Aug 30, 2011

U.S pretexts building campaign, and the "Damascus Danger" theory.

A U.S-Israeli pretexts campaign against Syria, started to appear in the horizon, and in this regard, some U.S and Israeli officials along with some Israeli lobby groups started talking about what they called the Syrian mass destruction weapons file... so what is the truth of this new campaign, and what is the new side which see the declared and non-declared dimensions?

Israeli lobby new pretext campaign: describing the ongoing information:
Some media and activists following the Israeli lobby groups, specifically the Wall Street Journal (yesterday release) spoke clearly about the Syrian mass destruction weapons, which the news paper assumed in its following report:
  • Syria owns a stockpile of mass destruction weapons, specifically biological and chemical weapons.
  • Syrian owns a stockpile of CW agents, which can be delivered by aircraft, ballistic missiles and artillery rockets... Based on this, the newspaper report talked about the great dangers that could happen if the disturbances increased, and the demonstrations reaches chaos limit, which could lead to the fall of the Syrian mass destruction arsenals in the hands of terrorist groups. in addition to this, the newspaper sought to review the following:
  1. The Israeli ambassador at the U.S "Michael Oren" declaration, saying that Israeli and the USA are presently supervising the Syrian weapons agenda, in addition to following the situation very closely... Ambassador "Oren" added, that Israeli PM "Benjamin Netanyahu" is now more positive about the possibilities and features that Israeli could obtain if Damascus would fall along with the current regime.
  2. The U.S sources declarations: which included the reference to the declaration of a major U.S official -his name was not mentioned- who assured that Washington sees that Damascus owns a large chemical arsenal, therefore, it is the U.S source of attention.. the matter now is under intensified studies.
The Wall Street Journal report pointed out that the U.S and Israeli officials did not mention the way they are presently observing the nontraditional Syrian weaponry arsenal, despite this, the newspaper pointed out the following: 
  • During the presidency of George Bush, and exactly in 2008, the American administration issued photographed reports and Intelligence ones saying the Damascus is pursuing a secretive Nuclear program for producing WMDs in the site which was bombed by Israeli planes back then.
  • Washington kept accusing Iran and North Korea as responsible for secretly supporting the Syrian WMDs and the Syrian missile program.
What's interesting, is that WSJ mentioned in details that Damascus has at least five sites where it produces chemical-weapons agents, including mustard gas, Sarin and VX.

Narrative Pragmatism and building of the hypothesis of the Damascus danger:
The second part of the pragmatism building campaign based on a paragraph in the CIA report , precisely in 2009, reads that Syrian owns, many years ago, a stockpile for elements and chemical weapons components, and could use those elements in initiating a chemical war at any time as long as she owns planes and missiles and battery for this purpose... the narrative added that Damascus is among 6 countries not signing the chemical weapons nonproliferation treaty, which prohibit  the production and storing of this kind of weapons, therefore, the U.S and the western European intelligence services sees Damascus as one of the main players in the expansion of nontraditional weaponry networks, along with Iran and North Korea and some armed groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas movement.. as well as managing smuggling networks for this kind of weapons... leaked news pointed  that the Americans and Israelis convinced that Damascus provided Hezbollah recently with a number of long rang Scud missiles capable on hitting their targets precisely with a range of 700KM, which makes Hezbollah capable on hitting targets inside Turkey's soils. 
Israeli and American sources confirmed that Washington -with extreme concern- monitoring the nontraditional Syrian military abilities, and joining in combined agreements with its western European and Middle Eastern allies regarding the nature and dangers of these abilities on the security and stability of the Middle East.

Scenario of the enfeeblement of the Syrian abilities: to where?
Analyzing the behavioral data of the U.S ad western European pressures over Damascus, clearly indicate the following:

  • The diplomatic sanctions system aims to weaken the Syrian political abilities, specially the abilities of the Syrian diplomacy as well as crumbling the Syrian foreign policy ability.
  • The petroleum, commercial and financial sanctions system aim to weaken the Syrian economical abilities.
Now, as noted, what's required is to impose a military sanction system aim to weaken the Syrian military abilities, this system includes:
  •  An embargo on selling weapons and military ammo to Syria, in this regards, the leaked information say that the Washington-Paris-London axes presently marketing an international decision draft in which the Security Council forbids providing Syria with weapons and military ammo.
  • Seeking to impose more sanctions on Syria to force it disassemble its nontraditional military abilities, specially the chemical abilities and the missile ones.
So, what's required by USA, France, U.K, and Germany is to terminate Syrian military abilities, which makes Syria an armless country without defensive abilities, and in the case of full exposure in front of the growing Israeli military threats, and basing on what WSJ reported, we must anticipate the possibility that Washington-Paris-London might seek an international efforts to control the nontraditional Syrian military abilities base on  allegations and excuses that the rise of the Syrian demonstrations will lead to the possibilities of the fall of such abilities in the hands of terrorist groups.

Al Jamal for studies and translations.

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