Jan 25, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" .. Why the armed groups entered Der Azzour?

                                  ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 3: لماذا دخلت العصابات المسلحة مدينة دير الزور..؟

The US project cannot start, and stop at failure regardless of the percentage of failure, as it is a US strategy to prepare cards for the battle and do not leave the arena before burning them, as each cards has its own role, either in the project or the alternative.. And in Der Azour, when the US project started, the Blue Jasmine was completely staggering, but Washington burned its card to cover an alternative to pressure Damascus by creating a buffer zone on the Turkish boarders...

What happened in Der Azour and Mayadin area?

When talking about killing and displacing all the people of Daraa, we could compare what happened on the ground with the info i have published, and with a little investigation we can know the reality, as it is crystal clear, and the sectarian division have hundreds of clues surrounding it, but when i have said that Der Azzour was outside the Syrian states, it is a note that needs clarification, and i previously said that the division project implies giving Turkey large part of the Syrian territory, and inside Syria will be only one small Sunni state that include Homs and Damascus, and might expand to northern Lebanon, but Der Azzour was planned to be outside the Turkish boarders and outside the Sunni small state in Homs and Damascus, as Der Azzour and Mayadin area were supposed to be included in a Sunni state in Iraq, as the US do not want to give Turkey a geography that would increase its influence, and to prevent any future alliance between Turkey and the surrounding Sunni states, as a Sunni state that would reach Der Azzour would vloumize Turkey and create dispute between it and Turkey and the Sunni state in Homs and Damascus, which in turn leave a geographical space in the Syrian desert, that Israel would expand within to reach most of the Syrian desert, by which Washington would guarantee the Israeli military supremacy, as controling the desert militarily is less expensive than the areas with residents, therefore, Israel would have a belt of sectarian states and a desert belt for emerging states, that will be formed to displace the Druze to front lines with the emerging Takfiri states.

Preparing the project..!

The Gulf countries brought thousands of Syrians, big numbers of them from Der Azour, and at the same time, the CIA and the Mossad through Arab intelligence agencies, planted Discord between the people of Der Azzour and the other Syrians, as during the years, there were restrictions on the Syrian expatriates who are from Der Azour and Mayadin in precise, most important is that most of the granted visas for the unemployed young men in Der Azour were work visas, paid without a work contract, to look for a job without employment so that bringing anyone to the security headquarter and raiding their houses will be legitimate, in pretext of violating the laws, as well as sending agents who are trained to work in the field, and sending fighters from neighboring countries...

One of the models of planting discord between Der Azzour expatriates and the rest of the Syrians, is what is going on in Qatar, and any Syrian can make sure of that from the expatriates there, as rumors spread by sheikhs (one of the ruling family sheikhs) that Syrians were banned from entering Qatar and Syrian visas were prohibited due to what (Der Azour people had done), and those with expired visa from Der Azour , are not granted extension.. When i have checked this issue, it turned out that a Qatari security patrol insulted Der Azour men living in Qatar, and the men avoided responding , but as we know, the Syrian people do not accept the insult, specially clan people, and when the security men continued insulting the Syrians with bad words, there was a fight that caused wounds to 4 security men and been moved to a hospital.. rumors started spreading that the reason for not granting visas to Syrians (is this incident when the Syrian men defended their dignity , and was considered as an attack on security men and not security men provoking the Syrians)... ofcourse there are many incidents that had one aim, which is planing discord between Der Azzour people and Mayadin people and between the rest of the Syrians as well, in addition to confining the Syrian expatriates of Der Azour to search among them for those of weak souls which are prone to pressure..

NOTE: working on people from Der Azour and Mayadin area was difficult for the CIA and Arab intelligence, perhaps that Der Azour people are clan people and impossible to be bribed , for this reason they resorted to a lot of insulting behaviors, and using non-Syrian fighters during attempt to control the city..

It is worth mentioning, that the Blue Jasmine project staggered completely, and perhaps the Syrian command realized that the interference of any foreign forces from Der Azour side is impossible, as the south and the coast did not inflame, and the army is still united, and the project fell.. but within the alternative plan, was creating a buffer zone in Jisr Al Shughur, and we remember the killing of 120 police officers there at the hands of armed gangs trained in Turkey, for this reason, Washington invested its cards in Der Azour, to disperse the Syrian leadership, about a buffer zone on the Iraqi boarders, and to disperse the army and  exhaust it, and to cover what is happening in Jisr Al Shughur... i learned that the armed groups controlled Der Azour for more than a month, but the media did not talk about that, as neither the bias media wanted to mention the presence of armed groups, nor the Syrian authority wanted to talk about it until the termination in Jisr Al Shughur, and then army units headed to Der Azour to bring back tranquility to the city.

According to a friend of mine from Der Azour, who was in the city two days before the army entered there and restored security in it, he said: The armed men controlling the city, reduced the popularity of the opposition among the people, and the city lived difficult days during their presence, but the army managed conclude the situation fast, and regained the people's trust in the government.. and when i asked him if the army made any mistakes, he sad that it not not possible for any army to enter a city and not fall into mistakes, but in general, the mistakes were less than normal and unmentionable, and we can say that the Syrian forces not only done quality operations there, but also there was a state of self control and discipline that brought comfort to the people's hearts, not just in Der Azour, but in most of the areas as well.. it is mentioned that self control of the army had a terrifying act on the the enemy, as it is considered as sort of power for the army in the military psychology, as when the army perform its duties among civilians without mistakes, this means there is an iron and absolute self control and indicate the strength and power of the army..

It is mentioned that in Der Azour, the greatest credit goes to the people and clan sheikhs who prevented the armed groups from instigating the city against the country, and reduced the acts of the armed groups until the army entered and purged the city from them, here i repeat that the Syrian people are great people, that fought all conspiracies hatched to Syria, as was a strong barrier that protected the unity of the Syrian territories..

The End..

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