Jan 21, 2012

The fiasco of the French secret agents in Homs..

Translation from the original French report by: Egalite & Reconciliation

While Paris accuses Damascus of having organized the murder of journalist of France TV "Gilles Jacquier" in Homs, a team of Russian journalists recently presented a different story. According to their investigation, Mr. Jacquier commanded by press coverage of a French military intelligence operation that turned into a fiasco. The French accusations are merely a means to hide Paris responsibility for the actions of the terrorist plan to destabilize Syria.
French journalist Gilles Jacquier was killed while reporting in Homs, Wednesday, Jan. 11. He had come to cover the events in Syria for the magazine "Special Envoy. "
Convinced that there was no terrorist, but a revolution suppressed in blood, he refused the protection of security and wore no helmet or body armor. With colleagues who shared his convictions, they had rented three vans and found fixers, that is to say locals who are able help them identify, make appointments, and serving as translators.
Together, had requested a meeting with Alawites representatives, before heading to the neighborhoods of Baba Amr and Bab Sba'a. Arriving at Hotel As-Safir, they met -by chance- with a captain who offered to accompany them with his detachment to the Alawite district of Nizha, where they waited assistant from the governor of Homs.
With his assistance, journalists were able meet and interview personalities and passers . At 2:45 p.m., the representative of the Governor asked them to leave as soon as the cease-fire ends at 15H sharp.
However, journalists of the Belgian Flemish radio and television (VRT) having ventured farther up in private homes in the district of Akrama, the group was slow in movement. Members of the association of victims of terrorism who had planned to demonstrate outside a bus chartered by the Ministry of Information that carries forty Anglo-Saxon journalists, but had not found it useful to chant for President Bashar Al Assad at the sight of a few cameras.
At 15h, and every day, the Battle of Homs continue. A projectile exploded on the roof of a building, destroying an oil tank. A second shot fell on a school and a third on the pro-Assad protesters, killing two of them. The journalists went to the roof to film the damage.  Gilles Jacquier, thought the shooting was over and went down with his cameraman to film the bodies of the demonstrators. while Arriving at the doorway, he was killed along with six Pro-Assad protesters by a fourth explosion that hit his fixers. The young woman was wounded in the legs.
In the confusion, the dead and wounded were evacuated in cars to hospitals. This single incident caused nine deaths and 25 injuries in total. The Battle of Homs is continued with many other incidents during the evening and night.
At first glance, everything is clear: Gilles Jacquier died by accident. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Personal beliefs about the nature of events in Syria made him believe that he must fear the government forces, apart from anti-regime protests. He therefore refused an escort, he had not taken a helmet and bulletproof jacket, and he did not respect the fateful hour of the end of the cease-fire. Ultimately, he failed to assess the situation because he was a victim of the difference between the propaganda of his colleagues and the fact that he denied.
Under these conditions, we do not really understand why, after a first polite reaction , France, who had legitimately demanded an investigation into the circumstances of the death of it national, suddenly insinuated that Gilles Jacquier had been murdered by the Syrians, and refused to allow an autopsy to take place in the presence of experts. These accusations have been publicly explained by one of the journalists who accompanied Jacquier, "Jacques Duplessy"..
For the French press, the facts are not so obvious as it sounds: in doubt about the identification of lethal projectiles. According to most reporters, it was mortar fire. The Syrian army confirmed that this weapon is used daily by terrorists in Homs. But according to some witnesses, they were rockets fired from a hand-held rocket launcher, and private Syrian television "Ad-Dounia" showed rocket fins. Forums are passionate about this subject, not without ulterior motives. In France, anti-Assad believe it is mortar shells and accuse the Syrian army of firing them. While pro-Assad believe they were rockets and accusing the terrorists.Ultimately, this detail does not prove anything: certainly the Syrian army used mortars, but not of this caliber, and armed groups using rocket launchers, but nothing prevents each camp to vary its equipment.
Moreover, in the case of mortars, the first two were used to adjust the firing of the third and fourth to hurt protesters who were their target. But in the case of rocket attacks, it was possible to target more precisely and kill a particular person. The theory of the assassination is possible.
