other places..

4- The most important is reassuring their allies who are living real fear from the Gulf to Israel and other worried ones, and almost falling off the US wagon while watching the US giant withdrawing from Iraq humiliated and on the brink of complete failure in Syria..

Therefore, when the US attempted to affect the mountain, it was certain of harvesting no results but the sectarian instigation, and i have previously proven that the US project cannot pass without sectarian conflicts that would lead to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and cannot pass without destroying the armies and forces of the resistance through discord, and the US realize that it is impossible to drag the mountain people as desired, the US realized that, through internet polls at low estimate, but it wants to involve its allies further so that they do not fall off the wagon, and wants to pass its withdrawal from Iraq, therefore guarantee the ongoing of the Syrian crisis as much as possible, in addition to open files in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Tunis, and the most dangerous file is the future of Turkey, not mentioning Lebanon itself.

Note: Fortunately for Syria, when Washington was considering divide the area, it had planted a sectarian spirit in Turkey, and made supporters of president Assad using its money and agents, and when president Assad dropped the US project, he found a popular base in Turkey that is expanding, and started overcome the sectarian limits, Assad gained it as a war trophy from the US, and became a burden on Erdogan, in addition to Syria's geopolitical place, therefore, Washington feel that Turkey is on the brink of falling off the NATO wagon, which i have wrote about already...

Returning to the subject, Washington artfully wanted to plant the (untrust) in Syria and between the people, and imply to the citizen that the war is not over, and plant despair between the people hoping they would quit supporting the president and leave him without popular protection, and wants to occupy the security to cover up security operations northern Syria, and be able enter support forces and weapons through the boarders, specially with the beginning of controlling the boarders.. From here started the expansion of the circle of fire in Homs, hoping to exhaust the army and security, and the attempt to plant congestion in the south, and Damascus country side.

The plan was to inflame the mountain area..

In Sweida, it was planned to affect it on several stages, starting from highlighting any opposition figure with social value in the mountain area, and ofcourse there isn't any, and influence the feelings of the mountain people from outside, and make use of the cells that should have worked after burning Syria, and were unable work due to the fall of the project.. Therefore, the main project was burning some cards which role had expired during a war of attrition in Syria, and creating sectarian conflicts in Lebanon for the aim of helping the cells in doing their work in Al Arab mountain, so they can bring protests to the streets, and through killing some of the protesters, the mountain will inflame and discord will run between the army and the people.

But, while some people dream of igniting the mountain once and for all, the US was planning for something else, which is starting an armed clash inside the mountain, and protests, as the US realize that protests do not overthrow a regime (No matter how long they jump), and realize that the media bias is the master of the situation, and all they want is a sectarian conflict to be as a pressure card over the Syrian leadership.

We cannot explain the disappearance of "Shibly Al Isami" only because of the absence of any opposition with a social value in Sweida, and Mr. Faysal Qasem almost started demonstrations demanding the whereabouts of "Shibly Al Isami" (Al Arab mountain son)... The US sent its man (a man with a history in igniting conflicts in the mountains) to Sweida, coming from Saudi Arabia, and there were preparations for a sectarian violence acts in Lebanon to affect the Syrian street in Al Arab mountain, and there was supposed to be some security events in the mountain that i was unable verify, but what i was able confirm is that there is some who will change his position from the Syrian crisis soon, and what i am mostly certain of is that there points unaware by the west about the mountain people's natures, that will keep the way blocked in their faces...

The End...

Original Arabic article by Kefah nssr - Jouhina News.

Jan 21, 2012

The fiasco of the French secret agents in Homs..

