Jan 6, 2012

The Plan - The Play to the Overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad

Nader Ezzeddine (Al Manar TV) - Tense and winding labor waged by the Arab and Qatari diplomacy with the leadership in the Syrian Arab republic to sign the protocol that say of sending a delegation of observers to closely monitor the events in Syria.... After the agreement, The vanguard of the Arab's mission were welcomed by explosions that rocked the security headquarters in Damascus, but this security message did not prevent the mission from exercising  their job, to begin its mission in the Syrian cities without any obstacles by the regime, and before raising its first formal report, it was attacked by the "diplomacy" of what is known as the "National Council" so the blackmail scene is proceeded with confessional statements of the bombing of the security situation by the person who identified himself as colonel "Ryad Al Asa'ad", opening the scene in front of USA and France who were calling for the intervention of the security council, so that those two countries prove one more time that they administrate this game from A to Z, and that the Arab observers mission is only a tool in the hand of Washington, that she use to achieve her "dirty" projects in the region... so Al Asa'ad's announcement that came from his safe house in southern Turkey about a "surprise for the Syrian regime and the entire world", and with his usual audacity, he showed resentment at the observer's statements, rejecting their assertions on the cooperation of the Syrian authorities.

So what is the "surprise plan" that Ryad Al Asa'ad is talking about?

The ministerial committee mourns the observers mission.

Sources related to the security departments in the decision making countries, reveal to "Al Manar TV" the plan prepared by USA and which entered into force along with the obituary of the Arab observers mission's work in Syria by both Washington and Paris.
These sources say that the decided meeting of the ministerial committee concerned in the Syrian issue on Sunday 08/01/2012 will mourn (even if not officially) the Arab observers mission, and this will be the first step i the new plan to overthrow president Bashar Al Assad.
The sources add "Basically, there was no need for this mission, can't the satellites film the massacres that they pretend happening?? then why they need the mission to be on the Syrian soils? this was only decoration to prepare the scene which its scenario is already written and the director is American, and the actors are regional and international, and who wrote the scenario also wrote the end of the play.. but he need some scenes so that the work can be complete... and what's happening today is only part of the scene"..

The diversion mission to let in Al Qaida organization and the Takfiris to Syria..

But what is the real role of this mission? and why it was mourned this fast?

The sources answer that the mission's work is done, as who sent it knows exactly that it cannot condemn the Syrian regime when it truly sees what's happening in Syria, which is clear by the mission's chief's statements, but what was required is to distract the Syrian regime to complete the field preparations for the new plan, so Al Qaida-Takfiri people were smuggled through the Lebanese, Iraqi and Turkish boarders with Syria, among them 600 Arab fighters already used by the NATO in Libya.
During the mission's work, Takfiri groups entered in preparation for the phase of turning the opposition into a n armed coup that carries sounding slogans, all that for the benefit of the project that aim to destroy Syria.. as executing the US agenda comes as a strategic compensation for her withdrawal from Iraq and soon from Afghanistan.

Taliban office in Qatar, and the Qatari gas platform in Israel..

But, Where did these Takfiri groups came from? and who provide her with the movement sideline?

To answer this question, according to our sources, it is enough to turn to the role played by Qatar in bringing close that Takfiri Taliban movement and USA, and opening an office for this movement in Doha, which was preparation for using Taliban members against Syria now and against Iran in Baluchistan in the coming phase to tense the sectarian situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in an indication to moving the Qatari intervention from the diplomatic and media level to using the Takfiris file, in an attempt to exit the failure tunnel which Qatar placed herself in due to Burha Ghaliun's failure in bringing in the inner and outer opposition.
Here we ask the question, will Taliban and some Islamic movements be the price that Qatar pay to USA instead of Israel buying Millions of tons of Qatari liquidized gas, which Israeli is preparing for it a platform in Haifa? and will Taliban members and some of the Islamic movements will achieve the US-Israeli aims in the region in fragmenting the axis of resistance and opposition?

It is not unlikely or surprising, as returning to the study by retired brigadier general, Dr. Muhammad Abbas, entitled "The fate of the US military presence in Iraq in the light of the regional and international changes", we find that the planned US strategy to face the region's developments, include raising unrest and division in the countries that object the US project in the region, and the first target in this project is Syria, in revival of a former plan for the neo-conservatives to overthrow the Syrian regime, due to Syria's important position and the national role played by her in the issue of Arab-Israeli conflict, and her not submission to the US dictations... overthrowing Syria weaken the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine, and besiege Iran and leave her without support or allies and makes her influence in Palestine case nonexistent"..
Brigadier Abbas add in his study "In my opinion, all the interventions over Syria and the unrest in her cities, implied by the US  which was proved to present (in coordination with Turkey and Arab countries) logistic, financial and political support for the Syrian opposition".. Brigadier Abbas stress that "the shared interest and  pragmatic mind of the US do not hesitate to hold understandings and deals (...) also Wikileaks documents revealed communications between some of the MBs leaders (specially Tunis MBs) and the Syrian ones.

Ban Ki Moon's visit and placing hot topics..