The study of images and videos show that the bodies of victims are not bloody, and riddled with fragments, as in the explosion of a shell fragments. Instead, they were intact, the blood flowing like the case of nose or ears bleed, as in the explosion of a rocket thermobaric blast which compresses the organs causing internal bleeding. Similarly, the points of impact on the pavement bear no trace of fragmentation.
Note that some eye-witnesses said, there were grenades, which do not come our understanding as there is blast grenades and fragmentation grenades. Ultimately, only the assumption of the blast weapon (RPG or grenade) is consistent with the medical-legal elements visible on the photos and videos. Rushed to the scene, Syrian investigators and Arab League observers and have found two  mortar tails, an 82mm and the tail of Israeli-made rocket.
Therefore, because the French authorities wanted to investigate the possibility of a murder, even if it mean for them to make a tragedy of their instruments and their ambition to justify war against Syria. Yet the French diplomats, who are instructed to seek the truth, are also clearly instructed to ensure that the Syrians did not discover it. Thus, they prevented anyone from approaching the French photographer "Caroline Poiron:, wife of the journalist Gilles Jacquier, who watched his remains all night. The young woman, in a state of shock, lost control over her behavior,and could have talked too much. Then they on-spot autopsy, and demanded the body to be repatriated as soon as possible. What is the assumption that France wants to check for herself, but hide from the public?
Here begins our plunge into the world of Western special services that lead to Syria a "low intensity war", similar to those organized in the 80's in Central America and more recently in Libya to prepare and justify the NATO intervention .
Gilles Jacquier was a reporter appreciated by his colleagues , and rewarded by the profession (Albert Londres Prize, Prize for War Correspondents etc.).. But it was not that. ...
In a letter bearing the letterhead of France-Televisions, dated 1 December 2011, the editors of the magazine "Special Envoy"-the political program of the most watched country- had requested a visa from the Syrian Ministry of Information . Claiming the desire to check the Syrian version of events which is "the ambushed Syrian army soldiers, and the armed conflict in the country," they demanded that Jacquier can follow the daily lives of soldiers of the 4th Armored Division commanded by General Maher al-Assad (brother of the president) and the 18th Armored Division, commanded by General Wajih Mahmud . The Syrian authorities were surprised by the arrogance of the French: as on one side, they are the frame of the armed groups that attack the loyalist troops, and on the other side, they allowed to infiltrate a military intelligence officer in their troops to inform armed groups of their displacements. He was not respondent to this request.
Also, Gilles Jacquier tried another way. He applied through a Greek Catholic religious outspoken, and sometimes feared by the authority, Mother Agnes-Mariam the Cross, abbot of the monastery of Saint-Jacques . She organized the first press trip open to Western journalists since the start of events to show support of the patriotic Syrian Christians to the Assad administration , and their fear of the West putting the power in the hands of fanatics Takfirist. The famous nun, who has dual nationality, hoped that the French press would act professionally and promote national reconciliation. So she  registered for a visa at the Ministry of Information for Jacquier and his cameraman.
Things accelerated on December 20, as other media begged Mother Agnes-Mariam to do the same favor for them. Gilles Jacquier, meanwhile, asked for another visa for his girlfriend, Caroline Poiron photographer and reporter for the Flora Olive, presenting both Paris-Match. It must have been a total group of 15 journalists French, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss. In all likelihood, the French and the Dutch were mostly, if not all, agents of the DGSE. Time was short for their mission.
Here a little background is necessary.
To weaken Syria, armed groups by NATO undertake various acts of sabotage. Although the center of the rebellion of the Muslim Brotherhood is Hama, and only two districts of Homs support them, NATO chose this city to concentrate its secret actions . as it is at the center of the country and the main hub and supply. Sequentially, the "revolutionists" cut the pipeline and Canadian engineers who ran the power plant were repatriated at the request of the United States. Finally, five Iranian engineers in charge to re-run the plant were abducted, 20 December 2011.
