Aug 28, 2011

Prince of Qatar visit to Tehran..

OTV obtained news from Arabian diplomatic sources that the prince of Qatar "Hamad" asked the Iranian senior officials to help him sparing Syria from the danger of a foreign intervention, As an international decision had been taken in this regard.. "Hamad" announced his ability to help prevent it through a historical compromise on the scale of Syria and the region... according to same sources to OTV, the Iranian response was that Iran sees in Syria the  tip of the spear of the Arab and Islamic nation in the face of Israel, and attacking Syria by foreign forces, orders every Muslim to stand by her side, and that what Iran will do...
Sources added that Qatar asked to calm the situation in Afghanistan and implied to an Iranian involvement in Eilat operation, yet the answer came from the Quds corps leader in the Iranian revolutionary guards, Gen. Qasem Suleiman, who was one of the official Iranian delegation, he said, if they wanted it to be a war, it will not be bound to Palestine, Gazza and Syria, yet it will reach the entire region...
These sources drew the attention to what Hizbulla's leader Sir."Nasrulla" announced in "Maroun Al Ras" festival on Aug 25th, that any negative development in Syria will reach the entire region, and any positive development, will be in the entire region's benefit..

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