Feb 13, 2012

Revealing dangerous details about the meetings of conspirators, on the eve of Aleppo twin bombing.

Al Manar TV, and through their reporters and sources in many capitols in the world, and through people close to decision-making departments in the conspiring capitols.. reveal dangerous details of a new conspiring act against the Syrian people, that was agreed between the parties participating in the conspiracy drawn by USA and Israel, as informed sources mention to Al Manar that Saudi Arabia and Qatar sent 100 terrorists to Turkey, after receiving training in special bases and training camps int heir lands, and the terrorists are from various nationalities, Turks, Pakistanis, Saudis, Africans, Lebanese and Libyans.. who were trained by security and military experts from Israel and France, and among those terrorists, elements used to work for the USA in Al-Qaida organization work fields.

The sources said, that the UAE also sent 50 terrorists to the mobilization camps in Turkey, who work for "Black Waters" terrorist organization in the force called "secret desert force" followed directly to the directions of the UAE crown prince "Muhammad Bin Zaid".

This new development and the insist on shedding more of the Syrian people's blood, came after secret meetings at the beginning of last week in more than one place, to study the respond on the failure of sides conspiring on Syria, in issuing a UNSC resolution to invade Syria with US-Arab-Turkish armies.

These meetings were intensified, one of them was held somewhere in Israel, attended by Ryad Al Asa'ad and the Qatari chief of staff and Israeli security officers, where they have discussed arming, advance telecommunication devices and training, and increasing the Israeli support to the terrorists, and the size of Israel participation in the conspiracy.. the sources revealed that the terrorist leaders, in cooperation with spies and agents that the sides conspiring against Syria let them into the Syrian territory to provide Israel with reports about the Syrian army and its camps.

As for the second meeting, it was held in Turkey and included Saudi, Qatari and Turkish security members and three CIA officers and the French security base leader in UAE.. as for the third meeting, it was held in Abu Dhabi in Zaid military base, east the capitol, attended by foreign consultants followed to Samir Jaajaa and Saad Al Hariri and French intelligence officers and assistant director of the Saudi intelligence. 

The sources confirmed to al Manar, that the results of these meetings were reviews by Jefry Filtman, who presented to the leaders of the countries participating in the conspiracy, the terms of the new conspiratorial chapter against the Syrian people, as he head to France and held a secret meeting under security measures in a villa owned by "Saud Al Faisal" the Saudi FM, near Victor Hugo square.. the meeting was attended by Saad Al Hariri, Abdul Haleem Khaddam, Burhan Ghaliun and two from the Syrian MBs and intelligence officers from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to look into the reasons of the conspiracy failure in achieving its goals within eleven months.

What are the results reached by all the above mentioned meetings?! the same sources confirmed that all the sides participating in those meetings, agreed that the failure of the conspiracy means that the squares of the Arab countries participating in the plot as well as Turkey will inflame, and their leaders will lose their positions, and the pressure on Israel will increase, the US strategy will be endangered.. Therefore, they have send instructions to the terrorist leaders to shed more blood, and execute more explosions in every place they can reach, to confuse the Syrian government, and spread fear in the heart of the Syrian citizens, as the participating side cannot bare anymore failure and defeat, and the instruction to the terrorists were clear "If you fail.. you shall be killed or arrested.. all u have to do is more terrorism everywhere, then you will move to Lebanon to inflame it"..

Al Manar learned from sources in Ankara and Beirut, that advanced weapons were sent to the terrorists by Israel, prepaid by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and UAE, while Saad Al Hariri bought communication devices and advanced technology equipment from France at the value of 7 Million Dollars.

The sources informed Al Manar that Hariri told Filtman during their meeting in Paris, that increasing the numbers of mercenaries and armed men will be benefited by your friends in Lebanon, in a later stage..

Source: Al Manar 

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  1. Everything that's going on in Syria makes me cry ; I hope for peace . Everywhere .
    I found this - you should read it , or maybe translate & publish it :


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