Translation from the original French report by: Egalite & Reconciliation

While Paris accuses Damascus of having organized the murder of journalist of France TV "Gilles Jacquier" in Homs, a team of Russian journalists recently presented a different story. According to their investigation, Mr. Jacquier commanded by press coverage of a French military intelligence operation that turned into a fiasco. The French accusations are merely a means to hide Paris responsibility for the actions of the terrorist plan to destabilize Syria.
French journalist Gilles Jacquier was killed while reporting in Homs, Wednesday, Jan. 11. He had come to cover the events in Syria for the magazine "Special Envoy. "
Convinced that there was no terrorist, but a revolution suppressed in blood, he refused the protection of security and wore no helmet or body armor. With colleagues who shared his convictions, they had rented three vans and found fixers, that is to say locals who are able help them identify, make appointments, and serving as translators.
Together, had requested a meeting with Alawites representatives, before heading to the neighborhoods of Baba Amr and Bab Sba'a. Arriving at Hotel As-Safir, they met -by chance- with a captain who offered to accompany them with his detachment to the Alawite district of Nizha, where they waited assistant from the governor of Homs.
With his assistance, journalists were able meet and interview personalities and passers . At 2:45 p.m., the representative of the Governor asked them to leave as soon as the cease-fire ends at 15H sharp.
However, journalists of the Belgian Flemish radio and television (VRT) having ventured farther up in private homes in the district of Akrama, the group was slow in movement. Members of the association of victims of terrorism who had planned to demonstrate outside a bus chartered by the Ministry of Information that carries forty Anglo-Saxon journalists, but had not found it useful to chant for President Bashar Al Assad at the sight of a few cameras.
At 15h, and every day, the Battle of Homs continue. A projectile exploded on the roof of a building, destroying an oil tank. A second shot fell on a school and a third on the pro-Assad protesters, killing two of them. The journalists went to the roof to film the damage.  Gilles Jacquier, thought the shooting was over and went down with his cameraman to film the bodies of the demonstrators. while Arriving at the doorway, he was killed along with six Pro-Assad protesters by a fourth explosion that hit his fixers. The young woman was wounded in the legs.
In the confusion, the dead and wounded were evacuated in cars to hospitals. This single incident caused nine deaths and 25 injuries in total. The Battle of Homs is continued with many other incidents during the evening and night.
At first glance, everything is clear: Gilles Jacquier died by accident. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Personal beliefs about the nature of events in Syria made him believe that he must fear the government forces, apart from anti-regime protests. He therefore refused an escort, he had not taken a helmet and bulletproof jacket, and he did not respect the fateful hour of the end of the cease-fire. Ultimately, he failed to assess the situation because he was a victim of the difference between the propaganda of his colleagues and the fact that he denied.
Under these conditions, we do not really understand why, after a first polite reaction , France, who had legitimately demanded an investigation into the circumstances of the death of it national, suddenly insinuated that Gilles Jacquier had been murdered by the Syrians, and refused to allow an autopsy to take place in the presence of experts. These accusations have been publicly explained by one of the journalists who accompanied Jacquier, "Jacques Duplessy"..
For the French press, the facts are not so obvious as it sounds: in doubt about the identification of lethal projectiles. According to most reporters, it was mortar fire. The Syrian army confirmed that this weapon is used daily by terrorists in Homs. But according to some witnesses, they were rockets fired from a hand-held rocket launcher, and private Syrian television "Ad-Dounia" showed rocket fins. Forums are passionate about this subject, not without ulterior motives. In France, anti-Assad believe it is mortar shells and accuse the Syrian army of firing them. While pro-Assad believe they were rockets and accusing the terrorists.Ultimately, this detail does not prove anything: certainly the Syrian army used mortars, but not of this caliber, and armed groups using rocket launchers, but nothing prevents each camp to vary its equipment.
Moreover, in the case of mortars, the first two were used to adjust the firing of the third and fourth to hurt protesters who were their target. But in the case of rocket attacks, it was possible to target more precisely and kill a particular person. The theory of the assassination is possible.
The study of images and videos show that the bodies of victims are not bloody, and riddled with fragments, as in the explosion of a shell fragments. Instead, they were intact, the blood flowing like the case of nose or ears bleed, as in the explosion of a rocket thermobaric blast which compresses the organs causing internal bleeding. Similarly, the points of impact on the pavement bear no trace of fragmentation.
Note that some eye-witnesses said, there were grenades, which do not come our understanding as there is blast grenades and fragmentation grenades. Ultimately, only the assumption of the blast weapon (RPG or grenade) is consistent with the medical-legal elements visible on the photos and videos. Rushed to the scene, Syrian investigators and Arab League observers and have found two  mortar tails, an 82mm and the tail of Israeli-made rocket.
Therefore, because the French authorities wanted to investigate the possibility of a murder, even if it mean for them to make a tragedy of their instruments and their ambition to justify war against Syria. Yet the French diplomats, who are instructed to seek the truth, are also clearly instructed to ensure that the Syrians did not discover it. Thus, they prevented anyone from approaching the French photographer "Caroline Poiron:, wife of the journalist Gilles Jacquier, who watched his remains all night. The young woman, in a state of shock, lost control over her behavior,and could have talked too much. Then they on-spot autopsy, and demanded the body to be repatriated as soon as possible. What is the assumption that France wants to check for herself, but hide from the public?
Here begins our plunge into the world of Western special services that lead to Syria a "low intensity war", similar to those organized in the 80's in Central America and more recently in Libya to prepare and justify the NATO intervention .
Gilles Jacquier was a reporter appreciated by his colleagues , and rewarded by the profession (Albert Londres Prize, Prize for War Correspondents etc.).. But it was not that. ...
