Aug 22, 2011

US former ambassador in Iraq: Syria can pass this dilemma without a foreign intervention and sanctions are useless..

Edward Beck, US former ambassador in Iraq, said that the solution of the Syrian dilemma is in Syria itself, and he doesn't think that solutions can be imposed from outside the country.

He added, during an interview with SANA within the "Syria is fine" campaign (August 21st) that the best way to solve the dilemma is that Syrians should decide for themselves what they want, and the US policies should be out of the equation, and not support any side... he announced his hopes that Syria could pass this dilemma without any foreign intervention.  

Regarding the US sanctions on Syria, Beck said: "in my opinion, sanctions on any country are worthless, what you do is that you press and impose pain and suffering on citizens who had nothing to do with the problem"..

He said: "I came to Syria to see what had changed since last time i visited it, and to understand what is happening now, because i have a feeling that Americans were not fully informed about what's really happening in Syria... so i came here, and i hope in the next time, when such campaigns are organized again, there will be among us more Americans, because other countries maybe do not pay attention "much" to what's happening here as America do.. and i am not sure they are getting the facts"..

As for his opinion and analysis for the events Syria is witnessing, and if there is a foreign intervention in it, he said: "my personal experience taught me that countries try to involve themselves in issues they consider important for them, and some other countries have benefits for things to go in certain ways, and this is going to continue forever, but what astonished me the most, is to discover that some countries in the region participate in increasing the problems instead of finding solutions"..

He added, : "We truly love Syria and Syrians, and everything in it, and every time i repeat, i see that there is no sign for disturbance in Syria, and it is hard to explain for Americans that police forces, whom we see in the streets are not armed, they are in their uniforms performing their missions as traffic police, they are not armed and they do not have weapons, but that do not mean that there is no disturbance in some areas in the country,, but Syria, and Damascus in precise, which we always loved, it is crowded, friendly, many foreigners are there, delicious food, fast food.. and this is the same i remember about it from the past"..

Beck concluded the interview by saying: "I hope Syrians will be able survive this dilemma, and solve all their problems peacefully and seriously without foreign intervention, among them my country, which is gonna make things harder"...

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