Aug 28, 2011

Preparations for a "bloody" phase in Syria ... Aborted..

The threats launched by the terrorism and sabotage leaders on the "Syrian revolution" page on Facebook to make "Al-Qader" night, a blood and grand Jihad night and a phase to execute dangerous agendas in the conspiracy over Syria, were not playful threats, yet means and tools were put under its service to create what they named "bloody explosions and operations", where leading and well trained elements were supposed to enter the country during the three days prior to "Al Qader" night, along with huge amounts of money to pay those who dare to execute bloody acts and terrorize the country... yet the Syrian leadership concern on the country's security -represented by the specialized security parties- aborted what was planned in a surprise mission that trapped 182 leading members who were recruited to execute the second phase of the conspiracy on Syria which is the "bloody" phase.

Reliable sources told "Syrian Days" website, that through a quality and surprising mission executed in high proficiency, the specialized security forces within the three days prior to "Al Qader" night, managed to arrest 182 leading members trained in Qatar, some of them from various nationalities, they-according to sources- are the leaders of the second phase of the conspiracy on Syria which was supposed to start as from "Al Qader" night through explosions that terrorize the citizens, and blame it later on the Syrian security services. 

Sources added that among those criminal leaders, a high rank Qatari officer specialized in the logistic and leadership missions, he was supposed to lead the terrorist groups and pay them to execute his plans with large amount of money.

Sources also mentioned that the security services arrested those 182 members after continues observation based on the huge amount of informations obtained, and they arrested them in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia airports as well as the "Dabousieh and Jdaide" boarders with Lebanon, plus confiscating loads of money in US Dollars which lead to abort a phase was supposed to harvest the lives of innocent people.

On another side, The Qatari prince visit to Iran on August 25th, and Qatar declarations which implied that Syria is a brother country and its stability is important for the stability of the region, which delude the international opinion that Qatar -despite its negative role toward Syria and mobilizing it in a way that serves the west interests in influencing the Syrian government and maybe toppling it- is concerned in keeping the Syrian regime and its resistant stance... while on the contrary, the Qatari appearance on the Iranian platform was only to cover the mediation requested by Qatar for a n Iranian intervention regarding the release of those who conspired over the Syrian government and people, specially since the Syrian leadership owns reports that could shake the stability of some Gulf kingdoms and countries which participated in what's going on in Syria, yet according to sources close to the events, the Iranian response was harsh and refused to interfere in the release of the conspirators , and this explains the truth of what we mentioned earlier about those leaders who were arrested while heading to Damascus.

Regarding to what bias media reported yesterday August 27th about mass demonstrations erupted after dawn prayer and centralized at the Abasyyn and Umawyyn squares in Damascus, this declaration was only an execution of the second phase of the plan, while during our roam in the mentioned places the life was normal, and popular sources assured us that attempts -by protesters- to reach the mentioned squares were done through wicked means like holding the president pictures and proceed to the squares as pro-Assad marches, and when reach the center, they drop the pictures and tore them and chant provocative slogans against the government , this act was discovered by the security services and prevented it from happening... those means are ways to cover the execution of the second phase of the conspiracy which wanted to make "Al Qader" night a bloody and grand Jihad night. 

Security forces also arrested 9 members out of 11 -two of them escaped- they are members of a coordinating cell in one of Damascus countryside graveyards.. they were arrested during a meeting in which they planed for an explosive mission which was supposed to be executed in the same night.. yet the security forces follow-ups aborted this mission 5 minutes before it happened.

Also in Homs, specialized parties disassembled 7 explosive cans at the "Nazihin and Sabil" neighborhoods, and the security forces on August 27th released a number of detainees from Jable city in Latakia province after being proven innocent from carrying weapons and throwing dynamite. Also in Hama, many detainees had been released after committing not to harm private and governmental properties.   

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