The Media received a claim from a mysterious brigade against the Shiite expansion in Syria. Then, the embassy confirmed it had started negotiations with the kidnappers. asked to them to send a "proof of life" such as a dated photograph that proves the hostages are in good health.
Against all odds, it was not sent directly to the Islamic Republic of Iran, but published by Paris Match (Jan. 5 edition). A photographer from the magazine, they said, had secretly entered Syria and took this shot. Perhaps the French readers have questioned whether this reporter was a good human for taking pictures of hostages without helping them. Regardless, the message was clear: the engineers are alive and the kidnappers are controlled by the French. No official response to one side or the other. So the negotiations continue.
Arrived in Damascus, the French and Dutch media were accommodated by the authorities in different hotels, but Jacquier regrouped immediately to Fardos Tower Hotel. The manager of this establishment is simply Roula Rikbi , sister of Bassma Kodmani, a spokesman for the National Council based in Paris. The hotel serves as a cache to French intelligence.
In summary, a military intelligence officer, a companion to photographer, have been in contact with the hostages, has trained a group of "journalists" with a mission related to the hostages, probably by their release by the French or Iranians. They traveled to Homs after getting rid of the security services, but the Head of Mission was killed before they can establish the expected contact .
We understand that in these conditions, the ambassador of France had become nervous. He had the right to consider that Gilles Jacquier was murdered by members of armed groups, worried about  the collapse of the France-Turkey military alliance, and hardliners a NATO war. Hostile to the current negotiations, they would have derailed his conclusion.
The ambassador of France, who had no time to reconstitute the events, thus try to prevent the Syrians to do so. Contrary to international standards, he refused an autopsy be performed on site in the presence of French experts. The Syrians agreed to waive the rule on the condition to make a radiograph. In fact, they took the opportunity to photograph the body from all angles. Reportedly, the body bears the traces of splinters in the chest and cuts on his forehead.
Then, the ambassador took the French and Dutch "journalists" in his armored car , and the remains of the deceased. He went with them along with a strict escort, leaving on the floor the stunned Mother Superior and a journalist for AFP: the diplomat urged his officers to recover and abandon the civilians. The convoy passed to retrieve personal belongings of everyone from As-Safir Hotel of Homs, then joined the Embassy in Damascus. As soon as possible, he arrived at the airport where a special plane chartered by the French Ministry of Defense officials evacuated to the airport of Paris-Le Bourget.
The secret agents pretended not issuing more than one report in Syria, they forgot that they have obtained an extension of their visa, they fled just before the Syrians find that the pot of roses of the operation is missing..
Arriving in Paris, the body was immediately transferred to the forensic institute and autopsied before the arrival of experts appointed by Syria. Violating the criminal precedures, the French government has overturned the autopsy report, which will eventually be rejected by the Justice, and has definitely ruled out the possibility of establishing the truth.
In order to prevent the (real) French journalists to put their nose in this case, (false) journalists accompanying Jacquier, once back in France increased the conflicting statements, lying blatantly to create confusion and a red herring. Thus, although 8 pro-Assad protesters were killed, Jacques Duplessis denounced "an ambush laid by the Syrian authorities" to eliminate him and his colleagues. Verification, M. Duplessy has long worked for an NGO deemed to have served as a screen ... the DGSE.
For the Iranians and the Syrians, the death of Jacquier is a disaster. by circulating a group of French spies and discreet surveillance, they hoped to go back to the captors, and at a time, release the hostages and apprehend criminals.
Over the past year, the French military intelligence are placed at the service of U.S. imperialism. They organized an early civil war in Ivory Coast. Subsequently, they have manipulated the separatism of Cyrenaica to believe in a revolution and take anti-Gaddafi of Libya. Now they surround ex-convicts recruited by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to spread terror, accusing the Syrian government and threaten to come change it.
It is not certain that the French people appreciate that Nicolas Sarkozy belittled his country at a vulgar hostage taker. And it will not be surprised if a state that practices terrorism in others must one day confront it on its soil.

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