Jul 2, 2012

Highlights of the transition plan discussed in Geneva Meeting

- Must form a transitional government with full executive powers.
- The Syrian government to designate an actual interlocutor when asked by UN envoy (Kofi Annan), to work on the implementation of the six-point plan and transition plan.
- The transitional government can includes members of the current government and the opposition, and will be formed on the basis of mutual understanding between the parties.
- For all groups and sectors of Syrian society to be able to participate in the process of national dialogue.
- Possibility of reviewing the constitution, in addition to legal reforms. As for the result of the constitutional review, it should be subject to the approval of the people. Once the completion of the constitutional review, there must preparations for free elections open to all parties.
- Women must have a full representation in all aspects of the transition process.
- Humanitarian aid must be delivered to most affected areas , and the release of detainees.
- Must ensure the continuity of public utility or its restoration. This includes the military and security services. All the governmental institutions must respect human rights.
- Victims of the ongoing conflict Must be able to get the compensation in court.
- Must put an end to the bloodshed. All parties must renew their support for the six-point plan presented by Annan, especially on the cease-fire. All rivals to respect United Nations Observer Mission and cooperation with them.
- The Contact Group is ready to provide active support to any agreement reached between the parties. This support can take the form of international assistance mandated by the United Nations.
- Material aids will be allocated for the reconstruction of the country.
- Members of a contact group oppose any additional militarization of the conflict.
- The opposition to strengthen their cohesion to nominate representatives to work on the actual six-point plan and transition plan.
- The Contact Group can meet again by a request of the Special Envoy.
Assafir Lebanese Newspaper..
Translation: News About Syria - English
Source: http://www.assafir.com/MulhakArticle.aspx?EditionId=2190&MulhakArticleId=486841&MulhakId=3859

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