Jan 23, 2012

The "Blue Jasmine" ... The attempt to target the mountain area

ما لم ينشر من أسرار الياسمينة الزرقاء ملحق 2: محاولة استهداف الجبل..؟

I said earlier, that the plot was on Daraa people, and did not come from Daraa, and the danger would have reached everyone, no exceptions made, and once the features of the deterioration of the US plot appeared, the US started losing some keys, and work on many options, and most important was the fear of losing all her cards, before withdrawing from Iraq, in addition to dozens of crisis, for this reason they had to go with any plan even if there is no results out of it, but at least they will use it for exaggeration and fabrication.

Once the US plot started deteriorating (i mean the plot to inflame Syria), and before the MBs started to move, they started looking for alternative plans.. there are some who advised the decision makers that they cannot overthrow the regime, unless the Arab mountain people are moved, and the one who presented the advice, thought he knows the traditions and habits of the Tawhidis (Druze), and able drag them to the battle the way he wants, and move them as he desire, as if they are puppets, yet he even told the decision makers, that several security events and the mountain people will revolt, and the results are guaranteed.

Those who are clinging to a stick (France, Qatar, Turkey) forgot that the war of Lebanon mountain did not create disputes between the Druze and Christians, and did not reflect on Al Arab mountain despite its brutality, and that May 7th events did not affect the popularity of Wiam Wahhab or Hizbulla's secretary general in Al Arab mountain, yet in contrary, Wiam Wahhab was held on shoulders in Al Arab mountain, and the flags of the resistance and pictures of Hassan Nasralla were raised, and they forgot that Al Arab mountain have traditions from honoring the guest to protecting strangers and fighting the enemy, but we have to remind those who forgot, as the US fully realize that it is impossible to march in this line, yet the US thought that it could invest this idea.

The US burn cards..

The beginning: The paradox, is that Saudi Arabia is the country with the most issued fatwas that disbelieve Druze and allow killing them, rape their women and burn their houses ... Qatar is the country that planned to insult the national symbol "Sultan Basha Al Atrash", for this reason was the idea of reassuring the Druze, and affecting their feelings for the aim of diverting them from supporting the Syrian leadership as a start, this started when Aljazeera was not broadcasting any films or discussion programs, and all the sudden Aljazzera kept airing advertisements about the life of "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" for about a week, so that this film would be the sole event outside the Arab Spring frame, and the man who called for killing two thirds of the Syrian people stopped talking, and the aim varies depending on each sides's point of view, as some of them who the US realized is a burned card, and pushed them into thinking that they are leading the battle, and what they are planning for, will lead to overthrowing the regime, and the US went on with them in the plan, and some of them even go all the way with USA on any road she is taking, but Washington and Israeli are fully aware of the equations, and know that as long as the "missile button" is with Assad, they cannot move, despite that, they marched with the plan for many reasons:

1- Invest any card to extend the crisis no matter what, which they have done with many cards by investing them contrary to what was planned for them, as the case of Der Azzour for example, as the movement was not as planned, so they invested cards to burn them only.

2- The attempt to exhaust the security forces in many places, for example, the killing and abduction acts witnessed in Homs, were a cover for other secret operations in another place, for this reason they inflamed Homs, as they attempted to occupy the security and the army in Homs under the pressure of the people.

3- Rising the level of sectarian talks, for example, when the US asked "Walid Junblat" to address only the mountain people (not the Syrians) -as they are the lowest proportion in the army as they live in the smallest city- to not participate in any security action in Daraa, and not support the regime.. ofcourse the US realize that Junblat is too small to address Al Arab mountain, and too small to affect it, and realize that the Syrian security do not suppress any peaceful protest no matter what, but the aim of the US is to spread the sectarian spirit in Daraa to allow some cells invest this talk in instigation against Druze... Junblat's speech have only one meaning, that Druze are killing Muslims, and he is calling them to stop the killing, which is the same method used by Junblat to insult the Tawhidis in Palestine!!.. so his talk had one goal, which is instigate against Druze, after the failure of instigation against the government, as the US march with the plans of the small people to invest them in other places..

4- The most important is reassuring their allies who are living real fear from the Gulf to Israel and other worried ones, and almost falling off the US wagon while watching the US giant withdrawing from Iraq humiliated and on the brink of complete failure in Syria..

Therefore, when the US attempted to affect the mountain, it was certain of harvesting no results but the sectarian instigation, and i have previously proven that the US project cannot pass without sectarian conflicts that would lead to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and cannot pass without destroying the armies and forces of the resistance through discord, and the US realize that it is impossible to drag the mountain people as desired, the US realized that, through internet polls at low estimate, but it wants to involve its allies further so that they do not fall off the wagon, and wants to pass its withdrawal from Iraq, therefore guarantee the ongoing of the Syrian crisis as much as possible, in addition to open files in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Tunis, and the most dangerous file is the future of Turkey, not mentioning Lebanon itself.

Note: Fortunately for Syria, when Washington was considering divide the area, it had planted a sectarian spirit in Turkey, and made supporters of president Assad using its money and agents, and when president Assad dropped the US project, he found a popular base in Turkey that is expanding, and started overcome the sectarian limits, Assad gained it as a war trophy from the US, and became a burden on Erdogan, in addition to Syria's geopolitical place, therefore, Washington feel that Turkey is on the brink of falling off the NATO wagon, which i have wrote about already...

Returning to the subject, Washington artfully wanted to plant the (untrust) in Syria and between the people, and imply to the citizen that the war is not over, and plant despair between the people hoping they would quit supporting the president and leave him without popular protection, and wants to occupy the security to cover up security operations northern Syria, and be able enter support forces and weapons through the boarders, specially with the beginning of controlling the boarders.. From here started the expansion of the circle of fire in Homs, hoping to exhaust the army and security, and the attempt to plant congestion in the south, and Damascus country side.

The plan was to inflame the mountain area..

In Sweida, it was planned to affect it on several stages, starting from highlighting any opposition figure with social value in the mountain area, and ofcourse there isn't any, and influence the feelings of the mountain people from outside, and make use of the cells that should have worked after burning Syria, and were unable work due to the fall of the project.. Therefore, the main project was burning some cards which role had expired during a war of attrition in Syria, and creating sectarian conflicts in Lebanon for the aim of helping the cells in doing their work in Al Arab mountain, so they can bring protests to the streets, and through killing some of the protesters, the mountain will inflame and discord will run between the army and the people.

But, while some people dream of igniting the mountain once and for all, the US was planning for something else, which is starting an armed clash inside the mountain, and protests, as the US realize that protests do not overthrow a regime (No matter how long they jump), and realize that the media bias is the master of the situation, and all they want is a sectarian conflict to be as a pressure card over the Syrian leadership.

We cannot explain the disappearance of "Shibly Al Isami" only because of the absence of any opposition with a social value in Sweida, and Mr. Faysal Qasem almost started demonstrations demanding the whereabouts of "Shibly Al Isami" (Al Arab mountain son)... The US sent its man (a man with a history in igniting conflicts in the mountains) to Sweida, coming from Saudi Arabia, and there were preparations for a sectarian violence acts in Lebanon to affect the Syrian street in Al Arab mountain, and there was supposed to be some security events in the mountain that i was unable verify, but what i was able confirm is that there is some who will change his position from the Syrian crisis soon, and what i am mostly certain of is that there points unaware by the west about the mountain people's natures, that will keep the way blocked in their faces...

The End...

Original Arabic article by Kefah nssr - Jouhina News.

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