In a letter bearing the letterhead of France-Televisions, dated 1 December 2011, the editors of the magazine "Special Envoy"-the political program of the most watched country- had requested a visa from the Syrian Ministry of Information . Claiming the desire to check the Syrian version of events which is "the ambushed Syrian army soldiers, and the armed conflict in the country," they demanded that Jacquier can follow the daily lives of soldiers of the 4th Armored Division commanded by General Maher al-Assad (brother of the president) and the 18th Armored Division, commanded by General Wajih Mahmud . The Syrian authorities were surprised by the arrogance of the French: as on one side, they are the frame of the armed groups that attack the loyalist troops, and on the other side, they allowed to infiltrate a military intelligence officer in their troops to inform armed groups of their displacements. He was not respondent to this request.
Also, Gilles Jacquier tried another way. He applied through a Greek Catholic religious outspoken, and sometimes feared by the authority, Mother Agnes-Mariam the Cross, abbot of the monastery of Saint-Jacques . She organized the first press trip open to Western journalists since the start of events to show support of the patriotic Syrian Christians to the Assad administration , and their fear of the West putting the power in the hands of fanatics Takfirist. The famous nun, who has dual nationality, hoped that the French press would act professionally and promote national reconciliation. So she  registered for a visa at the Ministry of Information for Jacquier and his cameraman.
Things accelerated on December 20, as other media begged Mother Agnes-Mariam to do the same favor for them. Gilles Jacquier, meanwhile, asked for another visa for his girlfriend, Caroline Poiron photographer and reporter for the Flora Olive, presenting both Paris-Match. It must have been a total group of 15 journalists French, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss. In all likelihood, the French and the Dutch were mostly, if not all, agents of the DGSE. Time was short for their mission.
Here a little background is necessary.
To weaken Syria, armed groups by NATO undertake various acts of sabotage. Although the center of the rebellion of the Muslim Brotherhood is Hama, and only two districts of Homs support them, NATO chose this city to concentrate its secret actions . as it is at the center of the country and the main hub and supply. Sequentially, the "revolutionists" cut the pipeline and Canadian engineers who ran the power plant were repatriated at the request of the United States. Finally, five Iranian engineers in charge to re-run the plant were abducted, 20 December 2011.
The Media received a claim from a mysterious brigade against the Shiite expansion in Syria. Then, the embassy confirmed it had started negotiations with the kidnappers. asked to them to send a "proof of life" such as a dated photograph that proves the hostages are in good health.
Against all odds, it was not sent directly to the Islamic Republic of Iran, but published by Paris Match (Jan. 5 edition). A photographer from the magazine, they said, had secretly entered Syria and took this shot. Perhaps the French readers have questioned whether this reporter was a good human for taking pictures of hostages without helping them. Regardless, the message was clear: the engineers are alive and the kidnappers are controlled by the French. No official response to one side or the other. So the negotiations continue.
Arrived in Damascus, the French and Dutch media were accommodated by the authorities in different hotels, but Jacquier regrouped immediately to Fardos Tower Hotel. The manager of this establishment is simply Roula Rikbi , sister of Bassma Kodmani, a spokesman for the National Council based in Paris. The hotel serves as a cache to French intelligence.
In summary, a military intelligence officer, a companion to photographer, have been in contact with the hostages, has trained a group of "journalists" with a mission related to the hostages, probably by their release by the French or Iranians. They traveled to Homs after getting rid of the security services, but the Head of Mission was killed before they can establish the expected contact .
We understand that in these conditions, the ambassador of France had become nervous. He had the right to consider that Gilles Jacquier was murdered by members of armed groups, worried about  the collapse of the France-Turkey military alliance, and hardliners a NATO war. Hostile to the current negotiations, they would have derailed his conclusion.
The ambassador of France, who had no time to reconstitute the events, thus try to prevent the Syrians to do so. Contrary to international standards, he refused an autopsy be performed on site in the presence of French experts. The Syrians agreed to waive the rule on the condition to make a radiograph. In fact, they took the opportunity to photograph the body from all angles. Reportedly, the body bears the traces of splinters in the chest and cuts on his forehead.
Then, the ambassador took the French and Dutch "journalists" in his armored car , and the remains of the deceased. He went with them along with a strict escort, leaving on the floor the stunned Mother Superior and a journalist for AFP: the diplomat urged his officers to recover and abandon the civilians. The convoy passed to retrieve personal belongings of everyone from As-Safir Hotel of Homs, then joined the Embassy in Damascus. As soon as possible, he arrived at the airport where a special plane chartered by the French Ministry of Defense officials evacuated to the airport of Paris-Le Bourget.
The secret agents pretended not issuing more than one report in Syria, they forgot that they have obtained an extension of their visa, they fled just before the Syrians find that the pot of roses of the operation is missing..
Arriving in Paris, the body was immediately transferred to the forensic institute and autopsied before the arrival of experts appointed by Syria. Violating the criminal precedures, the French government has overturned the autopsy report, which will eventually be rejected by the Justice, and has definitely ruled out the possibility of establishing the truth.
In order to prevent the (real) French journalists to put their nose in this case, (false) journalists accompanying Jacquier, once back in France increased the conflicting statements, lying blatantly to create confusion and a red herring. Thus, although 8 pro-Assad protesters were killed, Jacques Duplessis denounced "an ambush laid by the Syrian authorities" to eliminate him and his colleagues. Verification, M. Duplessy has long worked for an NGO deemed to have served as a screen ... the DGSE.
For the Iranians and the Syrians, the death of Jacquier is a disaster. by circulating a group of French spies and discreet surveillance, they hoped to go back to the captors, and at a time, release the hostages and apprehend criminals.
Over the past year, the French military intelligence are placed at the service of U.S. imperialism. They organized an early civil war in Ivory Coast. Subsequently, they have manipulated the separatism of Cyrenaica to believe in a revolution and take anti-Gaddafi of Libya. Now they surround ex-convicts recruited by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to spread terror, accusing the Syrian government and threaten to come change it.
It is not certain that the French people appreciate that Nicolas Sarkozy belittled his country at a vulgar hostage taker. And it will not be surprised if a state that practices terrorism in others must one day confront it on its soil.

