Jan 15, 2012

Russia willing to prevent the overthrow of Assad.

Article by Al Kuds Al Arabi

If you want to know the possibilities of war in the Middle East , you must monitor the reactions of Moscow and Washington, and them moving their ships and aircraft carriers, specially now that Russia had awaken from her deep sleep, and started her powerful return to the region to protect her interests.

The Russian leadership that was gravely deceived in Libya and lost accordingly her strong conventional ally represented in colonel Moamar Gaddafi, when she agreed on the UNSC decision for a NATO intervention in Libya to protect civilians, then it turned into a military move to overthrow the regime... Here Russia started to realize the enormity of this loss, by fighting strongly the US attempts to overthrow the regimes in both Syria and Libya.

Sending a Russian ship loaded with weapons (on a high degree of risk) to Damascus, coinciding with the arrival of the Russian aircraft carrier and other battleships to Tartous port, where the orphan naval base exist in the warm waters, affirms this new Russian strategy.

The US administration has expressed concern upon receiving news from the Cypriot authorities that have seen the cargo in the ship, and couldn't prevent it from sailing toward Damascus, but her request for clarifications from her Russian counterpart will be fallen on deaf ears.

It is clear that Moscow stands by the Syrian regime in the face of a revolution of popular protest going on since nine month now, and demand the overthrow of the regime.. and by sending the aircraft carrier and the weapons and these dangerous materials, Russia is sending a strong and clear message to the Arab and US governments, that she is not abandoning her Syrian and Iranian allies, after she lost her allies in Libya (Gaddafi regime) and in Iraq (Saddam Hussein regime).

"Dmitry Rogizan" Russia's ambassador to the NATO, who's turn there had ended, said yesterday that any military intervention linked with Iran's nuclear program, is a credible threat to Russia national security.. and said that Iran is Russia's neighbor, and Russia cannot accept any invasion on her neighbor.
While "Nicolai Patrushev" president of the Security Council in the Kremlin, and a close friend to "Vladimir Putin" said that Israel is pushing USA toward war with Iran.

The seriousness of these strong and clear statements, comes at a time when the prospects of war against Iran are growing, and the Arab and internal pressures are escalating to overthrow the Assad regime..
We must keep in mind that "Rogizan" who consider war on Iran as a threat to the Russian national security, was appointed as deputy prime minister, by Putin, for defense issues, and will begin his duties immediately.

The time for the US exclusivity in the Middle East region and the wars to change regimes by sieges and military interventions is on its way to extinctions.

Washington changed the Libyan and Iraqi regimes because they granted oil and trade contracts to Russian, Indian and Chinese companies, so the Russian surrender to the US hegemony and exclusivity projects, will lead to the collapse of interests, and the Russian presence in the richest region in the world... which justify the use of VETO with China in the UNSC against imposing sanctions on Syria.

Moscow provided Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, in anticipation of any NATO intervention in her issues, and it is unlikely to back from providing the same missiles to Iran, because it is clear that Russia abandoned her previous positions in leaving the entire region to the US influence and wars.

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