After confirming the failure of the Arab initiative, the UN secretary general arrives Beirut on 13/01/2012 in a 3 days visit, which he meets during the visit with president Michel Suleiman and PM Najib Mikati, and not meet with Nabih Berri the parliament chairman, in a step that hold many implications... Sources say that Ban Ki Moon will rise the issue of the Syrian violations, and abducting Syrian opposition members and arm smuggling, and the repeated attacks on the UNFIL and launching missiles toward Israel, plus the call to implement the decision No. 1701".. the UN official will also discus decision No.1680 (which calls to drawing the boarders with Syria as an important step toward insuring the sovereignty of Lebanon and the safety of its lands and its political Independence) and decision No.1559 about the Palestinian weaponry  and Hisbullah's weapons and their effect on the stability of Lebanon and the region.. Ban Ki Moon will direct an opening speech on 15/01/2012 in an international conference titled "reform and moving toward democracy" organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) of the United Nations.

Our sources reveal that Ban Ki Moon's visit will be accompanied by the visit of a number of US officials to the region, and specially to Lebanon to study the possibilities of intensifying the sanctions in Syria from Lebanon and press more on Hizbullah.

The plan to besiege Hizbullah and the communication between Lebanon and Syria..

The process of besieging Hizbullah will begin directly after this visit, as the UN official who will also bring about (according to our sources) the case of the "Syrian refugees in Lebanon" will give the green light for the UN and international organizations to work on supporting those "refugees" as a background to support the Syrian armed revolution and present it with help to achieve its goals.
Thus begins the embarrassment of Hizbullah that is threatened with the deterioration of the security-ordeal situation and overthrowing the government is refuse to facilitate the work of the international organizations northern Lebanon.. Not to mention the information revealed by our sources about "targeting" UNIFIL forces  southern Lebanon that might be done by Takfiri groups to internationally embarrass Hizbullah, and accusing it with this targeting, therefore, limit its role and reduce the possibility of its influence on the decisions of Lebanon, to open the door in front of moving north Lebanon and Bikaa fronts to be the waste that support the middle triangle in Homs (We will describe the meaning of the "middle triangle" within the article context) and will open the communication channel toward the Syrian coast and Damascus countryside.
Within the plan, the civil and trade communication between Lebanon and Syria will be cut, on the background of fabricated security incidents on more than one boarder crossings, which will make the trade shipping process between the two countries prone to actions could be done by Takfiri groups which also suppose to execute terrorist acts that target the transportation sector inside Syria, so this will be another form for executing sanctions against the Syrian regime to force it to surrender permanently.

Therefore, announcing the failure of the Arab initiative and officially mourning it, will be accompanied by referring the Syrian file to the UN as requested by USA, and the joint movement will be the visit of Ban Ki Moon to Lebanon which will be before the announcement at the end of January of a new US and European list of sanctions against Syria and Iran which will include more than 160 financial and banking institutes and the oil sectors and the transportation sector plus personnel.

Forming the security triangles inside Syria, and the strategy of occupying the public squares..

The sources reveal a NATO plan that imply forming security triangles all over the Syrian geography, and will be in this way:

In the first step:
- A northern triangle: that include Jisr Al Shughur, Maaret Al Numan and Idleb.
- A middle triangle: that include Homs, Tal Kalakh and Hama.
- A southern triangle: that include Daraa, Jasem and Sanamen.
- Damascus countryside triangle: that include Douma, Zabadan and Muadmieh.

In the second step:
- The Kurds triangle (Hasaka and Qamishly)
- The clan triangle (Der Azzour)

The aim of forming the first four triangles is besieging the political capitol Damascus and the industrial capitol Aleppo completely, as arming the "revolution" will be publicly announced as a result of the failure of the Arab observer's mission, then the political powers of the Takfiri groups will occupy the main squares in the first four triangles, and intensify the mobile demonstrations, and what is called the "Free Syrian Army" will protect the squares occupiers which will lead to double the pressure of the sanctions on the Syrian street.

This will be accompanied with the attempt to cut the trade lines that connect Damascus with Aleppo in the coming phase through the "Middle Triangle", as Takfiri groups will execute terrorist operations along the fast ways that connect the capitol with the main cities on the sides, which will lead to the reduction of the trade and will effect the Syrian economy from within... as for the last two triangles, the armed men will perform military operation that will target the security points and boarder ones to frighten the security forces and the boarders guards, and create secure places to facilitate the coming and going of Takfiris.

In conclusion, everything starts with the announcement of the failure of the trembling of the Arabs mission, followed by the visit of Ban Ki Moon to Lebanon and Jordan, and continued with the plan to embarrass Hizbullah in preparation to use north Lebanon and east Lebanon for the logistic support against the Syrian Arab republic, all that will be accompanied by new foreign sanctions and a internal security siege and the announcement of the increase in defections  in the coming days, and the diplomatic activities and pressures will increase which will be done by USA on the international level, to obtain a breach in the Russian and Chinese fronts.. as for the regional level, we will witness re-activation of the Turkish-Qatari-Egyptian-Saudi roles, and re-stirring the sectarian unrest on the Lebanese and Iraqi levels.

This is the surprise that Ryad Al Asa'a talked about, will it be the same after revealing it? or USA will add a new scene to the chapters of her play in preparation to make the necessary adjustments?

The End..

Original Arabic article by Nader Ezzeddine - Al Manar TV.

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