Jan 29, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" ... The complete story about the buffer zone on the Turkish borders..

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 4: القصة الكاملة للمنطقة العازلة على الحدود التركية...؟

The NATO have always said that Syria is not Libya, and it really meant that, because Syria is indeed not like Libya, but in secret and under the table, the (US) NATO said to its allies (Qatar and Turkey) that Syria is like Libya, and Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb are like Binghazi, and how the (Turkish and Qatari) bet on creating a buffer zone, and Washington realized that the buffer zone will be similar to Darfur not to Binghazi, quite the contrary to what NATO promised its allies, when tried involve them in a big problem that it will allow the NATO to negotiate on their heads, as the NATO fully realize that the no-fly zone over Syria means burning the Middle East and perhaps the entire world.

NATO wanted Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb to turn into a flaming Darfur, and to negotiate about it with the Syrians, and use this area to drag the high rank officers and leaders to the ICC to negotiate with Syria, which neither the Qatari nor the Turks know about, who were the godfathers for the buffer zone and set out to create it.

The buffer zone options..

It is impossible create a buffer zone at the Jordanian borders, as closing these borders will inflame Jordan, and destabelize it. and it cannot be created at the Lebanese borders in fear of developing into a conflict in a country that the balance of powers in it is realized as not in Washington's interest... and on the Iraqi borders we cannot talk about a buffer zone along with the US withdrawal, even with their presence, nothing can be done that could turn into a full-scale war in the region, and only on the northern boarders, Washington could think about burning the area without expanding into a full-scale war.

Why a buffer zone like Darfur, not like Benghazi..?

Any NATO entrance in the line, will be the reason for the outbreak of an armed conflict, and the battle will accordingly turn into a national battle and all the opposition groups would fall, and any NATO intervention will be the beginning of a full-scale war in the region, with huge losses to Syria, but it will not leave any interests for Washington and her allies in the region, and its disasters are uncountable, in addition to the fear of turning into a world war. therefore, imposing a no-fly zone is one of seven impossibles, and a direct intervention for the NATO similar to Libya is also one of the seven impossibles, as it means war on the level of the region.. while the only choice is to inflame Jisr Al Shughur and Idleb similar to Darfur and turn them into destroyed afflicted areas, that would open the space for Washington to negotiate with the Syrian leadership using the ICC stick, on many cards.

The dreams of a buffer zone..

At first, Washington thought that the Syrian army going into battle in northern Syria with Turkey is impossible, thus she considered the possibility of the Turkish army entering Syria to impose a buffer zone in Jisr Al Shughur, arming it then going out, leaving a northern Syrian (Darfur). but what happened on the ground  foiled the dreams, and Washington realized that the Turkish military intervention is an adventure, yet it could even develop into an armed conflict on the region level, for this reason they have established a Syrian transitional council to work on occupying an area in Syria. and the project failed completely, when Nabil Al Arabi's visit to Syria was postponed, so that after the postpone came Hussein Harmoush confessions and Syria's enemies dreams were foiled, then the Syrian transitional council was dissolved, and a Syrian national council was established and preparations began for a buffer zone not only in Jisr Al Shughur, but even reach Idleb.

Turkey failed in imposing a buffer zone after the murder of  120 police men in Jisr Al Shughur, and later Turkey failed in creating a buffer village when the confessions of Husein Harmoush were aired after directing a strike to the mercenary forces who were supposed to create this buffer zone, so Washington had to draw a non failing plan..

Planing -again- for a buffer zone..

More than 800 Libyan fighter were brought, and a number of Qatari officers who participated in the fights in Libya and French experts as well, among them a senior officer that had a role in Libya events, and many Afghans and mercenaries of various nationalities and even Al Qaida organization were brought, and the refugees camps in Turkey turned into training camps like the ones in Chad for Darfur rebels, and in direct supervision from the CIA and Mossad, and many satellites that monitored every move for the Syrian Arab army in the area, aiming for the success of the project, and deployed advanced spying devices... but what happened before the arrival of the AL mission to Damascus??

On the impact of Syrian military exercises, and in a record time that is unimaginable, the grand operation was executed.. The Syrian army warned the west through its maneuvers, not to interfere, then started executing a very delicate mission, as they militarily controlled Al-Zawiah mountain, and with it all the dreams of creating a buffer zone were foiled , as Al-Zawiah mountain would have provided a fire-coverage for the entire area, and pave the way to occupy Idleb, but now it is under the control of the army, to cover in fire any mercenary gangs that might approach the borders.. then came the Damascus suicidal twin bombings which were in retaliation for the Syrian intelligence that fooled the Americans, yet even thwart a project that hundreds of Millions of Dollars were spent on ... and the attempt to assassinate a high rank intelligence officer, was a retaliation for what happened in Al-Zawiah mountain... Yes, in Al-Zawiah mounting when an huge ambush was set for Syria, and in zero hour, the enemies found themselves in a Syrian ambush..

Did the dreams of a buffer zone really ended?

I previously predicted that the end of the year 2011 will be the end of most of the dangerous events, and perhaps what happened in the past few days proved that Washington's biggest dreams to pressure Syria had thwart, even if that means the crisis is not over yet, and the fact that the dreams to create a buffer zone coincided with the Russian draft resolution and the Arab initiative, it is certain that what was left will only be media exaggeration, and might develop into sabotage acts... but no matter what happens, we can say that after the AL mission work, if not considered by the AL and Washington as a strand out of the Syrian swamp , it is hard to predict the outcome, specially that there are news about a decisive reaction by the Syrians with a decisive message which i was unable verify its information, but perhaps the Syrians returned the message , as there are indicators show that, expressed by the confusion present on the Turkish boarders in the training camps...

The west cornering Turkey..

After the meeting between president Assad and Davutoglu, the pressures of Turkey began, and among the  pressures is a yellow Gulf media saying that when president Assad met with Davutoglu, he threatened to bomb the entire region, and publish details that cannot be true, and the negotiations between Al Assad and Oglu lasted about 4 hours, and ofcourse what was publish were all lies, as what Al Assad told Oglu was not leaked, but it is clear that after Oglu's visit to Damascus, he and his government were certain that Washington wanted to involve them in a conflict, to negotiate with Syria in another place.

The question remains after a long silence: will Erdogan and Oglu be back to talk about Syria before breakfast and after breakfast and before lunch and after the bath?

What happened in Al-Zawiah mountain proved to them that what the NATO will offer is a bunch of mercenaries, and i think the Turks understood the message, but the Qataris maybe unable understand it, as the campaign waged by France, Israel and the Gulf states on Turkey, implies that the Turks fully understood the message , and understood that the Russian may accept the (T-GAC) gas pipeline, but the Nabucco pipeline is impossible to pass in the present future, and the Turks realize if involved by the west, they are cornered, but if the west punished them, they have their neighbors, and we can say that France-US-Israel are looking to overthrow the Armenian regime, and Russia-Iran-Syria are looking to obtain Turkey, as the battle is out of Syria now and approaching the Caspian sea... Yes, the world is being designed again, and the kings of oil are dreaming to stay in the past..

The End..

Original article by Kefah Nssr - Jouhina News.

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