Jan 17, 2012

Syria facing the storm .. Mysteries & Secrets...

Al Manar TV report

No doubt, what happened in Syria during the past two weeks concerned many countries in the Arab area and the world, and no doubt that what applies to Tunis, Libya and Egypt, cannot be applied on Syria, as those three countries are not confrontation countries, and their regimes were not in conflict with the US, but on the contrary, These regimes were very close to Israel and coordinate with her politically and militarily... therefore, the west dealt with the Syrian issue differently, and the US utilized her followers of the Syrian opposition (to be fair they are few), and utilized for them the rest of her regional followers, in addition to technical and human potentials to put pressure on Syria through protests demanding reforms.

The internet websites and social media (Facebook and Twitter) were not the only means used to run the protests on the ground, but an important foreign element was added, represented in sending dozens of UAE satellite phones (Thuraya) to certain activists in Syria..

According to available data, UAE deputy crown prince is directly behind sending those phones that allow its carrier to direct contact through satellite , without passing through the Syrian cellphone and land networks, in addition to Jordanian and UAE cellphone chips.

As for the weapons, we report a reliable Jordanian sources confirmation that weapons indeed entered Syria, without knowing its final destinations.. the sources clarified that the weapons were smuggled to Syria using animals.

How were the moves on ground run?

Thuraya satellite phones are the backbone of an operation room and foreign leadership of few men, trained to move in similar circumstances, and the communications were between groups inside Syria and others outside..

Inside Syria, according to our sources, the work was based on small groups of about two people... Concurrently, Facebook was filled with new pages, where the majority of admins covered what was like broadcasting military data for a war council, into the other social and political pages... always signed by fake names.

The Parisian free newspaper "Metro" reported obtaining information that confirm that the majority of the Facebook activists about the Syrian events, were from USA and Europe..

As for the opposition moves that Paris witnessed, had drawn two opposite lines to a large extend:

The first, led by law activists, who have reform demands, and clearly declared their objection to changing the regime in Syria, and refused any intervention from any sides followed to USA and Saudi Arabia..

The second, was  a mix breed of dissidents whose names associated with USA, and in precise, the Israeli Lobby in the USA, among those, "Damascus declaration" group, "Farid Al Ghadiri" group (who was welcomed in the Israeli Knesset in June 2007), in addition to groups follow to "Rifaat Al Assad", "Abdul Halim Khaddam" ... some of those worked side by side with the Israelis in the file of the martyr president "Rafiq Al Hariri" and accusing Syria and the resistance in his assassination.. Those also were in the heart of the logistic service that surrounded (Muhammad Zuheir Assedik - the false eye-witness and accused with the assassination) during his visit in Paris... some of them also received money from the "Future movement" in Lebanon, such as "Abdula Razzak Eid" who is the responsible person of "Damascus declaration" outside Syria, along with his associates including his son.

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