Jan 2, 2012

Burhan Ghalyoon and the opposition journey: From cursing the prophet in the schools of Homs, to the French intels in Paris.

November 14th, 2011
Al Khabar press: Lebanese news.

Burhan Ghalyoon was born in Homs 1945 - Professor of political sociology and director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary Middle at the Sorbonne in Paris - He is a university of Damascus graduate of philosophy and sociology, married to a French woman and holds the French citizenship, he was elected lately as the chairman of the "Syrian National Council"... Ghalyoon appeared first to the Syrian people through international and Arab media, specifically France 24, then Al Jazeera and Alarabiya 5-6 months ago, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Many said that it is natural /Syrian citizens who lives abroad and talks about the Syrian government as a new political opposition member/ we didn't know it was the beginning of a plot against Syria, and after the beginning of the crisis, it was natural to ask who are those people who appointed themselves to talk on behalf of the Syrian people, specifically Ghalyoon, so we dug up his history, and his relation with global anti-Syria parties.

The DATA were gathered from his Syrian friends in Paris, who affirm that Ghlayoon had changed since mid 2010, shifting away from them, his financial situation changed, so they thought he became arrogant, and did not link it to what is going to happen after it, but when the crisis in Syria began, they started linking the way of things in Syria with Ghalyoon's change of attitude toward them... One of his friends mentioned that Ghalyoon's story started when he met lady Christine Ocrant /France 24 CEO/ and wife of foreign minister "Bernard Kouchner's" , he met her early 2010 through some French friends, and she started invite him to seminars and conferences were he met "Bernard Henry Levi" the well known Zionist, whose role in the Arab revolutions was uncovered... linking things with each other, it is clear that all what happened did not come from air... remember that the first conference that took place in Turkey since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Burhan Ghalyoon was invited to it, yet he refused to attend, and declared to the press that this conference had suspected people participating in it /here he meant the MBs, who are the some people to attend Qatar's meeting with some mixture, but keeping the MBs as moral majority in this meeting, not majority in numbers, represented by their general guide in Syria and two of his colleagues..
Ofcourse all of us know how Burhan Ghalyoon accepted to be the chairman of the SNC when he was invited to Qatar meeting by Azmi Bushara, and the Qatari prince paid him 20 Million Euros, then he went back in a private jet to France to meet with the French FM and his declaration at the door of the French MFA that he accept leading the SNC, we don't know for sure what is Levi's or France 24 role in this, but they must have a role and days will uncover it.

Cooperation with Ghalyoon who cursed the prophet, is a modal for the MBs opportunism and their relation with the western intels:

How could Burhan Ghalyoon put hand in hand with the MBs??!! he who said in them in one of his lectures in 2007 that the opinion leaders int he Arab world are clergy men who do not know in societies and politics, and that these Arab communities are the hostage of Islamic clergy men powers who are dominant in the Arab public opinion... and in the same lecture, he also talked about Al Jazeera channel, saying it is the product of an alliance between Islamist in the Arab world and politicians in Qatar to dominate minds with a Zio-American direction.

Cursing the prophet in Homs, confession and a disciplinary isolation:

One of Burhan Ghalyoon exploits when he was a teacher in Homs back in 1966, was insulting the prophet, as he cursed the prophet in public in front of a group of students and teachers, which is proved by documents of the investigation made by the disciplinary council with him.

Ghalyoon a puppet to the French security and the Jewish lobby:

Burhan Ghalyoon is a puppet to the French security and the Jewish lobby in France represented by "Bernard Henry Levi".. in this context as well, was Ghalyoon's appearance on Al Jazeera as a spokesman of the SNC, the French,Turkish and US intels arranged Istanbul council's formation, Qatar funded it, and the operations were covered by placing businessmen from Sankar family and other drug dealers in the front as financiers for these conferences.

When the SNC was created, the reactions against it raised by the opposition inside and outside Syria... we mention some:

- Haitham Manaa: "This council is a group of professionals whom do not belong to any known political powers, and what happened in Istanbul (the second conference) cannot be an example of a democratic experience that gives a positive image of the Syrian or international society"... he described Istanbul group as Washington club, and pointed to the official and nonofficial US funding to this group, plus the Gulf funding, adding that money do not create uprisings.

- The patriotic opposition, Fr. Tony Dawood: "Burhan Ghalyoon betrayed the concepts he wrote in his books, and turn against them".. explaining that Ghalyoon is exercising what is called "Neo-Liberalism" that he use as a cover for the MBs to reach his goals and the goals of his masters the puppeteers, and then he turn against them.

Burhan Ghalyoon demanded an international protection to become a new "Karzai" that enters Syria on the back of the NATO tanks, and he is a No.1 liar, that event he members of the council that he leads, knows nothing about him.

What did Burhan Ghalyoon do in Damascus during his confidential visit in September?

Here we present an E-ticket that proves that Burhan Ghalyoon went from Cairo to Damascus in September during a confidential visit (unannounced), which raised a great controversy when exposed through some social communication networks.

Information sources did not mention any news, and Ghalyoon kept it as a secret, and the questions are rising about an intelligence plot that made the French security man discover a possible deal that he wanted to negotiate on, who he barely trust himself, as there is no point from talking to him since he is the spokesman of a regional and international alliance that move him between 5-star hotels across the capitols of the region.

Secretly, Some knew about this and expressed their annoyance, by leaking news like this visit that struck his loyalists of the inside Syria opposition, and an image of his E-ticket was published, showing that he came to Syria through Cairo and on the Egyptian airlines.

Leaking this news caused a scandal to Ghalyoon and his loyalists of the inside Syria opposition, this scandal came after a dispute between him and the Syrian Kurds participating int he SNC, when he resembled the Kurds to the "French refugees" in a statement he made which was aired by the German channel "Deutsche Fille", which made the Kurds demanding him to apologize , and one of his fellow Kurd colleague in the same council said that "the SNC and its leadership should have kept silent if not capable understand the current situation".. and stressed that the situation was unacceptable, and what was announced by "Ghalyoon and Bayanouni" was foolish talk endured by the entire council, and that the members of the council should object and denounce this illegal behavior.

Ghalyoon, the Opportunist and self-seeker, is a front for the French intel and the Zion lobby, he dreams of becoming the Syrian Karzai, enjoying Qatar's money and play the role of the front which is used by the regional anti-coalition.

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