Jan 19, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Sexual exploitation of agents..?

Tales, talked about a woman who visited Prophet Muhammad, and demanded her sexual right by calling for prohibiting Zihaar (irrevocable divorce) from God through the holy Prophet , God answered the woman's prayer, and there was "Surat Al Moujadala" (Argument Sura) and the Zihaar (irrevocable devorce) was prohibited... Today in the time of Takfiris and the "Americanized Islam", a woman do not dare ask for her right from her husband, as well as the high age of marriage, until the "uptight" communities suffered from serious flaws..

 I was advised, previously, not to write about sectarianism, and i wrote because we have to put a hand on the wound, and today they advised me not to talk about the sexual issue, for its delicacy, but we have to put the hand on the wound as well, as the government,  clergy men and the society's duty is to rise with morality and reduce bad habits, for this reason we have to talk about the sexual issue, specially that many agents were involved, one way or another, in sexual troubles..

The US ambushes..

I talked earlier about recruiting agents, and some recruiting models and field work.. in this article, will talk about a certain party which considered the most dangerous of all agents parties, it is even the essence of the US-European move, stressing that if i have written about this issue one year ago, some would say it is a "conspiracy theory", and maybe no one will believe that the US embassies are holding parties for homosexuals, that resulted in the graduation of many dissidents around the world, but today, these news were leaked to media, and it is no longer a conspiracy theory... a homosexual party in the US embassy in Pakistan was revealed few months ago, and months after the Syrian events, many Syrians realized that part of the activists were gay men and women, ofcourse this is not generalized, as i talked earlier about various kinds of recruiting agents, and with this, we are not accusing the opposition, but the talk is about agents of Washington, who are insolently demanding the NATO to bomb Syria, this kind of the "society scums" formed the backbone of Washigton and NATO work in Syria and other places, and were the loud voice in the media warfare...

Here i could say: there is no place for homosexuals, or paranormal sex that violates humanity, without the backup of human rights activists, as they monitor the gays, but even the west, which instead of looking for solutions for such diseases, they bring it to the public, to the extent that a senior political consultant in an important country, attended a gay wedding, and some Americanized media started promote what was called "gay rights".. not their right in treatment, but in destroying societies..

