Jan 16, 2012

Feltman - Davutoglu - Hamad maneuvers ... and Assad victory.

Article by Nader Izzeddine - Al Manar

Shuttle trips had been done by Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs "Jeffery Feltman" in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), in a new attempt to contain the failure of the Syrian-American opposition, and preparing for the new stage.. After announcing his arrival to Cairo few days ago, we learned that Feltman suddenly appeared in Ankara few hours later!, so why Jeffery jumped from Egypt to Turkey secretly under a large-scale media blackout on this visit?

We start from Cairo, as Lebanese "Assafir" newspaper published news about holding the first meeting between a prominent Islamic organization in Egypt and Israeli authorities at Raffah crossing (edition No.12081 published on 11/01/2012), and during our follow-up on this news, we learned that this meeting was sponsored personally by Feltman, and according to our sources, this mentioned organization will play a prominent role in maintaining "Camp David" convention when the legislative elections in Egypt end..
On the other side, Feltman meeting with this organization came as preparation for a meeting that will gather them with assistant secretary of state "William Burns" (the meeting was held on 11/01/2011).

The second objective of Feltman's visit according to our sources, is asking Cairo, in particularly asking the Arab League secretary general "Nabil Al Arabi" to withdraw the Arab observers from Syria and refer the Syrian file to the United Nations last Sunday, which he was not successful in achieving, since we exposed the Arab-US conspiracy three days before the Arab mission presented their report, which called to postpone this step, and not cancelling it.

The third objective of Feltman visit to Egypt, is resuming a US maneuver that started during the last few weeks, "Blinding" maneuver, as our sources described it, basically to reduce the pressure on Turkey and Qatar , and apparently move the Syrian file to Egypt..

The US started its maneuver when Turkey witnessed consecutive regional and international setbacks, which required removing it from the confrontation with the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, before he turn Turkey into a "Paper-made Tiger", as when Erdogan's policy turned Turkey into a crane to overthrow Bashar Al Assad regime, it is not possible normalize the relations with Damascus without the departure of Assad, moreover, it is no longer possible the restoration of the growing strength of Turkey, which is the source of her pride, without the fall of Syria.. And any scenario that witness the remaining of Assad in power, will turn Turkey in the regional policy into a "Paper-made Tiger" , and will turn the Turkish allegations as a founder player in the regional system, into a joke.. this is as stated by the specialist researcher in political science and international relations, and the one closed to "justice and development" party "Ihsan Dagi"..

As for Qatar, it was withdrawn from the direct confrontation lines with Syria, keeping the media confrontation, to play a temporary part in pressing on the Arab League and destroy any credibility left for the League, what clearly indicate that, are the attacks launched by Qatar foreign minister "Hamad Bin Jassin" on the Arab observers' mission, who is in the same time the president of the ministerial committee in charge of the Syrian file, and from which this observers' mission was born! add to that, the mine planted by Hamad in the observers' mission, which is "Anwar Malik" who is related by affinity to the president of the so called "Syrian National Council" "Burhan Ghaliun", and Hamad decided to blow this mine yesterday by announcing the withdrawal of Anwar Malik from the mission, and attacking the mission's president and members on Aljazeera tribune, in reference to the strong desire of sheikh Hamad to shoot a death bullet in the head of the Arab League...!

 Going back to Feltman secret visit to Turkey, our sources in Ankara revealed the arrival of Jeffery Feltman to Ankara, just hours from Cairo... for many main goals:

1- Reassuring Turkey, that its role in the Syrian president plot is still a key role, and that Turkey will be a main player in the region after the overthrow of Assad.

2- Asking Turkey to benefit from the truce, and meet with the Iranian leadership, and invite her to discuss her nuclear file in Ankara, which was already done by Davutoglo during his visit to Tehran..

3- Sending a US message to Iran through the Turks, that include Washington willingness to compromise in the nuclear file, and the understandings on the strait of Hormuz, in exchange of Iran giving up on president Bashar Al Assad, from one side... on another side, the message convey a warning about moving the state of chaos and assassinations to inside Iran, in case Iran refuse the US offer, in a clear application of the "Stick and Carrot" policy very well practiced by the US.

4- release the state of congestion between Ankara and Paris over the "Law of Armenian Genocide" and directing the Turkish compass back to Damascus, and informing her with the approach of her return to the confrontation arena with Assad.

5- Preparing for the implementation of the previous steps that will coincide with Ban Ki Moon's visit to Lebanon, which we talked about in the report (The plan - The play to overthrow president Bashar Al Assad)..

6- More important was the reassembling of the Syrian opposition, and bring back together the so-called "Syrian National Council", when the differences among its members started eating it from within... In addition to temporary extending Ghaliun's presidency of the council, before putting him aside for ever, when they complete the preparation of transferring the position to "Loay Safi", a professor living in the United States and serves the position of a lecturer in George Washington university... the reason for this step is the great dissatisfaction from Ghaliun's latest statements, when he rejected the military intervention in Syria, and the increased resentment on him when he signed a document with Haitham Mannaa  to refrain from internationalizing the Syrian crisis.. We have learned that majority who claimed this shift are from the MBs.

"The conspiracy against Syria have been exposed", as president Assad said in his speech two days ago at university of Damascus ... he did not meant at all that it was not open since the beginning, but its features were not yet clear...

Today, the Feltman-Davutoglu- Hamad maneuvers will not be in any benefit, and will not be able revive their plot and oppositions from the state of clinical death... and as president Assad said yesterday addressing the Syrian people at the Umayyad square in Damascus: "We have confidence in the future, and will win without a doubt... they are in their final stage of the conspiracy, and we will make it as the end them and their plots".. Even if the victory is delayed, the triumph is no doubt coming...

The End...

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