Aug 25, 2011

Failed "Obama Friday"..

Very lightly, president Obama acted like a leading member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood or Antalya gathering or in Khaddam-Bianouni front , as he chose on Thursday evening to launch a new political attack and a bunch of economical sanctions against Syria, people and president.

Within minutes, the White House declaration turned into a world war against Syria when the European leaders joined through consecutive declarations and attitudes that didn’t show less aggressiveness than of Obama’s speech.

First: Thursday night, all influential tools were gathered in this world war, and as usual, all the Arabian and western media was on alert in addition to all communication networks. the Security council assembled at the same night to discuss the Syrian situation according to international  organizations .
The direct goal for this media, politic and economical war led by Barak Obama; is that he said to the Syrian opposition leaders that these steps may encourage more Syrians to protest the next day, and make the opposition on the Syrian lands feel that the international support they are receiving forms a motive to continue moving and escalate the protests which the opposition outside Syria called it “Signs of Victory”.
The changes of the attack on Syria came as a response to the fast and successful conclusion of the Syrian army to impose security and stability and to end the main bastions of mutiny and armed terrorism especially in Hama, Deir El Zor and Latakia.

Second: When observing what Syria witnessed on Obama’s Friday and through a close follow up to what the media broadcasted, one can notice that limited protests and gatherings that didn’t exceed hundreds which appeared in many parts of Syria, while the dominant attribute of the protesters actions is the scattered terrorism attacks on the security members.
The world war led by Obama didn’t succeed in persuading the majority of the Syrian population to change its stand; on the contrary, more Syrians refrained from responding to the protest invitations. Certainly their motives towards this attitude had been backed-up by the disclosure of a colonial intervention in Syria and their awareness that their country is under an attack in order to force it to kneel, break its will and strike its independency which do not serve the Syrian goal towards reform, progress and the development of government foundations and institutions. On the contrary it alarms with chaos and foreign hegemony which enables Israel to impose its conditions on Syria later on.

Third: it is obvious in the Syrian people stance, who renew his trust in his government, army and president, the level of awareness which was deep rooted through by the current events, and represent today a decisive element in enabling Syria to be victorious over the plans targeting her:
1-      The Syrian areas experience (which parts of its people participated in the uprising since March) formed a base to unveil the truth of the Syrian opposition which is –in the eyes of the Syrians- unworthy to be a trustful power that carries a reform project, and when crowed responded to the gathering calls, gunmen of the opposition went out and perpetrated hideous acts such as riot, burning public sectors, attached security stations, killed police and security men and mutilated their bodies… those expression lead to chaos, and raised the danger of a civil war, while the people of those areas lived with a unjust terrorist authority imposed by the opposition militias, refused by the people, so they demanded the army intervention.
2-      The danger of the foreign intervention on Syria is not less motivating for the national awareness and the pan-national sense than the danger of the civil war and the militia looseness … and the Syrian opposition carry the responsibility of endangering the country for the two wars through its diversion toward using weapons and spreading terrorism and resorting to the NATO and the Zionist lobby and some countries in the area… most Syrians realized those facts and they are considering them, and they showed in the failed “Obama Friday”  more willing to fight it.
3-      The Syrian people felt the commitment of the Syrian president to achieve reforms  as a response to Syrian national needs, and they felt the application of those reforms in the same time when the opposition blew up the chance of a dialogue for the sake of chaos and foreign intervention, as president Assad raised an unconditional dialogue on the opposition and opened the dialogue options to include forming a new constitution, while the opposition stipulated to withdraw the army and security forces from the area that witnessed chaos, which the Syrians know that it means the spread of armed militias which receive arms and money from sources known to everyone.

The failure of "Obama Friday" is the beginning of the road in a confrontation Syria in its people and presidency are going through against the foreign intervention, while it marches through internal recovery from this dilemma, and perhaps it truly shows the reality of the Syrian strategic site immunity, that the purpose of the world war which was initiated on Thursday and centralize on bringing out more protesters, will end up in failure, while the world certainty firmly-established in that damaging Syria is becoming more difficult and expensive.

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