Lesbianism and betrayal..!

 Whatever how the west became rhetoric about the "gay rights", but communities ostracized them, as they are an easy prey for intelligence services, and the CIA, for example, look for her preys, specially over the internet, when some girls look for the world (lesbian) and become a victim to websites governed by the website locators, and website locators, determine a margin for the work of such services, and our communities are not immune with the culture of "information security" , and many do not realize that the website locator is able locate their whereabouts, as well as sites that request registration, and the war of viruses, and through the IP and DATA controlled by the CIA, your E-mail is easily determined, and one of "Facebook" tricks that it can reach its pictures very easily, on another side, specially in the uptight communities where they lack sexual education, there is a constant sexual gap which is a result of ignorance and intolerance, that even reach married women... here we must mention some weak points caused by ignorance, specially in places controlled by a Takfiri way of thinking, created by advanced intelligence services over decades..

Perhaps the sexual dissatisfaction for the female is not an Arab problem, not even a global problem, even who searched for a treatment, searched for a chemical treatment, not within the sexual education, as this phenomenon leave many negative marks, specially when late marriage age is added to it, therefore, these issues affect the woman's mood and reflects on her children and family... but there are irregular cases that become abnormal and affect the community one way or another, as some of them resort to bad actions like betrayal and lesbianism, and even though those cases are unmentionable, but in fact, they are an easy access for hostile intelligence, and i will not mention any examples not even initials, as the aim is not avenge the victims, but to draw the attention that the internet is not a place for secrets..


I was unable verify if the US embassy in Syria held any parties for homosexuals as they did in some Gulf and Asian countries, but it is certain that homosexuals are the west and Washington's closest friends, the west that consider the community diseases as "human rights" !!!! and instead of dealing with homosexuals as dealing with AIDS, they spread the homosexuality only to facilitate its intelligence activities and destroy communities and reduce population growth, by spreading homosexuality and wars... and arresting many gay terrorists is an evidence of the danger of this gay group which no one is working on treating it... this group might be smaller in Syria than it is in the Gulf as the rate is very high, but we had to warn about such danger, as it is danger to the community in many forms, and i have verified that some homosexuals were in contact with Americans,...

Sexual violence...

Imperialist powers spread the culture of sexual violence, particularly against women, aiming to fragment communities.. perhaps this phenomenon had a role in many woman informing the security services about the whereabouts of the terrorists, specially when we know that who do sexual violence, big part of them are homosexuals, but the problem remains within the issues that must be treated.

And finally.. perhaps talking about the sexual issue is hard, and some fear discussing it, but in the 21st century, hundreds of thousands in Egypt for example still believe that circumcision eliminate the instinct, and they do not realize that the circumcision will not prevent the girl from the fascination with muscles of a tall man, yet circumcision still exist, and part of our community still do not recognize the instinct that God created  for the woman, so we had to put a hand on the wound and call for a proper sexual education that help preserve the ethics of the community, and maintain the family which is the backbone of the community, and homosexuals have to be sure that Washington don't and will not preserve their rights, but that they are scums of agents...

The End....

Jan 17, 2012

Syria facing the storm .. Mysteries & Secrets...

Al Manar TV report

No doubt, what happened in Syria during the past two weeks concerned many countries in the Arab area and the world, and no doubt that what applies to Tunis, Libya and Egypt, cannot be applied on Syria, as those three countries are not confrontation countries, and their regimes were not in conflict with the US, but on the contrary, These regimes were very close to Israel and coordinate with her politically and militarily... therefore, the west dealt with the Syrian issue differently, and the US utilized her followers of the Syrian opposition (to be fair they are few), and utilized for them the rest of her regional followers, in addition to technical and human potentials to put pressure on Syria through protests demanding reforms.

The internet websites and social media (Facebook and Twitter) were not the only means used to run the protests on the ground, but an important foreign element was added, represented in sending dozens of UAE satellite phones (Thuraya) to certain activists in Syria..

According to available data, UAE deputy crown prince is directly behind sending those phones that allow its carrier to direct contact through satellite , without passing through the Syrian cellphone and land networks, in addition to Jordanian and UAE cellphone chips.

As for the weapons, we report a reliable Jordanian sources confirmation that weapons indeed entered Syria, without knowing its final destinations.. the sources clarified that the weapons were smuggled to Syria using animals.

