Jan 19, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Sexual exploitation of agents..?

Tales, talked about a woman who visited Prophet Muhammad, and demanded her sexual right by calling for prohibiting Zihaar (irrevocable divorce) from God through the holy Prophet , God answered the woman's prayer, and there was "Surat Al Moujadala" (Argument Sura) and the Zihaar (irrevocable devorce) was prohibited... Today in the time of Takfiris and the "Americanized Islam", a woman do not dare ask for her right from her husband, as well as the high age of marriage, until the "uptight" communities suffered from serious flaws..

 I was advised, previously, not to write about sectarianism, and i wrote because we have to put a hand on the wound, and today they advised me not to talk about the sexual issue, for its delicacy, but we have to put the hand on the wound as well, as the government,  clergy men and the society's duty is to rise with morality and reduce bad habits, for this reason we have to talk about the sexual issue, specially that many agents were involved, one way or another, in sexual troubles..

The US ambushes..

I talked earlier about recruiting agents, and some recruiting models and field work.. in this article, will talk about a certain party which considered the most dangerous of all agents parties, it is even the essence of the US-European move, stressing that if i have written about this issue one year ago, some would say it is a "conspiracy theory", and maybe no one will believe that the US embassies are holding parties for homosexuals, that resulted in the graduation of many dissidents around the world, but today, these news were leaked to media, and it is no longer a conspiracy theory... a homosexual party in the US embassy in Pakistan was revealed few months ago, and months after the Syrian events, many Syrians realized that part of the activists were gay men and women, ofcourse this is not generalized, as i talked earlier about various kinds of recruiting agents, and with this, we are not accusing the opposition, but the talk is about agents of Washington, who are insolently demanding the NATO to bomb Syria, this kind of the "society scums" formed the backbone of Washigton and NATO work in Syria and other places, and were the loud voice in the media warfare...

Here i could say: there is no place for homosexuals, or paranormal sex that violates humanity, without the backup of human rights activists, as they monitor the gays, but even the west, which instead of looking for solutions for such diseases, they bring it to the public, to the extent that a senior political consultant in an important country, attended a gay wedding, and some Americanized media started promote what was called "gay rights".. not their right in treatment, but in destroying societies..

Lesbianism and betrayal..!

 Whatever how the west became rhetoric about the "gay rights", but communities ostracized them, as they are an easy prey for intelligence services, and the CIA, for example, look for her preys, specially over the internet, when some girls look for the world (lesbian) and become a victim to websites governed by the website locators, and website locators, determine a margin for the work of such services, and our communities are not immune with the culture of "information security" , and many do not realize that the website locator is able locate their whereabouts, as well as sites that request registration, and the war of viruses, and through the IP and DATA controlled by the CIA, your E-mail is easily determined, and one of "Facebook" tricks that it can reach its pictures very easily, on another side, specially in the uptight communities where they lack sexual education, there is a constant sexual gap which is a result of ignorance and intolerance, that even reach married women... here we must mention some weak points caused by ignorance, specially in places controlled by a Takfiri way of thinking, created by advanced intelligence services over decades..

Perhaps the sexual dissatisfaction for the female is not an Arab problem, not even a global problem, even who searched for a treatment, searched for a chemical treatment, not within the sexual education, as this phenomenon leave many negative marks, specially when late marriage age is added to it, therefore, these issues affect the woman's mood and reflects on her children and family... but there are irregular cases that become abnormal and affect the community one way or another, as some of them resort to bad actions like betrayal and lesbianism, and even though those cases are unmentionable, but in fact, they are an easy access for hostile intelligence, and i will not mention any examples not even initials, as the aim is not avenge the victims, but to draw the attention that the internet is not a place for secrets..


I was unable verify if the US embassy in Syria held any parties for homosexuals as they did in some Gulf and Asian countries, but it is certain that homosexuals are the west and Washington's closest friends, the west that consider the community diseases as "human rights" !!!! and instead of dealing with homosexuals as dealing with AIDS, they spread the homosexuality only to facilitate its intelligence activities and destroy communities and reduce population growth, by spreading homosexuality and wars... and arresting many gay terrorists is an evidence of the danger of this gay group which no one is working on treating it... this group might be smaller in Syria than it is in the Gulf as the rate is very high, but we had to warn about such danger, as it is danger to the community in many forms, and i have verified that some homosexuals were in contact with Americans,...

Sexual violence...

Imperialist powers spread the culture of sexual violence, particularly against women, aiming to fragment communities.. perhaps this phenomenon had a role in many woman informing the security services about the whereabouts of the terrorists, specially when we know that who do sexual violence, big part of them are homosexuals, but the problem remains within the issues that must be treated.

And finally.. perhaps talking about the sexual issue is hard, and some fear discussing it, but in the 21st century, hundreds of thousands in Egypt for example still believe that circumcision eliminate the instinct, and they do not realize that the circumcision will not prevent the girl from the fascination with muscles of a tall man, yet circumcision still exist, and part of our community still do not recognize the instinct that God created  for the woman, so we had to put a hand on the wound and call for a proper sexual education that help preserve the ethics of the community, and maintain the family which is the backbone of the community, and homosexuals have to be sure that Washington don't and will not preserve their rights, but that they are scums of agents...

The End....

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