Jan 12, 2012

Diplomatic sources: Qatar threatens the Arab leaders to "Overthrow" them, and sends observers of intelligence to support the armed gangs.

مصادر دبلوماسية: قطر تهدد الزعماء العرب

No one believed Syria, or in a precise way, no one wanted to believe Syria when she proved that she is under a clear conspiracy that aim to blow the entire county, no just the regime... As time passes, and the Syrian people keep standing till, the plot threads started to reveal slowly slowly.. Here's the Arab League "admits" the existence of the armed men, while the information and leaks stated on a daily basis by high rank officials in the region and the world countries, prove the "suspected" role played by Qatar as a "knife" used to strike the Syrian side.

Leaking credible diplomatic information prove that Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the ruler of the Qatar sheikdom, had threaened 4 Arab leaders to overthrow and change their regimes, unless follow his lead in the conspiracy he is undertaking with USA, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to hit the Syrian people and leadership.

 The info, that Al Manar website talked about, Jihad Al Makdisy (MFA spokesman) affirmed that he will soon publish its details in dates and places, and the truth of the 4 Arab leaders positions toward the arrogance of Qatar leader, that rely on the unlimited US support in funding and supporting the slaughter, destruction and terror acts in Syria.

From another side, Arab diplomatic sources confirmed that Qatar PM "Hamad Ben Jasem" along with European and Israeli advisers are conducting phone calls with the Arab observers who are now working in Syria, demanding them to create lies and events and accuse the Syrian regime with it.

The sources added that Hamad offered them considerable financial temptations, and permits to work inside Qatar and Saudi Arabia after finishing their mission.

The sources added to Al Manar website, that the Qatari official asked the Arab League secretary general to issue a decision in increasing the numbers of observers, to send groups that include intelligence members work for Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as sources affirm that these members have already entered with the observers to Syria equipped with highly advanced communication devices, to contact the armed groups and support them with orders to commit massacres against the Syrians.

This hysterical escalation practiced by Qatar sheikdom, was linked by well-informed Gulf sources with the will of Saudi and Qatar rulers to get out of the bottleneck, as sources indicate that what those rulers know, and the public opinion don't, will flip the table over their heads in any moment, as the Gulf sources affirm that there are more than 70 terrorists of the most danger ones from Saudi and Kuwait and security men from Qatar who are in the Syrian prisons, as they were arrested while attempting to slip secretly to Syria, and participate in destructive and killing acts against the Syrian people.

These sources say that the Syrian intelligence, have confessions of those  detainees, that prove that their work on the Syrian territory had been with full coordination with high rank Gulf leaderships, that run the operations from the sheikh's palaces in Doha and Ryad... those detainees confessed during the interrogation that they smuggled money, weapons and advanced communication devices from their leaders in the two capitols to the terrorists working under their command on the Syrian territory.

Sources also added that the detainees confessed the presence of recruitment and training camps on the Turkish territories, and inside Saudi Arabia and in a US base in Qatar... these camps, are reciving continually a number of terrorists from various nationalities, and they are under training for terrorism actions on the hands of Israeli officers who speak fluent Arabic, and with the knowledge of the Turkish and Saudi authorities.

 The sources revealed the presence of destructive members followed to the Lebanese "Future" movement lead by Saad Al Hariri, and members of Samir Jaja militia, and a numbers of detainees at the Syrian custady  confessed sneaking to Syria through Lebanon with the help of official members of the "Future" movement and Lebanese forces, and met before sneaking to Syria with members in the US and French security services.

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