How were the moves on ground run?

Thuraya satellite phones are the backbone of an operation room and foreign leadership of few men, trained to move in similar circumstances, and the communications were between groups inside Syria and others outside..

Inside Syria, according to our sources, the work was based on small groups of about two people... Concurrently, Facebook was filled with new pages, where the majority of admins covered what was like broadcasting military data for a war council, into the other social and political pages... always signed by fake names.

The Parisian free newspaper "Metro" reported obtaining information that confirm that the majority of the Facebook activists about the Syrian events, were from USA and Europe..

As for the opposition moves that Paris witnessed, had drawn two opposite lines to a large extend:

The first, led by law activists, who have reform demands, and clearly declared their objection to changing the regime in Syria, and refused any intervention from any sides followed to USA and Saudi Arabia..

The second, was  a mix breed of dissidents whose names associated with USA, and in precise, the Israeli Lobby in the USA, among those, "Damascus declaration" group, "Farid Al Ghadiri" group (who was welcomed in the Israeli Knesset in June 2007), in addition to groups follow to "Rifaat Al Assad", "Abdul Halim Khaddam" ... some of those worked side by side with the Israelis in the file of the martyr president "Rafiq Al Hariri" and accusing Syria and the resistance in his assassination.. Those also were in the heart of the logistic service that surrounded (Muhammad Zuheir Assedik - the false eye-witness and accused with the assassination) during his visit in Paris... some of them also received money from the "Future movement" in Lebanon, such as "Abdula Razzak Eid" who is the responsible person of "Damascus declaration" outside Syria, along with his associates including his son.

The End..

Jan 16, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 11

الياسمينة الزرقاء الأسرار الكاملة.. ملحق 11

When will Syria prevail .. and where are the events heading?? 

Truth be told, the most frequent question now is, when is the victory?.. When would the battle end?  previously I have avoided writing about this, i didn't even write my point of view in placing a scenario to the end of the events, because i knew exactly that the real victory, large part of it had been accomplished, so that the question is repeated once again, we want to know when will the final victory be? when the kidnapping and killing in Homs would stop?

Before i go into details and speculations, the most important question remains, when the blood bath stops in Homs, would the battle end? or does Washington have more in her pocket?... even though a quick reading to the events of the past four decades, will not only let the reader realize that we are close to victory in Homs, but even close to win the grand battle.. regardless of that, let us review what happened, as it might hold the answers within...

What did Syria achieve so far..?

In short: It is enough to take a look from the top over the events, to find that the joints of the conflict are based on three basic stages:

1- The attempt to inflame and burn Syria, divide it and destroy it completely, which lasted from March till May, which i have wrote about in the "Blue Jasmine" chapters, and the demonstrations were in (Daraa, Banias, Homs, Latakia and Douma) .. not all the cards of this stage were invested, as it had completely fell.

2- The stage of creating a "Buffer Zone" in northern Syria starting from inside Syria, and creating a hotbed of  security tension that would exhaust Syria and the army... This stage began end May, along with the president issuing an amnesty on the MBs, and ended with Ahmed Davutoglu's visit to Syria, and all fantasies fell before mid August, and expanded to invest what could be done in Der Azour if the "Blue Jasmine" succeeded, when the USA depleted one of the means of pressure in her hands, and the essence of the conflict was in (Hama, Jisr Al Shughur and Der Azour)..

3- The stage of psychological warfare, by threatening and intimidating and investing what's left of cards and threatening to establish a Buffer Zone from Turkey, not from inside Syria, and raise the economic and media pressure to the highest levels, this stage fell before it even began, as it began in mid August, when they planed to send a military force led by Harmoush to invade a village, then the Arab League would recognize the SNC, but Harmoush showed up on Syrian TV after being arrested in Turkey, here when part of this stage fell, and the plan continued with threats and intimidation, and this stage fell completely with the Syrian missiles maneuvers and imposing Syrian sanctions on Turkey, and threatening to respond to any Arab sanctions... And as we know, their dreams vaporized, so their was the conflict (the attempt to invest all cards) , but the real move was only mainly on the Turkish and Lebanese boarders..

What's happening now, specially in Homs..?

