Aug 24, 2011

When president Assad resort to his national and pan-national beliefs, he fears no one..

When any judge could be certain of his national options similar to Bashar Al Assad judgement, foreign threats do not afraid him anymore, those threats which only knows its interests when searching for political relations.

The U.S administration, times long, tried to allure president Assad into regional characteristics, which could drive him away from his path which is an opposite of Israel's benefits.. The U.S did not succeed neither in 2003 nor in the Israeli invasion on Lebanon in 2006 nor on Gazza in 2008, not even in participating in the Syrian events on the ground of demanding reforms which was carried by president Assad since the beginning of his reign in 2000 and couldn't proceed fast with it due to the regional harsh circumstances which occupied the internal field.   

Despite the latest trials where western pressure was practiced on Syria. weather through Turkey (the NATO ally and the historical enemy for Iran in the region), or through the Gulf allies when Clinton called on Saudi king and Erdogan to demand Assad to step down, which is considered a provocation and an ugly intervention to part the Arab and regional countries, as president Assad had already determined his choices away from the international and regional bazaar , in order to pursuit the boarder penetrations in the protesters ranks, exploiting campaigns in the region's countries which aim to make better changes in their way of living. 

President Assad realized, there isn't any power that could force him on doing what he already wanted to do.. which is reforms... and because he refuses the foreign dictation policy under the pressuring circumstances elements (similar to former U.S secretary of State Colin Powell's visit after the Iraqi war in 2003)  president Assad intended to free Syria from inside the boarders, from those inserting themselves within the ranks of the protesters, and allowed justice to take control over insurgents and saboteurs.

And because president Assad do not believe in the religious extremism which started to be recognized within the popular movement ranks, specially in Egypt, where religious slogans were raised for the sake of a country, parallel to the Hebrew entity which demand a Jewish country.. president Assad blocked the road on those who have the same desires to be implemented in Syria in order to preserve a secular Syria which belong to all Syrians, and under the service of all of them. 

Informed people could see clearly that the Syrian-Turkish negotiations raised the opinion on including a religious party in the new government leader' character who is close to Ankara, or in the final stage of the governmental participation percentage for those who live in Turkey, which is a cover for an intervention in the structural affairs of the rule in Syria... ofcouse those attempts were not taken seriously by the Syrian side, which is attached to the nature of its civil way in the sectarian distribution which include a place for everybody, because any other regime, could destroy the freedom of the minorities in his society.

The Syrian army realized the importance of maintaining the national and pan-national nature, so it protected itself from being affected by the propaganda about it shooting at protesters.. the Syrian army was also not lenient in dealing with militants who are using their weapons against security forces and troops. these militants who played the role of the fifth column, shooting at protesters and blaming security forces for this shooting to blur the vision.

Such experience Syria is going through, demanded a general mobilization from the military foundation and the security sectors to pursuit and fight armed rebels, which the Syrian authorities announce the existence of various nationalities among them in the last pursuit for them in Latakia.
If the foreign powers are exploiting this aggravated situation in order to weaken the resistance lead by president Bashar Al Assad, then they are mistaken in their calculations, as who controls the grip  int he army, security and the will of the majority of the people, will not be crushed by the worlds armies, because whoever wants to move the war toward Syria is completely ignorant on the ability of Syrian to move this war to where it should be.. to the heart of Israel.

Syria is not alone in the resistance community, even if it was the center of the "steelyard" in her movement and influence, and if it was touched in her external security, the field in the Middle East will not be away from its flames.
President Assad realize his strategic abilities in the "peace and war" game, and he didn't wait on any Arabian official to admit it, and because he realize those abilities, he seek to active it if he feels  danger will threat the countries fate around him, because his role lies not only within the Syrian boarders .. as when the Syrian president resort to his national and pan-national beliefs, he fears no one..

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