Jul 9, 2012

US tricked Erdogan ... The fact behind downing the Turkish war jet.. !!

خاص جهينة نيوز: الأمريكي خدع أردوغان.. حقيقة إسقاط الطائرة التركية..!

Turkish sources, in a statement to Jouhaina News, confirmed that the Turkish war jet that violated the Syrian airspace and dropped by the Syrian anti-aircraft weapons, was performing a task requested by NATO, and according to the source, NATO told Erdogan that they are in the process of monitoring the Syrian radars, and need to provoke the Syrian air forces.. It is mentioned that Israeli war jets were in the international waters of the Mediterranean and willing to commit the same provocation to the Syrians, So Erdogan was reassured that the provocation process will be easy and will not take more than violating the Syrian airspace, for this reason the Turkish war jet violated the Syrian airspace twice, the first time was a minor breach, far from the Syrian artillery reach, and the second time was deeper, but led to the dropping of the war jet.

 The source confirmed that when Erdogan realized that the war jet was downed, he informed the US and they told him to wait and be calm, here Erdogan realized that he was tricked, as the Zion war jets did not participate in the provocation, and withdrew without Syria starting its fighting radar system, as it was found that when the Syrian dropped the Turkish war jet, the Israeli war jet withdrew from the international waters, which angered Erdogan and forced him to silence in the first day of the incident..

According to the source, Israel was about to fly in the Syrian airspace, then claim that this plain flew over the presidential palace, and the media would work on this incident, but the US asked Israel not to risk such a fly that might lead to a war in the region, so they implicated Erdogan with this provoking fly, as if the Syrians managed to drop the jet, Erdogan will be the only person who would lose face, and the incident will not develop into a regional war, and in case Syria was unsuccessful in downing the jet, it will be claimed as an Israeli war jet that breached the Syrian airspace and flew over the presidential palace, and the media would work on this incident, specially that the jet was flying on a low altitude, and cannot be identified, whether it is from the Turkish squadron or the Zion squadron, and with this breach, the Syrian president would lose face.

According to the source, a report for a Turkish general presented to Erdogan, the Turkish war jet violating the Syrian airspace will not lead to Syria's declaration of  "General Alarm", and activating the fighting radar systems, as the Syrians will not be dragged to an hour of war determined by Israel, and the Syrian response will be routinely activating the anti-aircraft defense system similar to previous incidents, and Erdogan realized that the US and Israel have tested the Russian "Pantysr" system on the Turkish war jet and on the account of Erdogan, as they wanted to risk this jet to know if the Syrian artillery is capable on dropping the jet or not, and he realized that the target was not monitoring the Syrian radars, but a media game within the context of psychological warfare against Syria.

The source mention that the Zion war jet have breached the Syrian airspace previously, but Syria confronted it back then, and when the breach occurred, Syria had not possessed the " Pantysr" system yet, and the Syrian air forces were unable drop the Zion war jet, as they used a traditional artillery machine gun, and when the war jet returned safe and sound from the Syrian regional waters, the Zion entity claimed that the jet flew over the presidential palace few days after the incident, and on its impact, the media tried invest this incident to discredit Syria's reputation..

The End..

Jouhaina News article..

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