Once Walid A Muallem held his conference, and the Syrian Arab forces achieved their expanded military maneuver.. the US started losing her temper, and went crazy, and began sending gangs and direct attacks and target important economical structures, and execute kidnaps, killings and explosions, specially in the  most important focal point.. Homs, and on the boarder areas... Here i say, the question must not be "When this will be over?" but "Did the US lose all her cards so that she stated acting insanely?, Is the US covering her security withdraw from Syria? or they monitored a Syrian move that forced them to restrain?"... Yes my dears, at the end of every battle, each card must be invested, as the end of the battle is its hardest days, because when the battle is over, each fighter will have what he got, for this reason, it is enough to see blood on the streets, and in the same time, ambassadors coming back to Damascus and Arab countries trying (under the table) open a new page with Damascus... However, these remain as indicators that we cannot rely on when guessing what will happen..

From the above mentioned, and before expanding and looking into details, the only answer about the question "When we will win?"  is that what separate us from victory, is a new victory, as we are entitled to victory and we have no other choice but victory...

A note in economy..

After ten months of fighting, it is natural to show some results of bad economy, specially that Syria lost her tourism income, in addition to the unprecedented pressure on the Syrian economy, and regardless of the high prices, and that the effects of what happened clearly shows.. but what is astonishing is that Syria strangely stood strong... but what i want to discuss is the rise of the Dollar exchange about 5 SYPs, maybe more.. is it because of the Arab and Turkish sanctions? certainly not, as with the cession of the Turkish imports, it is natural that the Dollar exchange drop, but why it had risen despite the abandonment of approximately one Billion Dollars of imports in favor of the national products... Here i tell the reader: Yes, Syria's need for the Dollar decreased, yet the Dollar price had risen, and although the government is capable on destroying the Dollar in the market, yet she kept it, and the real reason is that the rise of the currency exchange is part of protecting the citizen , as it increase the prices of luxury and some of the technology, and decrease the prices of the main and national materials... Yes, Washington is fighting with China, so that China would rise the value of Yuan, and if Syria had technology industry same as China, she would rise the Dollar value up to 100 SYP on purpose, for this reason, every one must know that our economy is good and what's happening is a natural result to the change of some markets and products, in addition to about 10 months of economical pressure against Syria, so every one must know that what's happening is a result of Syrian actions, and consequently will return good at the citizen and the industrialists, and the merchants must adopt with the new situation, and when they do, everything will be good, and who wants to participate in the victory, must buy the Syrian products first... as for the Arab sanctions, Syria could endure it, but the Arab cannot, so there is no worry regarding the economical pressure like we did back in 1985, as today, the world is entirely different and Syria is completely different as well, as yesterday our economy was weak, and the west owned the keys to the world economy, but today, Syria -between all the countries of the third world- have food and medication security, yet even the region's food security is related to Syria, and the west is weak, with the presence of alternatives to Syria's allies... Here i remind those of weak souls back in 1985 when they started buying the Dollar hoping for benefits, and they lost Millions due to their bad judgment, i tell them not to repeat what they did, specially with the US defeat in Iraq an the US debt reached over 15 Thousand Billion Dollars , as who lost 5 SYPs in 1985 Dollar, now will lose much more if he would think of it as his way to profit, as the difference of one SYP from the SYP value he will lose several pounds over the gold value later, and to remember that the value of one ounce of gold was 335 Dollars several years ago, and today its more than 1700 Dollar, and i wold like to advice those of weak souls to side with the strong, not with the weak.

Bound to confrontation and victory..

It's not Syria who started the battle, but the battle imposed itself on Syria, and it's good to feel at the end of the battle, that Syria did not only defended herself, but even directed strikes, and maybe these present weeks are the toughest and most painful, but every one must know that the US who wage the war still possess some cards, and still able move it when the situation in Homs is about to be solved , maybe use it in another place, and despite the importance of ending the situation on the ground, the foreign decision is the interval, but when 2011 ends, Washington's position will be very difficult, and the US is now in a delicate situation, and her actions are unpredictable, as the US escalation is considered a suicide, and the US withdraw is also a suicide.. and i think that Washington is escalating the media attack in an attempt to drag Syria into starting a conflict, and who start the conflict (according to US) is the loser, and the situation reaching a military conflict will mean a US suicide with all what this word means, regardless of who start the conflict, so i think that the year 2012 will either be the end of the battle, or a bone breaking battle on the region level, that will give the entire region a taste of what Syria witnessed in the last ten months, and in personal opinion, not based on any information, the end of 2011 will be the end of most of the dangerous stuff, but the media escalation will continue...

The End....

Original Arab article by Kefah Nssr - Jouhaina News.